7 Best SMS Tracker Apps For Android And iOS

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If you want to keep track of your spouse or child’s online activities the first thing you should check is their messages. By reading text messages you can uncover the deep dark secrets of your cheating spouse. In this article, I will introduce you to the best SMS tracker apps for Android and iPhone that will help you read a target person’s messages without them knowing. So without wasting any time, let’s begin the list.

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Best SMS Spy App Comparison Table

Best ForNameFeatures
Text Message Tracker App For AndroiduMobix

  • Quick installation

  • Quick SMS Sync

  • Tracks deleted text messages

Most Advanced SMS Tracker AppFlexiSPY

  • Works on both Android and iPhone

  • Advanced features

  • Works in completely hidden mode

Free SMS Tracker For iPhone And AndroidiKeyMonitor

  • Tracks all incoming and outgoing messages

  • Works in background

  • Easy to use

Best SMS Tracker Apps For Android And iPhone

#1 iKeyMonitor – Free SMS Tracker

The Good

  • Quick updates
  • Shows the new as well as old messages
  • Date and time stamp with each message
  • Free monitoring of SMS
  • Plenty of filtering features

The Bad

  • Battery drainage might be quick on the target phone

The word FREE soothes the ears, right? That’s why we thought to keep iKeyMonitor at the top. It’s the one and the only app that offers free SMS tracking for Android and iOS.

Although the free monitoring solution has fewer tracking features than the paid plan, if you only desire to track the text messages and nothing else, then this is the best option in your hands.

ikeymonitor sms tracking

After logging onto the online portal of iKeyMonitor, you will land on its dashboard. To keep an eye on the messages, you need to switch to the SMS section that falls under the Chats heading that further falls under the Logs heading.

Here you will encounter all the old as well as new messages of your spouse with the new person.

As you can see in the screenshot above, all the contact names are present on the left side. By clicking on any of the contacts, you will see the messages to and from that contact on the right side.

Plenty of filtering options make your tracking of SMS quick and time-saving. You can filter the list of messages by deleted logs using Status, Type (text, voice, attachments, etc), and name of the contacts.

The data sync speed of iKeyMonitor is also good, making you wait less for the new data.

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#2 FlexiSPY – Best SMS Tracker For iPhone

The Good

  • Time and date stamp available
  • Starred option is available to save some important messages
  • Date and time stamp with each message
  • Good data sync speed
  • Both old and new messages are available

The Bad

  • Not available for iPhone without jailbreak

I have tested out plenty of spy apps and calling FlexiSPY the best Android monitoring app won’t be an exaggeration.

The only downside of FlexiSPY is that it works with iPhone only after it is jailbroken. Other than that, this app has everything that one needs to spy on someone.

After going to the SMS section of FlexiSPY, you will see the list of all the messages appearing. This includes the new messages, as well as the old ones that were there on the target phone before the installation of the app.

best sms tracker for android

The list of numbers and contacts can be seen on the left side, and the conversation with them on the right side after you click on a particular contact.

As expected, the date and time stamp appeared with every message.

You can star those messages for quick access that are somehow important to you. Overall, if you are looking for the best SMS tracker for iPhone and Android then FlexiSPY is the best option for you. You can check out my detailed FlexiSPY review.

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#3 uMobix – Best SMS Spy App For Android

The Good

  • Instant updates on new messages
  • The deleted messages can also be tracked
  • Date and time stamp available with each conversation
  • Even the old messages are shown by uMobix
  • You can sort the messages either alphabetically or date-wise

The Bad

  • You might see the replication of some messages

Let’s talk about uMobix now, another SMS tracker app available for both Android and iOS devices.

The updates on the messages section were given instantly, so you’ll feel like you are tracking your teen in real time.

To check the SMS, you need to go to the Messages section of the app. As you can see in the screenshot below, all the information that you need is given by uMobix.

umobix messages tracking

This information includes the name of the contact, the date and time of every message, and the main context of the message.

One thing that makes the working of uMobix flawless is its ability to extract even deleted messages. So, if there’s a message that the teen wants to hide from you by deleting it, you’ll still get to know about it.

To save your precious time, you can sort the messages either alphabetically, or date-wise. You can learn more about uMobix in my detailed review.

