How To Hack Someone’s Instagram Account Without Their Phone

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Do you want to access someone’s Instagram account without touching their phone? Are you wondering how you can hack into someone’s Instagram profile?

If you want to get into your partner/kid’s Instagram account without them knowing then you are reading the right article. By reading this article, you will know whether it is possible to do so or not in the first place, and if it is, then you will know how exactly to do it. Not only this, but I will share some of the best Instagram hack tools with you. And will tell you how you can prevent your own Instagram account from getting hacked.

So let’s get started!

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Can You Get Into Someone’s Instagram Profile Without Password?

People are flocking over Instagram from other social media platforms. It is growing in popularity like never before. And if I am not wrong, then you, your husband/wife, and your kids must be using it too.

It is turning out to be a great place to pass your time and to get in touch with so many people. However, your spouse or kid may use it for different purposes as well. To know what they are actually doing on Instagram, you must get into their Instagram account remotely without them knowing.

But the question that arises is: Is it possible to hack someone’s Instagram account without them knowing?

Yes, you can get into your husband/wife’s Instagram account without touching their phone and without knowing their password.

Now the next question that needs to be answered is: How to do it?

How To Hack Someone’s Instagram Account Remotely?

There are actually multiple ways of doing this. Let us look at them one by one.

1) Password Cracking

The first method is cracking someone’s Instagram password. If you manage to hack someone’s Instagram password then you will be able to access their Insta account without touching their phone.

However, cracking a password is not as easy as you would think. And once you log in to their account then they will get a notification for the same. So even if you manage to guess their password, chances are high that you will get caught.

2) Take Help Of Hacker

If you are unable to crack someone’s Instagram account password then you can take the help of a hacker. A hacker will help you get access to someone’s Instagram account. However, since Instagram is spending a lot of money to secure its platform, therefore even a hacker might not be able to help you. And needless to say, if they do then they will charge you a hefty amount.

3) Use A Keylogger App

To hack someone’s Instagram password, you can take the help of a keylogger. A keylogger will record the target person’s Instagram password when they enter it to log in to their account. You can then see this password remotely and use it to hack into your husband/wife’s Instagram account. If you want you can check my list of best keyloggers.

4) Install Instagram Hack Tool

This is probably the best way to hack someone’s Instagram account remotely without them knowing. In this method, you neither have to crack someone’s Instagram passwords nor have to pay a hefty amount to hackers. All you have to do is install an Instagram hack app on the target person’s cell phone and then you will be able to hack their Instagram remotely. You will be able to see their Instagram DMs, activities, password, etc. The best part about this method is that it is not only limited to Instagram only. These tools can help you do the following things as well:

But the question that you must be wondering about is: Which is the best tool to hack Instagram?

Do not worry, just keep reading. I have selected some of the apps that are best for this job.

How To Hack Into Instagram ID Using A Instagram Hack Tool?

The first Instagram hack app that I have for you is KidsGuard Pro. To use it, you will have to install it on your girlfriend/boyfriend’s cell phone after purchasing its plan. After installing it, you will be able to get into their Instagram profile remotely without them knowing.

How KidsGuard Pro Works

  • KidsGuard Pro hacks Instagram notifications of the target cell phone to hack received Insta messages.
  • It hacks into the keystrokes that are made on Instagram to hack Instagram messages without their phone.
  • KidsGuard Pro also takes screenshots of Instagram, whenever it is opened by the target user on the target cell phone.
  • All of this data is then shared to your KidsGuard Pro account remotely. To see it, all you have to do is log in to your KidsGuard Pro account.

How KidsGuard Pro Performed During My Usage

  • KidsGuard Pro was able to take screenshots of Instagram during my testing.
  • Its keylogger managed to hack all the sent Instagram messages without their phone.
  • KidsGuard Pro also hacked Instagram notifications on my phone and showed me received Instagram DMs.
  • The thing I liked about KidsGuard Pro is that it showed me everything in chronological order. Therefore I could understand clearly what was going on.How To Hack Into Someone's Instagram Without Touching Phone

So this is how you will be able able to hack into someone’s Instagram account remotely using KidsGuard Pro. You can check out what other things it can do by going through my KidsGuard Pro review article here.

