Eyezy Review: An Affordable All-Rounder Spy App?

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Installation & Set Up


Ease Of Use






Time Taken To Sync Target Phone Data


Impact On Performance Of Target Device


Value for Money



  • Does not require jailbreak or root
  • Offers keylogger and screen recorder
  • Geo-fencing feature is available
  • Location feature works as expected
  • Lets you block apps and websites remotely
  • Lets you spy on your spouse's social media accounts


  • Takes around 30 minutes and sometimes even more time to sync the data
  • Does not offer call recordings

Do you wish to know what eyeZy lets you spy on? Are you wondering if eyeZy is really worth the money?

If you are searching for a spy app to spy on your kids or partner remotely and stumbled upon eyeZy then I know that many questions must be arising in your mind like is Eyezy a good app to spy? Is Eyezy detectable? What features does Eyezy offer? Do all the features work properly? Should I try it?

To put your wondering to rest, I have tested different features of Eyezy for a number of cases. Following are my top three favorite features of Eyezy:

Text Messages & Call Logs Monitoring:  Eyezy does a great job of tracking the text messages and call logs of the target device. With this feature, you will be always aware of who the target person is in contact with and what type of messages they share.

Keyword Tracking: Apart from a regular keylogger feature, Eyezy also offers a keyword tracking tool using which you can enter a specific word that you want to be notified about. The next time the target person types that word on their phone, you will get an alert about it with the timestamp detail along with the app it was typed on. It’s a great parental control feature.

Location Tracking & Geofencing: With Eyezy on your side you are always aware of your loved ones’ location. It tracks their exact location and shows it to you on the map remotely. Moreover, it allows you to set virtual boundaries so that you get notified when the target person crosses it.

Reasons To Buy

✔️ Eyezy is easy-to-use and easy-to-install spyware that anyone can use without prior experience.

✔️Location tracking capabilities of the app are top-notch. It tracks the pinpoint accurate location of the target cell phone each time.

✔️ With its browser history and browser bookmark feature, you can know everything the target person does while they are surfing the internet.

✔️Eyezy lets you sneak into the target person’s phone gallery by showing you the photos and videos stored on their device.

✔️ It’s completely hidden spyware, meaning that the target person will never get suspicious of it.

Reasons To Avoid

❌ Call recording feature not available

❌ iPhone monitoring is limited

❌ You might have to root the target device to track all the social media sites

Quick Eyezy Review

In my opinion, Eyezy presents a user-friendly and accessible solution for those looking to monitor certain aspects of a target person’s activities. Its accurate location tracking, browsing insights, and stealthy operation are definite highlights. However, the lack of call recording, limited iPhone monitoring, and the potential need for device rooting to track social media might be discouraging for some potential buyers. Nonetheless, it is still great spyware for monitoring your child or spying on your cheating partner, and I would recommend you try it out. You can also go through my detailed Eyezy review, to get better insight on the app.

Free Trial  Available No
Free Demo  AvailableYes
Money Back GuaranteeYes, 14 Days
Monthly price$38.39/ month
Supported Operating SystemAndroid & iPhone
Works Without Rooting or JailbreakYes
Spy Listicles Rating8.4/10

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Detailed Eyezy Review

What you read above was a quick Eyezy app review, if you are in a hurry, you can read that part and make your decision. However, if you have some time and want to make an educated decision then here’s my detailed Eyezy review for you. I have covered all the features of Eyezy in full detail so the article can be lengthy. You can make use of the links below to jump to a specific part of the article.

What All Devices Is eyeZy Compatible With?

Before you decide whether you should try eyeZy or not, you should first know what devices it is compatible with. And more importantly, can you use it without jailbreak or root?

Android Devices

eyeZy is compatible with all Android devices like smartphones and tablets that run on Android OS 4 or higher. And it does not require any rooting.

iOS Devices

eyeZy is compatible with all iOS devices that are running on iOS 7 or higher and it does not require jailbreak.

That being said, before finalizing do check the target device’s compatibility on the official eyeZy website.

How To Install eyeZy On The Target Phone?

You will first have to purchase a plan from eyeZy’s official website. After visiting the official website click on the Try Now button and then you will be asked to create an account.

eyeZy Review

You can then choose the plan that you want to purchase and then you will have to make the payment. Once you purchase the plan, you will get your login credentials. You can now log in to your eyeZy account using these credentials.

