mSpy Review: Being Brutally Honest

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Ease Of Use






Time Taken To Sync Target Phone Data


Impact On Performance Of Target Device


Customer Support


Value for Money



  • Easy to understand UI
  • Works well with rooted, non-rooted, jailbroken & non-jailbroken devices
  • Good for tracking calls, messages, and contacts
  • Lets you download the photos and videos from the target device
  • Keyword tracking and Keylogger feature works well
  • Geofencing and GPS location data is quite accurate
  • Blocking apps, websites, and WiFi networks is very easy with mSpy
  • The pricing for monitoring Android and iOS devices is the same


  • It is not very fast to reflect the collected data from the target device to your mSpy account
  • Won't be able to show the call log if it is deleted within two minutes of receiving it
  • Doesn't support call recording on non-rooted phone
  • Pricing could have been lower

mSpy is one of the most popular monitoring apps that lets you spy on your child or spouse/lover’s phone so that you can ensure their safety online or know if they are hiding something from you. Some of the most important features of mSpy are as follows;

1. Location Tracking: mSpy can track the target phone’s GPS location in real time and show it to you on the map on your mSpy dashboard. Besides that, mSpy also has a geofence feature that allows you to create a virtual boundary on the map so that whenever the target person leaves or enters that marked location you get notified about it.

2. Social Media Tracking: With mSpy, you can easily track all the social media activities of the target person such as their chats, posts they have liked, their comments, etc.

3. Media Gallery: mSpy also gives you access to the target person’s phone gallery through which you can see their stored photos and videos.

Reasons To Buy

✔️ It is quite easy to use. Even if you have never used a spy app before, you will have no issues using mSpy.

✔️mSpy can show you all the call logs and text messages the target person receives or send from their phone. Not just that it can even show you the deleted texts that the target person removes from their phone.

✔️It can track all the keystrokes made on various apps on the target device and that too without the target person knowing about it.

✔️With mSpy, you can block websites, WiFi networks, and apps remotely on the target phone.

✔️ The app is totally hidden so the target person never knows that you are spying on them using mSpy.

Reasons To Avoid

❌ Missing on the call recording feature

❌ Offers limited features for iPhone

Quick mSpy Review

Overall, mSpy is a pretty good spy app for Android and a decent one for iPhone. Since it can’t be installed directly on iPhone it can only provide limited monitoring features through its iCloud backup. Nonetheless, it can track iPhone and Android both without rooting or jailbreaking the target device which is a good thing. I would recommend you try this popular spy app if you don’t want to waste your money on monitoring apps that don’t work.

Free Trial  Available No
Free Demo  AvailableYes
Money Back GuaranteeYes, 14 Days
Monthly price$47.99/ month
Supported Operating SystemAndroid & iPhone
Works Without Rooting or JailbreakYes
Spy Listicles Rating8.7/10

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mSpy Full Review

I have personally tested mSpy for a week and only after that I am writing this review. It can be a lengthy article as I am going to discuss it in full detail. So if you don’t have time to read the full review of mSpy you can skip to a specific part of the article from the below links.

mSpy Demo

Sadly there is no free or trial version of mSpy so you cannot test it before purchasing it. However, it does provide you with a live demo account from where you can check its features and specifications. Overall, the demo account provides a good idea of how mSpy works and whether is it suitable for your monitoring purposes or not. To use the Demo go to mSpy’s official website and from there click on View Demo or directly visit this mSpy Demo link.

mSpy Demo

As you do that the demo account will open and you will be on the dashboard of mSpy. From here you can view each feature one by one from the left side panel.

how does mSpy works demo

If the demo is not enough for you to make the decision whether or not to buy mSpy you can read our review of it to know whether it actually works or not.

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mSpy Compatibility

No matter how good the spy app is, it doesn’t matter unless you know whether it will work on your target device or not. So before going with any spyware make sure it is compatible with the device you want to monitor. As far as mSpy is concerned it can work with both rooted and non-rooted devices. It’s just that on the rooted and jailbroken devices you get more features to explore but it works well on non-rooted devices as well.

