How To Track & Listen To Someone’s WhatsApp Calls

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Do you want to know how to listen to others’ WhatsApp calls and video calls remotely without them knowing?

The percentage of calls via instant messaging apps is increasing day by day. More people are choosing VoIP over normal voice calls. And one such app that is widely used all around the world is WhatsApp.

And if your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you then chances are very high that they must be using WhatsApp calls to talk to their secret lover. So how can you check others WhatsApp call history to make sure that you are right? How can you get deleted WhatsApp call logs? Can you see the WhatsApp video call history too? How can you listen to someone’s WhatsApp calls without them knowing?

Do not worry, I am going to tell you just that in this article. So keep reading!

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Key Takeaway
Listening to someone’s WhatsApp phone calls or checking others WhatsApp Call history is possible with the help of WhatsApp tracking apps. You can make use of tools like KidsGuard Pro For WhatsApp or FlexiSPY to hear others WhatsApp calls.

Different Ways To Check Someone’s WhatsApp Call History

Are you having a suspicion that your girlfriend/boyfriend might be cheating on you? But you have not found anything suspicious by spying on their call logs because you might be looking at the wrong place. The proof may be in their WhatsApp call logs. But what are the different ways to view someone’s WhatsApp call history?

1) Checking Their Phone When They Are Not Around

This is the most basic way to check someone’s WhatsApp call logs. And if I am not wrong then you must have tried it already. But let me guess, you have figured out that this is not the right way and it does not really help! Let me guess the reasons too:

  • You did not get enough time to check the whole call history
  • If there was something then obviously it was deleted way before you got your hands on your wife’s/husband’s phone

There gotta be a better way, right? Yes, there is! Keep Reading!

2) Using A Spy App

The best way to spy on your spouse’s WhatsApp call logs remotely without them knowing is by using a WhatsApp spy app. It will not only let you see the call history of your kid/wife/husband online whenever you want, but it will also let you do much more.

Let’s see in detail how a spy app can let you see someone’s WhatsApp call history online remotely.

How To Listen To Others WhatsApp Calls Remotely?

Listen To Someone’s WhatsApp Calls With KidsGuard Pro For WhatsApp

KidsGuard Pro is a great spy app to monitor your loved one’s online activities, you can read more about it in my KidsGuard Pro review. However, it lacks the feature of WhatsApp call recording, you can read someone’s WhatsApp messages there but if you want to hear WhatsApp calls of your partner then you need to make use of KidsGuard Pro For WhatsApp.

It is a standalone spy app made specially to spy on someone’s WhatsApp activities. Here you can read someone’s WhatsApp chats, see their call logs, remotely listen to their conversations, and much more. Following is how you can use KidsGuard Pro For WhatsApp to track the WhatsApp calls of others.

KidsGuard For WhatsApp has two sections specifically for calls: WhatsApp Calls and Call Recording. In my testing, I found that the WhatsApp Calls section displays the WhatsApp call logs, while the Call Recording section stores recordings of all WhatsApp calls made after installing the app.

Within these sections, you can view the contact’s name, along with the date and time of each call. Additionally, you have the option to either play the recording directly on the portal or download it for offline listening.

Whatsapp call recording

It is important to note that during my experience with KidsGuard Pro For WhatsApp, I discovered the audio from the other side was sometimes inaudible. Despite this limitation, capturing your spouse/partner’s voice can still provide valuable insights if you suspect infidelity.

Another remarkable aspect of KidsGuard Pro is its ability to track WhatsApp calls without requiring root access to the Android phone. This sets it apart from other apps that offer WhatsApp call monitoring, as they usually require rooting the phone to be able to listen to WhatsApp call recordings. This feature is definitely a major advantage when you want to track someone’s WhatsApp call without rooting their device.

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Alternate App To Hear WhatsApp Calls

A single option is not always enough therefore I am providing you with an alternative to KidsGuard Pro For WhatsApp which is FlexiSPY. So that you have the option to choose another app to listen to WhatsApp call recordings if you don’t want to go with KidsGuard Pro For WhatsApp.

To start spying on WhatsApp calls, all you have to do is purchase the license of FlexiSPY and then install it on the target device. To install it on your partner’s phone you will need physical access to it for around 10-15 minutes. FlexiSPY will show you on-screen prompts for installing it on the target phone, which makes it very easy. To know more about the app and its working you can read my detailed FlexiSPY review article.