After logging in you will have to install the eyeZy app on the target phone and then you will have to link it to your eyeZy account. To do this click on the Get Started button. After that, choose the device you want to install it on i.e. Android or iOS.

how to install eyezy

After that make sure that you have access to the target phone and click on the Yes, I do button. On the next screen, you will be asked to choose the make of the target phone.

After that just follow all the on-screen steps and you will be able to install the eyeZy app on the target phone successfully.

It took me around 10 minutes to complete the installation process on the target phone. But if you are installing a spy app for the first time then it can take around 15 minutes to install. If you want to do it quickly then I will recommend practicing it once on your cell phone.

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Can The Target User Detect eyeZy?

No, the target user will not be able to detect eyeZy on their phone. eyeZy shows you all the steps that you need to follow to hide it from the target user while installing it on the target phone. eyeZy even changes its app name to Software Info on the target phone and it also changes its app icon, which looks similar to the settings icon. If someone tries to open it then they will be redirected to the system updates menu where they can check for system updates. eyeZy also shows you how to hide the app from the app drawer while installing. You can choose to do that, so it remains out of sight of the target user.

The thing I like about eyeZy is that it uses double masquerading. We have discussed that it uses a different name and app icon on the app drawer. But it also uses a different name and app icon in the apps list. So target users will not be able to find any app named Software Info on the app list even if they get suspicious.

So eyeZy really makes sure that the app is not detectable on the target phone and it shows you all the steps to do so. And if you follow these steps then the target phone user will not get suspicious.

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What All Features Does eyeZy Offer?

Now let us look at all the features offered by eyeZy and let us see if they really work. To see the data of the target phone you will have to log in to your eyeZy account using a web browser of your cell phone or computer.

After logging in you will be on your eyeZy dashboard. Here you will be able to see the following information at a glance:

  • Your eyeZy account details
  • Target phone details
  • Target device activities in a graph
  • Top messaging contacts of the target phone
  • Top calling contacts of the target phone
  • Most visited websites on the target phone
  • Location history of the target user

You get the following 6 main menu options in the eyeZy account that you can access from the left menu strip:

  • General Features
  • Pinpoint
  • Social Spotlight
  • Keystroke Capture
  • Web Manager
  • Connection Blocker

These menu options consist of all the other features of the spy app. So let us look in detail at these menu options.

General Features

General Features as the name suggests consists of all the features of the target phone that you can generally spy on. For most of the people who want to spy on their kid/husband/wife, these features will be more than enough. So let us look at all the sub-menu options that this option contains.


eyeZy lets you see all the contacts that are saved on the target phone under this option. So you can see if your girlfriend or boyfriend has really deleted someone’s phone number or if is it still saved in their cell phone.

This feature was able to sync all the contacts properly without any issues while I was testing it on my cell phone.

Phone Calls

Does saving someone’s number mean that your kid or spouse is still talking to them? Probably not, right? So to be sure you should look at their recent call logs. If there are multiple call records of the same number then you will know what to do.

With eyeZy you can spy on your partner’s call logs remotely without them knowing. It shows you the following information:

Phone Calls

  • Whether the call was an outgoing, incoming, declined, or missed call
  • Number of the person your kid or partner called
  • Name of the contact if it’s saved on the target phone
  • Duration of the call
  • Date and time of the call

While I was testing it on my cell phone it was able to sync all the call logs in around 15 minutes. However, it was not able to get the call logs that I deleted immediately after disconnecting the call. In fact, it shows you the note below the call log table that if the call log gets deleted within 2 minutes of completion then it will not be able to fetch it.

Deleted Phone Calls

Which I think is a kind of deal-breaker for me because every cheater deletes all the traces that could get him/her caught immediately. If like me you also want to track the call logs deleted within 2 minutes then I would recommend FlexiSPY over eyeZy. FlexiSPY is quick in monitoring and even tracks instantly deleted call logs.

Events, Installed Apps, And Wi-Fi Networks

eyeZy also lets you spy on the events that the target phone user has set. It also shows you all the apps that are installed on the target phone. And you can even see which WiFi network your kid/husband/wife connects to.