In case you are monitoring a rooted or non-rooted Android phone, it must be running on Android 4 or above so that mSpy can work properly on it. For iPhone users, if the target device is jailbroken then it should be running on iOS version 7 – 9.1. If the target phone is not jailbroken then there are no compatibility criteria as mSpy would work well on all non-jailbroken iPhones.

For testing purposes, I am using non-rooted Infocus turbo 5 which is running on Android 7 (Nougat).

How To Install mSpy On Android Phone?

Installing and setting up a spy app is never easy as they require lots of permissions to work properly. Here we show you a step-by-step procedure of how you can set up your mSpy account (on the parent’s device) as well as how to install it on the target device properly.

1. Create Your mSpy Account

The first step towards monitoring a target device is by creating your account on mSpy. And for that, you will first need to go to mSpy website. On the homepage of mSpy click on the Try Now button.

Try Now

After that, you need to enter your genuine email address where you want to receive the login credentials and other account-related details.

Enter email address

Next, you have to select the device you want to spy on i.e. Android or iOS. Here we are selecting Android because we are using an Android phone as a target device.

Select the device

Now it’s time to choose a plan and make the payment. mSpy is available in three plans 1 Month, 3 Months, and 12 Month plan. You can pick one of these plans according to your requirements.

Buy mSpy

After making the purchase you will be sent the required login credentials and registration code or private key on your Email ID. Keep these details safe with you as you will need them while installing the mSpy app on the target device.

2. Install mSpy App On Target Device

Once you have made the payment and you have received the login details in your email, you can now install this spy app on your kid’s, girlfriend/boyfriend, or spouse’s phone. But before that, you have to change some settings which may hinder the installation process.

Prerequisites For Installing mSpy

a) Disable Play Protect

If the Play Protect feature is not disabled then it may notify the target phone owner about an unwanted app installed on their phone. So it’s better you disable it. Here’s how you can do that.

Launch the Google Play Store app on the target phone. Next, tap on the account icon at the top right corner. With this, a new menu will open, here tap on the Play Protect option.

play protect disabled

Next, tap on Settings (Gear icon) in the top right corner. After that, turn off the Scan apps with Play Protect option, and you are done.

toggle off scan option

Now the Play Protect settings are disabled on the target device, and your kids or spouse will never know about a spy app existing on their phone.

b) Enable Unknown Sources

Since mSpy or any spyware for that matter is not available on the Google Play store, you have to download it from third-party sources and hence you need to enable the Unknown Sources on the target device. It’s really simple to enable Unknown Sources on an Android phone here’s a quick guide to it.

Note: These steps only work on Android devices running on Android version 7 or less. If the target device in your case is running on Android 8 or above then you can simply enable Unknown sources while installing the app.

Go to Settings on the target device and select Security.


Now, find the Unknown Sources option under Security and simply enable it.

enable unknown sources on android

Once you are done with the prerequisites, you are ready to install the mSpy app on the target device.

Downloading And Installing mSpy On Target Android Device

Once you have disabled the Play Protect settings, you can now easily download and install the mSpy app on the target phone or tablet. For this, you must have physical access to the target device.

1. First thing first, you need to download the mSpy app on the target device. For it, you have to open the browser on the target phone and there you need to visit the following URL –

download the mspy app

2. With this, a new page will open where you need to solve the captcha and then click on Download to download the mSpy app on the target device. You may see a warning message that this type of file can be harmful to your device. Ignore it and click on OK.

solve the captcha

3. Now, simply locate the downloaded app and launch it. Then, tap on the INSTALL option to install the app on the target device. Upon successful installation tap on OPEN.

install mSpy on target device

4. Upon opening the app, it asks you to grant access to the phone’s data by choosing ”Allow” on ALL POPUPS. Just click on GOT IT to start giving permission to all the requirements.

Got IT

5. Next you need to tap on Allow on all 6 popups that appear after it.

Allow all permissions

6. Now you need to give all the permissions one by one. The first permission is to Enable mSpy monitoring just click on OK. And then toggle on the option Permit drawing over other apps.

