KidsGuard Pro Review : Is This Affordable Spy App Worth It?

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KidsGuard Pro


Installation & Set Up


Ease Of Use






Time Taken To Sync Target Phone Data


Impact On Performance Of Target Device


Value for Money



  • Easy to use
  • Accurately monitors the target device with screenshots and Keylogger
  • Can also track websites that have been used in the incognito mode
  • Remote access of the target phone works perfectly
  • Social media notifications can also be tracked
  • No root or jailbreaking required
  • The app icon is hidden automatically and the app runs in background so it can't be detected
  • It has a negligible effect on the performance and the battery of the target phone
  • Affordable plans and pricing


  • Needs a lot of permissions to work properly
  • Sometimes the other person on the call is not audible in call recordings
  • Locations tracked are not pinpoint accurate
  • It can't track calls and messages that were deleted within a few seconds after receiving them

In this day and age where the Internet has reached every part of the world, it is very easy to fall prey to online scams, bullying, and cybercrimes. Since kids and teens are the easiest targets for internet trolls and scammers it is therefore of utmost importance that you keep an eye on your child’s online activities.

By monitoring your kid’s virtual life you can keep them protected from the dark side of the internet. And not just kids but you can also catch a cheating spouse or lover red-handed by monitoring the dating and social media apps on their smartphone.

However, monitoring each online activity of your kids, spouse or lover is not possible if done manually. But that’s where Android and iPhone spy apps such as KidsGuard Pro come to the rescue as they spy on the target device and provide you with every bit of information that you want remotely. The following are some important features of the app:

Simple UI: The best part about KidsGuard Pro is its simple UI which makes it ideal spyware for both experienced and beginners. There’s no learning curve to it and you would enjoy your monitoring sessions with it.

Text & Call Recording: KidsGuard Pro is a great app for those looking to snoop into someone’s phone calls and text messages. It records all the incoming and outgoing calls and SMS, allowing you to listen and read everything the target person says or types.

Robust Social Media Monitoring: This app records all the social media sites that the target user opens on their device. It does that by taking a screenshot at regular intervals whenever a social media site is opened on the target phone. Also, it captures every word typed on each social media app with the help of its keylogger.

Reasons To Buy

✔️ KidsGuard Pro is really easy to use.

✔️ It has a call recording feature which even some of the most high-end spyware don’t provide.

✔️It tracks all the social media apps with great conviction.

✔️KidsGuard Pro lets you remotely take screenshots on the target device and capture photos using its camera.

✔️ It is one of the most affordable spy apps out there, if you have budget issues then you can go for it.

Reasons To Avoid

❌ Cannot track a call log or text message that is deleted instantly

❌ Sometimes the person on the other side of the call is inaudible

KidsGuard Pro Quick Review

For those new to spy apps or on a tight budget, KidsGuard Pro emerges as a top choice. The app even provides a demo for which you don’t have to pay a dime. The free demo allows you to explore its features before committing to its subscription. Based on my personal experience with the KidsGuard Pro, all the features work seamlessly and reliably. Therefore, I recommend this software to you with no second thoughts in my mind. If you have some time then I urge you to read the full KidsGuard Pro review to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with it or not.

Free Trial  Available No
Free Demo  AvailableYes
Money Back GuaranteeYes, 30 Days
Monthly price$39.99/ month
Supported Operating SystemAndroid & iPhone
Works Without Rooting or JailbreakYes
Spy Listicles Rating9.2/10

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KidsGuard Pro Full Review

In this section, I provide you with a detailed review of KidsGuard Pro after testing it myself for days so that you can make a decision that whether you should invest your hard-earned money in it or not. So let’s start!

Here are quick links to specific parts of the article if you want don’t have time to read the entire article and want to skip to a part you are most interested in.

Out of all other spy apps, KidsGuard Pro is one of the most popular apps and therefore people looking to spy on their kids and spouse are attracted to it. This is due to its affordable pricing, high accuracy, and simple-to-use interface. In this article, we review this popular spy app in its entirety so that you don’t have any doubts about it in your mind.

How Does KidsGuard Pro Works?

Before moving on to the KidsGuard Pro review let’s have a quick look at its working so that you have a clear understanding of it.

