Best Spy Apps With Ambient Recording For Listening To Surrounding Sounds

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Do you want to hear your partner’s surroundings remotely? Are you looking for a way to listen to the ambient sounds of your kids when they are not at home?

Whether you want to know if your spouse is cheating on you, or you want to know if your kids are keeping the right company, an ambient recording app can help you.

The surrounding recording spy app lets you eavesdrop and spy on your boyfriend or girlfriend remotely without them knowing. So that you can know what they are up to. But the question that arises is which are the best surrounding recording spy apps? Because not many spy apps on the market come with an ambient voice recording feature.

Do not worry! I have tested multiple spy recorder apps. And I have finally shortlisted the best 5 spy apps that let you listen to the phone surroundings of someone remotely. In this article, I will share these ambient recording apps with you.

So keep reading!

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Buying Guide: Best Spy App For Recording Ambient Sound

Let us first look at some of the things that you need to keep an eye on before selecting a spy app to record the surroundings of someone.

1) Live Listening

You must want to listen to the ambient sounds of your kid/partner live, right? So the first thing that you need to look for is the live listening feature. The ambient recording app should let you listen to the surround sounds live, that too remotely without anyone knowing.

2) Record Ambient Voices

The next thing that you need to check is whether the spy app is providing the feature to record ambient voices or not. If the spy app records the phone’s surroundings then you can listen to it anytime you want later.

3) Schedule Voice Recordings

You should be able to schedule the surrounding voice recorder remotely for a later date and time. So that you do not have to be glued to your spy app account every time you want to do an ambient recording.

4) Download Audio Recordings

You should be able to download the phone’s ambient audio recordings so that you can save them for later use.

5) Audio Quality

The last thing that you need to look at is the audio quality. The surround sound should be clear and free of distortion. If the audio quality is not good then the spy recorder app will be as good as nothing.

Spy Listening Apps Comparison Table

Best ForNameFeatures
Best Live Audio Spy AppFlexiSPY

  • Listen to live conversations

  • Schedule voice recording

  • Works on both Android & iPhone

Affordable Spy App That Records SurroundingsiKeyMonitor

  • Schedule voice recordings

  • Download the recorded audio

  • Has a free plan for basic monitoring

Spy Listening App For AndroiduMobix

  • Live listening

  • Easy to install

  • No rooting required

Best Surround Recording Spy Apps For Listening To Someone’s Ambient Sound

Before I start with the list of best surrounding recording spy apps, let me tell you, you will have to download all these spy apps on your husband’s/wife’s/kid’s phone. For installation, you will need physical access to their cell phone for around 10 minutes. Once they are installed, you will then be able to use them to remotely listen to the ambient sounds of your partner/kid.

#1 FlexiSPY

The Good

  • No distortion in the recorded ambient audio
  • You can download the audio
  • Ambient sound was uploaded on the portal instantly
  • Date and time available with each recording
  • You can delete or star the recordings for your convenience
  • You can schedule the recordings for future

The Bad

  • Not possible to listen to the surrounding sounds directly on the portal

The first spy app that records surroundings on my list is FlexiSPY. Let us see how it fares on our parameters.

1) Live Listening

FlexiSPY offers a live listening feature. So you will be able to listen to your spouse’s/kid’s phone surrounding live, that too remotely and without them knowing. However, the downside of this Live audio spy app is that this feature only works when the Android phone or iPhone is rooted or jailbroken.

2) Record Ambient Voices

best spy apps for surrounding sounds

FlexiSPY lets you record the ambient voices from the phone of your boyfriend/girlfriend remotely. All I had to do is select the duration of the voice recording and click on the record button.

select recording time

FlexiSPY then started recording the surrounding sounds of the target phone within just 10 seconds. It worked every time I tried to record the ambient sounds of the target Android phone without any hiccups. And the thing that I liked the most is its speed of working, it was very quick in starting the recording, and also shared those recordings quickly to my FlexiSPY account.

3) Schedule Voice Recordings

scheduling ambient recording

While I was using FlexiSPY, I was not only able to do instant recordings but was able to schedule the ambient voice recordings for a later date and time. Not only this, but I could also schedule recordings for a particular time daily, weekly, or after a gap of certain days. I really liked this feature of FlexiSPY and I would like to give it full marks for this.

