Best Cheap Spy Apps For Android & iPhone

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Android and iPhone spy apps are popular for squeezing up every last drop of information from the target phone and presenting it before you remotely.

Such an advanced app definitely demands money and most of them make you pay through your nose. And as you don’t find any way out except for spying on your loved ones, you somehow manage to pay the monthly spy app bills.

But you should know that there’s no need for you to shake up your budget. There are a few monitoring apps in the market that won’t cost you a dime but are equally good when compared to expensive spy apps. In fact, some of them are even better than those exorbitant apps.

Let me surprise you a little bit more by telling you that we also know an app that offers a free plan for its users.

Now let’s have a look at those cheap and affordable spy apps for Android and iPhone so you don’t have to lighten your wallet every month. If cheap is not enough for you then we’ve even one free spy app so won’t be going empty-handed after going through this list. So without wasting any time let’s find out what is the cheapest spy app on the list.

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Cheapest Spy App Comparison

Best ForNameFeatures
Best Cheap Spy App For AndroidKidsGuard Pro

  • Easy to use

  • Record phone calls

  • Track all social media sites

Affordable Spy App With Free PlansiKeyMonitor

  • Only spyware that offers a free plan

  • Monitor text messages and call logs

  • Track phone location

Best Cheap Spy App For iPhoneTheOneSpy

  • Most advanced iPhone spyware

  • Records cellular and VoIP calls

  • Hack iPhone Camera and Microphone

Best Cheap Spy Apps For Android & iPhone That Everyone Can Afford

#1 KidsGuard Pro

The Good

  • The data from the target device is synced very quickly to your KidsGuard Pro account
  • Advanced features are also available
  • The tracking of social media is done with screenshots and texts
  • All the features of the app work perfectly
  • Cheaper than most spy apps in the market

The Bad

  • The call recording from the second person could have been louder

Let me introduce you to my personal favorite app first. KidsGuard Pro is not just the best spy app in the market but also one of the cheapest spy apps for Android. I can vouch for it because I have tested it for several days and reviewed KidsGuard Pro in detail.

Each and everything about this app is immaculate, be it the pricing, number of features, data sync speed, or whatever you can think of.

KidsGuard Pro has almost all the features that one needs to spy on someone completely. These features include a list of basic as well as advanced features.

Using basic features like call tracking, contacts, SMS, location, keylogger, photos, browser history, and other basic ones, you can keep a keen eye on their phone activities.

best cheap spy apps

By using the given advanced features of the app, you can know what’s going on in their life, what are they planning recently, and what are they doing currently.

For instance, KidsGuard Pro can help you listen to the call recordings of the target person. This way if you suspect them of planning something disastrous, you can know about their plans beforehand.

kidsguard pro call recordings

Capture Screenshots feature can make you aware of the things currently going on in the target phone. Similarly, the Take Photos feature can click a photo remotely by accessing their phone camera secretly.

cheap spy apps for android and ios

Overall, what I mean to say is that despite being one of the best cheap spy apps in the market, KidsGuard Pro is the best out of the best. It feels surreal but it’s true.

Now let’s throw some light on the pricing of this app.


kidsguard pro pricing

KidsGuard Pro has 3 plans for Android and iPhone based on the time for which you want the app. The 1-month plan of the app costs $39.99/month, the 3-month plan of the app costs $59.99, and the 1-year plan is available for $109.99.

Click Here to Try KidsGuard Pro

#2 iKeyMonitor

The Good

  • A forever FREE plan of the app is also available
  • Decent data sync speed
  • Advanced features are also available without rooting
  • Screenshots from social media can also be seen

The Bad

  • The call recording is distorted most of the time

I told you that I know a spy app that has a free plan for you, and here it is. iKeyMonitor is one of the few apps in the market that has advanced features and is the only one to offer a free plan.

Although you won’t get to use the advanced features in the free plan, if you want to have basic monitoring of your kids then the free plan is perfect for you.

Using the free plan, you can keep track of the calls, contact list, GPS locations, set geo-fence, calendars, notes, SMS, Wi-Fi history, and a few more.

ikeymonitor geofencing

These many features are enough for keeping a basic track of your loved ones. But if you want to dig deep into their phone and life then you need to switch to the paid plan which lets you put your hands on the advanced features.

The advanced features include Capture Screenshots, Call Recording, Screenshots-app, Surroundings, and many more.

surroundings feature

All these features included can help you understand the life of your loved ones even better.

The Capture Screenshots feature can capture the screen of the target phone and make you aware of what they are currently doing.

Listening to their conversation over the phone is possible with the Call Recordings feature. Screenshots – app feature will click the screenshots from different apps in the target phone. The Surrounding option will help you record the ambient sounds going near the teen’s phone by accessing its mic remotely.

ikeymonitor call recording

All in all, in my testing I found that iKeyMonitor is perfect for you if you are looking for a free spy app for Android and iPhone.


pricing of ikeymonitor

There are two plans for iKeyMonitor. As I told you, one is the free plan and the other one is the paid plan.