The Installed Apps feature can be really useful if you want to spy on your kids. You can know if they have installed any inappropriate apps on their phone or not.

Installed Apps

While I was using eyeZy on my cell phone, it was able to detect all the apps that I installed. But I think they need to do some work here because it detected literally every app that my phone has. This includes all the system apps. There are around 50-60 apps on my phone that I use but eyeZy showed me that I had 411 apps installed on my phone.

While it was not wrong but I don’t need to know all the 411 apps i.e. all the system apps. Because it is very difficult to see the inappropriate apps among 411 apps. And also I did not like the way these apps are presented on the account. It was very hard to find any particular app on the list.


If you want to track your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s phone gallery then you do not have to worry as eyeZy lets you do it.

Under the Photo option, it shows you the following information:


  • All the photos in the form of tiles
  • Date and time of taking the photo
  • Download button to download the pic

During my testing of this feature, eyeZy was able to sync the photos to my eyeZy account. But the time taken to sync the pics was varying every time. Sometimes it was able to sync the photos under 5 minutes, sometimes it was taking around 10 minutes, and sometimes it was taking more than 10 minutes. And also it was not able to sync all the screenshots and pics that were downloaded over the internet.

The good thing is that it was even able to get the photos that I hid immediately after clicking. However, it was not able to sync pics that I deleted immediately after taking them. The good thing about this feature is that it uploads photos in high quality. Uploading high-quality pics requires a high amount of data consumption and if unnecessary data gets consumed then the target phone user can get suspicious. So to avoid this, make sure to sync photos over WiFi only. You can change these settings from your eyeZy account in Device Management.


Like photos, eyeZy also lets you monitor the videos on your kid’s target phone remotely without them knowing.

It shows you the following information:


  • All the videos are in the tile format
  • The thumbnail of the videos
  • Date and time of recording the video

It uploaded the videos in high definition while I was testing it. I really liked its video player interface, it is the same interface that you see on YouTube. It lets you play the video on the tile itself, increase or decrease the volume, control the playback speed, enlarge the window, etc. You can also download a particular video.

Keyword Tracking

Keyword Tracking can be very helpful if you want to spy on your children. eyeZy lets you enter the keywords you want to keep an eye on and then it will track these keywords across different platforms. It even lets you keep an eye on the keyword used in a particular app.

Keyword Tracking

When I was testing it, eyeZy did manage to track the usage of particular keywords in the WhatsApp that I set before. However, it was not able to track the same keywords on Instagram.

Tracked Keywords

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eyeZy also features a keylogger that records all the keystrokes made while using the target phone. It shows you the following information regarding the keystrokes:


  • App on which the target user typed
  • The actual text that was typed
  • The date and time of typing the message

While I was testing it, eyeZy was able to record and sync all the things that I typed on different apps. And one thing that I liked about it is, I was able to filter the data according to the apps. For example, I wanted to see all the keystrokes that I made only on WhatsApp and by using its filter I was able to do that.

Keylogger Filter

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Pinpoint contains all the features related to location. Let us look at these features in detail.

GPS Location

eyeZy lets you keep an eye on your kid or spouse’s whereabouts. Therefore you can know where they have been the whole day.

It worked perfectly when I was testing eyeZy. I was able to see all my locations of the day. It tracked my location every 5 minutes, which I think is a bit overdone. Because at the end of the day, you are left with a lot of location data, and filtering through this data can be a real task.

eyeZy gives you options to either see the data in a tabular format or you can also see the locations on the map itself. One thing that I liked about eyeZy is that it gives you an option to see a particular location on Google Maps.

It shows you the following information regarding the location:

GPS Location

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Accuracy
  • Google Maps view
  • Address of the location
  • Location Time and date

GPS Location Map View


If you know where your partner’s secret love lives or you do not want your kids to go to a certain locality then you will love this feature.

You can basically set a virtual fence around an area and whenever the target phone user goes to that area it will notify you of the same. It lets you set both restricted and allowed zones and you can add as many zones as you want.

Geo Fencing Restriction

While testing, I set a restricted zone and switched the alert on and eyeZy was able to detect when the target phone entered that zone. I was then able to see this data by going to the Restricted tab and then clicking on the zone name. It showed me the date and time of the entry of the target phone in that particular location.