4) Download Audio Recording

This ambient recorder also gives you the option to download a particular ambient audio recording. So I was able to save the recordings by downloading them on my Android phone or computer during my testing.

5) Audio Quality

The audio quality recorded by FlexiSPY was very clear and I was able to listen to everything clearly. So I have no complaints about the sound quality.


FlexiSPY is one of the best apps to spy on a spouse. It lets you listen, record, schedule, and download the ambient sounds of your spouse/kid. The audio quality of FlexiSPY is also very good. And the best thing about it is that it does everything very quickly and without any hiccups. This is the reason why it is my first recommendation to people looking for the best spy app for Android with ambient recording. Besides Android, it can also work as iPhone surrounding recording spy app but for that, you have to jailbreak the target iOS device.

Click Here to Try FlexiSPY

#2 iKeyMonitor

The Good

  • Possible to download the recorded surrounding sounds on your device
  • You can listen to the recordings directly on the app portal remotely
  • The quality of the recordings is good
  • Date and time available with every recording
  • You get an option to schedule the audio

The Bad

  • The recording might take some time in uploading on the app’s portal

Are you looking for a free surround recording spy app? Well, unfortunately, there’s no free ambient recording app available out there. iKeyMonitor provides you with a free plan but to use the advanced feature such as recording surround sound you need to upgrade. Let us look at it in brief.

1) Live Listening

ikeymonitor surrounding sounds

Unlike FlexiSPY, iKeyMonitor does not give you the option to listen to the phone surrounding live of your husband/wife/kid remotely without them knowing.

2) Record Ambient Voices

Like FlexiSPY, iKeyMonitor gives you an option to remotely record the ambient audio of your girlfriend/boyfriend. However, unlike FlexiSPY, it took around 5 minutes to start recording the surround sound from the target device’s microphone during my usage.

Having said that, it recorded the ambient voices every time I clicked on the record button.

3) Schedule Voice Recordings

scheduling of recording

I was also able to schedule the recording of surround voice for a later date and time with iKeyMonitor. But unlike FlexiSPY, there was no option to repeat the recording schedule. Also, I was only able to schedule only 3 slots at a time when I was exploring it.

4) Download Audio Recording

With this audio spy app, I could download the ambient recordings and I was also able to listen to them without downloading. So full marks to iKeyMonitor for this as not many spy apps let you listen to the surround voice recordings without downloading.

5) Audio Quality

I found the recorded audio quality of iKeyMonitor to be impressive. I could listen to everything clearly that was happening around the target Android smartphone.


iKeyMonitor is one of the cheapest spy apps that records surrounding available in the market. Except for live listening, it lets you record, schedule, and download the ambient voices of your partner/kid, it also has an impressive audio quality. Overall it is one of the best ambient listening apps out there. And that is why it is on my list.

Click Here to Try iKeyMonitor

#3 Spyera

The Good

  • Downloading the recorded audio is possible
  • The recorded audio was clear
  • The date and time can be seen on each recording
  • Scheduling of the audio is possible
  • The recordings were uploaded as soon as they were recorded

The Bad

  • You cannot listen to recorded audios on the app’s portal directly

Spyera is the 3rd ambient listening spy app on my list that offers big on its features. Let us see how good it is.

1) Live Listening

Spyera lets you listen to your kid’s/spouse’s ambient sound live. But like FlexiSPY, I was not able to use it on my cell phone because this feature required rooting or jailbreaking.

2) Record Ambient Voices

spyera ambient recording

With this eavesdropping app, I was able to record the surround sound around the target phone remotely without the target user knowing. While using it, I found the recording and syncing of the recordings very quick as compared to other apps. So it was like listening to the surround sounds of the target phone live.

3) Schedule Voice Recordings

I was also able to schedule the ambient recordings with the help of Spyera. All I had to do was select the recording duration, date, and time, and Spyera took care of the rest. The scheduled recording feature of Spyera worked every time during my usage and I have no complaints about it.

4) Download Audio Recording

spyera ambient feature

I could save all the important recordings that I wanted by downloading them on my PC or cell phone. All I had to do was to click on a download button and the recording got downloaded to my cell phone.