In the world of spy apps, there are two types of devices; the parent device and the target device. The parent device is the device mainly a laptop or computer that is used to monitor the activities of the target device. While on the other hand, the target device is the device on which you are spying, it is basically your kid’s or lover’s smartphone or tablet.

You have to first install the KidsGuard Pro app on the target device. Once the app is installed you can see all the updates on the parent device by logging into your KidsGuard Pro account on your PC. You don’t have to download any software on your computer for monitoring the target device as you can use your browser to go to your KidsGuard Pro account from their official website and monitor the target device remotely from there itself.

After logging into your account you can see all the details of the target device like call and browsing history, used apps, photos, and videos stored on the device, and much more. Moreover, you can even remotely access the target phone from the parent/your device and take screenshots, and capture pictures.

To get a better idea of how things work on KidsGuard Pro you can also check their live demo for free. After landing on the demo account page you need to select the product you are interested to buy. Like here we are testing it for an Android device so we will click on the Dashboard option next to KidsGuard Pro for Android to see how it works. Similarly, you can have a demo of different devices on KidsGuard Pro.

KidsGuard Pro Demo account

After clicking on the dashboard you will get a full demo of this spy app and you can see how it tracks and monitors all the activities on the target device.

KidsGuard Pro live demo

Check KidsGuard Pro Live Demo Here


In terms of compatibility, you would not have any issues with KidsGuard Pro as it works well with both Android and iOS devices. This means you can spy on both Android and iPhone with KidsGuard Pro. Also, you don’t have to root your Android device or jailbreak your iPhone for this software to work properly on it. But, if you have already rooted your phone then you don’t have to worry because it also works the same with rooted or jailbroken devices.

If you want to use KidsGuard Pro on the Android smartphone of your child or lover then it must be running on Android 4 and above. For iPhone, it must be running on iOS version 9 and above. If the target device meets these criteria then you can easily spy on it using KidsGuard Pro.

KidsGuard Pro Installation And Setup

Installing and setting up a spy app can be very confusing and time-consuming especially if you don’t know the right way to do it. Here we tell you how you can set up the KidsGuard Pro account on your device and also give you a step by step instructions on how to install the app on the target device.

Setting Up KidsGuard Pro On Parent Device

To start off your spying journey you need to first create an account with KidsGuard Pro which is a simple process and won’t take much of your time.

1. Choose Your Target Device

product detail

First thing first after landing on KidGuard Pro’s official website you need to select the target device i.e. Android, iOS, etc. To purchase a plan you can click on the Product Details button.

2.  Select The Plan And Make The Payment

Once you have selected the device which you want to spy on, you will be taken to that particular product page. Here you can click on the Buy Now button to purchase the app.

After clicking on the Buy Now button you will be shown different Android plans of KidsGuard Pro which you can buy on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. You can choose any plan according to your requirements and budget.

Buy a plan

If you don’t have an account with KidsGuard Pro you won’t be able to purchase any of their plans hence when you click on Buy Now a popup will appear asking you to create an account. Click on Login to do so.

first login

3. Sign Up

1. After clicking on Login you will be taken to the next page, you need to click on the Sign Up option to create an account.

sign up

2. Now enter your desired email address and set a password for your KidsGuard Pro account. Once you have entered the credentials check the box and agree to the EULA and Privacy Policy. After that click on Sign Up to create your account.

create account

3. Now since your account is created you need to make the payment either by PayPal or through your bank account or credit card.

buy plan

3. Log Into Your KidsGuard Pro Account

Upon successful payment, you can log in to your KidsGuard Pro parent’s dashboard. To log into your account, you can visit the KidsGuard Pro website and click on the Login option at the top right corner.


Now it will ask you to fill in your login credentials i.e username and password which you have set up while creating the account. After entering the details click on Sign In to visit your access your account. Enter credentials

With this, you have successfully set up your KidsGuard Pro account now is the time to install the spying app on the target device.

Install KidsGuard Pro On Target Android Phone

Now comes the main part which is installing the spy app on the target device. For this, you must have physical access to your kid’s or lover’s smartphone. This may take a while so make sure you have some time in your hand before they come back and see you doing something with their phone. You can install the app on their phone when they are asleep or not around. If you opt for the KidsGuard Pro For iCloud then you don’t need physical access to their device as knowing their iCloud credentials is enough.

