FlexiSPY Review: One Stop Solution To Your Spying Needs

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Installation & Set Up


Ease Of Use






Time Taken To Sync Target Phone Data


Impact On Performance Of Target Device


Value for Money



  • Syncing of everything is super fast
  • Records VoIP call without rooting
  • Its keylogger works perfectly
  • It even lets you spy on target phone wallpapers
  • Location features shows accurate location history of target phone
  • You can spy on target phone's camera without rooting
  • Its alert feature works perfectly


  • Its App activity feature did not work for me
  • Requires jailbreak on iPhone

Are you looking for the best spy app and came across FlexiSPY, and now want to know more about it? Do you want to know if FlexiSPY really does what it says and if it is worth trying or not?

There are n number of spy apps available in the market today, they promise a lot but actually fall short in delivering. And I know how it feels when you want to spy on your kids or partner and the app fails to work. You pay your hard-earned money only to find out that it does not even do what it says. And you are left with no choice but to find its alternative.

FlexiSPY is considered to be one of the best spy apps but does it really live up to the expectations? Does it work with Android and iOS? What are all features it offers and do they really work? Does it require jailbreak or root to work? How much does it cost? Is it good? Should you try it?

To answer all these questions, I went ahead and used FlexiSPY intensively. Following are the top features of FlexiSPY that impressed me the most while testing it.

Call Recording & Intercept:  When it comes to listening to someone’s phone conversation there’s no app better than FlexiSPY. The FlexiSPY app lets you record VoIP calls or cellular calls and even intercept an ongoing phone call.

Remotely Control The Target Device: With FlexiSPY, you can get remote access to the target phone and control its camera and microphone to capture photos/videos and record audio. You can even remotely turn off the target cell phone using this app.

Location Tracking: This app has one of the most accurate location trackers that allows you to track the exact location of the target device. It even offers a geofencing feature using which you can create a virtual fence and whenever the target person crosses it, you will get notified.

Reasons To Buy

✔️ Only spy app that can monitor an iPhone in the true sense

✔️ It can effectively record all the calls on the target phone be it cellular or VoIP without root

✔️The location tracking feature is highly accurate

✔️FlexiSPY lets you remotely hack the target phone camera and microphone

✔️ Has some advanced features that no other spy app has such as Call Interception, Spoof SMS, etc.

Reasons To Avoid

❌ If you want to use all the advanced features you need to root or jailbreak the target device

❌ To use advanced features you need to pay the premium price

FlexiSPY Quick Review

In my opinion, FlexiSPY is the most advanced spyware that can effectively monitor both iPhone and Android phones. I also liked the fact that to use most features you don’t need to root the target Android device such as recording phone calls and VoIP calls, accessing the target phone’s camera, and more.

However, to use FlexiSPY on iPhone you need to jailbreak it first, or else you won’t be able to use the FlexiSPY app, which is a downside of this app. But according to me jailbreaking the target iPhone is worth it because no other app can spy on iPhone as well as FlexiSPY does. Overall, you must give FlexiSPY a try. Also, if you have some spare time then go through the detailed FlexiSPY review below.

Free Trial  Available No
Free Demo  AvailableYes
Money Back GuaranteeYes
Monthly price$29.95/ month
Supported Operating SystemAndroid & iPhone
Works Without RootingYes
Works Without JailbreakNo
Spy Listicles Rating9.4/10

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Full FlexiSPY Review

After using it for a few weeks I have come up with this detailed FlexiSPY review. Rest assured, I will answer all your questions related to FlexiSPY in this review. You can use the links below to navigate to the specific section of the FlexiSPY review.

FlexiSPY Compatibility: Does It Require Jailbreak Or Root?

The answer to this is a YES and a NO.

If your girlfriend/boyfriend uses an Android device then no it does not require any rooting. You can use most of its features without rooting the target phone. However, there are some advanced features that do require rooting even on an Android device. FlexiSPY works on all Android smartphones that run on Android 4.0.3 or any latest version than that.

