5 Best Android Spy Apps For Cheating Spouse

Marriage simply means a lifelong commitment between two people. There shouldn’t be anything to hide and there should be complete trust in each other.

But cooperation from a single person cannot do any good to a relationship. It demands the participation of both you and your spouse.

But too much engagement on social media and interaction with new people can sometimes increase differences between you and your spouse. So much so that they might start liking the new person that they recently met.

But whatever be the case, you should know the truth. And that can only be revealed when a good spy app is installed on their phone.

That’s why here in this article of Spy Listicles, we are going to introduce you to the best undetectable Android spy apps for a cheating spouse.

Best Undetectable Android Spy Apps To Catch A Cheater

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#1 uMobix – New But Competent


The Good

  • Also shows the immediately deleted messages and call records
  • Quick updates in calls, contacts, and photos
  • Tracking of Zoom and TikTok app is possible
  • uMobix can track the keystrokes made in incognito browser also
  • Tracking of social apps with screenshots make the feature reliable

The Bad

  • Inconsistent updates in social apps
  • No new updates in the video section after initial syncing

Let’s start with the introduction of a new, yet one of the best undetectable spy apps for Android in the market right now, uMobix.

The app has plenty of features to offer and almost all the features are accurate and updates target phone data quickly on the online portal for you to see remotely.

uMobix has everything that you need in order to catch a cheating spouse. Starting with its tracking of calls and address book.

Calls And Address Book

calls monitoring umobix

Only keeping the Calls section in check can sometimes be enough to know what’s going on in the user’s phone and life.

uMobix Calls section will disclose the list of all the calls that your cheating partner has either made, received, or even missed.

The names of all the contacts with their phone number will be shown on the online portal of uMobix. The duration of the call and the date & time when the call took place makes your monitoring experience better with uMobix.

The best thing about working with uMobix is that the app also shows those calls that were deleted by the target person.

Similar to calls, you can check the list of all the contacts as well. Maybe the phone call was never done between the two, but there are high chances that they have their number saved on their phone.

Obviously, the name and the number of each and every contact can be seen. But what makes the tracking of the contacts of uMobix unbeatable is that you can always see the status of contacts, i.e, if they still exist on the target Android phone or not.

Text Messages, Instant Messaging, And Social Media

whatsapp monitoring umobix

Social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook are the platforms where your spouse has most probably found the other person.

And now they might be chatting on the same social media platform, Messages app, or instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. So basically you need to keep an eye on all the platforms where your spouse might be engaged with that person.

Let’s start with the Messages app.

tracking of messages

Along with the full content of each message, you can see the name or number of the contact and the date and time when each message was either sent or received.

Updates on the new messages are also quick. So it’s like you are tracking the person in real-time.

Nowadays, instant messaging apps are more popular than the built-in messaging app of the phone. So the tracking of LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, and Hangouts app should not surprise you.

You will like the working of uMobix for instant messaging apps as the app will send screenshots for each and every chat.

Sometimes the new messages might take some time in uploading on the portal.

Similar to instant messaging apps, you will get screenshots for social accounts like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. But uMobix might take some time in updating the screenshots.

Other apps that you can track with uMobix are Tinder, Tik Tok, Zoom, Telegram, Skype, and Kik.


location tracking umobix

Lying about the current location is not a big deal for your spouse. And without a spy app, there’s nothing you can do instead of believing them.

But with a spy app like uMobix, tracking your girlfriend/boyfriend’s location is not a tough job.

You will see a big map inside the Location feature which will constantly update you with the current location of your loved ones.

The date and time when the target was present at a particular location make the location tracking more detailed.

For better tracking, you can take the help of Google Maps feature given inside the Location feature.

Everything about the Location feature was fine, just the Address section was not getting any updates.


Keylogger refers to a feature that assists you in knowing what your spouse types on various apps on their phone.

This includes social apps, instant messaging apps, retail stores, and so on. In most spy apps, you won’t be satisfied with the working of their keylogger. But that’s not the case with uMobix.