After installing it on the target phone, you will have to log in to your FlexiSPY account to check all the WhatsApp calls of your kid/husband/wife. Once you log in to your account, you will be taken to the FlexiSPY dashboard. To track the WhatsApp calls you will have to go to the VoIP Recording menu option. This option will be available under the Data menu option on the left menu strip.

How To Spy On Whatsapp Calls

Once you are in the VoIP Recording option, you will see all the VoIP calls that are done through different social messaging apps. So, not only WhatsApp but you can also track Skype calls with FlexiSPY.

To see only the WhatsApp calls, you will have to filter out these calls on the basis of the app. To do that you will have to click on the drop-down menu available above the data table. By default the value on the drop-down menu will be selected as All, you need to set it to WhatsApp.

Listen to someone's WhatsApp calls

After selecting WhatsApp, you will be able to see all the WhatsApp calls that are done by the target phone. These call records will be shown in the form of a table.

How To Check Whatsapp Call Log History

The first column of the table will consist of a Delete and a Star button. You can use these buttons to either delete or star mark a particular call record. The first column will also show you whether the call was an outgoing call or an incoming call.

The second column of the table will consist of the WhatsApp logo and the name of the contact, to whom the call was made or received from. If the number is not saved on the target phone then it will show you the number.

The third column of the table will show you the duration of the call. The fourth column shows the date and time of the WhatsApp call. And the fifth column will consist of a Download button. You can listen to a particular WhatsApp call recording by downloading it. Yes, that’s right! FlexiSPY not only allows you to get someone’s WhatsApp call history but it also provides you with WhatsApp call recordings of the target phone without root.

When I tested it on my cell phone, this feature worked perfectly. It was able to record every WhatsApp call that I made or received on the target phone. I even tried to delete the call logs immediately after disconnecting the call but it was of no use. And FlexiSPY was able to track and record even the deleted WhatsApp calls.

One thing that I have noticed while using FlexiSPY is that it records and syncs the WhatsApp call even if the call is ongoing. And that is why it did not matter whether I deleted the calls immediately after disconnecting because they were synced already. For example, I was on a call that I started around 11 minutes ago and when I checked the recordings on my FlexiSPY account then I could see a recording of 7 and a half minutes for the ongoing call. However, there is one drawback that it does not show you which call was deleted.

Another thing that I noticed while using it is, FlexiSPY even shows you WhatsApp video calls. However, it treats them as normal calls and you will not know which call was an audio call and which was a video call. And in the case of a video call, FlexiSPY does not record the video and only records the audio.

I found the WhatsApp call recordings to be crystal clear. However, it only records the voice of the target phone and the voice of the person on the other side was not recorded. But I think you can live with that, as you can guess the context of the call from the reply of your girlfriend/boyfriend.

I was also able to sort the calls on the basis of incoming and outgoing. This made navigation very easy for me.

Incoming Whatsapp Calls
Incoming WhatsApp Calls
Outgoing Whatsapp Calls
Outgoing WhatsApp Calls

Also, I could Star mark the important calls, so I was able to get all the important calls in one place and didn’t have to find them individually afterward.

Starred Whatsapp Calls

I was also able to delete the unnecessary WhatsApp call records.

The other good thing about FlexiSPY is that it lets you search a particular call record in case you forget to star mark it. All you have to do is click on the Search button in the upper right corner of the window.

Search Button

After clicking the button a new window will open up where you can select parameters to find a particular call record. You can see the example in the image below. Here I tried to find all the incoming calls from the contact name Mason from the date 19 Feb 2022 to 21 Feb 2022. And you can see in the below image that it did find all the calls according to the search query accurately.

Advance Search Option

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Is There A Free Way To Get Someone’s Call Logs Without Them Knowing?

Yes, as discussed at the start of the article, there is a free way of checking someone’s WhatsApp call history. All you have to do is take your kid’s/husband’s/wife’s phone and check their call history.

If you think this option is not feasible then, no there is not a free method of doing this. And you will have to spend some money on the spy apps like KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp and FlexiSPY.


Can You Spy On Someones WhatsApp Video Calls?

Yes, you can track someones WhatsApp video calls with the help of a spy app like FlexiSPY and KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp.

Can I Track WhatsApp Audio Calls?

Yes, it is possible to monitor someones WhatsApp audio calls online remotely without them knowing with KidsGuard Pro and FlexiSPY.

Is It Possible To Get WhatsApp Call History?

Yes, it is possible to get someones WhatsApp call history without them knowing.

Can You See Someones Deleted WhatsApp Call Logs?

Yes, you can see someones deleted WhatsApp call logs by using a spy app like KidsGuard Pro or FlexiSPY.

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