How To Hack Into Someone’s Line App Account

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Are you wondering whether you can hack someone’s Line without a password or not? Do you want to know how you can hack into someone’s Line app account without root?

In this article, I am going to share with you if it is possible or not. Not only this but I will also tell you how you can do it remotely without anyone knowing. And at the end of this article, I will share some tips with you, which you can use to secure your own Line account.

So let’s get started!

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Can You Hack Line Without A Password?

Let me first tell you whether you can hack into someone’s Line without knowing their password or not.

If you think that your partner or kid is using Line but for all the wrong reasons then there is good news for you. Yes, you can hack into someone’s Line app account remotely, and that too without a password.

However, the method of hacking Line is not free and if you are looking for a free method then this is not the right article for you. To hack someone’s Line account, you will have to use a Line hack tool. Without using a Line hacking app, it is nearly impossible for common people like us to hack Line, until and unless you know a very high level of coding and stuff.

In this article, I will share how you can use an app to hack Line remotely without anyone knowing. And I will also let you know some of the best tools to hack the Line account without root so that you can choose the one that fits your need.

So keep reading!

How To Hack Line App Account?

Let me now show you how a Line hack app can let you hack into your husband/wife/kid’s Line app account.

The first tool that I have for you is KidsGuard Pro. To use it, you will first have to purchase its subscription plan and then install it on your spouse/kid’s cell phone. Installing it on a cell phone takes around 15 minutes and you will need physical access to the target phone. It shows you step-by-step instructions for installation, all you have to do is follow them.

Once installed, you will be able to see their Line chats, messages, photos, videos, etc. remotely without their knowledge.

How KidsGuard Pro Hacks Someone’s Line Without Their Knowledge

Step 1: You install KidsGuard Pro on your girlfriend/boyfriend’s cell phone.

Step 2: KidsGuard Pro hacks every keystroke that the target user makes on Line to show you the sent text messages.

Step 3: It also tracks Line app notifications to hack the messages that the target person receives.

Step 4: KidsGuard Pro also takes screenshots of the Line app whenever the target person uses it. Not only this but it also hacks all the photos and videos that target user downloads from Line.

Step 5: It then shares all this Line data remotely to your KidsGuard Pro account.

Step 6: You log in to your KidsGuard Pro account and go to the Line option under Social Apps. Here you can see all the Line messages and activities of your partner/kid.

My Experience With KidsGuard Pro

  • During my usage, KidsGuard Pro successfully took screenshots whenever I used Line on the target cell phone.KidsGuard Pro - Line Screenshots
  • It was able to hack notifications as well as all the keystrokes that were made while using the Line app.
  • The thing that I liked about KidsGuard Pro is that it shows all the Line screenshots, notifications, and keystrokes in chronological order. This makes navigation very easy.How To Hack Into Someone's Line App Account
  • I was also able to download the screenshots on the device for later use.
  • KidsGuard Pro also hacked the photos and videos that I downloaded or shared on Line while exploring it. However, it showed all the target phone photos and videos in one place, therefore you will not know which one is downloaded from Line.

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So this is how KidsGuard Pro can help you hack into your spouse/kid’s Line app account without root.

Some Of The Best Tools To Hack Line

Let me now tell you some of the other apps that you can use to hack Line.

1) uMobix

The next Line hack tool that you can use is uMobix.

uMobix Working

  • Like KidsGuard Pro, uMobix also takes screenshots whenever your kid/husband/wife uses Line on their cell phone.
  • Unlike KidsGuard Pro, uMobix does not hack Line messages in text form.

Price Of uMobix

The cost of uMobix subscription is slightly higher than that of KidsGuard Pro’s.

How uMobix Performed During My Testing

  • When I was using uMobix, it took a number of screenshots while I was using Line app on the target phone.
  • I found the working of uMobix to be really quick. It shared the screenshots within a minute to my uMobix account.
  • The thing that I liked about uMobix is that it shows you whether the target person is using the Line app currently or not. It shows a green tag if Line is currently being used.

  • Its keylogger was also able to hack all the messages that I sent on the Line app. uMobix’s keylogger in fact is on my list of best keyloggers, you can check the list here.

Why Choose uMobix

uMobix takes much more screenshots as compared to KidsGuard Pro. Therefore you will be able to see all the messages, activities, photos, and videos that your girlfriend/boyfriend/kid does on the Line app.

Click Here to Try uMobix

2) Spyic

Another Line hack tool that I have for you is Spyic.

Spyic Working

  • Like uMobix, Spyic also works on screenshots and then shares them with your Spyic account remotely.
  • Spyic also has a keylogger that hacks into the key logs that you make on Line.

Price Of Spyic

The price of Spyic’s plan is on the higher side as compared to KidsGuard Pro.

How Spyic Performed During My Usage

  • While I was exploring Spyic, it was able to take screenshots every time I opened Line on the target phone.
  • The screenshots were of good quality. However, unlike KidsGuard Pro, screenshots were not downloadable.Spyic - Line Chat
  • Keylogger of Spyic performed as it was supposed to but it was not as quick as KidsGuard Pro’s keylogger.

Why Choose KidsGuard Pro Over Spyic

KidsGuard Pro takes screenshots, hacks text messages, and also costs less compared to Spyic. Therefore, frankly, I will not recommend Spyic over KidsGuard Pro.