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Social Spotlight

Social Spotlight as the name suggests, tracks all the social messaging apps. Let us see what instant messaging apps it lets you keep an eye on.

Text Messages

If you want to track your boyfriend’s text messages then eyeZy helps you in doing it. It tracks all the messages that the target phone user sends and receives using the built-in messages app.

Text Messages

While I was testing this on my phone, it worked smoothly, and was able to show all the messages on my eyeZy account that I had on the target phone. One of the signs of a cheating partner is that they delete the text messages immediately after sending or receiving them. But you do not have to worry as eyeZy was able to track even the messages that I deleted immediately after sending and receiving.

I also liked its interface, it’s somewhat similar to the one that you use on your cell phones and I did not face any issues while navigating.


WhatsApp is probably the most used instant messaging app around the world. So in case you want to know if your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on you then you should check their WhatsApp.


With eyeZy, you can spy on your lover’s WhatsApp account remotely without them knowing. It lets you spy on WhatsApp messages as well as calls.

While I was testing eyeZy on my phone, it tracked all the WhatsApp messages accurately and it even tracked the chats and messages that I deleted immediately. However, it does not show which messages or chats were deleted. I again like its interface of showing the chat. I could easily understand which messages were sent and which were received. eyeZy took around 10 minutes to sync the chats to my eyeZy account.

However, it was neither able to record the WhatsApp call logs nor the call recordings. Therefore I was not able to see WhatsApp call history. That being said, it might work for you and you might be able to spy on someone’s WhatsApp calls.

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Snapchat has really grown in popularity so it definitely makes sense to spy on someone’s Snapchat messages.


And it worked perfectly when I was testing. I was able to see all the Snapchat messages on my eyeZy account with the date and time stamp attached. It also showed me the contacts that were on my Snapchat.


Instagram is also getting popular these days so you would want to track your kid/wife/husband’s Instagram direct messages, right?

Instagram DM

It was able to get Instagram direct messages from the target phone and the good thing is it was able to get even the older messages. But the funny thing was older messages had the date stamp of the future.

Facebook Tracking

eyeZy also lets you spy on Facebook messages but as there was a date issue in the Instagram direct messages, something similar happened with Facebook messages and I was not able to see any messages. eyeZy was showing an invalid date in the place of conversations. However, it might work for you depending on the make of the target phone and the OS it runs on.

Facebook Messages

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Other Instant Messaging Apps

eyeZy lets you spy on Skype and other messaging apps like Tinder, Viber, Telegram, etc. So in case, your partner uses any of these apps then you can use eyeZy.

Other Instant Messaging Apps

Keystroke Capture

There is only one sub-menu option under this option i.e. Screen Recorder. So let’s have a look at what it does.

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder of eyeZy basically starts taking screenshots as and when any social media app is opened on the target phone. This way you can literally keep an eye on the target phone and see the actual messages or texts that are being shared between the target phone and other contacts.

Screen Recorder

This feature really comes in handy in case eyeZy is not able to record the text or media of a particular instant messaging app.

When I was testing this feature on my phone, it was able to take multiple screenshots of the social messaging apps that I used on the target phone. The thing I really liked about this feature is that it lets me filter the screenshots according to the different social messaging apps. Therefore I did not have to go through all the screenshots and was able to see screenshots of particular instant messaging apps.

Web Magnifier

If you are worried about what your kids are surfing online or what kind of content are they consuming over the Internet then you will like the features under this option. Let us have a look at these features in detail.

Browser History

The main thing you would want to check when spying on your kids is their browsing history, right? Their browsing history will let you know what kind of things they are looking for on the Internet. To help you in this, eyeZy lets you spy on your children’s browsing history.

Browser History

During my testing, it was not able to record all my browsing history and only managed to track some social media sites. To test this feature, I used the Google Chrome browser on the target phone.

Browser Bookmark

Spying on your kids’ browsing history can be a cumbersome task because everybody spends most of their time on the Internet these days. This results in a huge pile of history, therefore it will take a lot of time to go through the browser history. So, it’s better to have a look at their bookmarks. What kind of bookmarks they have can also reveal what kind of content they are consuming over the Internet.

