Can I Get Hacked By Answering A Phone Call Or Text Message

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Are you wondering whether your phone can get hacked by answering a phone call or not? Do you want to know if it is possible for someone to hack your cell phone through a text message?

If you are worried that someone might have hacked your cell phone through a call or text message then you are at the right place. By reading this article, you will get to know whether it is possible or not. Not only this, but you will also know about other methods that someone can use to hack into your phone. And the end of this article I will also share some pro tips with you so that you can protect your phone from being hacked.

So let’s get started!

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Can I Get Hacked By Answering A Phone Call?

Can I Get Hacked By Answering A Phone Call

Have you picked up a call recently from an unknown number where no one said anything? Are you now wondering whether someone tried to hack into your cell phone through a call?

If yes, then you are not alone. It has happened to all of us and if it has happened just one time then you do not have to worry. That could have been a misconnected call or due to a network error, you might have not been able to talk.

But if it is happening again and again then you need to worry. We are living in a world where technology is evolving every day. A lot of things are possible in the world today that we never thought could be possible even a decade back.

However, there are a lot of things that are still near impossible. And one such thing is hacking someone’s cell phone through a call. To put your wonderings to rest, no you cannot get hacked by answering a phone call.

All a hacker can do is track your cell phone location through a call. But for that too, they need to talk to you for a significant amount of time. If you disconnect the call within a few seconds of picking up then they will not be able to do anything.

And even if you speak with them for long enough, they will only be able to get the location of the nearest network tower from where your call was made.

So do not worry, nobody will be able to hack into your cell phone by calling you.

Can Someone Hack Your Phone Through Text Message?

Can I Get Hacked Through Text Message

The answer to this question is both yes and no.

We receive tons of promotional and other messages daily, don’t we? So if it would have been possible to hack someone’s phone just by sending a text message then nobody would use messaging service, right?

So, no, nobody can hack your cell phone by just sending you a text message or if you reply to that message.

However, if the message contains a link and you click on it then things can go really wrong. This link can take you to a website with some fishy offers and you can get duped of money.

Or it can happen that when you click on the link then a hacking app gets downloaded to your cell phone. And once it happens then someone can hack into your cell phone remotely without you knowing.

Or it can also happen that someone is trying to hack your location by a link. When you will click on the link then the person will get the exact location of your cell phone and you will not even have a clue.

So yes, someone can hack into your cell phone through a text only if you click on the link that it contains. If you reply to that text or just open it then your phone will not get hacked.

Other Methods Someone Can Use To Hack Your Cell Phone

As discussed, you cannot get hacked by answering a phone call or text message. Let me now share some of the other methods that hackers can use to hack your cell phone.

1) Using A Cell Phone Hacking App

If someone wants to hack into your cell phone remotely without your knowledge then the best method for them is to make use of a cell phone hacking app. They can install a cell phone hacking app on your cell phone and then can access all the information they need. Once the hacking app is installed on your cell phone then they will be able to do the following things:

2) Using A Keylogger

Hackers also use a keylogger to hack into your cell phone. A keylogger is basically an app that records every keystroke you make on your cell phone. Therefore your partner or the person that wants to hack into your cell phone will know the messages you send and your passwords to different accounts.

3) Hacking Into Google Or iCloud Account

These days, almost everyone backs their data on either their Google or iCloud account, right? So someone can try and hack into these accounts of yours and it will literally be like hacking into your cell phone without you knowing.

4) Phishing

As discussed earlier, someone can send you a link via text messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, or through a normal text. And when you click on the link then they will know your location, or download a hacking app on your phone, etc. basically, your cell phone can get hacked and you will not have a clue.

How Do You Know If Your Cell Phone Is Hacked?

As discussed, someone can use a variety of methods to hack your cell phone without your knowledge. Doesn’t it make you curious to know whether your cell phone has already been hacked or not?

I guess it does and it does no harm to confirm it, right? So let me now tell you how you can know if your cell phone is hacked or not.

