How To Hack Someone’s Viber Account & Messages Remotely

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Are you having doubts that your partner is using Viber to cheat on you? Do you want to know how you can hack Viber messages and calls of your kid/spouse?

In this article, I will let you know whether it is possible to hack someone’s Viber account without the target phone or not. And if it is possible then I will tell you how to hack Viber. Not only this but I will also share some of the best Viber hack tools with you.

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Is It Possible To Hack Viber Without The Target Phone?

Viber is used by millions of people around the world. And if your husband/wife/kid also uses it then I am sure you must want to access their Viber messages and calls to make sure that they are not using it for the wrong reasons.

But the question that arises is: Is it possible to hack a Viber account without the target phone?

Yes, it is possible to hack someone’s Viber messages and calls from another phone remotely, that too without them knowing. You can hack Viber on iPhone as well as Android cell phones without having access to the target phone.

How To Hack Viber Account?

There are actually two methods of hacking someone’s Viber messages and calls. One is the free one and the other is the paid one. Let us look at them one by one:

1) Using Viber QR Code

If you want to hack Viber for free then this is the method for you. In this method, you do not have to pay even a dime.

Viber gives you a QR code that you can use to use Viber on secondary devices like laptops or tablets. You can make use of this QR code to hack into the Viber account of your partner or kid.

All you have to do is get access to the Viber app of your girlfriend/boyfriend/kid and tap on QR Icon under the More option. And then scan that QR code to sync the Viber app on your device to the target person’s Viber app.

Once synced, you will be able to see all their Viber messages, calls, photos, and videos.

However, this method has some drawbacks, which are as follows:

  • According to Viber, the Viber primary account can only be on one cell phone. Therefore you cannot use another phone to do this and you will have to use either a tablet or computer.
  • The target person can see all the secondary devices that are linked to their Viber account by going to Viber Settings. As a result, if they see an unrecognized secondary device then they will know that someone is accessing their Viber account without their knowledge. They can also deactivate the secondary device anytime they want. Therefore your access to your kid/spouse’s Viber account will be lost.
  • If the target person deletes any messages then you will not be able to see them.

2) Using Viber Hacking Tool

The best method to hack someone’s Viber on iPhone, as well as Android cell phones, remotely without them knowing is by using a tool to hack Viber. It does not have the limitations that the free method comes with.

In this method, all you have to do is install a Viber hack app on the target cell phone. Once installed, you will then be able to hack Viber messages and calls from another phone remotely. The best part of using a hack tool is that it will even track deleted Viber messages.

But the question that arises is: Which are the best tools to hack Viber?

To help you select the best Viber hack app, I have used several tools and have selected a few of the best for you. Let me tell you about them one by one.

How To Hack Viber Messages And Calls Using A Viber Hack Tool?

The first Viber hacking tool that I have for you is eyeZy. You first have to purchase the subscription to eyeZy to be able to use it. After that, you will have to install it on your husband/wife/kid’s cell phone. Once installed, it will let you hack their Viber account without needing the target phone ever again.

How eyeZy Hacks Viber

  • eyeZy hacks all the sent and received messages of Viber on the target cell phone. These are then shared to your eyeZy account remotely.
  • eyeZy also takes screenshots of the Viber app whenever it is used by the target user on their cell phone.
  • The keylogger of eyeZy hacks the keystrokes made on the Viber by the target person.

My Experience With eyeZy

  • eyeZy was able to hack all the Viber conversations of the target cell phone during my usage. I was able to see the Viber messages, both sent as well as received in text form in my eyeZy account.How To Hack Viber Messages From Another Phone
  • When I was testing eyeZy, it was also able to take screenshots of the Viber app when the target person used Viber. As a result, I was able to see all the Viber calls and activities of the target user.
  • Its keylogger also tracked the keystrokes, mainly of sent messages on Viber. But I found the working of its keylogger to be a little inconsistent.

So this is how you can use eyeZy to hack into someone’s Viber account remotely without knowing their password.

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Other Apps To Hack Viber

Let us now look at some of the other apps that you can use to hack someone’s Viber messages from another phone.