Each and every keystroke is taken care of and the updates on new keystrokes are also quick.

uMobix will reveal the name of the app where the keystroke is made and the date and time of the keystroke can be seen as well.

Photos And Videos

umobix photos section

It’s a popular saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. So the tracking of Photos is more important than the tracking of the keylogger section.

uMobix easily extracts all the photos that somehow exist on the target phone. Be it a photo received via Bluetooth, WhatsApp, or by any means, if it exists on your spouse’s phone it will exist on the uMobix portal as well.

The sorting option makes your photo tracking quick and gives a better overall experience with the app.

Similar to photos, you can’t leave the Videos section unchecked as well.

videos on umobix

On uMobix, you will even see the videos that existed on the phone even before the installation of the app. But you might face a problem getting all the videos that the target person receives after the installation of the app.

Playing the video on the portal and downloading it locally, both things are possible with uMobix.

Other Features

Apart from these features, you can check the browsing history and the bookmarks made on the internet. These features are useful when there’s a teen who you need to monitor.

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#2 FlexiSPY – Best Overall


The Good

  • Advanced features are available without rooting
  • Recorded videos with remote videos feature are absolutely clear
  • Ambient recording done by FlexiSPY is completely audible and can even¬† be scheduled
  • Keylogger feature works perfectly
  • Three different types of alerts are available

The Bad

  • For tracking the social apps, you need to root the target phone

FlexiSPY is a spy app that hardly has a competition. Quick updates, accurate tracking, advanced features without rooting, and whatnot?

It’s a complete package that one needs to monitor their spouse.

Calls And Contacts

recording calls

With the Call Log feature of FlexiSPY, you can see the list of contacts with whom the conversation has been done over the voice call.

The information in this section includes the name of the contact, number, type of call, duration of the call, and the date and time of the call.

The updates on the new calls were quick and even those calls can be seen that took place before the installation of FlexiSPY.

If you don’t find anything in the calls section, try your luck by tracking Contacts. All the contacts from the target phone will appear on the left side. To get details about a particular contact, click on it and everything can be seen on the right-hand side.

contacts tracking

Key Logs

flexispy key logs

It’s easy for FlexiSPY to read the text typed on social apps, online retail stores, browsers, emails, and even phonebook.

The updates on the Key Logs section were instant and the tracking of the words was complete.

You will see the key logs distributed app wise. And to view the keystrokes completely, simply tap on the desired app.

SMS, IMs, Emails, And MMS

ims tracking

By keeping a track of the SMS that exist on the target phone, FlexiSPY makes sure you know what’s going in their Messages app.

On the left-hand side, the list of contacts seems to appear. And all the messages from a particular contact will open by clicking on that contact.

Time and date stamp is available with each message for complete monitoring.

IMs refer to instant messages. FlexiSPY will provide you with messages from apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.

But if you are dedicated to monitoring the Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, Tinder account of your lover, you need to root the target Android phone.

Although it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find anything suspicious in emails, FlexiSPY makes sure you get the list of emails handy. The date and time are available for you to check and if the email was sent or received.

MMS tracking can also be beneficial if you think some photo or video is sent/received by your lover to/from someone. In FlexiSPY MMS tracking, you can easily see the photo or video sent/received, time and date, subject of the message, and the contact name.

Photos, Videos, And Audio Files

photo tracking

We all tend to take photos for creating memories. And if your alleged cheater spouse has spent some quality time with the other person, there are high chances that they have clicked a photo with them.

With FlexiSPY, keeping a track of the photos is easy. Just go to the Photos section and all the photos from the target phone are right in front of your eyes.

You can also delete, download, star, or zoom each and every photo from the portal.

Just like photos, the videos can also reveal the truth about your cheater spouse. Simply go to the Videos section and Download any of the videos that you like to see.

The time and date when the user got that video on their phone can be seen as well.

Keeping a check on the audio files might be less useful than the tracking of photos and videos, but still, there’s no harm in knowing what’s going in that section.

Just select the Audio Files section and Download the audio file that you want to listen to. To download the audio files that were on the target phone prior to the installation of the app, click on Get Historical Audio.


spy on location

What proof do you have that your spouse is actually going to the supermarket and not to meet that other person?

