How To Hack Into Someone’s Skype Account Without Password

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Have you ever thought of hacking your partner’s Skype? Do you want to know how can you hack someone’s Skype account remotely?

If you think that your husband/wife is cheating on you using Skype then you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you if it is possible to hack Skype or not. Not only this but I will also share Skype hacking tools with you, which you can use to get access to someone’s Skype account remotely without them knowing.

So keep reading!

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Is It Possible To Hack Someone’s Skype?

Not everybody uses Skype these days, it is mainly used by people for official work, right? This is why it becomes one of the best tools for cheaters to communicate with their secret lovers. If you have also noticed your girlfriend/boyfriend using Skype a lot, then it is a red flag right there. They must be cooking their secret relationship over Skype.

But is it possible for you to hack someone’s Skype account without changing their password and see what they are doing on Skype?

Yes, it is possible to hack someone’s Skype remotely that too without them knowing. This can be done with the help of a Skype Hack tool. But the question that arises is which is the best tool to hack into Skype?

As I said, I am here to help, so I have used and analyzed multiple Skype hack apps. Let me tell you how you can use them to hack into someone’s Skype account remotely.

How To Hack Someone’s Skype Account Using A Skype Hacking Tool?

The first app I have for you is uMobix. First of all, you have to visit uMobix official website and purchase its subscription. After that, you will have to install it on your partner/kid’s cell phone. For installation, you will need physical access to the target cell phone for at least 10 minutes. Once uMobix is installed, you will be able to access your husband/wife’s Skype remotely without them knowing.

How uMobix Lets You Hack Someone’s Skype

Step 1: You install uMobix on your spouse/kid’s cell phone.

Step 2: uMobix takes multiple screenshots whenever they open Skype on their cell phone.

Step 3: Screenshots are shared to your uMobix account remotely.

Step 4: You can see these screenshots by logging in to your uMobix account and going to Skype under the Social menu option. It is like hacking into someone’s Skype account without their knowledge.

uMobix - Skype Chat

How uMobix Performed During My Usage

  • It successfully detected that I opened Skype on the target cell phone every time and took screenshots.
  • The screenshots were a lot in number and their quality was also good, everything was clearly visible.
  • uMobix also showed me the time of taking the screenshot therefore I could know when a particular chat took place.uMobix - Skype Call Logs
  • The keylogger of uMobix traced all the key logs accurately that I made on Skype while testing.
  • I could also see if the target person was using Skype or not while I was exploring uMobix. Whenever the target user was online, uMobix showed me a green tag saying Skype Is Online Now.How To Hack Skype

So this is how you will be able to hack into someone’s Skype and see their Skype messages, calls, photos, and videos using uMobix.

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Some Of The Best Tools To Hack Skype

Let me now tell you about some of the best Skype hack tools. You can either use uMobix or can use one of the following apps to hack someone’s Skype account remotely.

1) pcTattletale

The first app on my list of tools to hack Skype is pcTattletale.

How pcTattletale Works

  • Unlike uMobix, pcTattletale records video of Skype usage and does not take screenshots of Skype.
  • The recording is then shared to your pcTattletale account, where you can see it remotely.
  • It also gives you an option to see what the target user is doing live on their device.


It costs very less as compared to uMobix.

How pcTattletale Performed During My Testing

  • When I was evaluating pcTattletale, it was successfully able to record everything that I did on Skype.pcTattletale - PC Skype Chat
  • It also gave me an option to see what the target user was doing live on Skype.pcTattletale - Phone Skype Chat
  • The thing that I liked about pcTattletale is that it works with both cell phones and PC.How To Hack Into Someoe's Skype Account

Why Should You Choose pcTattletale Over uMobix

pcTattletale is cheaper and successfully records everything that the target user does. And the best thing about pcTattletale is that you can hack someone’s PC Skype account which uMobix does not offer.

However, recording everything is both its advantage and disadvantage. It shows you a single video that consists of recordings of all the things that the target user does on their device, and believe me, it becomes very difficult to find recordings of only Skype.

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2) FlexiSPY

The next tool that I have for you to hack Skype is FlexiSPY.

How FlexiSPY Works

  • It tracks all the sent and received messages on Skype in text form.
  • Not only Skype messages but it also hacks all the Skype calls recordings that the target user makes.FlexiSPY - Skype Calls
  • Like uMobix, it also takes screenshots of Skype whenever the target user opens it.
  • FlexiSPY also offers a keylogger that tracks all the sent Skype messages.


The cost of FlexiSPY’s subscription plan is a little higher as compared to uMobix.

How FlexiSPY Performed In My Evaluation

  • While I was exploring FlexiSPY, it did manage to track all the sent and received text messages on Skype.
  • It also managed to record all the Skype calls and the audio quality of the calls was also good.
  • The quality of the screenshots taken by FlexiSPY was good however the number of screenshots was less as compared to uMobix.
  • Its keylogger also performed very well during my testing and tracked all the keystrokes made on Skype. In fact, its keylogger is on my list of the best keyloggers out there. You can check my keyloggers list here.