1) uMobix

The next Viber hacking tool on my list is uMobix.

How uMobix Hacks Viber

  • Like eyeZy, uMobix takes screenshots when the target user opens Viber on the target cell phone.
  • Its keylogger hacks all the sent Viber messages in text form.
  • Unlike eyeZy, uMobix does not hack received Viber messages in the form of text.

Price Of uMobix

The cost of uMobix is similar to the cost of a subscription to eyeZy.

How uMobix Performed During My Evaluation

  • During my testing, I found that uMobix takes a lot more screenshots as compared to eyeZy. It successfully detected the opening of Viber on the target cell phone and never missed taking screenshots.
  • The keylogger of uMobix also performed consistently and faster compared to eyeZy when I was using it.uMobix - Viber Keylogger

Why You Should Choose uMobix

If you like screenshots as compared to boring text then you should choose uMobix. It takes a greater number of screenshots as compared to eyeZy and its keylogger works consistently and faster. You can click here to read my detailed uMobix review, I have explained all its features in this review.

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2) mSpy

Another app to hack Viber that I have for you is mSpy.

How mSpy Hacks Viber

  • Like eyeZy, mSpy also hacks sent and received messages of Viber in text form.
  • It also takes screenshots of Viber activities just like eyeZy and uMobix.
  • mSpy also offers a keylogger that tracks keystrokes made on Viber.

Price Of mSpy

The price of the subscription plan of mSpy is the same as the subscription plan of eyeZy.

How mSpy Worked When I was Testing It

  • mSpy was successfully able to hack Viber sent and received messages while I was using it.mSpy - Viber Conversation
  • It even hacked the images that the target person shared on the chats. And I was also able to download these images.
  • mSpy was able to take screenshots of the Viber app successfully when it was used by the target person.

Why Choose mSpy Over eyeZy

mSpy and eyeZy offer almost the same things. They both hack Viber messages in text form, they both take screenshots, and they both offer keyloggers for iPhone and Android. However, when I was exploring mSpy and eyeZy, I found the working of the keylogger of mSpy to be a little better than that of eyeZy’s. And that is why you should choose mSpy over eyeZy.

Click Here to Try mSpy

3) iKeyMonitor

The last Viber hack app that I have shortlisted for you is iKeyMonitor.

How iKeyMonitor Hacks Viber

  • iKeyMonitor hacks Viber messages in text form, like eyeZy.
  • Its keylogger tracks the keystrokes made on Viber.
  • Like other apps on this list, iKeyMonitor also takes screenshots of Viber.

Price Of iKeyMonitor

The price of the iKeyMonitor’s plan is the lowest among all the Viber hack tools I have mentioned above.

How iKeyMonitor Performed During My Usage

  • iKeyMonitor managed to hack Viber conversation in text form. I was able to read sent as well as received messages on Viber.iKeyMonitor - Viber Chats
  • When I was evaluating iKeyMonitor, I noticed that it takes the least amount of screenshots among all the apps that I mentioned earlier.
  • I also found the working of iKeyMonitor’s keylogger to be average.

Why You Should Choose iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor offers almost all the features that other apps offer and it offers these features at a very reasonable cost. So if you want a cheap app to hack someone’s Viber account then iKeyMonitor is the app for you.

Click Here to Try iKeyMonitor

Which Viber Hacking App Should You Choose?

If you want the best tool to hack someone’s Viber account then I would recommend going for eyeZy. It lets you hack Viber conversations from another phone and shows you messages in text form.

However, if you are running short on budget then the best option for you will be iKeyMonitor.

Other than this all the above-mentioned apps can also help you:


Can You Hack Deleted Viber Messages Remotely?

Yes, you can hack someone’s deleted Viber messages using a Viber hack app.

Is It Possible To Hack Viber Using A Laptop?

Yes, it is possible to hack someone’s Viber account using a laptop.

Can You Hack Viber Conversation From Another Phone?

Yes, with the help of an app to hack Viber you can read Viber conversation from another phone, that too remotely without anyone knowing.

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