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#4 Spyic – Popular One

The Good

  • Tracking of date and time is possible
  • Even the messages from past years are trackable
  • Tracks complete message and conversation

The Bad

  • The updates for new messages are slow
  • Sorting options unavailable

Here comes the last undetectable SMS tracker app for Android and iOS that you need to track the messages of your close ones.

Spyic Messages section works just like that of other reputed messages tracking apps. Once you go to the Messages section, every message you ever wanted to read is right in front of you.

spyic messages tracking

Just select the contact or number whose conversation with your lover you want to read. After clicking on the contact, all the conversations will appear on the right side.

As expected, the date and time stamp was also available with each message. The new message might take some time to upload on the online portal of the app, so you need to keep some patience while working with Spyic.

If you are wondering whether you will be able to read the old messages or not, then relieve yourself, Spyic will show you every message, even if it’s more than a year ago.

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#5 SpyBubble Pro – Deleted Message Tracker

The Good

  • Can track deleted text messages
  • Highlights the messages that are deleted
  • Works with high accuracy and speed

The Bad

  • Does not have call-recording functionality

SpyBubble Pro offers a notable feature of tracking deleted messages. Not just that it even highlights the deleted text messages. So you can know what exactly the target person wants to hide from you. This feature alone makes it an ideal investigation tool to catch a cheating spouse.

deleted message tracker

Besides the message content, it also provides you the other details such as the time of message delivery, contact information, etc. This information helps in better monitoring of the target person’s SMS.

Overall, it is one of the best SMS spy apps for Android as well as iPhone. If you want an app that can help you read all the text messages of the target person without them knowing then SpyBubble Pro is the app to get.

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#6 KidsGuard Pro – Hidden SMS Tracker

The Good

  • Quickly syncs the text messages
  • Show messages received before app installation
  • Easy to use

The Bad

  • Cannot show messages that were instantly deleted

The next text message tracker app on the list is KidsGuard Pro, it is one of my favorite SMS tracker apps. The thing I like most about this app is its ease of use, colorful UI, accuracy, and speed.

Talking about KidsGurad Pro’s SMS tracking capabilities it can accurately monitor and record all incoming and outgoing SMS on the target device. The software allows users to view message content, timestamps, and contact information. It also includes a search function that helps filter the desired SMS.

sms spy app for android

However, unlike SpyBubble Pro, it may not be able to show all the deleted text messages on the target device. During my usage, I noticed that it cannot display deleted messages which are instantly erased upon sending or receiving. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best message tracker apps out there.

Click Here to Try KidsGuard Pro

#7 Spyzie – Simple To Use

The Good

  • Date and time stamp available with each message
  • The tracked messages are complete
  • Both new and old messages are shown by Spyzie

The Bad

  • No sorting option is available
  • Data sync speed is slow

Spyzie is a simple working spy app with no advanced features. But if you are focused on tracking the SMS, then Spyzie is a perfect choice for both Android and iOS users. Moreover, Spyzie doesn’t require any rooting or jailbreaking at all.

After the installation of the app is done, you will be on the dashboard of the app, and you need to switch to the Messages section to monitor the messages of your lover.

After you click on any of the contacts that appear on the left side, you will see all the conversations appearing on the right side.

sms tracking spyzie

The date and time stamp with each message makes your SMS tracking a bit more powerful. With the date and time stamp, you will be aware of the time when your spouse is most active with the other person.

The data sync speed might be a bit slow, but it’s not like Spyzie will take an eternity to load the new data.

Which SMS Tracker Should I Finally Choose?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. If you just want to spy on the messages and don’t want to use advanced features like call recording, camera access, Instagram tracking, and so on, then the free plan of iKeyMonitor is good for you.

On the other hand, if you want advanced features, as well as quick updates, then you can go for FlexiSPY or uMobix. You can even go for the paid plan of iKeyMonitor.


What Is The Best Free Undetectable SMS Tracker App?

iKeyMonitor is the best free undetectable SMS tracker app for both Android and iOS. In fact, it's the only SMS tracker that provides free service.

Can I Track Text Messages From Another Phone?

With the help of an SMS tracker, you can track the text messages sent and received to and from another phone.

Can You Track SMS on iPhone?

Most of the spy apps listed work for both Android and iOS. So yes, it's possible to track SMS on iPhone.

What Is The Best SMS Tracker App?

As for Android, FlexiSPY is the best SMS tracking app, whereas, uMobix works for both Android and iOS.

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