Enable mSpy monitoring

7. Next, you need to enable the message tracker, for that tap on OK and toggle on the Framework Update service.

framework update service

8. After that, you need to enable call tracking, to do so click on Ok and then click on Update Service > toggle on Permit usage access.

enable call tracking

9.  The next permission mSpy needs is to track social media so tap on OK. On the next popup check the box that says Don’t show again and then click on START NOW.

enable social media

10. Next, if you don’t want your spy app to be detected by the target person you need to make mSpy undetectable. For that, you need to first click on OK and then it will ask the permissions to Ignore battery optimizations click on YES to proceed further.

Make mSpy undetectable

11. Now the last step is to prevent the uninstallation of mSpy from the target device, tap on OK and then toggle on the option that says Block All.

prevent uninstallation

12. Keep the Hide the app icon box checked if you don’t want the app to be detected by your kids or lover. By doing so mSpy app icon will be hidden on the target cell phone and it will run in the background.

check the hide app box

14. To complete the installation process, you need to enter the Registration code you got on your email while creating the account. After entering the registration code click on the COMPLETE INSTALLATION button.

installation complete

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How To Install mSpy On iPhone?

If your kids or lover owns an iPhone then you don’t need to have physical access to their device in order to monitor it. However, there are a few conditions that you may need to fulfill you must know their iCloud credentials, also the iCloud backup must be enabled on their phone. It is because mSpy monitors the iPhone through iCloud backup so it is important that your target iPhone must be synced to iCloud.

So when compared to Android using mSpy on iPhone is much simpler but only if the two-factor authentication is not enabled on it. It is because if the iPhone is enabled with two-factor authentication then it receives an OTP every time you try to remotely monitor it through iCloud.

According to the new policy of Apple, all iPhones must have two-factor authentication enabled. Also, if the two-factor authentication is once enabled, it cannot be disabled and you may not be able to track it. So before purchasing the app make sure the two-factor authentication is disabled on the target iPhone.

Login To Your Account And Target Device Management

Once you have installed the mSpy app on the target device you are ready to monitor it. For that, you must log in to your mSpy account on your desktop. Go to the mSpy website and click on the Log In option in the top right corner.


Enter the login credentials that you have got on your email while creating the mSpy account.

mSpy Login

With this, you will land on your mSpy dashboard. To set up your account for better monitoring of the target device click on the three dots icon at the top right corner and select Device Management.

Device management

Under Device Management, you can see information related to the target phone like its memory, current battery status, and more. From here you can also add the device name, and phone number or even unlink the target device if you no longer want to track it.

device management details

Apart from that, you can also configure the connection settings of the target device from Device Management. i.e. how frequently should the data from the target phone be synced to your mSpy account and what connection it must use for it i.e. WiFi, Cellular data, or All connections?

device management connections

You can keep the connection to WiFi-Only for features such as screen recorder, video, and picture as these may consume a lot of data and the target person may know that something is wrong with their phone. You can also turn off some specific features you do not want to track.

So that is all you need to know about how to install and set up the mSpy app on the target and parent’s device. You are now ready to monitor all the small details that happen on the target phone.

mSpy Dashboard

On the dashboard of mSpy, you can see some basic tracking details related to the target device on your mSpy account. The first thing you see on the dashboard is the Account section which tells about your current plan and its expiry date. Adjacent to it, there is the Target device info information where you can see some details of the target phone like its WiFi, battery status, and more. Beneath them, you can see the Target device activity box where you can see the number of activities done on the target device in the last few days.

mSpy dash

If you scroll down on the dashboard you will see more details like Top messaging and calling contacts, Top visited websites, and the Last Locations the target person has been to.

2nd part of the dashboard

Overall, the dashboard of mSpy provides you a quick monitoring stats of the target device that help you know about the activities of your loved ones at a quick glance.

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mSpy Features

mSpy is feature-heavy spyware that comes with lots of tracking features that help you closely monitor the target device of your kids or spouse. The features are mainly divided into 6 parts General Features, Locations, Social Networking, Screenrecorder, Internet Usage, And Restricted. Each feature is further divided into sub-parts which we will look at in this review one by one.