Prerequisites For Installing KidsGuard Pro

Before you download and install the KidsGuard Pro app on the target smartphone or tab you need to do some changes to Google Play Store and device settings. Without these settings, you won’t be able to properly install the app on the target device.

 1. Disable Play Protect On Google Play Store

Play Protect is a feature that scans your smartphone for harmful apps and if it finds one it will show notifications on your smartphone which may alert your kids and spouse that there is some unwanted app installed on their device. This will kill the purpose of installing the spy app on their phone as they will be alert about it. Here’s a step-by-step procedure of how to disable Play Protect.

  • Open Google Play Store on the target device and tap on the account icon in the top right corner. From the new window that shows up tap on the Play Protect option.

Disable play protect

  • With this, the Play Protect screen will open, now you have to click on the Gear icon (settings) in the top right corner. Now simply toggle off the Scan apps with Play Protect option and you are good to go.Play protect disabled

Now you have successfully disabled the Play Protect settings on the target device, next you have to allow installation from unknown sources.

2. Enable Unknown Sources

By default, the option to install software from an unknown source is prohibited in smartphones for safety purposes. But sometimes you have to enable this option because some apps are not found on the Play Store and you have to download them from third-party sources. The same is the case with spy apps as they are not found on Play Store or App Store so the only option to install them is through other sources. Don’t worry it’s safe and won’t cause any trouble. Here’s how you can enable the Unknown Sources option.

  • Go to Settings > Security on your phone.


  • Under Security scroll down and toggle ON the Unknown Sources option

Allow third party

With this now you can simply install third-party apps on your smartphone without any issue.

Download And Install KidsGuard Pro App On Target Device

1. After you are done with the prerequisites you are now ready to install the KidsGuard Pro app on the target device. For that, you have to first download the KidsGuard Pro app on your kid’s or lover’s/spouse’s phone. To do so you have to visit on any browser on their smartphone. Now you will see a slider on the center of the screen, just slide it to the right to start the downloading process.

Kidsguard pro app

2. As you do that a warning will appear which says that downloading such files can be harmful, just ignore it and tap on the OK option to finally download the app on the target phone.

download KidsGuard pro app

3. The app is small in size and will be downloaded in a blink of an eye. Once downloaded head over to the download folder of the smartphone and tap on the app icon. Next, tap on the INSTALL option to begin the installation process.

install Kidsguard pro

4. The app will be installed in a matter of seconds, now you need to tap on OPEN. Next, you need to Agree to ClevGuard’s EULA agreement by tapping on the Agree option.


5. With this, you have successfully installed the app on the target smartphone. Now you need to set up the app and for that, you will first need to login to the app by entering the details i.e. username and password of your KidsGuard Pro account that you have set up while purchasing the app. Once you have entered the correct credentials tap on the Sign In button.

login on phone

6. Now provide KidsGuard Pro with the authority to access the photos and media on the phone by tapping on the Allow button. Next, you need to enter the age and name of the person you are spying on. It need not be exact and is just a formality.

enter kids age and name

7. Spy apps need a lot of permissions in order to work properly. On the next screen, you see the list of all permissions the app needs. Tap on Got it and then tap on Yes to start giving permissions to the app.

Allow permission

8. The first permission the app need is to disable Play Protect which you have already done in the prerequisites. Just tap on Proceed To Settings and after that, you need to tap on Already Set. A popup message will appear just tap on Yes to proceed further.

Already set

9. Now you have to enable Accessibility and for that, you have to tap on Proceed To Settings option one more time. Next, you have to turn ON the System Update Services as it is by default turned off. Once you enable it a popup will appear just tap on OK to continue.


10. After that you will have to activate App Supervision and for that, you will need to tap the Proceed to Settings button one more time.

proceed to settings

11. Next, tap on System Update Service and enable the Permit usage access by toggling on the button next to it. Once it is enabled press the back button.

usage access

12. After that, tap on Proceed to Settings to provide Notification Access permission to the app.

proceed to notification access

13. Now, enable the System Update service. A popup will appear on which you have to tap on the ALLOW.

Notification access

14. Again tap on Proceed to Settings and select the option Activate this device administrator to activate administrator access.

activate administrator

15. To be able to remotely capture screenshots on the target device you need to give permission to Activate Screen Capture. For that, you have to tap on Proceed to Settings. Next, you have to check the box that says Don’t show again and then tap on the START NOW button.

