Can Spy Camera Record Voice? Do They Come With Audio Recorder?

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Are you wondering if spy cameras can record voices or not? Do you want to know what all spy cameras come with an audio recorder?

If yes, then you are reading the right article. In this article, I am going to answer these questions. I am also going to tell you the things that you need to look for before buying a spy camera with a voice recorder. And I will tell you all the best hidden cameras with audio recording available on the market.

So keep reading!

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Can Spy Camera Record Voice?

If you have already installed a spy camera in your home to keep an eye on your kids, their nanny, or to spy on your cheating partner then you must know that sometimes recorded video is not enough.

Many times you must have felt the need to listen to audio too. I know sometimes you need to hear the arguments or talks that led to a particular behavior. And this happens especially in the case of nannies. You need to know what your kids’ nanny is teaching them when you are not around.

But the question that arises is: Can spy camera record voices?

And the answer to this question is a yes. Yes, some spy cameras these days can record audio too. However, not every spy camera comes with audio recording.

Things To Look For Before Buying A Spy Camera With Voice Recorder

The common things that you should check in a spy camera are battery life, storage, video quality, motion detection, size, etc. Speaking of a spy camera with audio, you should specifically keep in mind the following 2 things before selecting one for yourself.

1) Type Of Microphone

The first and foremost thing that you need to check is whether the spy camera comes with an inbuilt microphone or needs an external microphone to record audio.

I will highly suggest going for the spy cameras that come with an inbuilt microphone. Because firstly you will need to invest extra to buy an external mic. Secondly, the external microphones generally come with a long wire, which makes it hard to hide them.

2) Range Of The Microphone

The next thing that you need to consider is the range of the microphone. The range of the microphone simply means the maximum distance from which it can capture the voice clearly. The more the range of the microphone the better it is.

Best Hidden Cameras With Audio Recording

Now let us look at some of the best hidden cameras with voice recorders available on the market.

1) Hidden Pen Camera With Audio

Hidden Pen Camera

There are hidden cameras in the market that look and work like a pen but come with a hidden camera inbuilt. And some of these pen cameras have an inbuilt voice recorder too. But keep in mind that not every hidden pen camera comes with audio recording. So check the support for audio recording before buying one.

These types of spy cameras are best hidden body cameras with audio recording. Therefore in case you want to capture someone you are meeting outside or want to expose the boss that harasses you at the office then this is the best option for you.

I have also selected the best spy voice recorder pen camera with voice recording i.e. Kawtco Pen Camera. So you do not have to waste time searching for one.

This hidden camera comes with impressive 30-day battery life in standby mode. And can record continuously for 31 hours. It comes with an internal microphone and has an outstanding range of around 12 meters.

The thing that I liked the most about it is its voice-activated features. It starts recording only when it hears any sound. If it does not hear any sound then it goes into sleep mode. This feature not only saves the battery life and the space but also records what is necessary.

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2) Mini Spy Cameras

Can Spy Camera Record Voice

Mini spy cameras as the name suggests are very small in size. And hence it is very easy to hide them. These cameras are very useful if you want to keep an eye on your home when you are not around. For eg., if you want to keep an eye on your kid’s nanny then this camera can be very helpful.

Like the hidden pen cameras, not every mini hidden camera comes with an audio recorder. So do not forget to check before buying one.

To help you, I have already shortlisted the best mini spy camera, i.e. Blink Mini Compact Indoor. This camera comes with a two-way audio feature. Therefore you can not only record voice but can also communicate through it if you want.

Moreover, this spy camera also has a motion detection feature. This only activates the camera when a motion is detected. Not only this but this mini camera also comes enabled with Alexa. As a result, you will be able to control it through your voice.

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3) Outdoor Camera

Mini Spy Video Camera With Voice Recorder

Outdoor spy cameras are very useful in case you want to keep an eye around your house. Unlike CCTV camera these does not require long wires and can be easily set up within minutes. These are very small in size too and you will be able to hide them very easily.

The outdoor mini camera that I shortlisted for you is the Blink Outdoor. Like the Blink Mini spy camera, this also comes with a motion detection feature, built-in Alexa, and captures two-way audio.

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4) Home Appliances Hidden Cameras

If you think that mini spy cameras can be found easily by anyone then home appliances hidden cameras are for you. As the name suggests, a camera is hidden in different home appliances. These appliances can be a smoke detector, cell phone charger, alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, light bulb, and whatnot.

However, not many of these come with a voice recorder and I had a very hard time finding one.

The home appliance hidden camera with an audio recording that I managed to find is the Quniao Air Purifier Hidden Camera. This works like a mini air purifier and has a hidden camera inbuilt into it. You can place it anywhere in your home or car and even your spouse will not be able to tell that it doubles up as a hidden camera.

Like other hidden cameras on this list, this comes with a two-way audio feature. Therefore you will not only be able to listen to the voices but will also be able to communicate through this camera. Like the Blink Mini Indoor hidden camera, this also features a motion detection feature. It detects the motion and sends you an alert immediately.

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Is It Legal For Spy Cameras To Record Voice?

There are a very limited number of spy cameras with voice recorders available on the market. And if you have chosen the best one for you then you should know whether it is legal to record someone’s voice without their permission or not.

The laws regarding the recording voice of someone without them knowing vary from country to country. And in most countries, it is not legal to record someone without their permission. And even if you do record, then it will not be admissible in the court if you plan to keep it as evidence. However, it is your house and you know what you want to do right?


Can Security Camera Record Voice?

Yes, not all of them but security cameras can record voices.

Do Hidden Pen Cameras Come With A Audio Recorder?

Yes, hidden pen cameras come with an inbuilt audio recorder.

What Is The Range Of The Spy Camera’s Inbuilt Voice Recorder?

The range of the spy camera’s inbuilt voice recorder is between 6 and 12 meters.

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