1. General Features

Under General Features you get features that tell you everything about what’s happening on your kid’s or lover’s phone like who are they calling, what sites they are visiting, what apps they are using, and much more. Let’s discuss each feature in detail.


With the help of mSpy, you can track all the contacts that are presently stored on the target phone. It’s a good spy feature to have as with it you can tell whom your spouse or kids are in contact with. It automatically fetches all the contacts stored on the target phone and shows them on your mSpy account remotely.


However, if you feel that the data it shows is irrelevant or incorrect then you can press the RESEND LOGS button. By doing so, it will remove all the previous contact logs from your account and replace them with new ones.


While testing I found that it itself tracks the newly added contacts on the target phone and you do not have to necessarily press the RESEND LOGS button. However, it does take some time to show the newly added contacts maybe a couple of hours but it’s all worth it in the end.

Text Messages

The next feature you get to see on mSpy is Text Messages using which you can track all the incoming and outgoing texts from the target phone. This feature works really well as mSpy doesn’t miss even a single message which makes it one of the best SMS tracker apps as well. You will see all the messages on the left sidebar of the screen and you can choose to read the full conversation by selecting a particular contact.

message tracking

I found out that it can even track messages that were deleted after reading from the target device which makes it a real spy app. However, you cannot manually sync messages on it and you have to wait till it automatically fetches them from the target device for you.


Apart from text messages, you can also track the call logs of the target phone using mSpy. By tracking call records you can catch a cheating spouse/lover or ensure the safety of your kids from scammers who blackmail people using phone calls.

call records

mSpy shows you the number and name of the caller, the duration of the call, and the timestamp which consists of the date and time of the call received or made from the target device. And not just recent calls but you can also see calls from the past using the calendar.

In my testing, I found that it can show call records up to 15 months back. Also, a newly made/ received, or missed call will be reflected in your account within 30 minutes. However, when I deleted the call log from the target phone within a minute after receiving it, mSpy was not able to record it which is its only downside. So if your kids or lover deletes a call just after its completion you may not know who were they talking to. 


This feature will keep an eye on the calendar of the target device and will fetch all the special events that they mark on it. If they have a secret plan which they don’t want to share with you, you can still get to know about it using mSpy. Apart from monitoring the current year’s calendar, this spy app can also monitor last year’s and next year’s calendars. So you can know about their past events as well as events they are planning in the near future.


This feature works effortlessly and I didn’t find any issue with it. However, the time it takes to reflect the event data on the mSpy account could have been less. I waited for almost an hour to receive it.


With this feature, you can sneak peek into the gallery of the target device and can see what photos are stored in your kid’s or spouse’s phone. Apart from just seeing, you can also download the image on your device and keep it as proof with yourself.

mSpy photo tracking

You can also click on a photo to view it in a big size.

photo enlarge

The photos are by default set to upload to the mSpy server by WiFi- Only because photos may consume some data which may alert the target person that their data is being used by some hidden apps on their phone. But if you want you can also set the photo to sync using cellular data from device management.

In my test, I noticed that photos are quickly updated to the parent’s/your device or your mSpy account and won’t take more than 15-20 minutes in most cases.


Now comes the most important feature of mSpy which I didn’t find on other spy apps I’ve tried so far which is playing videos stored on the target phone on your device. On most of the spy apps, you could only see the thumbnail of the videos stored on your kid’s phone which was not enough to tell if the video contains something inappropriate that kids should not watch.

mspy review

However, that’s not the case here as you can play videos and see what your kids are storing on their phones. The video clarity is very good and also the audio is very clear.

The newly added or shot videos will reflect on your mSpy account within 15 to 30 minutes. However, in my testing, I saw a strange thing, the videos that were shot from the phone camera were showing no visuals but only audio was coming from them.