Activate screen capture

16. After that, tap on Allow All to give KidsGuard Pro access to view your calls, messages, contacts, locations, and more.

Allow all

17. The last permission you need to give is permission to ignore the battery optimization. Just tap on the Ignore button and then tap on Yes. With this you have now successfully provided all the necessary permissions to the KidsGuard Pro app, now tap on Start Monitoring and be ready to spy on the target device.

Start monitoring

The KidsGuard Pro app icon will be automatically hidden on the target phone and it will run in the background so that it’s undetectable and the target person doesn’t come to know about it.

Finally, we are done with the installing and setting up of the KidsGuard Pro app.

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KidsGuard Pro Setup On Target iPhone

Unlike Android devices, spying on an iPhone is tougher as Apple is very serious about the privacy of its customers. However, with KidsGuard Pro, you can easily monitor your spouse or kid’s iPhone activities with KidsGuard Pro for iPhone and KidsGuard Pro for iCloud.

If you are fine with jailbreaking and can have physical access to the target device then you should go with KidsGuard Pro for iPhone as it will provide you better results in terms of monitoring.

However, if you don’t want to jailbreak the iPhone of your loved one then you can opt for KidsGuard Pro for iCloud. But for this to work you need their iCloud credentials and make sure the backup to iCloud option is enabled on the target device because here the spying is done on the data that is synced to the iCloud backup.

Moreover, you won’t need physical access to the target device if the two-factor authentication is disabled on it. But due to an iOS policy change, two-factor authentication is almost mandatory for all Apple devices. This means most probably your loved one’s device will have two-factor authentication enabled on it. So even if you have the iCloud credentials you may still need to have physical access to the target device which was earlier not required.

KidsGuard Pro Dashboard

Kidsguard pro dashboard

Now once you have installed and set up the KidsGuard Pro app on the target device it’s time to log into your KidsGuard Pro account on your device. The first thing you see after logging in is the dashboard which is divided into four parts Account & Order Info, Device Info, Top 8 Calls and Messages, and Last Known Location. So you basically get an overview of your account and target device and some basic monitoring details regarding the target device right on the dashboard.

In the Account & Order Info section, you get details like account ID, notification Email, your plan, and its expiry date.

account and order info

The Device Info section, on the other hand, offers information related to the target device including its battery percentage, whether GPS and WiFi are turned On or Off, device status, and more.

Device info

The next two sections provide the basic information related to the top 8 contacts to whom they call or message the most and their latest location.

top 8 contacts and locations

Overall, the dashboard looks clean and easy to understand and provides basic information right on your screen without doing anything.

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KidsGuard Pro Features

KidsGuard Pro is a feature-packed spy app that comes with lots of useful features which are categorized into 6 parts named Phone Files, Location Tracking, Social Apps, Remote Control, Data Export, and Permission Check. Let’s review each feature of KidsGuard Pro one by one.

1. Phone Files

The Phone Files is one of the most important features of KidsGuard Pro where it tells you about everything that’s happing on the target phone. This feature is further divided into 9 parts which are as follows:

a) Call Logs

Call logs contain all the history of calls made or received by the target phone. From here you can tell whom your kid or spouse is talking to the most. Under call logs, you can see the name and number of the contact to whom the call was made, the duration of the call, and the time at which the call was made/received. If they are talking to an unknown person for long hours at odd times then you can be sure that there is something wrong.

KidsGuard pro features call logs

If the call history is very large you can search for a specific caller by name, for that you have to enter the name of the contact in the search field at the top right corner.  Also, you can categorize the call logs based on the calendar i.e. today, this month, this year, and last year. In our test, we found that it showed call logs back to last year till February 2020. So it can dig deep and bring even the oldest call records.

