5 Best Spy Camera Apps With Voice & Video Recording

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The more the need for spy and security is increasing day by day, the more the Play Store is adding new spy camera apps to its list.

Unlike the older times when spying on someone used to be a job of people from secret agencies, using these apps, you can monitor someone without the need of some professional detective.

All you need is a good knowledge of the best spy voice and video camera apps for Android.

Play Store is filled with apps that show themselves as one of a kind but there’s nothing special about them. But I have done the hard work for you and handpicked the best spy camera apps for the purpose of discreet voice and video recording.

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Best Spy Camera Apps For Android

#1 Alfred Camera Spy App

The Good

  • The live recording does not freeze for even a single second
  • The battery left on the phone can be checked remotely
  • You can get remote access to the target phone’s mic
  • Other important features included in the app like a siren, flashlight, etc.
  • Motion detection feature available

The Bad

  • To increase the app experience, you have to be a premium member

If you want to spy on someone like the babysitter or the nanny or if you want to secure your house from the burglars then you’re in a win-win situation with the Alfred Camera Spy App.

Before testing out this app, I personally thought that spy and security apps on the Play Store are not going to be of any use. But believe me, Alfred Camera Spy App totally changed my mind.

The immaculate working along with the plenty of useful features makes it an app that one can’t resist adding to the list. Plus what surprised me the most is that most of the features of the app are free to use.

This spy video camera app works using two phones. One phone needs to be placed at some hidden place to act as a CCTV and the other phone will be used to view the surroundings remotely.

You’ll be impressed to see that the recording from the phone acting as a CCTV is not delayed even a single second on the phone acting as a monitor.

Along with the video, using the Alfred spy and security app, you can listen to the remote sounds too.

Now suppose you are using the Alfred spy app for house security while you’re somewhere out. And due to the precious belongings, you have left in your home, you always want to be aware of what’s going in the house.

The motion detection feature of the app will instantly give you an alert when the phone camera notices some movement.

Do you think the nanny is not taking good care of the baby? Don’t worry. By getting remote access to the phone’s mic from your device, you can speak to the nanny anytime you want.

best video spy camera app

If you notice the nanny stealing or doing something inappropriate then you can record that particular moment and keep it safe with yourself.

recording activity with alfred spy app

The remote access to other useful features of the app includes watching the video from other angles, changing the camera (front and rear), activating the siren, and turning on the flashlight.

additional features of alfred

Who Is It For?

This spy app is for parents and people who want a home security app or want to keep a watch on the nanny, teens, or someone else.

#2 Quick Video Recorder

The Good

  • The recording can be done while the screen is off
  • You can schedule the recordings for future
  • Built-in video trimmer is given in the app
  • You can check the recordings in the app directly with the given gallery

The Bad

  • No advanced features available

If home security is none of your concerns and you purely want an app to record someone silently then here’s the Quick Video Recorder app.

Usually, you would use the normal video recording feature of your phone. But the built-in video recording feature stops working when you turn off the phone screen. But that’s not the case with this app.

This silent working spy camera app works by recording the other person even when your phone screen is off.

quick video recorder

This way, the other person can never get to know that they are being recorded. And if they ask you if you are recording them then you can show them the phone screen which is turned off.

To make the other person even more suspicious-free, you can pre-schedule the recording and keep the phone at a nice place. With no phone in your hand, the other person can never know that they are being taped.

pre schedule with quick video recorder

The recordings can go from a few minutes to about half an hour. Keeping the unnecessary lengthy recordings is of no use. So to lessen your work, you can keep only the essential part from a recording by trimming the extra recording with the built-in trimmer of the app.

Who Is It For?

This app is for people who don’t want to get caught while recording someone secretly.

#3 Track View

The Good

  • Video recording is of high quality
  • The app can turn your spare phone into CCTV
  • Location tracking feature available in the app
  • Other additional features available
  • Possible to get remote access to target phone’s mic

The Bad

  • Sounds in live recording might be distorted sometimes

If leaving your home on merely a few locks is a big no for you then I guess you’ll like what I’m about to present next.

The Track View app will make your spare phone act as a surveillance camera and the other one as a monitor screen.

All you need to do is download and set up the app on both your phones and place the spare one at a nice place from where you can get a full view of everything.

Track View app will show you the video recording that your spare phone is recording and you won’t face a difference of even a second. The ambient voice is recorded along with the video but you might notice some distortion in the sound.

Features like motion detection and sound detection make Track View a full-packed spy and security app.

So if you are not able to watch the video currently, no need to get worried, you’ll be notified when some sound or movement is captured by the cell phone.

This spy video camera app is a great pick if it’s installed on the kid’s phone and you want to track their location. Just with a single tap, you can get the current location of the target person.

location monitoring of track view

By offering some extra features, this app completes itself and fulfills the purpose of its existence. These additional features include turning on and off the flashlight, changing brightness, remote access to the target phone’s mic, switching the camera, and so on.

track view app features

Who Is It For?