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WiFi Networks

These days you can find free WiFi networks at all public places and if the phone’s WiFi is turned on it will automatically get connected to a free WiFi. With this feature, if your kid or spouse goes to someplace without your knowledge, you can tell where they have visited by looking at the WiFi networks they are connected to. As it also shows the longitude and latitude location of the WiFi along with its name and time of connection so you can easily guess where they have been the whole day.

WiFi Networks

For testing purposes, I connected the target phone to multiple WiFi routers and hotspots and mSpy was able to detect all of them which is commendable.

Keyword Tracking

Now, this is the feature to look out for if you are looking for a spy app to monitor your kid’s online activity. With keyword tracking, you can add some specific keywords to mSpy that you think are inappropriate for kids. Whenever the target person types the restricted keyword anywhere on their phone you get an alert on your mail as well as under Detected Keywords on your mSpy account.

mspy features - keyword tracking

Setting up keyword tracking is also very easy you just have to type some keywords and you are good to monitor your kids.

Keyword alert in mail

According to mSpy, it can track keywords from all apps on the target phone, but when I tested I only got the keyword that I typed on WhatsApp and nowhere else. 


The keylogger is the main feature of any Android spy app as it tracks each keystroke made on the target Android device and shows it on your mSpy account. With this feature, you can know what your kids or spouse are typing on different apps on their phones. On mSpy, this feature works really well and it easily tracks all the keystrokes made on different apps.

Keylogger mSpy

You can even see the keystrokes of a particular app by choosing it from the top left corner.

select keylogger app

Overall, the feature is really handy and does its job as described. Also, the time it takes to show the keylogger data is not very high.

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Installed Apps

Keeping track of installed apps on your kid’s or lover’s phone allows you to see what apps they are using. If your lover is having a dating app installed on their phone then it may be a sign that they are cheating or about to cheat on you. Similarly, if your kid is having unwanted apps installed on their phone then you can know and tell them on time.

installed apps

With mSpy you can know what apps are installed on the target phone and can even block, more about that in the latter part of the article. You can also click on the RESEND LOGS button if you feel that the data is not accurate.

2. Locations

Other than general features, mSpy also enables you to track the location of the target phone so that you can know the current location of your kids or spouse/lover. And not just the current location but you can also add geofencing which alerts you every time the target person leaves or enters the virtual boundaries set by you. Let’s discuss more about the mSpy location feature in detail.

GPS Location

The GPS location feature collects the location details of the target phone and reflects them to your mSpy account remotely. This feature only works when the GPS is enabled on the target device. By default, the GPS location sync time is set to 5 minutes but you can increase it from the Device Management settings of your mSpy account.

However, it is recommended that you keep the location sync time to 5 minutes because this way you can know the exact location of the target person.

mSpy shows you the location details of the target phone in two ways, List View and Map View. In the List View, you get details like longitude/latitude coordinates, Accuracy, View on Google Maps, Location Address, and Time.

By clicking on the Google Maps link you can open the location on Google Maps so that you can know the shortest distance to reach your kids for their safety or to catch a cheating partner red-handed with someone.

list view

The Map View on the other hand provides a physical overview of the current location of the target person. You can zoom in and zoom out on the map to have a better idea of where your loved ones are currently hanging out.

map view of gps location

While testing the GPS location feature of the mSpy I found that it works as expected and does tell the exact location of the target device. But the location is not 100% accurate but you can expect an accuracy of up to 100 meters or less in most cases.


According to me, geofencing is one of the best features ever as it alerts you every time the target person enters or leaves the set boundaries. You can create a safety zone around your house, school, or playground so that whenever the kids go out of the safety mark you get notified. Setting up geofencing on mSpy is very easy and in a few simple steps, you can ensure the safety of your loved ones.

setup geofencing

You can create Allowed zones and Restricted zones for places you think it safe for your kids to visit and places you think are not good for them. Also, you can set the alert to only notify you when the kid enters or leaves the zone created by you or you can also select to get notified in both cases. To see the geofencing updates you can check your mSpy account.

mSpy geofencing data

Apart from that, you also get a notification in your email that the target person has crossed the boundaries set by you.