If your wife/husband uses an iPhone then you will have to jailbreak their iPhone to install FlexiSPY. It works on all iOS devices that run on iOS version 6 to the newest version provided it is jailbroken.

If your spouse or kid uses a laptop or PC, even then you can spy on them using the FlexiSPY app. It works on all Windows computers that run on Windows 7 or higher. If your kids or partner uses a MacBook then too you can use FlexiSPY to track their every activity remotely without them knowing.

How To Install FlexiSPY And How Long Does It Take To Install?

Installing a spy app on the target phone is the hardest part of spying on someone. Once the spy app is installed on the target phone then everything seems like a cakewalk. Therefore the installation process of spy apps becomes very critical. Even if the spy app boasts a long list of features, if you can’t get it installed on the target phone then the spy app is of no use to you. So let us now look at how you can install FlexiSPY on the target phone and how much time the whole process takes.

Firstly, you will have to visit the FlexiSPY website and purchase the plan that suits you. To do that once you go to their website you will have to click on the Buy Now button.

FlexiSPY Website

After clicking on the button you will be taken to a new window where you will have to choose the type of target device i.e. whether it is Android, iPhone, iPad, or computer. Once you select the target device then you will be shown the different available plans. You can choose the one that fits your budget and fulfills your need.

Choose The Type Of Target Device

Once you select the plan then you will be asked to fill up your details and do the payment. If you feel like you cannot install the app on the target phone without help then you can purchase FlexiSPY installation services. However, I will be telling you the step-by-step process to do exactly that, and that too without any fee, you’re welcome! So I would suggest not to go for paid installation services and save some money.

After paying the amount, you will receive all your credentials in the email that you entered while paying. You can then use these credentials to log in to your FlexiSPY account.

So this was very easy right? Now starts the hard part. You will now need physical access to the target phone to install the FlexiSPY app on it.

Once you are logged in to your FlexiSPY account then you will see two options on your screen. One will be to use the paid installation service and the other will be to install the app manually. Since you did not purchase any installation services so click on the manual option. On the next screen, you will be asked to choose the type of device you want to install the app on. I am using an unrooted Android smartphone so I am selecting the Android option.

Then you will be asked to choose the make of your smartphone. You will be shown 5 options, Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, Redmi, and others. I am using One Plus Nord 2 so I am choosing the other option.

Once you click on the option it will show you the step-by-step process of doing everything that you need to do to install the app. I will recommend you to practice it once on your own cell phone before trying to install it on your kid’s or partner’s cell phone. Because if things do not go well the first time then you might get caught red-handed or you may not get another chance anytime soon.

It took me around 6 minutes and 5 seconds to install and configure the FlexiSPY on my phone. And this time is over and above the time that it took to create the account and download the app. Downloading the app on the target phone can take time depending on the Internet speed you have. I have used a lot of spy apps so I was very quick in setting it up but if you are using it for the first time then it could take around 15 minutes or even more to install and configure. As I said earlier, you should practice it once on your own device before installing it on your kid’s or spouse’s cell phone.

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Can FlexiSPY Be Detected?

A spy app is of no use if it can be detected by the target phone user, right? So the question is: Is FlexiSPY detectable?

The answer to this question is again a Yes and a No.

FlexiSPY does a great job of masquerading itself as a system app. Its icon looks like the Settings icon and it also changes its name to Sync Services. Therefore the target phone user will think of it as a default system app and will not pay much attention to it and will keep ignoring it.

That being said if someone clicks on the app then it opens the app’s settings where you can see all the permissions that are given to it and the amount of storage it is using. The Uninstall app button is also enabled so the target user can easily uninstall it. And this way the target phone user may not get suspicious but they can definitely uninstall it.

However, you can always use Android’s hide apps option to hide the Sync Services app so that it stays out of reach of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

FlexiSPY Features

So this was all about installing the app and hiding it. Now let us dive into the interesting part, the things that we can achieve with FlexiSPY. FlexiSPY offers a long list of features and now we will look into these features one by one. And will see if they really work or are just to lure us into buying the app.

