5 Best Instagram Spy Apps To Monitor Activities And DMs

Do you love using Instagram? Of course, you do, and why not? The app is just next to perfect when it comes to entertainment. Meeting new people, watching feeds of your loved ones and your favorite pages, Instagram search, new filters, and yes, not to forget the reels. Everything about the app is so much fun.

The way you like Instagram, your lover or your kid might also find Instagram amusing in the same way. But among so many new fresh faces to meet and new videos to enjoy, there are some people who are looking for new baits daily.

These Instagram pests lure kids or your loved ones into doing something that can have dire consequences.

This is just a hint of how dangerous Instagram could be. In reality, there are countless other associated risks that Instagram carries along with itself every single day.

So it’s like you are at the end of the rope and your only option is a good Instagram spy app that can monitor your loved ones.

You will like the working of tracking apps even more as they can track other activities of the target phone as well, like WhatsApp, Snapchat, calls, Tinder, Facebook, and the list is never-ending.

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Best Apps To Spy On Someone’s Instagram

#1 KidsGuard Pro

The Good

  • Updates are given in the form of both screenshots and text
  • Data sync speed is impressive
  • Screenshots that you receive from the target phone are downloadable
  • Deleted messages can be tracked
  • App Activity section can be used to keep a track of the time for which Instagram is used

The Bad

  • The search bar is case sensitive

Instagram monitoring needs to be flawless if you want to know the truth about your child’s Instagram use. So that’s why we kept KidsGuard Pro on the first spot because the app sends screenshots while Instagram is in use and also send text messages.

kidsguard pro instagram

You will find Instagram under the Social Apps section. Now, whenever your lover uses Instagram, KidsGuard Pro will start to take screenshots remotely and upload them on the portal.

Each screenshot can be checked in full size and you can download them as well to keep them as proof.

screenshot in full size

If you suspect your spouse of an affair, then you might be looking for some messages that can reveal the truth. You can try to check for the words like date, dating, love, and so on using the search option.

But make sure to search for the words with both capital and small letters, because the search bar is case sensitive.

If there’s a message that your cheating spouse sends on Instagram and instantly deletes it, what then? Well, in that case too you will get screenshots or messages in the form of text. So basically, there’s no way for them to keep their secrets hidden from you while you are using KidsGuard Pro.

The screenshots that you receive are usually in small size, but you can view the screenshot in full size by simply clicking on it.

If KidsGuard Pro is coming in your use to monitor your kids, then you might be concerned if your child is addicted to Instagram. Checking that is quite easy with KidsGuard Pro.

Just go to the App Activity section and you will see their screen time on Instagram, the number of visits, and even installed date.

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#2 uMobix

The Good

  • Instant updates on all the screenshots
  • All the screenshots are of high quality
  • You can know if your spouse is currently using Instagram or not with the online tag
  • The keylogger can be used to read the Instagram messages
  • Updates are very quick and consistent

The Bad

  • No Instagram messages directly in the Instagram section

Once you set up the uMobix app on your loved one’s device, you will land on the dashboard of the app. And you need to switch to the Instagram section to check all the updates related to Instagram.

instagram spy

uMobix Instagram section shows every result in the form of screenshots, you won’t get any results in the text form here. But uMobix makes sure you get Instagram updates constantly, that is, you will get multiple screenshots.

The screenshots that you receive are not just from any particular section of the Instagram app. You will receive the screenshots, regardless of what your lover is doing on Instagram. While they are scrolling their feed, checking someone’s profile, replying to DMs, commenting on a post, or whatever you can think of.

instagram direct messages from umobix

One thing that impressed us a lot was that you can know if your partner is currently using Instagram or not. If the target person is using Instagram right now, you will see an Online tag in front of the app.

If you are getting all the photos related to Instagram then we don’t think there’s much need for the text messages to appear. But still, if you want to be double sure of the messages that you just read, you can check them in the Keylogger section.

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#3 FlexiSPY

The Good

  • Instant updates for keystrokes
  • The keystrokes are complete
  • You can set alerts for words for which you want to get notified

The Bad

  • No separate section for tracking Instagram
  • No screenshots will be sent by FlexiSPY
  • Tracking of messages that the other person send is not possible

Here comes another Instagram spy app that will reveal your girlfriend/boyfriend’s Instagram Direct Messages.

Although FlexiSPY does not have a separate section for monitoring Instagram direct messages on unrooted Android phones like uMobix and KidsGuard Pro, you will know each and every message that your spouse sends on Instagram with the Key Logs feature.

keylogger instagram tracking

Key Logs of FlexiSPY works just perfectly. You will get instant updates and complete keystrokes.