However, KidsGuard Pro cannot show a call log that was deleted within a few seconds after the call was disconnected. Also, it may take 7 to 10 minutes for the new call log to reflect on the screen.

b) Messages

Similar to call logs KidsGuard Pro can provide a detailed insight into the messages made or received by the target phone. So if your kid or lover uses conventional messaging methods to contact their partner in crime rather than using WhatsApp or other online messaging platforms then also you can catch them red-handed.

track messages

Under Messages, you can see all the received and sent messages from the target device on your screen. You can further read the entire conversation thread by clicking on a particular contact. It also tells you the date and time at which the message was sent or received. Also, the messages are synced within a few minutes.

However, similar to the call details if the message is deleted within a few seconds of receiving then it may not show on your KidsGuard Pro account. Rest everything is fine and KidsGuard Pro does a good job of tracking messages on the target phone. Also, the messages can sync over cellular data, for it, the target device should not necessarily be on WiFi.

c) Contacts

The next feature is Contacts under which you can see all the saved contacts on the target phone or tablet. Not only it shows the regular contacts but also the unnamed contacts that were not saved with any name. Apart from that, KidsGuard Pro is fast to reflect a newly added contact in your account.

While testing I found out that it takes anywhere between 12 to 15 minutes for it to show the newly added contact on the target device but the time can be less or more in your case.


Moreover, KidsGuard Pro can show you other information related to the contact and not just their phone numbers like their address, email, birthday, etc. However, it only shows the additional information if it was added while creating the contact on the target device. Besides that, it also shows the photo added to the contact, with this you can identify who your kids or spouse is talking to.

d) Browser History

Are you concerned about your kids watching adult videos, or any such inappropriate thing on the internet that they should not watch at this age? If yes, then this feature of KidsGuard Pro will help you mitigate your concerns as with it, you can find out what your kid is searching for when they’re online.

KidsGuard Pro review - browser history

It shows you all the websites your kids have been visiting all the while with the clickable URL link so that you can visit that site by yourself and see what it is actually about. It even tells you the frequency i.e. the amount of time your kid has visited the same site with a date and time stamp.

And guess what it can even track websites that have been visited in incognito or private window, which is just great. I personally tried visiting sites in an incognito window and it did show them in its Browser History section so it works really well.

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e) Photos

These days capturing photos on the phone or downloading them from the internet is as easy as eating a pie and even a 5-year-old kid can do that. That’s why it is important to keep an eye on all the photos stored in the target devices to make sure your kid is not storing inappropriate pictures on their phone. And that’s what KidsGuard Pro does as it allows you to have a sneak peek into all the photos stored in the internal as well external storage of the target device.


The best part is that it not just lets you see the photos but also lets you download them so that you can keep them as proof before your kid or spouse delete them from their phone.

download photo

However, you should note that the photos are only synced to the KidsGuard Pro account when the target phone is connected to WiFi. This is done because if photos are synced by cellular data then they may come to know about it because it consumes some data. In our testing, we found that when the target device was on WiFi the photos were synced well under time.

f) Video Preview

Similar to photos your kids may also have some inappropriate videos stored on their phones which they may have downloaded from the internet, recorded from their camera, or received from an unknown from the internet. If this is the case then you must intervene and take some action as quickly as possible because videos are more manipulative than photos and can have a serious impact on your child’s psychology.

video preview

Using KidsGuard Pro you can know what videos are stored on the target device as it shows you the thumbnail of the video on your KidsGuard Pro account remotely. Mind that videos are not playable and you can only judge whether the video is inappropriate or not just by seeing its preview. There is also a timestamp on each video so you can know at what time the video was sent or received.

g) App Activity

App activity

Which app your kids or spouse uses the most can tell a lot about them. If your spouse is spending the most time on dating apps then it can be a hint that they may be cheating on you. Similarly, if your kids are spending most of their time on social media or playing games on the phone rather than studying then you can tell that they are not serious about their studies.

KidsGuard Pro helps you find which app is mostly used on the target device by telling you the frequency and screen time devoted to a particular app. It’s a basic but quite effective monitoring feature that every spy app must have.

h) Keylogger

KidsGuard Pro keylogger review

The keylogger is the best feature of any spy app as it tracks every word that has been typed on the target phone. This means every keystroke made on the target device can be seen by you. An Android keylogger tracks and shows every keystroke that is made on the native apps. If you don’t know a native app is an application that comes preinstalled on your phone like a calculator, calendar, camera, etc.

