3 Best Kik Spy Apps For Monitoring This Popular Messenger

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If being highly social is your teen’s cup of tea, then having a Kik account is not a big deal for them. But if you have ever used Kik messenger yourself, then we bet you are certainly aware of the filth this app carries.

It’s not like Kik is solely used by sexual predators or for watching some adult stuff. You can make new friends from all over the world and join groups relevant to your interest.

But a good percentage of people don’t care about making friends and discussing new things. They just look for new people for sexting, sharing adult content, or maybe for any other punitive reasons. And we all know how easy it is to influence teens.

So we ask you a question now, is it ok to leave the Kik account of your child, teen, or your loved ones unchecked? We guess the answer is obvious.

Check out the list of the best Kik spy apps that we think are best for this job. The apps that you see in the list are fully tested and selected after testing multiple spy apps. Plus, all of them don’t demand rooting and they are undetectable. So, you can rely on all the apps mentioned.

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Best Remote Kik Spy Apps That Are Undetectable

#1 uMobix

The Good

  • All the screenshots of the target device’s Kik account are clear and of high quality
  • Immediate updates on Kik
  • Tracking is done with screenshots
  • Screenshots are continuous
  • Possible to know when the target person is online on Kik

The Bad

  • No text is given for messages, so you need to rely only on screenshots

Believe us, when it comes to Kik spy tools, most spy apps cannot beat uMobix. The way it works is just flawless.

As soon as the target person starts doing some activity on Kik, you will see the data uploading on the Kik section of the app.

tracking with screenshots in umobix

All the data is present in the form of screenshots which increase your reliability on the app.

No matter what the target person is doing on Kik, checking profile, chatting in groups, chatting in person, or whatever you can think of, you will get screenshots from every corner of the app. Furthermore, the screenshots are consistent, so you don’t need to worry about leaving anything unchecked.

umobix kik tracking

As you can see in the photo, the screenshots are large in size, making it possible to read each and every message and view every photo.

There’s a feature in uMobix that no other Kik spy app ever gives. And this feature will help you know when the target person is currently active on the app.

Whenever your child is using Kik on their phone, you will be able to see an online tag in front of the app.

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#2 KidsGuard Pro

The Good

  • Updates are given within seconds
  • Updates are given with both screenshots and text
  • The screenshots are of high quality
  • Screenshots are given consistently
  • Possible to download screenshots as well

The Bad

  • Sometimes KidsGuard Pro picks up text that is written on the screen and shows as it was typed by the user

The working of this app for Kik or any other social app will just blow your mind.

Saying that KidsGuard Pro gives quick results would be an understatement. The moment the target user does some Kik activity, you can see the results appearing on the online portal that very moment.

Another feature of KidsGuard Pro that makes it unbeatable is that it tracks the user with both screenshots and text. The messages that your lover sends and receives can be tracked in the form of text and screenshots.

kidsguard pro text tracking

Other than messages, the other things that you can monitor with screenshots are the profile they are checking, groups they are looking at, or any other thing you can possibly think of.

The screenshots are small in size but by clicking on them you can open them in full size. As the screenshots are clear and of high quality, there’s no need to predict what’s written in the message.

best kik spy apps

There’s no limit to the number of screenshots that KidsGuard Pro gives. You will continuously receive the screenshots while your spouse is active on Kik.

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#3 iKeyMonitor

The Good

  • Quick updates in the Kik section
  • Date and time stamp with all messages
  • Notification on activities other than messages
  • Plenty of filtering options

The Bad

  • Sometimes the messages from one person might appear by some other contact name
  • Didn’t get screenshots for Kik

iKeyMonitor phone spy app makes the monitoring of the Kik messages of your lover so much easy with its Kik feature that you can see under the Chats heading.

The results related to Kik were given quickly by the app, but you might find the tracking of data a bit confusing. Why so? Well, sometimes you might find a message appearing in a group but originally that message was sent in a personal chat.

A good thing about iKeyMonitor is that other than messages, it will also show you notifications of what’s happening in the Kik account. For instance, when the teen starts a new chat with someone, a notification will appear “New conversation with ‘username'”

kik monitoring with ikeymonitor

There are plenty of filtering options available in iKeyMonitor that makes your checking of data quick. You can filter the search based on Kik contacts, groups, and type of message that is voice, text, etc.

kik messenger spy

Although, there’s a feature in iKeyMonitor that clicks screenshots from target phone while they are using Kik or any other activity. But unfortunately, the feature didn’t work for us at all.

The overall working was decent and you’ll surely get to know if there’s something fishy in the Kik account of teen.

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Which Kik Spyware Is Best Of All?

The working of three apps for Kik was remarkable. But it’s obvious that you need only one of them for monitoring the Kik account of the target Android phone.

All three apps were working in the hidden mode, there was no need for rooting, the tracking was done remotely, updates were quick, so, which app was good.

Choosing only one was the hardest decision but KidsGuard Pro was slightly better than the other two. And the reason is that it gives the updates in the form of both screenshots and text. While on the other hand, uMobix only gives screenshots, and iKeyMonitor only gives text updates.

As for the data sync speed, all three apps were giving instant updates.


Can You Spy On Someone's Kik?

With a good spy app, you can easily spy on someone's Kik account and you don't even need to root the target Android phone.

What Is The Best Undetectable Kik Messenger Spy App?

KidsGuard Pro is the best undetectable Kik Messenger spy app for Android smartphones.

Can You Tell When Someone Is Online On Kik?

This is only possible if you have the uMobix installed on the user's phone. When they are online on Kik, you will see an online tag in front of the app's Kik section.

Do I Need To Root The Target Phone For Monitoring Kik Activities?

Using all the apps mentioned by us, there's no need to root the target Android phone.

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