How To Check Call History Of A Number?

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Do you want to check the call history of your spouse or kid to see if you should be worried or not? Are you worried that your kid or spouse might be getting influenced by someone and want to know how many times are they exchanging the calls?

Call log of a cell phone can tell you a lot about someone and their contacts. If you want to check the call history of your spouse or kid without them knowing then you are on the right track and now at the right place. In this article, I will tell you exactly how you can spy on someone’s call log to uncover hidden secrets. It does not matter whether they have an Android smartphone or an iPhone, even it does not matter which network service providers are they using, this method is guaranteed to work.

There are varieties of methods through which you can use to check someone’s phone call history online. However, in this article, I will tell you about the easiest, unsuspecting, and most dependable one i.e. through a spy app for Android or iPhone.

So without wasting much time let’s see how we can view someone’s call history online without them knowing.

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How To Spy On Call Logs?

As I said earlier, this task can be achieved with the help of a cell phone spyware and one of the best spy apps that I have been using for a while and just love is uMobix.

uMobix is very easy to install and shows you a step-by-step process of how to install the app on the target phone i.e. the phone that you want to see the call log of. If you face any difficulty in installing the same or want to know more about the app and its features then you can read our detailed review of uMobix where we have shared the step-by-step installation. You will have to need physical access to the target phone once to install the app. Once the app is installed then the next time that you will need physical access to the phone will be to uninstall the app.

After installing the app you will have to log in to the uMobix account through a browser, there is no uMobix parent app so you will have to use a web browser to see all the data remotely online. Once you are logged in to your uMobix account, click on the ‘Calls’ option on the left panel that is available under the General section. After opening the tab you will see the call logs of the target phone on the screen.

You will see a table that has 6 columns. The first column shows you the ID, just ignore that. The second column shows you either the number or both name and number.

How To Check Someone's Call History

If the contact has not been saved on the phone then it will show you the phone number and if the contact has been saved on the phone then it will show you the name and the number. So you can look for the number that is appearing the most in the list, this may be your culprit.

The third column shows you the Block and Unblock buttons. If you wish to block a certain contact then you can do it remotely and it takes around 5 mins to successfully block a number.

Blocked Number

If the number is not blocked then it will show a block button and if the number is blocked then it shows you an unblock button. However, I have noticed some differences between blocking through the phone’s inbuilt call app and through the uMobix app. You should know about these differences before you try and block someone from the uMobix app as these differences are noticeable and can unearth your spying game.

Blocking Contact Through Phone’s Inbuilt Call AppBlocking Contact Through uMobix App
If you block someone through the smartphone's inbuilt call app then the call attempts are shown in the recent call log on the target phone.Call attempts are not shown on the recent call logs on the target phone.
When someone tries to call you, the phone will neither ring/vibrate nor the screen will be turned on.When someone tries to call you then your phone’s screen will be turned on and if the vibration is on then it will vibrate once too.
uMobix will not show you the name of blocked contacts on the table and will just show you the number. So if you see the contact number is appearing as the number sometimes and sometimes their name is shown then it may mean that the number is getting blocked the moment target person is getting back home.uMobix will show the name and the number and will also show you if the contact is blocked or was blocked before.
Check image #1 below the table.
You can call the number even if it is blocked.You cannot call the number if it is blocked by the uMobix app.
If the blocked contact tries to call you then uMobix will show the status as Unknown. So you can keep an eye on calls with ‘Unknown’ status.If the blocked contact tries to call you then the status will be shown as ‘Accepted Incoming’.
Blocked Number Mark
Image #1: Contact/Number Blocked Using uMobix

The fourth column of the table shows you the state of the calls i.e. whether it was an incoming, outgoing, declined, or a missed call. Therefore you can know who called whom. One thing to note here is that if you called someone but could not connect then instead of outgoing, it shows you ‘Declined Incoming’.

If you want to know how long someone was talking to a particular contact then you can very well know that as the fifth column of the table shows you just that.

Now, this is all good but no cheater is an idiot and the most basic step that every cheater knows is to delete the call log history. In fact, deleting messages, call logs, photos, etc. is a cell phone cheating sign. So the bigger question is how to check the call log history if deleted? Do not worry, uMobix takes care of it.

It does not matter whether the call log was deleted instantly or after some time, it also does not matter if the phone was not connected to the Internet at the time of making the call. Once the call is made or received on the phone, it gets logged on the app and once the app gets synchronized with the server you can easily see it remotely online on the uMobix dashboard.

It detects deleted call logs like a charm as while testing I deleted some of the call logs, incoming as well as outgoing, within 10 seconds and I was able to see them on my uMobix account. For reference, I have attached 2 images below, the first one is a screenshot from the target phone that shows only 2 calls from a contact whereas the next one is the screenshot of my uMobix account that shows deleted call logs from the same contact.

Mason Call Log
Some Call Logs Deleted On The Target Phone
How To Check Deleted Call History
Deleted Call Logs Shown On uMobix account

And to make your job even easier uMobix shows you the deleted red mark under the duration so that you can know which call record was deleted. It also shows you the date and time of deletion but it can vary as it shows the deletion date and time from its server time and not from the phone.

If you decide to confront the culprit then I am sure you must want all the ammo in your backpack. The last column makes sure that you have all the ammo, it shows the exact date and time the call was made, received, or missed. It even shows you at what exact seconds the call happened. Crazy right!

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Is uMobix The Best App To Check Call History Of A Number?

Yes, uMobix is one of the best apps to view someone’s call history online without them knowing. It lets you do even more than just track call logs and it can all be done remotely.

However, the app is not perfect and there are a few shortcomings as well when it comes to checking someone’s call history. There is no feature in this spy app to record calls so you cannot listen to what exactly your spouse or kids talked about. And if you need call recordings then you will have to use another spy app specifically for call recordings. Also, its manual sync option does not work smoothly and it is better to refresh the window than manually trying and syncing it.

If you want to check who is calling if the phone number is not saved on the target phone then you can make use of reverse phone lookup tools.

Other than this, uMobix works perfectly fine and its deleted call log feature is just amazing.


Can You See Someone’s Call History?

Yes, you can see someone’s call history online in various ways. However, the best way is through a spy app.

Is It Possible To Get The Call History Of Any Mobile Number?

No, it is not possible. You can only get the call history of the number that you have physical access to. Because some ways require the need for OTP sent to that particular number and others require installation of a spy app on the phone with the number.

How Can I Get Call Details Of Another Person?

You can get the call details of another person through a spy app called uMobix.

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