To access the different features of FlexiSPY, you will have to log in to your FlexiSPY account. Once you log in to your account you will be on the FlexiSPY dashboard by default. Here you can see all the information regarding the target phone and your account.

This information is shown in a tile format. The first tile will consist of information about the target phone. You can see the model of the target device, the operating system it is running on, and its IMEI number. You can also see the network provider the target user is using, and the battery left on the target device, whether it is online or not. It also shows you when was the last time the target device got synced to your FlexiSPY account.

FlexiSPY Review - Dashboard

In the next tile to the right, you can see information related to your FlexiSPY account. Then the rightmost tile will consist of all the options to manage your FlexiSPY account.

The tiles on the next row will give you a quick glance at the latest calls, SMS, key logs, location, and photos. The next option on the left menu strip will be Account. You will be able to see all the information regarding your FlexiSPY account by clicking on this option. The next option on the menu will be the Data option. This option contains all the interesting information that we require. Let us look at the sub-menu options of the Data option one by one.

FlexiSPY Free Demo

Before I start telling you about its features in detail, you can experience them yourself. FlexiSPY lets you have a demo of the app for free. You can have a first-hand experience of seeing your dashboard, navigating it, and seeing what information different features show. Basically, you can get a hang of the app before you decide to finalize it.

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Call Log

Call logs can reveal a lot of things about your kid or partner so you definitely want to spy on call logs, right? Well, FlexiSPY lets you do that. It keeps track of all the outgoing, incoming, and even missed calls.

Call Logs

Once the call is made through the target phone, it gets stored in FlexiSPY. Once the target phone is connected to the Internet, these call logs are then synced to your FlexiSPY account.

While I was testing it intensively, FlexiSPY worked flawlessly, even without a single hiccup. It synced all the call logs to my account within a minute of connecting the target phone to the Internet. FlexiSPY was able to track the call log even if I deleted the call log immediately after finishing the call. It did not matter whether my phone was connected to the Internet or not, it tracked the call log every time I deleted the recent call log.

However, it does not show you which call log was deleted from the target phone. If they would have included this feature too then it would have been great. As if your husband/wife is cheating on you then they must be deleting all the call records. And if you could know which call records are getting deleted then it would have made your job even easier.

You will be able to see the following information in the Call Log option:

  • Phone number to which the call was made or received from
  • Name of the contact in case the number is saved on the target phone
  • Whether the call was made, received, or missed
  • Duration of the call
  • Date and time of the call

FlexiSPY also lets you star or delete a particular call log which makes the navigation very easy.

Call Recordings

Spying on call logs has some limits. They generally do not prove if your suspicion is absolutely right or not. It might happen that your kid or spouse is genuinely good friends with someone and there is nothing else. So how do you make sure that you are right? Listen to their call recordings, as simple as that. With FlexiSPY you can do that, that too remotely and without anyone knowing.

Call Recordings

During my testing, it was quick to record and sync the call recordings. The recordings were clear and I could hear the clear voices of both the caller and receiver. It even recorded the call when my cell phone was not connected to the Internet. The time taken by it to share the recordings during my testing was around 4-5 minutes. That being said it could take less or more time depending on the internet speed of the target phone.

You can see all the information like number, name, duration, etc. like you see in the Call Log option. And you get an additional Download button which you can use to download a particular call recording.

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VoIP Recording

Instant messaging apps have become so popular that you hardly do normal calls today. The number of VoIP calls we do per day is increasing day by day. So there is an excellent chance that maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend is using one of the social messaging apps to call their secret lover. So how do you spy on the calls made via Skype, or listen to someone’s WhatsApp calls, and other instant messaging apps?

FlexiSPY takes care of this too! It not only records the normal call but also records VoIP calls without root. And you can listen to these recordings under the VoIP Recording option.

VoIP Call Recording

I use WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, and Instagram to call my family and friends. And FlexiSPY did record all the calls, audio, and as well as video, that I made using WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. That too without any rooting required, I do not think any other spy app on the market is offering this feature. However, it was not able to record the calls I made using Instagram. And it was only able to record what I was saying on the call and it was not able to record what the person on the other side was saying.