Click Here to Try Spyic

3) Hoverwatch

The next Line hacking app that I have for you is Hoverwatch.

Hoverwatch Working

  • Hoverwatch works purely on the basis of screenshots.
  • It takes screenshots and then shares them with your Hoverwatch account.
  • Unlike KidsGuard Pro, Hoverwatch does not provide a keylogger.

Cost Of Hoverwatch

The cost of the subscription plan for Hoverwatch is almost the same as KidsGuard Pro.

How Hoverwatch Performed When I Was Exploring It

  • While I was analyzing Hoverwatch, it successfully took screenshots whenever I used Line app on the target phone.Hoverwatch - Line Screenshot
  • The quality of the screenshots was good and I was also able to enlarge them to have a closer look.
  • The thing that I did not like about Hoverwatch is that it shows all the screenshots in one place. Therefore it was very difficult to find Line screenshots among other app screenshots for me.

Why Choose Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch does not offer a keylogger or hacking of Line messages separately like KidsGuard Pro. But it costs even less than KidsGuard Pro and is probably the cheapest tool to hack Line on this list. So if you are running tight on budget then you should choose Hoverwatch.

Click Here to Try Hoverwatch

4) iKeyMonitor

The last app to hack Line that I have selected for you is iKeyMonitor.

iKeyMonitor Working

  • Like KidsGuard Pro, iKeyMonitor also hacks Line messages in text form.
  • It also takes screenshots of Line whenever the app is used on the target phone.

Price Of iKeyMonitor

The price of iKeyMonitor and KidsGuard Pro are almost the same.

My Experience With iKeyMonitor

  • When I put iKeyMonitor to test, it was able to hack all the text messages of the Line app. However, there was a rare case when it was not able to hack the sent messages.iKeyMonitor - Line Chat
  • Its keylogger worked perfectly and I was able to see all the sent Line messages that it was not able to hack earlier.
  • iKeyMonitor also clicked screenshots whenever the Line app was used on the target phone. However, I have noticed that the number of screenshots taken by iKeyMonitor was less as compared to KidsGuard Pro.

Why Choose iKeyMonitor

The thing that I liked about iKeyMonitor is that it offers a free version. Obviously, you will not be able to hack into someone’s Line account with its free version. But no other app on this list offers a free version and iKeyMonitor’s free version can be used to hack a lot of other things. Also, it tracks Line messages in text form and also takes screenshots. Because of these reasons, you should choose iKeyMonitor over KidsGuard Pro.

Click Here to Try iKeyMonitor

Which Line Hack Tool Should You Choose?

If you want a value-for-money tool to hack Line that does almost everything then you should go for KidsGuard Pro. It takes screenshots to hack Line activities, tracks messages in text form, and its keylogger hacks all the sent messages of Line. Therefore, it is basically a complete package.
On the other hand, if you are looking for the cheapest app to hack Line then you should go for Hoverwatch. All the other apps that I have mentioned are also good and you can choose any of them. These apps will also help you do the followings:

How To Know If Your Line Account Is Hacked?

If someone has hacked into your Line account then you will not be able to use it on your cell phone as it can only be used on one device at a time. Once you log in to Line then you will get the following warning if someone else has logged in to your Line account on their device.Line Warning

However, if someone has installed a Line hack tool on your cell phone then you will not get this warning. But they will be able to see all your text messages and Line activities remotely without you knowing.

Therefore you should look for any unknown app on your cell phone. And you should also pay close attention to the battery life and performance of your smartphone. If you think that its performance and battery life are degraded lately then it means a Line hack app is running in your phone’s background.

How To Secure Your Line Account From Being Hacked?

Let me now tell you what you should do in order to protect your Line account from being hacked.

1) Set A Strong Password

The first thing that you need to do is set a very strong password to log in to your Line account. Most people’s Line accounts get hacked because of a very weak password. So use a combination of small letters, capital letters, numbers, and special characters to make a strong password. Also, remember to change it regularly.

2) Do Not Share Any OTP Or Code

Do not share any Line OTP or code with anyone. Even if your family or friends ask for it. Sometimes hackers pretend to be your friends and family and ask for the verification code. But you be smart and do not share any verification code or OTP with anyone.

3) Keep Your Line App Updated

Line’s user base is increasing day by day, right? Therefore it is working day and night to make its app more secure than ever. All the security changes that it does to make its app more secure are released in updates. So keep updating your Line app as and when an update is available.

4) Keep Your Phone Password Strong

Keep the screen lock of your phone very strong too. Because someone can open it and install a Line hacking tool on your cell phone. Therefore to prevent this from happening, keep the password of your cell phone strong. And also keep changing it after frequent intervals.


Can You Hack Someone’s Line Messages Remotely?

Yes, you can hack into someone’s Line and read their messages remotely without them knowing. For this, you will need the help of a Line hack app like KidsGuard Pro.

Is It Possible To Hack Line Account With A Username?

No, it is not possible. However, using a tool to hack Line, you can hack into the Line account of your kid or partner.

Can Someone’s Line Account Be Hacked Without Knowing Their Password?

Yes, someone’s Line account can be hacked remotely without knowing their password.

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