1) Lag In Performance

If someone has installed a hacking tool on your cell phone then the first thing that you will notice is the lag in its performance. Because the cell phone hacking app keeps running in the background of your cell phone 24/7. And it obviously consumes the resources of your cell phone to run. Therefore if your cell phone is hacked then you will notice a lag in its performance.

2) Unusual Behavior

Another thing that you will notice is the unusual behavior of your cell phone. You might notice one of the following things:

  • Your cell phone is getting switched off and on automatically
  • Apps keep crashing unexpectedly
  • The camera app is getting opened and closed automatically, etc.

3) Increase In Data Consumption

If your cell phone is hacked then it must be transmitting your data continuously to another person over the Internet, right? And the continuous sharing of data must use a lot of your Internet data, right? So if you see a spike in your data consumption then it means that your cell phone has been hacked.

4) Reduced Battery Life

When an app is running in the background of your cell phone continuously then it will consume a lot of battery, right? Therefore if you have noticed the drop in the battery life that your cell phone offers then it means that someone has hacked into your cell phone already.

5) Unidentified Apps

If you find any app that you have not installed then it might be an app to hack your cell phone. These apps can also masquerade as system apps by changing their icon and name. So if you see a system app appearing twice in your app list or see an app that you do not remember installing then it might be a cell phone hacking app. The presence of these apps on your cell phone means someone has already hacked into it.

How To Protect Your Phone From Being hacked?

Let us now look at the things that you should do to protect your cell phone from being hacked.

1) Set Up A Strong Screen Lock And Password

Set up a strong screen lock and never share it with anyone. Do not let others use your cell phone. If someone can access your cell phone then it means they can also easily install a tool to hack it.

Also makes sure to set a strong password to access your Google or iCloud account. So that no one can access them.

2) Keep Changing The Password

After setting a strong password, the next thing that you should do is keep changing it frequently.

3) Turn Off The Third Party App Installation

Turn off the permission to install third-party apps. Cell phone hacking tools are not available on the Play Store and are mainly third-party apps. By disabling the third-party app installation you make sure that no third-party app gets installed on your cell phone.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to do it:

Step 1: Go to Password & Security in the Settings app of your cell phone.Third Party Apps - Step 1

Step2: Tap on System Security.Third Party Apps - Step 2

Step 3: Go to Installation Sources.Third Party Apps - Step 3

Step 4: Turn off permission for every app.Third Party Apps - Step 4

4) Do Not Click On Unknown Links

Do not ever click on the links that you receive in text messages. As discussed earlier, these links can let someone hack your location or other information.

So these were some methods that you can use to protect your cell phone from being hacked remotely.

How To Unhack Your Phone?

If your phone is already been hacked by someone, then you can use the following methods to unhack it:

1) Disconnect The Internet Connection

The first thing that you should do is disconnect your cell phone from the Internet connection. If your cell phone has a hack app then it must be using the Internet to share your data remotely.

2) Uninstall The Unknown App

The next thing that you should do is find any duplicate app or an app that you don’t remember installing yourself. Once found, uninstall it right away.

3) Install An Anti Hack App

If there is a cell phone hack app then there is also an anti-cellphone hack app. You can install an anti-cellphone hack tool that can help you find the hacking app that someone has installed on your cell phone. Once you have found that app then you can uninstall it straight away.

4) Factory Reset Your Cell Phone

If you are not able to find the hacking app on your smartphone and you also do not want to use an anti-hack app then you can factory reset your cell phone. However, this should be the last resort because it will not only delete the hack app but will also delete all your data from your cell phone.


Can Someone Steal Your Information Through A Call?

No, no one can steal your information if you answer a call.

Can You Get A Virus From A Phone Call?

No, you cannot get a virus from a phone call.

Can You Get Hacked By Replying To Text?

No, your cell phone will not get hacked by replying to a text.

Can You Get Scammed By Opening A Text Message?

No, you cannot get scammed just by opening a text message unless you click on the link in the message.

Can Someone Hack My Phone By Texting Me A Picture?

Yes, if you click on the picture in the message then your cell phone can get hacked.

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