So this spy app shows you everything that is typed on Google Chrome, Calendar, Settings, Launcher, and more. Moreover, it can even record the keystrokes made on the incognito window of the Chrome browser. Another good thing is that the keystrokes are stored on the basis of the apps on which they are made, this makes monitoring much easier.

i) Calendar


By spying on the calendar you can get to know about the upcoming plans of your kids and spouse which they may be hiding from you. And not just future plans but you can also see their past schedules as KidsGuard Pro allows you to do so by clicking on the dropdown menu at the top left corner. From here you can select the time for which you want to see their schedules like ‘This month’, ‘Last month’, and ‘Last year’. Overall, with KidsGuard Pro you can keep track of your loved one’s schedule and also catch them red-handed if they are off to something wrong.

2. Location Tracking

Spying is incomplete without location tracking because if you don’t know where your kids or spouse/lover visits behind your back then the purpose of spying is not justified. But with KidsGuard Pro you can easily check the previous and current location of the target phone and know where your kids or lover are.

Here are all the features you get under location tracking with KidsGuard Pro that takes spying to a whole new level.

a) Locations

Under Locations, you can see all the locations of the target device with the timestamp and longitude/latitude values. Also, you can see their position on Google Maps by clicking on the Google Maps icon.

location tracking on KidsGuard Pro

If you want to reach the location at which the target device i.e. your kid or spouse is currently at then Google Maps can help you reach there in time by showing the exact directions.

However, for all this to work the GPS should be enabled on the target device, and then only can you monitor their live location (in case they are moving). However, the location it shows is not 100 % accurate but within the range of 100 meters. I can tell this because while testing it was not detecting my exact location but a place 100 meters away from my office. Nonetheless, it is still quite accurate and you get a good idea of where your loved ones are roaming without telling you.

b) Geofence

We lay fences around our house to make it protected from outsiders. Similarly, you can make a virtual fence around your house or neighborhood where you think it is safe for your kids to play around. It is easy to set up the geofence and you can do so remotely from your device using your KidsGuard Pro account within a few minutes.


Once the Geofence is set up you will get notified whenever your loved one goes out or comes inside the marked/ restricted area. You can also enable email notifications to get the alert on your mail. Apart from the email, you can also see the geofence updates on the KidsGuard account itself on your device.

geofence alert on email

It is a very handy feature and ensures the safety of your loved ones and gives you peace of mind when you are not around. For testing purposes, I made a 50-meter restricted area around my house, and whenever I entered or exited it the notification was sent to email as well as synced on the parent’s dashboard regarding the same. It may take a few minutes to get notified but you do get notified for sure.

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c) Wi-Fi Logger

These days you get Free WiFi everywhere you go and whenever the target device gets connected to a particular Wi-Fi it gets synced to your KidsGuard Pro account. So basically you can know where your kids or lover have been the entire day and places which they visited.

Wifi logger

It provides you with all the details about the WiFi network like the start & end time, duration, and the location of the WiFi. However, the location feature only works if the GPS was on at that particular time.

While testing I connected the target phone to multiple WiFi routers and hotspots and it easily detects all of them so this feature actually works.

3. Social Apps

Social media is a place where most scams, trolling, and bullying happens and therefore you must keep a check on the social media handles and instant messaging apps of your kids. Apart from that your spouse can meet new people on social media platforms and cheat on you with them. But with KidsGuard Pro you can know every move of your loved ones on social media apps. KidsGuard Pro supports all the popular instant messengers and social media apps from WhatsApp to Instagram to Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Messenger, Kik, Viber, Line, WeChat, and QQ.

I have tested it out on some of the popular spy apps and I must say that this spy app has impressed me a lot. Here’s what I found out while testing KidsGuard Pro on some of the most used social media apps.

a) WhatsApp

The first app I tested was WhatsApp because everyone uses it be it, kids, adults or the elderly everyone is on WhatsApp so it is a must to track it. KidsGuard Pro tracks social media apps in two ways, one is through a keylogger that shows all the typed messages and the other is through screenshots. The app takes screenshots of the target phone’s WhatsApp at regular intervals and keeps syncing them to your KidsGuard Pro account for you to check them remotely.

One thing that you should note is that the screenshots are only synced when the target device is connected to WiFi while the keylogger works well on the cellular network as well.