But with FlexiSPY, you can make sure where they are going and you have proof of their location as well.

On the Locations section, you will see a pointer stating the current location of the target phone. Get the history of your spouse’s locations, time & date at a particular place, and access Google Maps as well.

App Activity, Installed Apps, And Web Activity

list of installed apps

App activity will let you know which app was opened or installed recently, and at what time. Although this feature is not that effective in revealing much about your spouse’s new relation, still there’s no harm in checking the app activity.

By having the list of installed apps by your side, you can know if your spouse is on a dating site or not. By hovering on any app, its installation date and time can be seen.

The Web Activity feature shows the list of sites that the target person opened on their browser. With the given clickable link, you can directly access the site anytime you want. This feature is more for monitoring kids than your cheater spouse.


set alerts

Monitoring each and every activity continuously is not possible. And to assist you in easy monitoring, FlexiSPY got for you its Alerts feature.

What this feature does is, let you create alerts based on locations, keystrokes, and calls. Now whenever the target person enters or exits the set location you will get an alert about that.

Similarly, if the keystroke or contact for which the alert is set takes place, you get notified.

Advanced Features – Call Recording, Ambient, RemCam, RemVideo

flexispy call recordings feature

Every spy app offers call log monitoring, but very few apps give recordings for those calls. And FlexiSPY is one of those few spy apps.

After the call with the other person ends, FlexiSPY uploads the call recording with the other person in 5-10 minutes.

One important thing that you should know is that the call recording from the target phone was completely audible. But the voice of the other person was not at all audible in our case.

But this problem can be fixed by changing the audio input.

For listening to the recorded calls, you need to click on the Download option that appears adjacent to every call.

The Ambient feature will allow you to listen to your spouse’s surrounding sounds by taking remote access to their phone’s mic.

listening to surroundings

You can instantly command FlexiSPY to Record new sounds or Schedule the recording. For listening to the existing files, click on the Download option.

RemCam feature will come in handy when you want to know what’s going on nearby your spouse. This feature takes remote access to their phone camera and clicks photos.

remcam feature flexispy

You can command FlexiSPY to take photos from the target phone by clicking on the RemCam button at the top. To view the clicked photos, click on View Photo and then click on the Download option.

If you are not satisfied with the surrounding sounds and photos, why not record what’s going nearby your wife/husband?

This can be easily done with the RemVideo feature. Click on the RemVideo button to shoot the discreet videos and Download them to view.

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#3 Spyic – Trusted One


The Good

  • Easy tracking of photos
  • Tracking of calls and contacts was quick
  • The working Keylogger was decent
  • Other than messages, you can also keep a track of other activities going on social media
  • Other than phone number, details like birthday and email, etc. are also present in contacts section

The Bad

  • Location feature was not working
  • Videos were not playable or downloadable

Although Spyic offers tracking with basic features only, hundreds and hundreds of users worldwide trust Spyic.

Calls And Contacts

contacts tracking on spyic

Tracking the Calls in Spyic is as easy as you would expect from a reputed spy app. All the calls, whether incoming, outgoing, or missed, you will get updated for each and every call.

The name of the contact will appear along with their number, the date and time of call, type of call, and also the duration of the call.

If the Calls section doesn’t consist of the number you are looking for, try finding that number in the Contacts section.

Spyic doesn’t simply satisfy you with the name and number of the contact. You can see other details related to that contact as well.

These details include email (if received from that contact), and the number of times that person was in contact with your spouse.

Messages And Social Apps

spyic messages tracking

If you really want to reveal the truth that your spouse is hiding, then never miss spying on the text messages and social media activities and messages of your cheating spouse.

With Spyic monitoring software, you will get a list of all the messages that exist on the target Android phone prior to the installation of the Spyic app. And the update on the new ones will be quick.

Coming to the instant messaging and social apps part, you can monitor WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, Facebook, Tinder, Tumblr, Kik, and many other accounts of your spouse.

social apps tracking spyic

And not just the messages, other activities related to that account as well. And yes, not to forget, date and time stamps are also present with each and every message.


