3 Best Telegram Spy Apps For Monitoring Every Corner Of The App

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When it comes to spying on instant messaging apps and social media accounts, most of you think of monitoring the Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram accounts of the target person. But you usually forget to monitor the Telegram account, right?

Well, that’s probably because you think Telegram is safer than all these apps.

But according to us, Telegram is equally dark and risky for teens. Maybe even more. And the reason for that is the easy access to adult groups, Telegram channels, and unknown people from around the world.

This makes it necessary to keep a keen eye on how your loved ones use the Telegram app. As you all know, it’s not possible to do so manually, so you need something that can give you access to the Telegram data remotely.

We call that “something” as spy apps. If you have an undetectable iPhone spy app installed on their iPhone or Android spy app if they own an Android phone, you can get easy access to all the data that you always wanted to know.

Let’s get to the list of best Telegram online trackers before it’s late to take an action.

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Best Telegram Spy Apps To Monitor Chats, Groups, Channels, and More

#1 KidsGuard Pro

The Good

  • Instant updates on Telegram with screenshots and texts
  • The screenshots are of high quality
  • Downloading the screenshots is also possible
  • Accurate working for Telegram
  • Also monitors Telegram notifications
  • KidsGuard Pro can partially monitor secret chat as well

The Bad

  • The search bar is case sensitive

The first app that comes to our mind when we hear Telegram monitoring is KidsGuard Pro. With its highly instant updates and accurate tracking, your monitoring experience with KidsGuard Pro is going to be remarkable.

All the Telegram data of your child that you ever wanted to spy on is right in front of your eyes with the help of KidsGuard Pro.

The app believes in sharing with you both screenshots and text. This means, all the conversation done in personal chat and groups on the target phone is available for you to check in the form of photos and text remotely.

Besides conversations, with the help of screenshots, you can keep a track of other Telegram activities as well. This includes tracking of profile pictures, groups and channels they have joined, and every other possible Telegram activity.

telegram profile

All the screenshots that you receive are high in quality as if you are directly seeing them on the cell phone screen of the target device.

Initially, the screenshots are going to be small in size, by just clicking on them, you can open the screenshots in full size.

If you want to keep some screenshots safe with you, then downloading those screenshots is possible too. Just tap on the download icon and you have it locally on your device.

downloading telegram screenshots

Besides the text written by your wife/husband, you can keep a track of other activities through the App Notifications.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the “login code” notification can be seen remotely on your KidsGuard Pro account. Now, this was something sent by Telegram and not written by the target person. KidsGuard Pro has got you covered by tracking the notifications from Telegram.

capturing screen text

Secret chat is a common Telegram feature that can be easily used by teens for chatting about something sensitive and sharing adult stuff.

Sadly, it’s not possible for KidsGuard Pro to give you screenshots for a secret chat. The screenshots from the secret chat are going to be simply black.

kidsguard pro secret chat telegram

But you can still see the text messages sent by the target person. As for the messages from the other side, you can just see the notifications that they are sending some messages.

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#2 uMobix

The Good

  • Instant updates on Telegram
  • Possible to know when the target person is online
  • Screenshots from Telegram are consistent
  • High-quality screenshots
  • You will receive screenshots for every Telegram activity

The Bad

  • Tracking with text not possible
  • The app will not monitor secret chat

Be it Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, or tracking of any social app, uMobix will always make its place in the list of best tracking apps.

When it comes to data sync speed, uMobix is equivalent to KidsGuard Pro. The moment some activity takes place in the target phone’s Telegram account, you will get updates within seconds.

One thing that makes spying with uMobix special is its online tag feature. Most people keep their Telegram last seen hidden. But it doesn’t matter if it’s shown or hidden, the moment your spouse opens their Telegram account, you will see an online tag appearing in front of the Telegram section.

best telegram spy apps

Unlike KidsGuard Pro, uMobix doesn’t show the messages in the form of text, but just screenshots. But there’s nothing to worry about as the consistency of screenshots will definitely impress you.

You will get screenshots for everything they are doing, whether they are chatting with someone in person, chatting in groups, checking out someone’s profile, checking out some channel, or whatsoever possible.

spying telegram with umobix

As the screenshots are clear and high in quality, you don’t need to worry about missing anything important.

As for the secret chat, in uMobix too, you will see a blank screenshot. And as it does not give any text messages, it’s impossible to know what’s going in the secret chat.

telegram secret chat

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#3 Spyic

The Good

  • Date and time stamp available with each Telegram message
  • Tracks Telegram messages from both sides
  • Also shows what’s written on the screen other than what the user types

The Bad

  • No screenshots available
  • Telegram data might take some time to uploading

The popularity of Spyic is not dependent on the long time for which it has been existing in the market. Its high-quality performance is the reason for its high userbase.

Just like Instagram, Snapchat, Spyic can easily provide data for Telegram as well.

After logging on to Spyic, you can spy on Telegram online with the Social Apps feature of the app.

All the Telegram data is present under the Telegram section of Spyic. Although you won’t get screenshots like KidsGuard Pro and uMobix, tracking with text is quite decent.

spyic telegram monitoring

You can see all the conversations done by the kid with Telegram contacts.

The data might take some time to sync, but it won’t take an eternity, that’s for sure.

Along with the text typed by your lover, you can also see the text that appears on the Telegram screen. This way you can know what all they like to read.

With each message, data and time stamp is available. So if you are concerned about the cell phone activities of the kid, you can know if they use their Android phone late at night or not.

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Never Leave The Telegram Account Unchecked

We told you before, and now we are reminding you again, don’t underestimate Telegram. The app looks decent from the outside, but it’s equally indecorous from the inside.

Your child can easily get exposed to adult groups and channels and can also be approached by people with wrong intentions.

So make sure you keep an eye on them with a good Telegram spy app.


Can You Spy On Telegram?

Yes, using a spy app, you can easily monitor the Telegram activities of your loved ones.

Which App Is Best For Spying On Telegram?

As per our testing, KidsGuard Pro is the best app for monitoring Telegram activities, followed by uMobix.

How Can I Spy On Telegram Secret Chat?

It's very hard to spy on Telegram secret chat, but still, KidsGuard Pro can show you the messages sent by the child and notifications when the other person sends messages. Screenshots from the secret chat are black.

Do I Need To Root Target Android Phone For Tracking Telegram Account?

No, with all the apps we have mentioned in our article, there's no need to root the target Android phone.

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