5 Best Remote Android Keyloggers That Are Undetectable

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Let’s have a look at the recent conversation between Matt and her mom when she caught him chatting with his friends at night.

Mom – Matt, do you even realize that it’s almost 12 am and you haven’t slept yet. Moreover, you are using your cell phone at night. Is this the reason why I got you a smartphone?

Matt – Mom, I’m discussing my upcoming exams and making plans with my friends for group studies.

Mom – Don’t you think it’s not the right time for all these discussions and you should make these plans in the morning tomorrow? I’ll be taking back your phone if you use it daily at night.

Matt – We are discussing the subjects we need to focus on and the questions that will possibly come in the exam. But it’s fine if you think I’m just wasting my time on my phone. I won’t discuss anything with my friends from now on. And don’t blame me if I fail my exams.

Mom (feeling helpless) – Ok, I won’t take back your phone, but please sleep for now and discuss these things tomorrow.

Matt – Ok mom, good night!

And once again, Matt saved himself from his mom using his studies and exams for his defense. But if his mom had a Keylogger for Android phone, she could have known the truth and taken the necessary steps.

Most of you with a teen might be able to relate yourself with the above scenario, right? Let’s not feel helpless like Matt’s mom and choose the best remote Keylogger for Android without root from the list given.

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Best Remote Android Keyloggers That Are Undetectable

#1 FlexiSPY

The Good

  • Updates are given within seconds
  • Date and time stamp available
  • Tracking of keystrokes is complete
  • Search option available to save time
  • Keystrokes are distributed app wise
  • Possible to add alerts for tracking particular words

The Bad

  • Some keystrokes might appear more than once

The reason for keeping FlexiSPY on the top is its excellent working for monitoring keystrokes which also makes it the best Android spy app.

After you log in to FlexiSPY, you will be on the dashboard of the app. For checking all the keystrokes made on various apps, you need to go to the Key Logs feature.

flexispy keylogger tracking

Here you will see all the keystrokes managed app-wise, and for checking all the keystrokes from a particular app, you need to click on that app.

On the top of each app, you can see the number of messages that are pending to check. So, with FlexiSPY, you don’t need to worry about skipping a message from checking.

After clicking, all the keystrokes from that app will appear on the screen along with the accurate date and time stamp with each message.

best remote keylogger for android

Unlike most Android keylogger apps, FlexiSPY does not track half of the keystrokes. All the messages will be tracked fully, so you can rely on FlexiSPY for sure.

If you are looking for some particular word, let’s say, dating, then you can use the search option at the top.

If the data sync speed is what you are concerned about, then let us tell you that FlexiSPY gives results instantly. By instantly we mean to say, within 10-15 seconds. It makes you feel like you are tracking your lover in real-time.

Now suppose you want to check how your child speaks to their friends while chatting with them. It might not be possible to read each and every message they send as the list is going to be too long.

But the Alerts feature of FlexiSPY makes everything easy for you. Just go to the Keyword section in Alerts, add the words for which you want alerts, and finally click on Add Alert.

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#2 pcTattletale

The Good

  • Downloading the recorded activity is possible
  • The app records keystrokes even when you are offline
  • Monitoring of keystrokes with video increases reliability
  • Live video is just a few seconds behind the actual activity

The Bad

  • You have to watch the complete video for monitoring all the keystrokes made throughout the day

Watching the keystrokes in the form of the text might still keep you in doubt that how can my child use such foul language. And for that reason, you might doubt the working of the app.

But what if you could actually see them typing those words? Yes, it’s possible to do so with the pcTattletale app. Furthermore, the app doesn’t even require rooting for such an advanced feature and works in hidden mode as well.

With the Live View feature of the app, you can see all the keystrokes that they type, irrespective of the app they are made on.

watching live keystrokes

To use the Live View feature, you need to click on the LIVE option. In a few seconds, you will be able to see their Android phone screen remotely on your device.

Even if you don’t get much time to stay active on pcTattletale, you can close the app without worrying about missing the typed keystrokes.

The app records the target phone activity even when you are not active. Once you are online again, you can watch the activity for that day. Just select the date for which you want to see the video and check every keystroke made.

downloading recorded video

The recorded video or the live video that you see is absolutely clear. So, there’s no need to make an assumption as to what has been written.