Make sure your husband/wife is not going to meet their new friend by lying about where they are going. And to make sure of that, you need to track their location.

With the Locations feature of Spyic, you can easily track the current location of your lover along with the history of the places they visited earlier.

With Google Maps option given by Spyic, you can make your location search even more accurate.

But you might face some problems using this feature of Spyic as in our case, the feature didn’t work at all.

Photos And Videos Preview

photos tracking spyic

Just like every good tracking app, Spyic offers photos and video tracking too.

You can track all the photos from the target phone in the Photos section of Spyic. Simply click on any of the photos to view them in full size and downloading the photos is also easy.

Spyic is supposed to show you the videos from the target phone as well. But unfortunately, only the thumbnail of the videos were present, it was not possible for us to download and play the videos.

videos tracking spyic


Installed Applications

Curious to know if your spouse has apps like Tinder, and OkCupid installed on their phone? Well, leave the task on Spyic’s Applications feature.

All the apps that your partner has on their phone can be seen here.

Sim Card

simcard alert spyic

Are you sure that your spouse talks to someone they shouldn’t, but you didn’t find anything while spying on their phone?

Well, maybe they are using some other SIM card for talking to them.

Now you can get notified every time your lover changes their SIM with the SIM Card feature of Spyic. Just enter the email in the given box and leave the rest on Spyic.


keylogger activities of spyic

Get every update related to the keystrokes that your wife/husband makes on different apps on their phone with the Keylogger feature.

Other than the typed words, the app also shows the list of words that are appearing on the phone screen. This can make the keystrokes tracking a little confusing, but the overall experience with Spyic keylogger will be satisfying.

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#4 KidsGuard Pro – Unique Feature Like Geofencing

KidsGuard Pro

The Good

  • Quick and accurate working of Keylogger and also captures data copied to clipboard
  • Call recording can be done without rooting
  • Quick updates in social media and photos section
  • The app also tracks the photos that are deleted from the phone

The Bad

  • Location feature was sometimes inaccurate

KidsGuard Pro name might make it look like it’s made for kids, but trust us, this is one of the most effective apps for catching a cheating spouse that works in the hidden mode.

So let’s see what can we do with KidsGuard Pro.

Call Logs And Contacts

Call Logs from kidsguard pro

All the apps above let you monitor the call logs, so how can you expect KidsGuard Pro to lack behind? You can easily check the list of people with whom your spouse was in contact.

The information in the Call Logs includes the name of the contact, phone number, type of call, duration, and date. Updates in the logs are quick.

Coming to the Contacts section, all the contacts from the target phone will appear on the left-hand side and the information related to a particular contact will appear on the right-hand side.

This information includes the number, email id, address, and even birth date.

Photos And Video Preview

kidsguard pro photo tracking

The photos in the KidsGuard Pro Photos section are separated on the basis of folders so you can access them easily.

After selecting the desired folder, you will see the list of photos that exist in that folder. For viewing the photo in full size, you need to simply click on it. And downloading the photos is possible by clicking on the download icon.

Talking about the Video Preview option, the updates are quick and even the videos that exist on the phone prior to installation can be seen. But the video playback option was not working at all.

App Activities

app activities kidsguard pro

This feature is more like it’s made for monitoring kids and teens, but still, it can be useful for checking which apps are there on your spouse’s phone.

You can check whether the dating apps like Tinder exist on their phone or not. Plus the total visits and screen time on those apps can be seen as well.


kidsguard pro keylogger

If you notice the keystrokes that make it clear that your lover is surely cheating on you, then you don’t need to spy on them anymore. And KidsGuard Pro’s Keylogger feature will assist you in knowing what keystrokes they make on different apps.

On the left-hand side, you will see the list of apps, and on the right-hand side, the list of made keystrokes on that app.

As per our testing, the updates on the new keystrokes were within seconds and they were quite accurate too.

Locations, Geofence, And Wi-Fi Logger

kidsguard pro locations

Keeping an eye on the current location of your spouse can be necessary when you think they lie to you about where they are going.