Why You Should Choose FlexiSPY Over uMobix

You should choose FlexiSPY because it lets you listen to Skype call recordings and also hacks messages in text form. None of the other apps can hack and record Skype calls without root so if that’s your requirement then you should definitely go with FlexiSPY.

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3) Spyic

Another Skype hacking tool that I have shortlisted for you is Spyic.

How Spyic Works

  • Like uMobix, Spyic also takes screenshots as and when Skype is used on the target cell phone.Spyic - Skype
  • Its keylogger tracks keystrokes made on Skype.


Spyic will cost you almost similar to uMobix.

How Spyic Performed During My Usage

  • Like uMobix, it successfully detected the usage of Skype on the target cell phone and took multiple screenshots.
  • The quality of the screenshots taken was also good.
  • Its keylogger also tracked sent Skype messages however it took a lot of time to sync keystrokes as compared to uMobix.

Why You Should Choose uMobix Over Spyic

Spyic cost is almost similar to uMobix and offers almost the same features. However, the working of the keylogger of uMobix is faster than that of Spyic. This is why you should choose uMobix.

Click Here to Try Spyic

4) eyeZy

The last Skype hacking app that I have for you is eyeZY.

How eyeZY Works

  • Unlike uMobix, eyeZy tracks all the sent and received messages of Skype in text form.eyeZy - Skype Conversation
  • Like uMobix, eyeZy also tracks photos and videos of Skype by taking screenshots.


The monthly plan of eyeZy costs almost similar to that of uMobix.

How eyeZy Performed During My Testing

  • eyeZy took screenshots of Skype successfully. However, the thing that I have noticed while exploring it is that it takes fewer screenshots as compared to uMobix.
  • It managed to track sent and received messages on Skype but I found eyeZy’s tracking to be inconsistent and a little time taking.
  • Its keylogger performed well but it is not as good as uMobix.

Why You Should Choose uMobix Over eyeZy

uMobix working is comparatively faster than eyeZy. It performs consistently which eyeZy does not. And also the keylogger of uMobix is way better than that of eyeZy’s. Because of these reasons, you should choose uMobix and not eyeZy.

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Which Skype Hack App Should You Choose?

Confusion is always around when you have choices, right? I am sure you must be feeling confused between all these apps. But don’t worry, I will help you make a decision.

If your spouse does not use Skype on their laptop or desktop much, then you should go for uMobix. The screenshots that it takes will be more than enough to know if your partner is cheating on you or not. And it shows you all the Skype screenshots in one place, which makes it easier to use and navigate.

On the other hand, if your partner mainly uses Skype on their laptop then pcTattletale will be best suited for you. Unlike uMobix, it does not show you Skype activities separately but they are easily accessible in case you are checking Skype activities done on the computer.

If you mainly want to listen to someone’s Skype calls then the only option you have is FlexiSPY.

All the other apps that I have shared with you can also help you hack into someone’s Skype account remotely. Not only Skype, but these can also help you hack someone’s Snapchat and can also help you hack into Kik. Spy on your wife’s cell phone, access someone’s emails, spy on someone’s Instagram, track your husband’s car, etc. are some of the other things that these apps can help you with.

So there you go, I am sure you will now be able to make the right decision.

How To Secure Your Skype Account From Getting Hacked

If you want to prevent your own Skype account from getting hacked then do the following things:

1) Change Your Cell Phone Or PC Password

The first thing that you should do is change your cell phone’s as well as your PC’s password. If no one is able to log into your smartphone or laptop then they will not be able to hack into your Skype account, right? Because people generally do not secure the Skype app with a password protector and if someone can access your cell phone or computer then they will be able to access your Skype. Do not also forget to keep changing it after some time.

2) Protect Your Skype With A Password

The next thing that you should do is to get your Skype app protected with a password. Even if someone can access your laptop or PC, even then they will not be able to access your Skype account if it is password protected. Remember to keep changing your password regularly.

3) Change Privacy Settings

In Skype, you can control who can contact you. Sometimes, hackers send you a message that contains a hacking link. To prevent hackers from doing this you should change the privacy settings in your Skype so that only people that know you can contact you.

4) Check For Any Suspicious App

Check for any suspicious app on your smartphone or laptop. If you find an app that you do not recognize, you should go right ahead and uninstall it.


Can You Access Someone’s Skype Without Password?

Yes, you can access someone’s Skype without a password by hacking into it.

Can You See What Someone Is Doing On Skype Remotely?

Yes, with the help of a spy app like uMobix, you can see what someone is doing on Skype remotely.

How To Hack Someone’s Skype On Their PC?

You can hack someone’s PC Skype account by using a spy app called pcTattletale.

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