Geofence mail alert

In my test, I found that the geofencing feature works really well and it always notifies you when the target person leaves or enters the zone created by you. However, the email alert takes more time than it takes to show it on your mSpy account.

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3. Social Networks

Social networking sites have their advantages and disadvantages, it is good till you are meeting new people and making some good friends online. However, it becomes a problem when someone starts to bully or scam you using these sites. The kids are at the top of the list of such scammers and bullies and hence you should keep an eye on the social media activities of your kids. And that is what mSpy helps you with as it allows you to track all the social network profiles of your kids, GF/BF, or spouse.

Using mSpy you can track different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Kik and Telegram. You can also spy on Viber, Tinder, LINE, Snapchat, Hangouts, Skype, Instagram Messages, And Facebook.

Social media tracking on mSpy

I tried to track multiple Social media apps using mSpy including WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. However, mSpy was only able to track WhatsApp for me and that is because I was tracking a non-rooted Android phone had it been a rooted device all other Social media apps would have been tracked very easily. As with rooted devices, mSpy provides advanced social media tracking features.

So I can only share the results of WhatsApp tracking with you guys. mSpy does well in tracking WhatsApp chats and messages, it took less than 20 minutes to reflect them on my mSpy account.

social network tracking

Moreover, I tried to delete some messages right after sending them and it was able to track them as well which is a good job done by mSpy.

Note: In the future, I will test mSpy on a rooted device and will share the data of the remaining social media apps with you guys here.

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The screen recorder feature on mSpy allows you to see the screenshots of social media apps that the target person opens on their phone. With this feature, you can check whom your kid or spouse is currently interacting with on the social media platform. According to mSpy, it automatically captures the screenshots of social apps when they are opened on the target phone and reflects it on your mSpy account.

Sadly, while I was testing mSpy I did not get any screenshots of spy apps that were opened on the target phone. I tried all the social apps but was not able to get any updates. However, this may be because I was testing it on an Old Android device that is running on Android 7 which does not support a screen recorder. If your kid is using a relatively newer phone you must get the screenshots on your account.

5. Internet Usage

The Internet is an endless source of good and bad education, if your kids use the Internet for the good then it’s nothing like it but if they are trying to explore the darker side of the Internet then you should immediately stop them. With mSpy you can track all the online activities like what pages your kids are visiting, pages they have bookmarked, and emails they have exchanged.

mSpy does well to track the browsing history of the target phone, it tracks all the web pages the target person visits and shows it on your mSpy account. It shows details like the Website title, clickable URL so that you can visit the site yourself, the Last visit time and date, and the number of times a particular web page is visited.

browser history

There are two more features under Internet Usage which are Browser bookmark and Email but while testing I did not get any data under these features.

6. Restricted

Apart from tracking the target phone, mSpy also enables you to remotely block some features on it. Like for example, you can block some particular WiFi networks, Block harmful websites, and also disable some apps from launching on your kid’s smartphone. Here are some more details on this feature of mSpy.

Block WiFi

The first feature under Restricted is Block WiFi using which you can prevent the target device to connect to a particular WiFi network. This is a good feature if you don’t want your kids to use the WiFi at late night or when you are not at home.

To Block WiFi,  just click on the Block button next to the name of the WiFi network you want to disable.

Block wifi

Once the WiFi is completely disabled the target phone won’t connect to the WiFi no matter how hard they try.

Wifi blocked

During the testing phase, I found that it will take some time to actually block the WiFi. Also if the device is already connected to the WiFi then it will only block when they disconnect it and try to connect again.

Block Websites

If you don’t want your kids to visit some harmful websites on the internet then you can simply block them from the parent’s device. Once blocked, the sites won’t open on the target device. To block a particular website just enter its URL in the URL box and then click on the Block button below it. Similarly, you can add more websites, once you have added all the desired websites it will look something like this.

block website

After blocking a website if your kid tries to open that site on their phone it won’t load and they will see a blank page like this.

website blocked

I am quite satisfied with this feature of mSpy as it works as stated and there are no issues with it.

