3 Best Spy Apps With Ambient Recording For Listening To Surrounding Sounds

Your teen will act as innocent as a child in front of you but they might be that one guy for whom their friend’s parents say that stay away from that reckless kid.

If you suspect even the slightest bit about the language that the teen uses with their friends or if you think they all plan a booze party together then it’s time to clear the suspicion even if they are not true.

Guess what? Just a simple spy app can make things easier for you. A simple ambient sound recording feature of the spy app can let you know about the things that the target person discusses with others.

The same surrounding sounds recording feature can also be used to eavesdrop on the discussions of your lover with other people. The same goes if you want to listen to what all your employees say about you behind your back.

That said, the ambient recording feature is hardly made available by any spy app. So after thorough research and testing, we have found out the three best phone spy apps with ambient recording feature plus it works flawlessly in all three apps for Android.

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Best Spy Apps For Listening To Someone’s Surrounding Sounds

#1 FlexiSPY

The Good

  • No distortion in the audio
  • You can download the audio
  • Ambient sound was uploaded on the portal instantly
  • Date and time available with each recording
  • You can delete or star the recordings for your convenience
  • You can schedule the recordings for future

The Bad

  • Not possible to listen to the surrounding sounds directly on the portal

Your cheating spouse might discuss their date plans with their lover just a few times and if you have any luck, you might be recording their ambient sounds at that very moment.

But the app that you are using for this purpose should be the one that can get the job done in the first attempt without any omissions. Who knows, whether you get to hear what you want to listen to or not?

Consider the luck on your side as FlexiSPY works just the way you want it to. Among the various features given on the left side, you have to select the Ambient feature to start with recording the surrounding sounds remotely.

You have to click on the Record option given at the top corner to give an instant command to the app to record ambient sounds around the target phone.

best spy apps for surrounding sounds

This will open up an option where you need to select the duration of the sound that you need to record. By moving the bar to the right, you can increase the time in the gap of 5 minutes, that is, 5, 10, 15, 20, and so on.

After selecting the desired time period, simply tap on Start Ambient Recording Now to give remote orders to the app.

select recording time

In a few minutes now, you will be delivered with a clear ambient voice around the target phone.

Now simply Download the file on your PC and listen to it anytime you feel like.

With each recording, you can see the date and time when that file was recorded by FlexiSPY. So if you are looking for a recording for a certain date, you don’t have to cast around all the files.

It’s nearly impossible to glue yourself to the PC screen for recording and listening to the recording again and again, right?

It’s better to Schedule the recordings and let the FlexiSPY app run in the background. Now even if you are offline, you won’t have to stop the recordings to be done on the target phone. Whenever you are online again, download and listen to the recordings.

scheduling ambient recording

For more convenience, you are given the option to either star the recordings for easier access in the future or simply delete them if they are useless.

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#2 iKeyMonitor

The Good

  • Possible to download the audios
  • You can listen to the recordings directly on the app portal remotely
  • The quality of the recordings is good
  • Date and time available with every recording
  • You get an option to schedule the audio

The Bad

  • The recording might take some time in uploading on the app’s portal

Never let your teen get engaged in something that you regret later and wish you knew earlier. By using the iKeyMonitor app, you can access the target phone’s mic remotely and listen to all the discussions that they make with their friends.

For recording the nearby sounds with iKeyMonitor, go to the Surrounding option of the app. Now select the option that says Record Live Surrounding Sound and simply select the time for which you want to record the ambient sound.

ikeymonitor listen to surrounding sounds

By choosing this option, you have activated the mic of your teen’s phone remotely and now the sound recording will start anytime soon.

In a few minutes, the sound recording will be uploaded on iKeyMonitor’s portal.

As for the quality of the recorded audio, you’ll be quite impressed as the sound is not distorted.

You can either listen to the recording directly on the app’s portal or download it and listen to it later.

Just like FlexiSPY, iKeyMonitor also gives you a timestamp when the recording was done, making it simple for you to extract the audio you are looking for.

Scheduling the audio recording is made possible by the app as well. You are given three different scheduling slots so that you can schedule three different recordings in a single time. For setting the schedule, simply tap on the Edit option.
scheduling of recording

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#3 Spyera

The Good

  • Downloading the recorded audio is possible
  • The recorded audio was clear
  • Date and time can be seen on each recording
  • Scheduling of the audio is possible
  • The recordings were uploaded as soon as they were recorded

The Bad

  • You cannot listen to recorded audios on the app’s portal directly

Be it your curiosity to eavesdrop on your employee’s discussion, talks of your teen, or conversation of your lover, Spyera will help you take care of each and everything.

After logging on to Spyera you will be on the app’s dashboard and you have to select the Ambient option. Here you will see the Record option on the top, you have to select it to get remote access to the target phone’s mic and record surrounding sounds.

spyera ambient feature

After that, you have to select the time for which you need to do the recording. Similar to FlexiSPY, Spyera also gives you the option to select in the gap of 5 minutes, that is, 5, 10, 15, 20, and so on.

Simply tap on Start Ambient Recording Now to enable recording on the target phone.

spyera ambient recording

In some time you will notice the recorded file appearing on the app’s portal and you have to Download it listen to it.

You can save yourself from continuously monitoring the target phone by scheduling the ambient sounds while you are offline.

Just select the Schedule option, set the time for recording, and now leave everything to Spyera. When you are back online, you will notice the recordings already done by Spyera.

If you notice the Spyera app, you will see that FlexiSPY and Spyera are made similar to each other. But that’s not just true for the app’s looks, it’s equally true for the app’s performance as well.

Spyera also gives quick results and the recorded audio is absolutely clear making it an app that you can completely rely on.

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Why Choose A Spy App To Record Ambient Sounds?

Some of you might try to tackle this problem by using some free software available on the internet or by using a Play Store app that might not even launch properly.

But the truth be told, the spy app is the last resort to listen to the ambient sounds.

If you try the Play Store apps and random free software, you might get caught installing them as these apps won’t work in the hidden mode. And as for their working, we are definite that you won’t get any results.

So if you feel it’s necessary to hear what your teens discuss with their friends then you have to take the refuge of the spy apps only.


What Is The Best Surrounding Sounds Listening App?

All the three apps mentioned in the article are good to go as they all work perfectly, so you can choose any one of them.

Are There Any Apps That Can Record Ambient Sounds?

Yes, there are some spy apps that can record the sounds around the target phone.

How Do I Record Target Phone's Surrounding Sounds Secretly?

As the spy apps work in the hidden mode, you can use them to record the surrounding sounds secretly.

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