5) Audio Quality

I would like to give full marks to Spyera for the audio quality that it records. You will be able to listen to everything clearly that your kid/boyfriend/girlfriend and their partner say.


Spyera does what it promises. It lets you listen, record, schedule, and download the surround sounds of the target phone. The sound quality of the ambient recording is also top-notch. Because of these reasons, Spyera is on my list and you should definitely consider using it. It is one of the best eavesdropping apps.

Click Here to Try Spyera

#4 uMobix

The Good

  • You can listen live to the ambient sounds of the target phone

The Bad

  • You cannot record or schedule surrounding voice recording
  • The audio contains a lot of noise

The next live audio spy app on my list is uMobix. Let me tell you about it in brief.

1) Live Listening

uMobix offers you the live listening feature. I was able to listen to the target Android phone’s surroundings live during my testing. However, since this feature of uMobix is still under development therefore it worked for me sometimes and other times it just did not work. Another thing that I noticed is that this feature only works when the target device’s screen is turned on.

uMobix Audio Stream

2) Record Ambient Voices

uMobix only offers live listening to the phone’s surroundings as of now. There is no option to record the ambient voices.

3) Schedule Voice Recordings

Since it does not offer the surround sound recording therefore there is no option of scheduling as well.

4) Download Audio Recording

Since you cannot record anything hence there is nothing to download.

5) Audio Quality

I found the audio quality of the live listening to be decent enough. There were a lot of noises in the audio but I could listen to the voices of the people around the target Android phone.


uMobix does not let you either record or schedule the surrounding sounds, and it even does not let you download the recordings. But it does the one thing that not many spy apps available on the market can do. And that is offering the live listening to the target phone’s surroundings, that too without rooting. Just because of this reason, uMobix has found a place on my list. It offers many other features that compensate for its ambient recording. You can know about these features in my uMobix review.

Click Here to Try uMobix

#5 Spyic

The Good

  • Lets you listen to the target phone’s surroundings live

The Bad

  • No option of recording or scheduling ambient sound
  • The audio quality is not that great

The last remote listening app on my list is Spyic. Let me tell you what it offers.

1) Live Listening

Like uMobix, I was also able to listen to the ambient voices around the target phone live. All I had to do is click on a button and it started streaming the live audio from the target Android phone. But the live audio streaming feature of Spyic is also under development. So there were sometimes during my usage that it was not able to work properly. It also required the target phone to be switched on and connected to a high-speed Internet to work.

Spyic Live Audio Streaming

2) Record Ambient Voices

I was not able to do any recording of the surround sound using Spyic. Because sadly, there was no option to do it.

3) Schedule Voice Recordings

Like uMobix, I was also not able to schedule any recording because Spyic does not have any option for that too.

4) Download Audio Recording

This spy hearing app does not give you the option to download the recordings either.

5) Audio Quality

The audio quality provided by Spyic during the live listening was not that great and it was capturing a lot of background noise. However, with a little concentration, I was able to hear the target person’s voice.


Like uMobix, Spyic does not offer much when it comes to listening to the phone’s surroundings. But it does let you listen to the ambient of the target phone live with some hiccups. That is why it is on my list of best ambient audio recording spyware.

Click Here to Try Spyic

Best Ambient Recording App: Final Verdict

Some of you might try to tackle this problem by using some free software available on the internet or by using a Play Store app that might not even launch properly.

But the truth be told, the spy app is the last resort to listen to ambient sounds.

If you try the Play Store apps and random free software, you might get caught installing them as these apps won’t work in the hidden mode. And as for their working, I am definite that you won’t get any results.

So if you feel it’s necessary to hear what your teens discuss with their friends then you have to take the refuge of the spy apps only. A spy app will not only help you in listening to surrounding sounds but will also be able to track your husband’s location, spy on wife’s phone, record someone’s phone calls, and much more.


What Is The Best Surrounding Sounds Listening App?

All the apps mentioned in the article are good to go as they all work perfectly, so you can choose any one of them.

Are There Any Apps That Can Record Ambient Sounds?

Yes, there are some spy apps that can record the sounds around the target phone.

How Do I Record Target Phone's Surrounding Sounds Secretly?

As the spy apps work in the hidden mode, you can use them to record the surrounding sounds secretly.

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