Block Application

Not just websites but some apps are also inappropriate for kids, so it’s better you block them if you cannot uninstall them from the target device. You will see a list of all the applications installed on the target device, you just have to click on the Block button next to the app name and it will be blocked. For unblocking the app, you can use the same button once again.

block apps

After the app is blocked it cannot be opened on the target device. Whenever your kid tries to open an app that has been blocked by you, a black screen will appear and the app won’t open just like this.

apps blocked

I found that it may take a few minutes for the app to be blocked, if they are currently using it then the app won’t be blocked till the time they exit and relaunch it. 

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Does The mSpy App Have Any Negative Impact On The Battery And Performance Of The Target Device?

It’s a good question and you should definitely ask it every time you are looking for spyware to monitor your kid’s or spouse’s phone. It is simply because if the app causes the target phone to slow down, heat up, or consumes a lot of battery then the target person will know about it. And as a consequence, they may stop using their device or get it checked by a professional who will definitely find out the spy app installed on their phone.

However, with mSpy, you don’t have to worry about all this because the mSpy app does not cause any such issues on the target device.

For this review, I installed the mSpy app on a 5-year-old Android phone which only has 2 GB of RAM.  But I didn’t feel any lag in performance or battery drop in day-to-day uses of the phone. 

mSpy Customer Support

Before buying a spy app you must know about its customer support because you may face several issues while installing the app or monitoring the target device. In this regard, mSpy does a good job as it offers multiple support modes like Email, Chat, and Phone.

It provides basic assistance like installing the app and monitoring the target device for free. However, if you need advanced support like personalized assistance and rooting/jailbreaking support then you have to pay for it.

I myself tried chat support when I was facing an issue while installing the app and it did resolve my issue. So yes, you can trust the customer support of mSpy. 

mSpy Chat support

How Much Does mSpy Cost?

mSpy pricing

mSpy is a decently priced spyware that is neither too expensive nor too affordable. When compared to some other spyware, mSpy packages are slightly overpriced. Nonetheless, you get three plans on mSpy which are monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

The monthly plans will cost you $48.99/ month, while on the other hand, the 3-month and 12-month plans are priced at $27.99 and $11.66/ month respectively.

The bigger plan you buy (in terms of duration) the more you could save. So if you are planning to monitor or track your kids or lover for a long time then I would recommend you buy the 12-month plan of mSpy, this way you can save a lot of money.

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My Final Thoughts On mSpy And Should You Buy It?

After testing this spyware for days I think I am in the right position to tell whether or not you should invest your hard-earned money in it. Frankly speaking, this app could have been better. Some of the features just didn’t work on my target device like the screen recorder, and social media apps except WhatsApp, Emails, and Browser Bookmarks.

But apart from that, it works well in terms of tracking locations, calls, messages, keyloggers, etc. Also, the blocking features work really well on mSpy. Since I was not using a rooted device for testing that may be a reason I get limited results with mSpy. However, if you want to track a jailbroken or rooted target device then you can get better results from it.

So to conclude this mSpy review, I will say that it’s good spy software that can help you monitor your kids, spouse, and lovers’ online activities. So you can definitely try it once, and if you don’t find it worthwhile you can demand a refund as you can get your money back within 10 days of purchase.


1. Can mSpy Be Detected?

No, as the mSpy app icon is hidden and it runs in the background on the target phone hence it cannot be detected.

2. What Is mSpy Used For?

You can use mSpy to track your kid’s or spouse’s online activities and monitor what they are doing on their phone.

3. Can mSpy Detect Deleted Messages?

Yes, mSpy can help you detect deleted messages from the target device.

4. Is mSpy Easy To Install?

Like all other spy apps, mSpy needs lots of permissions to install properly on the target phone. So, it’s not really easy to install it but you can take the help of their online installation wizard which guides you step by step on how to install mSpy easily.

5. Is mSpy Safe to Use?

Yes, mSpy is completely safe to use.

6. Is mSpy Detectable On iPhone?

No, since mSpy tracks iPhones through iCloud, it is not detectable.

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