KidsGuard Pro reveals the current location of the target Android phone as well as the history of the previous location. With time and date stamps, it’s easy to know at what time where were they present.

Geofence is a feature that you will rarely get in any spy app. The Geofence feature creates an artificial fence in a particular area.

geofencing in kidsguard pro

Now, whenever the target person comes inside or goes outside the selected area, you get a notification about that.

Wi-Fi Logger will simply let you know about the names of the Wi-Fi that the target phone was connected to.

Social Apps And Messages

social media tracking

Monitoring social apps and instant messaging apps with KidsGuard Pro was really pleasing. First of all, the app monitors almost every instant messaging & social media app that your spouse might be using like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Viber, LINE, and so on.

Secondly, the updates on the portal were quick and accurate. Finally, the tracking was not just based on text, you will also get the screenshots related to that app.

Talking about Messages, tracking of messages was also quick, and accurate time stamps were available for each message.

Advanced Features

record call kidsguard pro

Coming to the part that will impress you the most. KidsGuard Pro also has a list of advanced features to keep an eye on your cheating spouse.

With the Record Calls feature, you can listen to each and every call that your partner either receives or makes. It’s easy to listen to the calls directly on the portal and it’s also possible to download them.

Capture Screenshots will be a helpful feature when you are curious to know what your lover is currently doing on their phone.

Just command the app to Take Screenshots and leave the rest on it. In a few minutes, screenshots from the target phone will be available for you to see remotely in your KidsGuard Pro account.

capture screenshots

Take Photo feature will help you get remote access to the target phone’s camera. Just click on the Shoot button to click the remote photos discreetly. Downloading those photos is also possible.

take photo feature

The best part is that the updates for every section are quick.

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#5 iKeyMonitor –¬† Free App To Catch Cheating Spouse


The Good

  • Advanced features available without rooting
  • Free plan available
  • Screenshots feature was accurate
  • Quick syncing of data
  • Geofencing feature available
  • You can either listen to the calls on the portal or download them
  • Possible to schedule the surrounding recording for recording the voices later

The Bad

  • Battery drainage might be quick
  • Snapchat monitoring is not possible without rooting

Here comes another hidden Android spy app with advanced features without rooting. iKeyMonitor has everything that you need to keep your spouse under your surveillance for Free.

The best thing is that iKeyMonitor is the only Android spy app to catch cheating spouse for free. But yes, you won’t get many tracking options in the free plan.

Messages, Social Apps, And Instant Messaging Apps

ikeymonitor chats

Keeping a track of messages is easy with iKeyMonitor as the app gives quick results and tracks every message you receive.

On the left-hand side, you can see all the contacts and numbers with whom the chatting is done on messages. While on the right-hand side, the list of all the messages will appear.

With various sorting options available, you can quickly search for a particular message.

Coming to instant messaging and social apps, iKeyMonitor can easily track apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, LINE, Snapchat, Tinder, Kik, and so on.

When it comes to accuracy, iKeyMonitor easily recognizes the messages from the second person. But finds it difficult to track the messages sent by your spouse.

But it’s not completely impossible to track the messages from your lover. For checking the messages sent by your spouse, you can use the keylogger feature.

Call, Call Recording, And Contacts

Under the Call & Call Recording section, you will see the list of calls that your cheater spouse has made or received.

The updates on the new calls are quick so you’ll experience like you’re tracking your spouse in real-time.

With most of the calls, there’s a play and download button available. This shows that you can either listen to the calls right on the portal or download them on your device.

But you might not like the recordings of calls done by iKeyMonitor. Sometimes you will just hear the static voice from both ends. And even if the voice is clear, you might hear the voice of your spouse only and not the person on the other hand.

If you don’t find anything suspicious in the calls section, you can try your luck by checking the Contacts section.

Here you can keep a track of all the people your spouse is in touch with.

GPS And Geo-fencing

geo fencing feature ikeymonitor

It is quite panicking when the time is more than usual and your spouse is not back yet. And when you try their phone number, it’s unreachable.