So you can see all the activity done on WhatsApp by your loved ones. Apart from that, you can also download the screenshots and keep them as proof.

deleted WhatsApp message

I have also tried to delete some of the recently sent messages on WhatsApp but this spy app easily tracks them. So even if your kid or spouse tries to delete some WhatsApp messages from their phone you will still get to know about them. This makes KidsGuard Pro one of the best spy apps for monitoring WhatsApp.

b) Facebook

Other than WhatsApp people also spend a lot of their time on Facebook and it is equally important to monitor Facebook activities of your kids like who are they talking to, what page they are following, what videos they are watching, and more. As soon as the Facebook app is opened on the target phone, KidsGuard Pro remotely captures screenshots frequently and shows them on your KidsGuard Pro account.

facebook spying

Apart from that everything they type on Facebook also gets recoded due to the keylogger function. Remember that the screenshots will only be synced through WiFi while the keylogger data can be transferred via cellular data.

The best part about KidsGuard Pro is that it can even track Facebook notifications like who sends your kid or spouse a friend request and all.

facebook app notifications

I also tried deleting Facebook messages but unlike WhatsApp, instantly deleted messages were not syncing. But there is still a chance of viewing those messages as it keeps syncing screenshots of Facebook from time to time so if you are in luck you may get to read the deleted Facebook message on the screenshot itself.

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c) Instagram

Youth are more attracted to Instagram more than anything else because here people are showing off their bodies, money, luxury, and everything else, and kids get easily attracted to it. Using DM they can also come in contact with scammers and trollers and hence you should spy on their Instagram activities.


Similar to WhatsApp and Facebook whenever the Instagram app is active on the target phone, the screenshots are captured and are synced automatically to your KidsGuard Pro account. If they’re not synced you can click on the sync button to do that manually.

While testing I unsend some of the DMs instantly after sending them but they were not reflected in the KidsGuard Pro account. So you may not know what was there in the DMs that were deleted instantly.

Apart from these three, there are more social media apps that this software can track. It works almost similarly with all and hence we have not covered all of them here.

4. Remote Control

Now, this is an amazing feature that gives you the power to remotely access the target phone and do specific tasks on it like capturing a screenshot, clicking a picture, and listening to phone calls that too without them knowing. Let’s discuss each of these features in detail.

a) Record Calls

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could record the phone calls of your kids and spouse? Well, guess what KidsGuard Pro helps you with just that. It allows you to listen to all the calls that were made or received from the target device.

Record calls

Apart from just listening to the call recordings, KidsGuard Pro also allows you to download the recordings as an audio file which you can keep as proof yourself.

play call recording

The recently made or answered calls will reflect on the parent device within 5 to 10 minutes. However, for that, the target device must connect to a WiFi network.

While testing the calls recording feature, I found that audio clarity was decent on both ends but sometimes the person on the other end was not audible.

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b) Capture Screenshots

capture screenshots

Other than listening to calls you can also capture live screenshots of the target device without anyone knowing. This will let you know what your kids or spouse is doing at the moment on their phones. To capture a screenshot you just have to click on the Take Screenshots button at the top right corner.

However, this only works when the device is in active mode, if the phone is locked then this feature won’t work which is how it is supposed to work. So don’t worry if you don’t get screenshots in your KidsGuard Pro account as at that point in time the target phone may be locked.

After taking the screenshot it will be reflected on your KidsGuard Pro account almost instantly. However, if it doesn’t then you can click on the Sync button to manually sync the screenshots.

c) Take Photos

With this feature, you can shoot pictures from the rear camera of the target device remotely and find out with whom or where your loved ones are currently hanging out. However, for this feature to work properly, there are lots of things that need to be in your favor like the camera should be facing towards the other person, the phone should not be in the pocket or placed downwards on the table which blocks the camera view. Also, the phone needs to be in stable condition and active while remotely taking the picture. If all these things are in your favor you can capture a clear photo.

For taking a photo using the target device, you need to click on the Shoot button in the top right corner. Within a few seconds, the captured photo will be in front of you on your KidsGuard Pro account.