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Other Apps To Hack Instagram Messages, Password & Activities

Let me now tell you about some of the other tools to hack the Instagram account.

1) uMobix

Another Instagram hack app that I have for you is uMobix.

How uMobix Works

  • Like KidsGuard Pro, uMobix also takes screenshots and hacks sent Instagram messages using a keylogger.
  • Unlike KidsGuard Pro, uMobix does not hack notifications and therefore does not show you received Insta DMs.

My Experience With uMobix

  • The screenshots taken by uMobix were a lot in number. When I was exploring uMobix, I noticed that it takes screenshots after every 3 to 4 seconds.uMobix - Instagram
  • Screenshots taken by uMobix were of good quality but I could neither enlarge them nor could I download them.
  • The keylogger of uMobix managed to hack every keystroke I made on Instagram. As a result, I was able to hack Instagram’s password with it.

Price Of uMobix

The subscription of uMobix is costlier compared to KidsGuard Pro.

Why To Choose uMobix

uMobix does not hack received Instagram DMs, however, it takes an ample amount of screenshots. These screenshots are more than enough to see someone’s Instagram activities and all the sent and received messages. And that is why you should choose uMobix. If you want to know more about uMobix then you can read my review of uMobix.

Click Here to Try uMobix

2) FlexiSPY

The next Instagram hacking tool that you can use is FlexiSPY.

How FlexiSPY Works

  • FlexiSPY also takes screenshots of Instagram like uMobix and KidsGuard Pro.
  • It also has a keylogger that can help you hack someone’s Instagram password.
  • FlexiSPY also tracks sent and received messages in the form of texts.
  • It can also track Instagram calls however it requires rooting or jailbreaking to do that.

How FlexiSPY Performed During My Testing

  • FlexiSPY takes screenshots, however, I had to enable taking screenshots for Instagram first in my FlexiSPY account.
  • While exploring FlexiSPY, I found its keylogger to be the fastest among all the apps on this list. It managed to hack every Instagram keystroke very quickly.
  • It also managed to hack sent as well as received Instagram DMs in the form of text during my usage.FlexiSPY - Instagram DMs

Cost Of FlexiSPY

The cost of using FlexiSPY is slightly higher as compared to uMobix and KidsGuard Pro.

Why You Should Choose FlexiSPY

If you want a tool that can hack almost everything in someone’s Instagram profile then you should definitely choose FlexiSPY. It not only hacks Instagram passwords but also hacks Instagram DMs and calls. However, the thing that you need to note here is that FlexiSPY requires rooting to hack Instagram calls.

Click Here to Try FlexiSPY

3) eyeZy

Another app to hack someone’s Instagram account that I have selected for you is eyeZy.

How eyeZy Works

  • Like FlexiSPY and KidsGuard Pro, eyeZy hacks Instagram DMs in text form.
  • It also takes screenshots whenever the target person uses Instagram on their cell phone.
  • The keylogger of eyeZy hacks Instagram password and sent messages.

My Experience With eyeZy

  • eyeZy hacked all the sent and received Instagram DMs during my testing. It even managed to hack my old Instagram messages.eyeZy - Instagram Messages
  • It also took screenshots of Instagram. However, the number of screenshots taken was less compared to other apps.
  • In my first-hand experience with eyeZy, I have found that the working of its keylogger is a little slow as compared to other apps I have mentioned.

Price Of eyeZy

The cost of the subscription plan of eyeZy is similar to uMobix but is slighter higher than KidsGuard Pro.

Why To Choose eyeZy

eyeZy takes screenshots of Instagram activities and hacks Instagram DMs as well. If you want a cost-effective tool to hack someone’s Instagram then you should choose eyeZy. It can do a lot more than hacking Instagram, click here to read my eyeZy review to know what all it can do.

Click Here to Try eyeZy

4) SpyBubble Pro

One more app that you can use to hack into someone’s Instagram account is SpyBubble Pro.

How SpyBubble Pro Works

  • Like other tools, SpyBubble Pro takes screenshots of Instagram.
  • Its keylogger helps you hack someone’s Instagram ID password and sent DMs.