It shows you the following information:

  • Name of the contact to which the call was made or received from
  • On which app the call was made
  • Whether the call was an outgoing or an incoming call
  • Duration of the call
  • Date and time of the call
  • Download button to download the recordings

It also lets you filter out the calls according to the app and it also lets you star or delete a particular VoIP call recording.

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Key Logs

This is one of the best options that a spy app could have. It tracks and records all the things that you type on your phone. It does not matter whether you typed something while texting, searching for something on your phone, renaming a file, browsing the internet, or anything else that requires you to use the keyboard of the cell phone. The keylogger records and saves all the keystrokes. This way you can know exactly what your kids are searching for on the internet, texting their friends, and much more.

Key Logs

During my testing, it recorded accurately all the keystrokes that I made on different apps. And I am saying again, it was super quick in syncing everything from the target phone to my FlexiSPY account making it one of the best keyloggers for Android without root.

It shows you the following things:

  • The actual text that you typed
  • The app on which you typed
  • Date and time of typing the text

FlexiSPY lets you see this information in the form of a list as well as in the form of tiles. And you can also delete and star a particular key log.


You may not call your secret lover very often but you can definitely text them the whole day. So if your partner is cheating on you then they must be using texts to chat. But how can you spy on your boyfriend’s text messages, you ask?

Well, FlexiSPY has the answer for you. It lets you spy on the text messages of the target phone that the app is installed on.

As I tested its other features, I did test this feature intensively too. It was able to track and record every text message that I sent or received through my network service provider. However, it was not able to record the text messages that I sent using the Internet. If you do not know then let me tell you, the inbuilt messaging apps also send SMS over the Internet these days. But to send and receive them you have to have an active Internet connection.


So it was not able to record the SMS that I sent using the Internet but recorded all the texts that were sent through the network service provider, even the deleted ones, perfectly.

It shows you the following things:

  • All the contacts that you sent and received an SMS from
  • Actual conversation that took place

One thing that I liked about the FlexiSPY SMS feature is that it shows you a similar interface that you see on your phone. This makes it very easy to use and read messages.


FlexiSPY also lets you spy on the emails of your kid/wife/husband. Normally, people do not use emails to cheat or do illegal things. But you never know the limit people can cross. And you do not have to worry, as FlexiSPY lets you spy on the emails of the target phone as well.

Emails took a little bit more time to get synced as compared to the other feature, while I was testing it. But FlexiSPY did manage to show all the sent and received emails but it was not able to differentiate between the sent and received emails. It was showing all emails as received, even the sent ones were shown as received. And it was also not able to show the deleted emails that were deleted within 2 minutes of receiving or sending.

You can see the following things in the Emails option:

  • Name of the sender or receiver
  • The subject line of the email
  • The actual text of the email, which you can see on full screen by clicking on it
  • Whether the email was sent or received, this did not work for me and showed all the emails as received
  • The date and time of the email


People these days use a number of instant messaging apps. And needless to say, they must be using one of these social messaging apps for cheating on their spouse.

As a result, FlexiSPY has an IMs option, which probably stands for Instant Messages. This option lets you track all the instant messaging apps remotely without them knowing.

While I was testing it on my cell phone, it was able to show me all the messages from all the messaging apps that I use, except Skype. I was able to see all the sent and received texts. It shows you exact messages with the date and time. Remember, we discussed that the FlexiSPY was not able to track the SMS’ that were sent through the inbuilt messaging app via the Internet? It seems like it did track those SMS’, however, they are shown in the IMs option and not in the SMS option.

Instant Messages

It shows the following information regarding Instant Messages:

  • The app that the messages were sent or received on
  • Actual conversation
  • Name or number of the contact
  • Date and time of the message

Like the SMS option, it shows you the entire conversation in an interface that is similar to your cell phone interface. Due to this, I was able to understand which messages I have received and which I have sent clearly.

FlexiSPY, like its other features, lets you delete, star, and filter conversations.