In such situations, you wish that it was better if you were somehow able to know where is your spouse right now.

With the GPS feature of iKeyMonitor, it’s easy to know the current location of the target phone, anytime you want.

You can shift from Map to Satellite mode anytime and use other features as well.

Similarly, the Geo-fencing feature is at your service when you want the notifications when your spouse leaves or enters the fenced area.

Photos And Voice Messages

photos tracking ikeymonitor

Just like KidsGuard Pro, in iKeyMonitor also, the photos are separated on the basis of folders. After selecting the folder, you will see all the photos that exist in it.

With a simple click on a photo, you can open it in full-size and use the side arrows to check the next or previous photo.

Downloading the photo is also possible using the Download option given on the left-bottom side.

Tracking of videos is not possible with iKeyMonitor but you can surely listen to the voice messages that exist on their Android cell phone with the Voice Messages feature of the app.


ikeymonitor keystrokes feature

As we told you the social apps monitoring section of iKeyMonitor might not show you the messages that your spouse sends to the other person. But still, those messages are trackable with the Keystrokes feature.

Just reach the Keystrokes section and here you can see all the keystrokes made on different apps on their phone, along with the accurate date and time stamp.

Screenshots – app

ikeymonitor app screenshots

When you already suspect your spouse of cheating on you, their continuous phone use might make you even more suspicious.

And you just want to know, what are they doing on their smartphone right now.

iKeyMonitor continuously sends you screenshots so you are aware of what’s currently going on your lover’s phone right now.


If your spouse is actually cheating on you, then there are high chances that they are using words like love, date, meet, meeting, etc in their chats.

But it’s not possible to be always online on iKeyMonitor for checking their activities.

To save your time, iKeyMonitor has come up with the Alerts feature. Using this feature, you can easily set the words for which you want the alerts.

Now whenever those words are used in any of their chats, a screenshot will be taken and uploaded in the Alerts section.

Advanced Features

iKeyMonitor is one of those few apps that provides advanced features to its users. These features include Surrounding and Camera.

With the Surrounding feature, you can listen to the ambient voices near the target phone. Using this feature can be helpful if you want to make sure if your lover is safe or not.

ikeymonitor surrounding sounds

Just click on the Record Live Surrounding Sounds feature and wait for the app to record and upload the ambient voices.

You can either play the file directly on the portal or download it on your system.

Similarly, you can also use the Camera feature to click the discreet photos remotely. Simply click on the Record Live Photo option and wait for the photos to appear on the portal. You can also choose whether you want the photos from the front camera or the rear one.

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Android Spy Apps For Cheating Spouse Best Choice

Getting confused with so many options on the table? Let us guide you a bit more. Your choice of spy app depends on the feature to which you want to give the most preference.

Overall, FlexiSPY is the best monitoring app, but if the monitoring of social media is your first preference then you should look for some other option.

Now let’s say you need a geofencing feature in a spy app and get notified whenever your spouse leaves or enters the target area. For that purpose, KidsGuard Pro and iKeyMonitor can be your first choice.

If you just want basic monitoring, no advanced features, then Spyic or iKeyMonitor free plan is perfect for you.

Similarly, you can prefer uMobix if you want to track the apps like TikTok, and Zoom.


What Is The Best App To Catch A Cheating Spouse?

From the list of given apps, FlexiSPY is the best app to catch a cheating spouse. But your choice of app might differ based on your requirements.

Can You Spy On Someone's Android Phone Without Installing A Software?

No, it's not possible to spy on an Android phone without installing the spy app on it.

How Can I Track My Husband's Cell Phone Without Him Knowing And For Free?

For monitoring your husband's cell phone for free, you can use the free plan of iKeyMonitor. Although you'll get only the basic monitoring features, still, the app will let you know the truth.

How Do You Tell If Your Partner Is Lying About Cheating?

To know the truth if your partner is actually cheating on you or not, use the spy app. The features of spy apps like call and contact monitoring, photo and video tracking will reveal everything.

How Can I Find Out If My Partner Is On Tinder?

Along with WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, spy apps will also track the Tinder account of your partner.

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