Browser Bookmarks

While I was testing it on my cell phone, I saved some bookmarks using the Google Chrome browser. However, eyeZy was not able to record any of the browser bookmarks.

Connection Blocker

This feature will again be useful when you do not want your kids to access things over the Internet that they are not supposed to.

Block Wi-Fi

In case you do not want your kids to connect to a particular Wi-Fi network then you can use this feature. You can block a particular WiFi network remotely from your eyeZy account. And then your kid will not be able to connect to that WiFi network.

Block WiFi

During my testing, this feature worked perfectly and I was able to block certain WiFi networks. Once blocked, it took around 5 minutes for the target phone to get disconnected from that WiFi network. And once it got disconnected, the target phone was not able to connect to that WiFi network again.

You can also unblock the blocked WiFi network remotely without your kids knowing.

Block Website

In case you do not want your kids to access a particular website then you can block that particular website too. And the good thing is that you can do this remotely without them knowing.

Block Website

When I was testing this feature on my cell phone, I was not able to access the blocked website on the target phone. Whenever I tried to access the blocked website, the browser showed me a blank page. However, it does take around 20-30 minutes to block a certain website. The browser that I used to test this feature was Google Chrome.

Block Applications

There is an app for every popular website these days, right? So in case, you blocked a particular website but if your kids have an app for the same then they can access it anyway. But you do not have to worry as eyeZy also lets you block a particular application remotely.

Block Applications

Like I tested its other features, I tested this one too. The main issue that I faced was finding that one application that I wanted to block. eyeZy shows you all the applications that are installed on the target phone, including the system applications. In my case, there were 411, and finding an application in these 411 applications was no easy task. If eyeZy had given a search option or had shown only the applications that I installed then it would have made the task very easy.

However, it did manage to block an application successfully. When I tried to open the blocked application on the target phone, all I was able to see was a black screen. But I decided to test it further, so I uninstalled that particular app and then installed it again. To my surprise, I was not able to open the app even after installing it again. So kudos to eyeZy for this.

eyeZy Pricing

So these are all the features that eyeZy offers. Now the main question that arises is how much money will you have to shell out if you want to use these features.

new Eyezy pricing

Like the FlexiSPY spy app, eyeZy does not have multiple plans. It only has a single plan and it is priced at $38.39/month. If you pay an upfront premium for 3 months then this plan will cost you $22.39/month. Similarly, if you pay an upfront premium for 12 months then the same plan will cost you $7.99/month.

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Should You Try It?

I am sure you must have an answer to this question by now if you have come this far reading this article. But in case you still haven’t got a clear answer then let me help you out.

There are certain features of eyeZy that did not work for me and some of its features need fine-tuning too. But the features that did work for me were more than enough to spy on someone. And considering its price point it seems fair to use. However, there are some spy apps like FlexiSPY that let you do much more but needless to say you will have to pay much more for those features too.

The biggest drawback of eyeZy according to me is the time that it takes to sync the target phone data to the eyeZy account. FlexiSPY offers you more features and also syncs the data super quickly. While eyeZy takes around half an hour and sometimes even more time to sync the data, FlexiSPY takes less than a minute. So if time and features are of utmost importance to you then I would recommend going for a more premium app like FlexiSPY. Otherwise, you can go for eyeZY.


Is eyeZy Free?

No, eyeZy is not free and you will have to pay a monthly premium to use it.

Is Eyezy Detectable?

No, Eyezy is not detectable. It is hidden spyware that secretly runs in the background without making any noise.

How Much Is Eyezy?

Eyezy offers a single plan priced at $47.99/month, with reduced rates of $27.99/month for a 3-month upfront payment and $9.99/month for a 12-month upfront payment.

How To Install Eyezy on iPhone?

You don’t have to install Eyezy on iPhone, it tracks iPhone through iCloud. All you need is the target person’s iCloud login credentials.

Does eyeZy Lets You Spy On PC?

No, eyeZy only works for mobile devices.

Does eyeZy Work On iOS devices?

Yes, eyeZy works on iOS devices that run on iOS 7 or higher that too without jailbreak.

Does eyeZy Work On Android Devices?

Yes, eyeZy works on all Android devices running on Android OS 4 or higher.

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