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MMS may be an outdated technology and I don’t think anybody uses it in today’s world. But wait, isn’t this makes it a good option to send a small sneak peek clip, if you know what I mean! Because nobody will suspect and as discussed earlier that inbuilt messaging apps these days can send messages over the Internet. Therefore it is very easy to send small clips via a cell phone’s inbuilt messaging app. Maybe I was wrong and maybe some clever people are still using MMS these days.


FlexiSPY lets you keep an eye on these MMS, so it takes care of one more of your worries.

It was super quick in syncing every MMS that I sent and received. And it was even able to record MMS that I deleted instantly after receiving them.

Let us look at the information that it shows you regarding the MMS below:

  • MMS that I sent or received
  • It lets you download the MMS
  • The name or number of the sender or receiver
  • The message that accompanied the MMS
  • Date and time of the MMS

Needless to say, it even lets you filter out the MMS’ and also lets you delete, and star them.


If you are having the suspicion that your partner might be cheating on you then one look at their phone photos can reveal a lot about them.

FlexiSPY helps you in spying on the gallery photos of the target phone remotely without them knowing.

When I was testing it on my phone it tracked all the photos quickly and synced them to my FlexiSPY account within minutes. It was even able to track the photos that I hid immediately after taking them. However, it was not able to track the photos that I deleted immediately after clicking them. That being said, once the photos were synced to my FlexiSPY account then it did not matter whether I deleted them later or not. I was able to see them in my account.


One thing that I noticed is that it only shows you the photos that are taken from the phone’s camera. And it does not let you see the photos that you have downloaded over the Internet or from any other social media apps.

The Photos option shows you the following information:

  • All the photos according to the date they were taken
  • Time the photo was taken

The one thing that I like the most about the FlexiSPY is that it even lets you get all the photos from the target phone that were taken before the installation of the FlexiSPY.


Videos have become very popular in recent years. People these days like to click a short video and then click a photo. So spying on someone’s videos can also reveal a lot of secrets.

FlexiSPY’s Videos option takes care of that. It keeps track of all the videos that are shot by the phone’s camera and then uploads them to your FlexiSPY account when connected to the Internet.

During my testing of this feature, I was able to see all the videos that I shot through my phone’s camera in my FlexiSPY account. However, like its Photos feature, it was able to upload the videos that I hid after shooting but it was not able to upload the videos that I deleted immediately. But once they got uploaded then I was able to see them in my account even after deleting them from my cell phone. It also does not upload videos that have a large file size.

This is a good and a bad thing too. It is good because it does not let you get caught. Because sharing large size files will consume a considerable amount of data as well as can slow down the overall performance of the phone. And if this happens then the target phone user will get suspicious. It is bad because obviously you can not see every video and it might be possible that the video you were looking for has a large file size.

Like the Photos feature, you can also get all the videos that were shot before installing the FlexiSPY app on the target phone.

Audio Files

FlexiSPY also uploads all the audio files that were recorded on the target phone.

Audio Files

When I tested this feature on my phone, it was able to upload all the audio files that were recorded from my cell phone’s recorder, except the immediately deleted files. One thing to note here is that it does not actually upload the files in the first place and only shows you the duration and time of recording the audio file. I had to click on the Get File button to actually upload the file from the target device. It is again a good and a bad thing. Good because I personally do not spy on recorded audio files much and uploading unnecessary files will consume the data of the target phone. It is bad because if you want to get the file but it has been deleted from the phone then you will not be able to listen to it.


I know it may sound crazy but FlexiSPY also lets you spy on the wallpapers that the target phone uses without them knowing.


During my testing, it was able to upload all the wallpapers that I changed after installing the FlexiPSY on my phone. And needless to say, it was very quick in doing so. I do not know whom this feature will benefit from, but if you are one of them and are looking for a similar feature then you have hit a jackpot. FlexiSPY even shows you the date on which the wallpaper was changed.


This is one of the most important features if you want to know where exactly your kid/wife/husband is spending their day.

When I tested this feature, it recorded all my locations accurately. I was able to see my current location as well as the history of my location i.e. the places I visited previously. The thing that I liked the most is it even shows the date and time of visiting a particular place. And it even lets you see a particular place on the map. So I was able to zoom in and out to see my previous location on the map.