To download a photo on your device you just need to open the photo by clicking on it and download it by pressing the download icon. Overall, it’s a great feature to spy on your kids and spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend.

captured photo

5. Data Export

There’s a lot of data that can be tracked using KidsGuard Pro as you have already seen in this KidsGuard Pro review. To keep all the data safe with you it is advised that you keep a copy of all the data by downloading it to your local storage. But manually downloading data one by one will be very time-consuming but not with the Data Export feature of KidsGuard Pro. Here you can download all the data related to a specific module in just one click in the CSV format.

data export

The modules consist of calls, messages, browsing history, social media data, and locations. Just select the module and click on the Export button to save the file on your system. You can even choose to delete the data from your account after exporting it if you don’t want to clutter your account with excess data. However, you cannot export media files including audio, photos, and screenshots from here, for that you have to download them from their specific sections.

Once the files are downloaded you can double-click on them to view them on your computer. But for that, your PC must support CSV files, or you can upload the file to Google Sheets to view them there as I did.

downloaded data file

6. Permission Checks

The last feature of KidsGuard Pro is Permission Checks which can help you check and solve some issues related to permissions that you may face in day-to-day life when you are using spyware. It’s not hidden from anyone that spyware needs a lot of permissions on the target device to accurately monitor it. However, if your kids or spouse changes some settings on their phone it may hinder the working of the spy app.

permission check

The permission check feature helps you diagnose which Permission is currently not working or is turned OFF on the target device. It also shows you the path to allow the permission once again to easily rectify the problem. For testing purposes, I have turned OFF the access to the camera on the target device and you can see that under Permission Checks it shows that the status of Access Camera is OFF and also tells how to re-enable it.

Overall, it is a great feature that can save the day for you.

KidsGuard Pro Effect On Target Device’s Battery And Performance

If a spy app causes heating, battery draining, or lagging issues in the target device then it’s not a good spy app, and we won’t recommend it to you. This is simply because if a phone starts to lag or heat all of a sudden then it’s an alarming sign and your loved ones may come to know that their phone has been hacked by someone. But that won’t be the case with KidsGuard Pro as it has a negligible effect on the target phone and tablet.

I have tested it on a 5-year-old Infocus smartphone with just 2GB of RAM and believe me I didn’t notice any significant change in the device battery and overall performance. So yes you can install this spy app on your loved ones’ smartphones without them ever knowing about it.

KidsGuard Pro Pricing

KidsGuard Pro is one of the most affordable spyware that you can buy as of now. The pricing plans of KidsGuard Pro are divided into three parts monthly, quarterly, and yearly. So you can buy a plan based on your requirement, like if you want to spy on someone for a short period of time then the monthly plan is better for you. However, if you are planning to spy on someone for a long duration then buying the quarterly or yearly plan makes more sense as you save more money this way.

KidsGuard Pro New Price

If you buy the Monthly plan of KidsGuard Pro For Android then you have to pay $39.99/month. However, if you opt for the 3 months or annual plan you get a recurring fee of $19.99 or $9.16/month respectively. The same plan is applicable to you if you opt for the KidsGuard Pro for iPhone.

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Is KidsGuard Pro Worth It? Review Verdict

After testing KidsGuard Pro for days I have been mesmerized by seeing what this software can do. From call recording to location, to social media apps, you say it and it can track it for you. Moreover, the UI of the software is designed in a way that even a beginner can understand what’s going on. However, installing and setting up the app is a bit tricky but then that’s the case with all other spy apps.

Besides that, what makes me a fan of this spy app is its pricing which makes it a complete value for money. So, if you really want to spy on your kids or spouse for their betterment then I would highly recommend you to go with KidsGuard Pro.

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Is It Legal to Use Spy Apps?

If you are spying on your own children who are below 18 years of age then it’s fine. However, if you are spying on adults then should have their permission for it.

Is Your Data Safe With KidsGuard Pro? 

Yes, KidsGuard Pro is safe to use and they don’t misuse your recorded data.

Can KidsGuard Pro Be Detected On Target Device?

No, it works fully in the background so can’t be detected.

How To Uninstall KidsGuard Pro From Target Device?

To uninstall KidsGuard Pro go to Settings > APPS > System Update Service and tap on uninstall.

Is There A Trail Version Of KidsGuard Pro?

Sadly, there is no trial version of KidsGuard Pro but you do get its demo for free of cost.

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