There’s no time limit for which you can get the app’s services for free. You can use the free plan for a lifetime. As for the paid plan, it costs pennies. You just need to pay $9.9/month and you have access to all the features of the app.

Click Here to Try iKeyMonitor

#3 uMobix

The Good

  • Instant data syncing
  • High-quality screenshots from the target phone are given by uMobix for social media tracking
  • Accurate and complete Keylogger tracking
  • Cheaper than most spy apps
  • uMobix tells when a particular social media app is currently in use

The Bad

  • Advanced features are missing

I was surprised to see that another spy app which is probably the best one in the market is available at such an economical price.

Believe me, when it comes to the data sync speed, literally no app can beat uMobix. The synchronization between the uMobix app and the target phone happens within seconds.

You won’t get many advanced features here but whatever you get, its working is going to make your day.

No matter what happens in the target phone, you get the results within seconds. And data sync speed is not just what you get, the results are complete and accurate.

uMobix lets you keep track of calls, contacts, locations, messages, keylogger, photos, videos, browser history, and various social media apps like tracking Kik, monitoring Viber, and so on.

umobix basic features

All in all, only the basic features are available with uMobix but their spotless working makes the app worth purchasing.

Monitoring of social media and instant messaging apps is the primary reason for some people. And they want to know whom their loved ones like talking to and who are new people they meet online.

uMobix will show you all the activities that happen on these apps of the target cell phone by presenting large-size screenshots on its portal.

These screenshots are of high quality and you won’t face any trouble understanding them.

social media tracking of umobix

Whenever the target person is online on any social media app, you can see a green online tag appearing beside its name. This way you can track the activities of a person in real-time. It’s one of the unique uMobix features that raises the standard of this spy app even more.


uMobix has recently streamlined its pricing structure, offering a unified plan that covers both iPhone and Android devices, simplifying the process for customers. The company now provides three subscription options based on the duration of the plan: one month, three months, and twelve months, priced at $49.99 per month, $27.99 per month, and $11.66 per month, respectively. Providing advanced monitoring features for as low as $11.66/month makes uMobix one of the cheapest spy apps for Android and iPhone.

Click Here to Try uMobix

#4 Hoverwatch

The Good

  • High-quality screenshots are given by Hoverwatch
  • The call recording feature is available
  • All the data is present in one place
  • The app is very cheap

The Bad

  • Data sync speed is not good

The working of Hoverwatch is slightly different than that of the other spy apps in the market. Most spy apps deliver data in the respective sections made for that data but Hoverwatch shows all the data in one place.

Hoverwatch works purely on the basis of screenshots. Whenever the target person is currently using an app, Hoverwatch secretly takes screenshots and uploads them on its portal.

In my testing, I found that in the case of Hoverwatch, the data does not sync on the portal as quickly as it does in the case of uMobix or KidsGuard. The app takes 5-10 minutes to present the new recorded data.

This is the only downside of Hoverwatch, otherwise, it’s a great cheap spy app to go for.

The quality of the screenshots is very high and you’ll feel like you’re looking directly in the kid’s phone. It doesn’t matter what the target person is doing on their device, you’ll get screenshots for almost everything.

tracking of cell phone with hoverwatch

The basic working of the app is based on screenshots but that’s not all to Hoverwatch. Other important features of the app include call recordings and location tracking.

tracking locations with hoverwatch

Right after the target person is done having a conversation with someone over the call, the recording will be uploaded on the app’s portal that you can check anytime. You can either listen to it directly on the portal remotely or download it and listen to it sometime else.

Similarly, you can keep track of the current location of the target person, check their contacts list, and their calendar activities. You get separate sections for just these things, else everything is available in the reports section.


hoverwatch plans

Here you get three plans to choose from, Personal, Professional, and Business. These plans are made on the basis of the number of devices you get to connect.

The personal plan is available for $24.95/month with accessibility to 1 device. In the professional plan, you can keep track of 5 devices and it costs $49.95/month. As for the business plan, it is available for $149.95/month with access to 25 devices at a time.

If you pay for 3 months or 12 months upfront, then you will get a high discount and you can save some serious money. This makes Hoverwatch one of the most affordable spy apps out there.

Click Here to Try Hoverwatch

#5 mSpy

Title Here

The Good

  • Can track deleted messages
  • Plays videos stored on the target cell phone
  • Geo-Fencing works well
  • Good customer support

The Bad

  • Data sync speed is not good

Here’s the next cheapest spy app available for both Android and iOS. mSpy with its amazing features and cheap rates has an aptitude to impress anyone.

The list of endless features of mSpy includes both basic and advanced features. The basic features of the app include contacts, messages, calls, locations, photos, videos, and many more.

contacts list by mspy

Almost all these features work as one would expect from a good spy app. The biggest setback of working with this spy app is its data sync speed which I also felt while reviewing mSpy. Sometimes the app takes too long to upload the data on the portal. So if patience is one thing that you lack, then it’s better to avoid using mSpy.