It shows you the following information on your FlexiSPY account:

  • Latitude and longitude of the location
  • Accuracy in meters
  • Date and time the target phone user was at that place
  • Map view
  • You can start the location tracking immediately if you want
  • You can also see the current location of the target phone


It is one of the coolest features that FlexiSPY has to offer. You can listen to someone’s surroundings remotely without even them knowing. All you have to do to record is press a button on your account and FlexiSPY will start the audio recording.

Like its other feature, I tested this feature intensively too. It was quick to start the recording on the target phone, but the target phone needs to be connected to the Internet. If the target phone is not online then it did not receive the record command and did not start recording. However, it started recording the audio once I connected the target phone to the Internet.

FlexiSPY features

The abnormal behavior that I noticed is that I was not able to use the internal phone recorder and it was showing that some other application is recording currently. And when I started to record the video from the target phone camera then FlexiSPY was not able to record the audio but it also did not get paused.

One good thing that I like about it is that you can schedule recording for a later date or time. Once the recording was done, it was able to upload the recording quickly, within 2 minutes, to my FlexiSPY account.

RemCam And RemVideo

The Ambient feature just lets you record the audio of the surroundings of the target phone user. But how cool it would be if you can actually spy on someone through their phone’s camera remotely without the user knowing?

Very Cool, right? FlexiSPY lets you do just that, with its RemCam option you can click photos remotely from the target phone. And with the RemVideo option, you can shoot videos remotely through the target phone without them knowing. All you have to do in both cases is press a button on your FlexiSPY account.

During my testing, these features worked perfectly and synced the images and videos super fast to my FlexiSPY account. The capturing was quick too, I clicked the button on my account and within a second the target phone took the photo and the video. It took photos from both front and rear cameras with a single command.

The video recording can be done for a pre-defined time like, 1,2, 3, etc. minutes and the maximum video duration that can be recorded is 5 minutes.

I did face some unusual behavior in my target phone while FlexiSPY was clicking photos and videos in the background. Like, while I was recording the video from the phone’s camera app and I gave a command to click photos from FlexiSPY then my ongoing video recording got stopped. Similarly, while I was texting on the social media app and gave the command to take photos or videos the keyboard got closed immediately and it took time to open up again.

Other than that I did not face any unusual behavior while using the target phone.

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Contacts, Network, App Activity, And Installed Apps

Among all the above-mentioned features, FlexiSPY offers some of the basic features too, which would be especially helpful for you in case you want to spy on your kids.


FlexiSPY lets you see the saved contacts on your child’s phone, the WiFi network they connect to use the Internet. It also lets you see all the apps that they have installed on their phone as well as their activities on different apps.


While I was testing these features on my One Plus Nord 2 which runs on Android 11, all of these features worked smoothly except the App Activity feature. I was able to see all the contacts saved on the target phone, the WiFi network that the target phone connected to. I was also able to see all the installed apps on it, but I was not able to see any app activity that I did on the target phone. However, it might work for you depending on the make and OS of the target phone.

App Activity

Web Activity And Bookmarks

This feature too will be most useful to you in case you want to spy on your children. The Internet is a wide pool of knowledge that anyone can access these days. But in this pool, there are some impurities that can be harmful to kids if they are not guided well. Therefore you need to keep an eye on their web activities so that they do not access things that can be misleading for them.

FlexiSPY lets you do this with its Web Activity feature. It keeps track of all the activities that your kid does on the web and syncs them to your FlexiSPY account so that you can monitor them later. And its Bookmarks feature lets you keep track of all the bookmarks that your kid did on the web.

Web Activity

While I was testing this, it recorded the URL of every page that I visited using the target phone’s Chrome browser. It also showed me the time and date of visiting a particular URL. The thing that I liked about this feature is that it gives you the URLs as links so you can click on them to visit the exact page that your kid visited. And it was also able to record URLs that I visited using other browsers on the target phone.