How SpyBubble Pro Performed While I was Exploring It

  • SpyBubble Pro managed to hack Instagram activities and took multiple screenshots whenever I used Insta on the target cell phone.SpyBubble Pro - Instagram Activity
  • The quality of the screenshots was good. But, like uMobix, I was not able to download them.
  • The keylogger of SpyBubble Pro worked as it was supposed to. However, I found it to be a little slow as compared to other apps. It did manage to hack sent Instagram messages though.

Cost Of Using SpyBubble Pro

SpyBubble Pro is neither the costliest nor the cheapest Instagram hacking tool on this list. It costs less than FlexiSPY, more than KidsGuard Pro, and similar to uMobix and eyeZy.

Why You Should Choose SpyBubble Pro

To be very frank, SpyBubble Pro doesn’t do anything that other apps can’t. However, it also does not misses out on the things that other apps do. So if you want, you can go for SpyBubble Pro and you will not regret it.

Click Here to Try SpyBubble

Which App Do I Recommend?

If you want a value-for-money app then I would recommend you go for KidsGuard Pro. It will let you hack almost everything that you want to hack into someone’s Instagram profile. On the other hand, if you mainly want to hack Instagram calls then FlexiSPY is the only option for you. However, do not forget that it will only track Instagram calls if the target phone is rooted.

The other 3 apps are also equally good and you can choose the one that you like. Using them, you will not only be able to hack Instagram password but will also be able to access someone’s Instagram account without touching their phone.

How To Know If Someone Has Hacked Your Instagram ID?

Now that you know how you can hack into your partner/kid’s Instagram account, let me ask you a question. What if you yourself become the prey? How will you know if someone has accessed your Instagram account without your knowledge?

Let me tell you how you can know.

1) Check For Email Notification

The first thing that you should do is check your email for any notification from Instagram. If someone has logged in to your account then Instagram must have sent you a notification of the same.

If you find the email then it means someone has hacked your Instagram account remotely.

2) Check Your DMs

The next thing that you should do is check your DMs. If someone has accessed your account and talked to someone then you will find messages that you have not sent or received.

3) Check Your Recent Followers List

Another thing that you can check to confirm is your follower list. Check the people that you have followed recently. If you find names that you do not remember following then it is proof that someone accessed your Instagram profile without your knowledge.

4) Check Your Post And Comments

Check your recent posts to see if there is something that you don’t remember sharing. Also, check for comments on other people’s posts.

What To Do If Your Instagram Account Is Hacked?

Now let us see what should you do in case your Instagram account is hacked.

1) Change Password

The first thing that you should do if you still have access to your Instagram account is to change your Instagram password. Change your password and keep a stronger new password that no one will be able to guess.

2) Check Your Insta Account Information

After changing your password, check your Instagram account information. Check if the email address and phone number are yours or not. If they are not yours then change them immediately.

3) Remove Linked Accounts

Go to your Instagram account center and check all the linked accounts to your Instagram profile. Immediately remove the accounts that you do not know.

How To Prevent Account Hacking On Instagram?

Now that you know what you can do to regain control of your Instagram account. Let me now tell you what you can do to secure your Instagram ID so that no one is able to hack into it.

1) Enable 2FA

The first thing that you should do is enable two-factor authentication in your Instagram profile. Once turned on, it will prevent people from logging in to your Insta account without your permission.

2) Keep A Strong Password

Always keep a strong login password to your Instagram account. Use letters, special characters, and numbers to make a strong password. Avoid using your DOB, name, pet name, or other things that people can easily guess about you.

3) Stop Using Third-Party Apps

If you use any third-party apps to manage your Instagram account then you should immediately revoke access to these apps. These apps can also help others to gain access to your Instagram account.


Can You Hack Someone’s Instagram DMs?

Yes, using an Instagram hack tool, you can hack into someone’s Instagram messages.

Is It Possible To Hack Someone’s Instagram Password?

Yes, you can hack someone’s Instagram password with the help of a keylogger.

Can You Access Someone’s Instagram Without Touching Their Phone?

Yes, it is possible to get into someone’s Instagram account without touching their phone.

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