Keeping this setback aside, you’ll enjoy tracking the target phone with this economical spy app.

There are a few advanced features too that you can put your hands on using mSpy. Using the Geo Fencing feature, you can create an imaginary fence and get updates when the target person either exits or enters the fence.

mspy geofencing

The tracking of social media is made possible with the Screenrecorder feature of mSpy. Here you will receive screenshots from social media and instant messaging apps.

Although you are supposed to receive screenshots from almost all social apps, in our case we got the results for just WhatsApp.

You can not only keep a watch on the data available on the target phone but also control their phone to some extent remotely.

This is where the Block WiFi, Block Websites, and Block Applications features will come into use.

block apps

As the name suggests, you can restrict them from using particular WiFi, accessing websites, and block applications on their phone.


pricing of mspy

mSpy has 2 different plans, Basic and Premium. The basic plan is available for $29.99/month and the premium plan can be divided into 3 more plans.

The 1-month plan can be bought for $69.99/month, a 3-month plan for $39.99/month, and a 12-month plan for $16.66/month.

Click Here to Try mSpy

#6 TheOneSpy

The Good

  • Monitor all social media sites
  • Remotely access the target phone’s camera and mic
  • Accurately tracks the phone location
  • Quickly syncs the recorded data

The Bad

  • You need to jailbreak the target iPhone

All the cheap spy apps mentioned above are great for tracking Android phones, however, when it comes to monitoring iPhones they are not up to the mark. This is simply because they can only monitor iPhone data that is backed up in iCloud such as target person photos, texts, call logs, etc. If you want to listen to their phone calls, read social media chats, or remotely access the iPhone camera then you need to use the most advanced spyware such as TheOneSpy.

In my test, I found that TheOneSpy is the best iPhone spyware application due to its extensive range of monitoring features and versatility. It stands out by offering comprehensive capabilities for tracking and surveillance of an iPhone.

One of its notable features is the ability to remotely access the target device’s camera, enabling users to capture photos and videos discreetly. Moreover, the app allows users to hack into the iPhone’s microphone, facilitating the recording of ambient sounds and conversations in the vicinity.

audio recording

TheOneSpy also offers call recording functionality, a feature not commonly found in other iPhone spyware apps, making it valuable for various monitoring purposes. Furthermore, the app excels in social media tracking, covering platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, and can even record VoIP calls without requiring root access on Android devices.

cheap spy app for iPhone

Additionally, its unique Password Chaser feature allows users to track phone passwords, providing access to the device’s content.

password chasing

Despite its impressive features, a notable drawback is the necessity to jailbreak iPhones for installation, which can be a complex and risky process. Nevertheless, TheOneSpy remains a popular choice for those seeking cheap spy apps for iPhone.


TheOneSpy iPhone price

TheOneSpy app has different pricing for Android and iPhone. If you want to use it to spy on someone’s iPhone then you need to pay $55/month. To track an Android phone using this application, you’ll be required to subscribe to the Lite Edition, which costs $25 per month, or opt for the Premium Edition, available at $55 per month.

Click Here to Try TheOneSpy

#7 SpyBubble Pro

The Good

  • Easy To Install
  • Can track deleted text messages
  • Effectively tracks social media sites
  • Location tracking is highly accurate

The Bad

  • No call recording is available

SpyBubble Pro can be considered a good spy app due to its comprehensive monitoring capabilities, ease of installation, and stealth mode operation. With features like text message tracking, social media monitoring, and location tracking, it provides users with valuable insights into the target person’s activities.


The app’s user-friendly setup process, requiring only a brief moment of physical access to the target device, makes it accessible to a wide range of users, even those with limited technical expertise. Its ability to operate discreetly ensures that the target person remains unaware of being monitored, maintaining the element of surprise.

However, SpyBubble Pro lacks certain features like call recording and geofencing, which might be essential for some users. Nevertheless, it still serves as one of the best Android apps to catch cheating spouses.


The monthly plan for this app is available at an affordable rate of just $49.99. Alternatively, if you prefer a longer commitment, there are quarterly and yearly plans priced at $83.79 and $139.92, respectively. Furthermore, the availability of a free demo and a 14-day money-back guarantee makes it one of the most reliable cheap spy software for Android.

Click Here to Try SpyBubble

Which Is The Best Affordable Spy App Overall?

In terms of pricing, iKeyMonitor is the least expensive one on the list. In addition to the cheap paid plan, the app also offers a free plan to its users.

You won’t get to use the advanced features in the free plan but it still got a decent list of some basic features.

So if you just want to keep a basic track of your lover or your kids then iKeyMonitor’s free plan would be perfect for you.


Which Is The Cheapest Spy App?

iKeyMonitor is the cheapest spy app that you can buy for tracking someone.

Which Spy App Can I Use To Spy On Another Phone For Free?

iKeyMonitor is the only free spy app that you can use for monitoring someone.

How Can I Spy On My Boyfriend's Phone Without Him Knowing For Free?

Using the iKeyMonitor app, you can spy on your boyfriend's phone without them knowing for free.

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