About Us

Hi, Ankit here! I am an engineer by profession and a tech geek by choice. I love trying different apps and gadgets. However, currently, all my focus is on spy apps and devices.

My love for spyware started when I was looking for a way to find out if I could track my girlfriend’s activities without her knowing to see if she was cheating on me. My suspicion was right she was having an affair with one of my colleagues which I found by remotely reading her WhatsApp messages using a spy app.

While researching for the best spy apps I tried a lot of them and have accumulated lots of knowledge about them. Now I think I should share it with people like me who want to track their spouse, partners, kids, or employees for one reason or the other.

Here’s how I am planning to share my knowledge about spy apps and gadgets with you.

Best Spy Apps Recommendations

Monitoring your dear ones is not as easy as other sites state it is. But it is not that hard either.

All you need is a spy app that accurately targets and extracts the information that you want to know from your kid or your lover’s phone.

And I will recommend to you which spy app will best do that job for you.

Here at Spy Listicles, I don’t just recommend you any app with a fluke. I personally test the apps and then present their experience in front of you in the form of a list and dedicated review articles.

Apart from spy app recommendations, I will also be coming up with tips and tricks that will help you remotely monitor anyone easily.

Best Gadgets Recommendations

Monitoring the cell phone activities of your loved ones is surely beneficial, but it’s not a solution for each and every problem.

Sometimes, all you need is a perfect gadget that could safeguard your valuables and loved ones from every risk coming their way.