Does Spy Dialer Really Work? Is It Safe & Legit?

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Have you got a missed or weird call from an unknown number? Are you planning to use Spy Dialer to find out who it was?

If yes then this article is going to be very helpful to you. In this article, you will find out whether Spy Dialer really works or not. Moreover, you will find out how it works and if it is safe and legit to use.

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What Is Spy Dialer Used For?

Before I tell you if it works or not, let me tell you what it is used for and what all things you can find out with it.

1) Phone Number

Does Spy Dialer Really Work

The first and foremost thing that Spy Dialer can tell you is the name of the person to whom the phone number belongs. Or you can also use it to hear the voicemail of the given number to find out who actually the person is. After that, if you need to find out their address, then you can use to hack someone’s location by link.

2) People


You can also find out the people on Spy Dialer with their names, cities, and states.

3) Address


Spy Dialer app also lets you find out to whom a particular address belongs. You just have to enter the address and it will do the rest.

4) Email Address


Not only physical address but you can also find out who owns a particular email address.

Does Spy Dialer Really Work?

This question actually has mixed answers. Some people say that Spy Dialer app did work for them. On the other hand, some say that it did not work for them. Some even say that it did work for them but the information that it provided was not accurate. Spy Dialer itself says that it does not work 100% of the time. So how can you know whether Spy Dialer app really works or not?

Well, I have a solution for you. Before trying it on an unknown number, you can try it on a known number. The known number can be of your own, of a friend, or of a family member.

You can try searching these numbers and see the results that Spy Dialer returns. If it returns accurate results then you will have your answer and even if does not then also you will have your answer. The thing that you need to note here is that some people complain that Spy Dialer returns different results for the same query. So do not forget to check multiple times for the same number in order to be certain.

Can Spy Dialer Be Traced Back?

Once you know whether Spy Dialer is working accurately or not, the next question that can bother you will be: can Spy Dialer be traced back? Once you have found out who was trying to call you using Spy Dialer, can the target person trace you back as well?

No, Spy Dialer cannot be traced back. You can rest assured that the other party will not know that you tried to find out their identity using Spy Dialer. However, they will know that someone has spy dialed them.

Let me tell you about the working of the Spy Dialer in brief so that you can understand this better.

Spy Dialer is free to use and it does not ask you to make an account. You just have to enter the phone number you want to search for and it will tell you the details. So the target person will not know that you have looked up their number on Spy Dialer.

Name Lookup

However, if you choose the Hear Voicemail option, Spy Dialer calls the target person’s number and lets you hear their voicemail greetings. In this case, the person will receive a missed call from one of the numbers of the Spy Dialer. If the target person calls the number back then they will hear a recording saying someone spy dialed them. Therefore in this case too, the target person will know that someone tried to find their details but they will not be able to trace back the Spy Dialer to you.

What Does Spy Dialed Mean?

Spy dialed means that someone has tried to find out your identity by calling you from Spy Dialer. If someone spy dialed you then the following two things will happen:

  • You will receive a missed call from an unknown number
  • And you will hear a recording saying that you have been spy-dialed when you call it back

Is Safe & Legit?

The last question that must be arising in your mind before using Spy Dialer is: Is safe and legit?

Spy Dialer claims that it makes use of public data from different sources. It also claims that it is legal to gather and show public data. Therefore as far as the legitimacy of is concerned, it seems to be legit. Otherwise, it would have been shut down by now.

When the question comes to safety, then it is also safe to use as it is not collecting any information apart from the cookies, which every website collects.

Therefore, I think Spy Dialer app is both safe and legit.


Is Spy Dialer Free?

Yes, Spy Dialer is free.

Can You Remove Your Data From Spy Dialer?

Yes, you can remove your data from Spy Dialer by requesting them.

Is There A Totally Free Phone Number Lookup?

Yes, Spy Dialer is one of the free phone number lookups.

How Do I See Who Owns A Phone Number?

You can use Spy Dialer to see who owns a phone number.

Can Spy Dialer Find Out Landline Numbers?

Yes, can also find out landline numbers.

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