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#3 iKeyMonitor

The Good

  • Alert feature for better tracking of words
  • Complete tracking of data
  • Quick updates
  • Date and time stamp available with each message
  • Multiple filtering options available

The Bad

  • Some keystrokes might repeat in the list

Your spouse might be talking to someone they should avoid. But how can you be so sure that they are actually talking to that person and it’s all not just in your head?

iKeyMonitor is the answer to your question. With the Keystrokes feature of the app, you can remotely monitor all the keystrokes made on the target Android phone.

The key logs will appear on the left side and adjacent to it will appear the name of the app where that keystroke is made.

ikeymonitor keystrokes tracking

The time and date when those words were used can also be seen.

iKeyMonitor also has some filtering options to save some of your time. Using the Type option at the top, you can filter the search for casual words and passwords, while on the other hand, you can choose the app for which you want to see the keystrokes.

ikeyMoitor worked up to our expectations and we were able to track all the words completely, plus the data sync speed was good.

Just like FlexiSPY, iKeyMonitor has an Alert Feature for better tracking of keystrokes. Just add the keywords for which you want to get the alerts and let the magic happen.

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#4 mSpy

The Good

  • Keyword tracking is possible
  • Date and time can be seen with every message
  • Possible to filter the keystrokes with apps
  • Tracking of keystrokes is complete and accurate

The Bad

  • The new data might take some time in uploading

The Keylogger feature of mSpy works exactly as you want it to work. All the keystrokes made on various apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Chrome, Snapchat can be tracked and seen on the online portal of the app.

The keystrokes shown by mSpy are complete and mostly from all the apps from which you probably want them to appear.

keylogger from mspy

The accurate date and time can be seen adjacent to every keystroke as well. So if you are curious to know the time when the child was planning for the bunk, you have your answer.

The filtering option given by mSpy can filter the keystrokes based on apps. Just select the app for which you want to check the logs, and you have the list of words appearing.

With a list of hundreds of keystrokes from various apps, there are chances of missing some of the words that you should have known about. But that’s not the case with the Keyword tracking feature.

keyword tracking mspy

Just ADD the list of words for which you want alerts and leave the rest on mSpy. Once your spouse uses those words, you will get notified about that.

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#5 Hoverwatch

The Good

  • Keystrokes are available in the form of screenshots
  • Screenshots are of high quality
  • The constancy of screenshots allows you to track every keystroke
  • Possible to download the screenshots received

The Bad

  • You cannot filter the screenshots on the basis of apps
  • No dedicated section for Keylogger

Tracking with photos and videos is always better than tracking with text. If you feel the same way then Hoverwatch is an app for you.

All the Keylogger data that you ever need is available in the form of screenshots instead of text.

hidden android keylogger without rooting

Although there’s no dedicated section for Keylogger, the consistent screenshots will show you all the words that your girlfriend/boyfriend types on various apps.

As the screenshots are continuous and taken every time the target person does anything on their Android phone, you don’t need to worry about missing something important.

In the screenshot above, you can see the quality of the screenshots that Hoverwatch gives. Each and everything is readable and the size of the screenshot is also large.

As you can see the date and time of chatting directly in the screenshot, there’s no need for Hoverwach to show you the date and time stamp.

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Which Among The Given Undetectable Android Keylogger Should You Choose?

Your final choice about the Android Keylogger app depends on the feature you prefer the most. For instance, if getting the quickest results is your first choice, then FlexiSPY is best for you.

Some people might not want to depend on the text, instead, they want to get a view of the target Android phone. For such people, Hoverwatch and pcTattletale will be the best option.

If you want the app to give alerts on the new words, then mSpy, iKeyMonitor, and FlexiSPY is your way to go.


Can Keylogger Be Installed Remotely On Android?

No, it's not possible to remotely install a Keylogger on an Android phone. Physical access to the target Android phone is a must.

Can I Get A Free Keylogger For Android?

There's no monitoring app that gives free Keylogger for Android phones.

Can You Spy On Keystroke Remotely?

Yes, with the help of the spy apps, it's possible to spy on the keystrokes remotely.

Can A Keylogger Be Detected?

All the apps in the article work in the hidden mode and don't reveal their app icons. So no, Keylogger cannot be detected.

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