This app is for people who want to secure their house from burglars and keep an eye on nannies, pets, and kids.

#4 iRecorder

The Good

  • High-quality video and audio recording
  • Pre-scheduling feature available
  • Can also work with screen off
  • Built-in video trimmer available
  • You can access the recordings with the gallery inside the app

The Bad

  • No advanced features available

When you want to get some work done from some big offices and departments, the high officials might ask for some under-the-table money.

We all know that this is a serious crime and needs to be taken care of.

The only way you can stop this from happening is by recording that person discreetly while they’re asking for the bribe.

The built-in video recorder app of your phone might make the target person suspicious about the recording. It means that you need an app that is solely built for this purpose.

iRecorder is a free hidden mobile camera app that can record a person’s activities even when the mobile screen is off.

recording with irecorder

You just have to tap on the record icon, turn off the phone screen and keep the phone in your shirt’s upper pocket or at someplace where the target person can be recorded easily.

The other person might get suspicious if you use your phone to open the iRecorder app. And after that, they might not ask for the bribe as usual.

But to get rid of the suspicion completely, you can pre-schedule the recording. Now you don’t even need to access the phone in front of them. At the given time, iRecorder will start the recording itself.

schedule video with easy video recorder

The recorded videos are usually long. But with the given video trimmer right inside the app, you can cut short the videos and only keep the important parts.

For accessing the videos quickly, the app also has its own gallery. Here you can check the videos anytime you want.

video trimmer feature of irecorder

Who Is It For?

Best for people who want to record someone without letting him know about the recording.

#5 Easy Video Recorder

The Good

  • Video and audio recording is of high quality
  • Pre-scheduling of recordings is possible
  • The app can also work with screen off
  • Face detection feature can record video after detecting face automatically
  • Another app icon is created to start recording with one touch

The Bad

  • Video trimming feature not available

Spying is made easy with this spy secret camera app. There can be plenty of reasons why you want to monitor someone’s activities.

Maybe you want to record a person asking for a bribe, it can be to help someone, or you can have your own personal reasons. But the main thing is that Easy Video Recorder is your best bid for this job.

You can start the recording with a single click and the recording will continue even when the screen is off. This makes it impossible for the other person to know about the hidden recording.

Is the person you want to record is going to meet you somewhere at the given time? If that’s the case then it’s best to schedule the recording for the future time. Just fill in the details according to your need and you’re good to go.

schedule video with easy video recorder

The pre-scheduling won’t come in handy each time you want to record someone. And opening the Easy Video Recorder app in front of the target person might raise suspicion.

To avert the person from getting suspicious, you can use the face detection feature of the app. When enabled, this feature will start the record automatically when a face is detected in the camera.

easy video recorder app

You don’t need to go to the phone gallery to view the recordings done. Right inside the app, you can see all the recordings done by Easy Video Recorder.

built in gallary of easy video recorder

For more convenience, the app adds an icon in the app drawer by the name One Touch Recorder. Using this app icon, you can start and end the recordings with a single touch without having to go to the main app.

Who Is It For?

For people who want to discreetly record the activities of other people without touching phone in front of them.

Secret Voice & Video Camera Recording With Spy Apps

If your purpose of recording is to keep a track of someone continuously even when they are not with you then these apps will not work for you.

In such a case, the best option in your hand is an Android spy app.

If there’s a chance that you can take the target Android phone handy and set up a spy app on it then you don’t need anything else. Once the spy app is installed on the target phone then you can get remote access to the phone’s camera and other features whenever you want.

Most importantly, these apps work without showing the app icon on the screen. Let’s see which spy app can record people remotely and discreetly.


To use the FlexiSPY video recording feature, you have to purchase the app service and set it up on the target Android phone.

Once you are done with the app setup, you have to go to the RemVideo feature of FlexiSPY.

video recording with flexispy

All you need to do in order to access the target phone’s camera remotely and record the video is, click on the RemVideo button at the top.

Now choose the duration for the recording and the type of camera, that is, front or rear. Click on Start Recording Video Now and in a few minutes, you will notice the recording getting uploaded on the app portal.

video recording settings

To watch the video, just Download it locally on your device and watch it whenever you feel like.

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Which App Is Best For Secret Video Recording?

The best Play Store app for secret video recording is Alfred Camera Spy App. The app has advanced features and works perfectly.

How Can I Use My Phone As A Spy Camera?

To use your spare phone as a spy camera, you can use the apps like Alfred Camera Spy App and Track View. These apps work with two phones where one act as a CCTV and the other one as a monitoring screen.

Can You Record Videos While Phone Screen Is Off?

The secret video recording apps can record the videos while the phone screen is turned off.

Is Secret Video Recorder Safe?

Yes, the use of secret video recorder is completely safe. They work in the discreet mode and do not make sounds while recording.

How Can I Remotely Access Another Phone Camera?

Your normal Play Store spy camera apps cannot access another phone camera remotely. For that to happen, you need to use a spy app like FlexiSPY.

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