After you go to the Key Logs section, you will notice the names of all the apps where the keystroke is made. Just choose Instagram to see all the keystrokes made on Instagram.

The limitations of using FlexiSPY for tracking Instagram is that you won’t get remote screenshots and it’s not possible to view the messages that the other person sends to the target person. And yes, one more, you might see the repetitions of some of the keystrokes. But that’s not a big issue.

It’s not possible to sit 24/7 in front of the PC to track someone’s activities on Instagram. But you definitely need to know how your child speaks to others. For that, you can set the keyword alerts with the Alerts section.

Here you need to set different words and when FlexiSPY tracks the use of those words, the Alerts section will notify you.

If you can root the target Android phone then FlexiSPY will allow you to spy on Instagram with lots of other details like DMs received and other activities.

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#4 Hoverwatch

The Good

  • Constant updates for Instagram
  • The screenshots are clear and of high quality
  • Screenshots are taken while the target person is doing any activity on Instagram
  • For getting the screenshots more frequently, you can change the settings of Hoverwatch

The Bad

  • Screenshots from all apps are available in one place which can create a mishmash
  • No option to sort the screenshots app wise

Just like every tracking app, Hoverwatch works remotely and in hidden mode, but the working of Hoverwatch is completely different from all the monitoring apps that you have seen till now. The app solely works on the concept of taking screenshots.

In Hoverwatch you don’t have any option to go to Instagram or any other section. The app works automatically. It detects which app is in use, takes screenshots, and uploads it on its online portal.

instagram feed screenshot hoverwatch

All the screenshots are present at a single place, no matter from where they are taken, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, and so on.

Just as you would expect from a good tracker for Instagram, Hoverwatch takes screenshots constantly regardless of what is been done on Instagram. Be it replying to a message, checking feed, or any other activity.

hoverwatch instagram messgaes

As Hoverwatch tracks all the apps with screenshots, the portal is stuffed with a plethora of screenshots. And it might become difficult for you to find the screenshots specifically from Instagram. And unfortunately, there’s no option to sort the screenshots on the basis of apps.

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#5 Spyic

The Good

  • Decent data sync speed
  • Tracking of messages is possible with both Instagram section and Keylogger section
  • Other than direct messages, you will receive updates on other Instagram activities as well

The Bad

  • You might not receive complete message

Spyic can surely help you spy the Instagram activities of your loved ones with its Social Apps feature and Keylogger feature. And the monitoring will be done without letting the target person know about it.

In the Instagram section, you will see messages sent and received via Instagram. Along with messages, you will get some details about other activities going on on Instagram as well. These details include notifications about uploading photos, liking or commenting on pics, and so on. With each message, the date and time stamps are available.

spyic instagram messages

But the tracking of Spyic is not consistent. Sometimes you will get an accurate and complete message and sometimes you will get half or no message at all.

So, it’s like, you can’t completely rely on Spyic Instagram tracking.

But still, you can try your luck to see the complete message in the Keylogger section. The Keylogger of the app is also a bit buggy but this might work in your favor sometimes.

The thing is, that the Keylogger of Spyic also detects the text written on the phone screen. This can help you know what kind of stuff the teen likes to read on Instagram or what appears on their Instagram feed.

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Why Spy Apps Is The Best Option To Track Instagram Activities?

Spy apps are the best option for Instagram tracking and there’s no doubt about it. And if you ask us the reason for this statement, there are multiple reasons that we can give you.

First of all, the monitoring apps that we have mentioned work in the hidden mode. So the target person will never get to know that they are being tracked.

Secondly, all the apps work without rooting. There’s no need to go with all the hard rooting process for tracking Instagram messages and their activities.

Moreover, if you try to spy on your lover’s Instagram by getting physical access to their smartphone every time, you will get caught. But that’s not the case with spy apps. Here you just need physical access to their smartphone for once.

After the app is installed, you can monitor them remotely from anywhere through the app’s online portal.


Do Spy Apps Work On Instagram?

Yes, spy apps work for Instagram. You can check the messages, activities, feed, and everything you ever wanted to, depending on app to app.

How Do I See What My Boyfriend Likes To See On Instagram?

Using the spy apps like KidsGuard Pro, uMobix, or Hoverwatch, you can tell what your boyfriend likes to watch on Instagram. These apps send screenshots while the user is using Instagram.

How Do You Look At Someone's Instagram Messages Without Them Knowing?

All the spy apps in the list work in the hidden mode. So if you want to check someone's Instagram messages without them knowing, you can choose any of these apps.

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