However, it was not able to track any of my bookmarks. That being said, it might work for you depending on the make and OS of the target phone.



This is the most underrated feature in every spy app but I think it can be very useful if your partner is an organized person. Just imagine, if you already know your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s plan in advance then you will be able to plan your spying game accordingly to get the information you are looking for.

For example, if your spouse is going to a party then you know when you want to click pics and videos so that you can know whom they are partying with. And also you will know if they lied to you about going to the parties.


FlexiSPY’s Calendar features worked smoothly, like its other features. It was able to show me every event that I added to the target phone’s calendar app. And needless to say, it was very quick in doing so. I was able to see the title of the event, date and time of the event, location, etc. basically, everything that was saved on the calendar.


This is again one of the best features of this app. Sometimes it may happen that you want to know in advance if your kid or partner is doing something they are not supposed to do. So that you can either stop them or catch red-handed, right? Alerts feature from FlexiSPY lets you do that. You can set alerts so that you can be notified as and when some event occurs. It lets you set alerts for Caller ID, Keyword, and Location.


I was able to set an alert if the target phone receives, sends, or misses a voice call, SMS, or MMS from a certain contact or number. As and when this happened, I immediately got an alert regarding it. I was also able to set alerts for a particular keyword. If this keyword appeared in any of the texts, emails, or MMS then it alerted me for the same. I could also set an alert for location. And when the target phone entered the preset diameter of that location, it alerted me of the same. I was able to choose the pre-set diameter from 50 meters to a whopping 10 kilometers.

Advanced Features

FlexiSPY also offers some advanced features like Live Listening and Spoof SMS. But to make these features work you need to root or jailbreak the target device.

Live Listening

So if you really want to use these features then you will have to root or jailbreak the target phone. However, I think FlexiSPY is already providing you with some very advanced features and you will hardly use these two features. But if they are a kind of deal-breaker for you then you can use them too after rooting or jailbreaking the target phone.

Spoof SMS

How Much Does FlexiSPY Cost?

Now that we know about all the features that FlexiSPY has to offer, let us now look at the cost that you will have to incur in order to use these features.

FlexiSPY offers 3 plans namely Lite, Premium, and Extreme. Lite is the most basic plan that has a limited amount of features. And Extreme is the most advanced plan that has almost all the features that we discussed in this article so far. The premium plan lies in between the Lite and Extreme plans. It has more cost and features as compared to the Lite plan but has less cost and features as compared to the Extreme plan. The pricing of the Lite plan starts from $29.95, its Premium plan costs $68 and its Extreme Plan costs $199.

How Much Does FlexiSPY Cost

The pricing of FlexiSPY also differs according to the kind of target device you will use it on.

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Is FlexiSPY Good?

Yes, in fact, FlexiSPY is excellent. It is so far one of the best spy apps that I have tested and used. The features offered by FlexiSPY are not available in a single spy app, this makes it a one-stop solution. And needless to say, many spy apps offer a host of different features but the working of those features majorly depends on the make and OS of the target phone. As a result, most of the features do not work as they are supposed to.

However, this is not the case with FlexiSPY. Almost all of its features work smoothly and super fast too. While other spy apps take around 15 minutes to half an hour to sync the data to your spy account, FlexiSPY does that in less than a minute. And the interface of FlexiSPY is so easy to use that you will not even feel that you are using it for the first time.

All of this combined together makes it one of the best spy apps available in the market today.


What Can FlexiSPY Do?

FlexiSPY can let you spy on someone’s phone remotely without them knowing.

Does FlexiSPY Monitor WhatsApp?

Yes, FlexiSPY monitors WhatsApp. It lets you see all the messages, call logs, and even WhatsApp call recordings that the target phone user made using WhatsApp.

Is FlexiSPY Paid?

Yes, FlexiSPY is paid. Its premium starts from as low as $29.95/month.

How Long Does It Take To Install FlexiSPY?

It takes around 10-15 minutes to install the FlexiSPY app on the target phone.

Does FlexiSPY Work With An Android Phone?

Yes, FlexiSPY works with an Android phone.

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