4 Best Gmail Spy Apps For Monitoring Someone’s Emails

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While spying on your spouse’s phone, you will thoroughly monitor their WhatsApp account, Snapchat, Instagram, calls, photos, videos, and any other app coming your way.

But the app that is least noticed is Gmail. You will possibly leave the app unchecked thinking it’s of no use to monitor the Gmail account.

But that might be the biggest mistake you could ever make. The Gmail account of the person can sometimes reveal the truth which any other app could never do.

Spy apps only have special sections on their online portal for those apps that are highly famous and used by millions of people worldwide. But what about the apps that are not so famous but are harmful to your kids or your loved ones?

By keeping a track of the emails they receive, you can always know what all apps they use and websites they like to read.

Here are the best Gmail spy apps for cell phones and PC that can be used to fulfill the purpose of monitoring Gmail messages.

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Best Gmail Spy Apps For Cell Phone And PC

#1 FlexiSPY

The Good

  • Quick updates on new emails
  • Old emails can also be seen
  • Date and time stamp can be seen with each email
  • You can check other details as well
  • Possible to check the attachments sent with Gmail if any

The Bad

  • FlexiSPY does not work with iPhone unless jailbroken

FlexiSPY never lets you down, does it? It has everything that one needs for a complete monitoring experience.

Most spy apps don’t offer the tracking of Gmail messages maybe because they don’t think it’s a section worth monitoring.

But FlexiSPY knows all the possible perils that Gmail carries with it.

Once you are on the FlexiSPY online portal, you have to go to the Emails section to check out the Gmail message you are looking for.

FlexiSPY not just shows you the new emails that your spouse receives but also the ones which were already on the phone before installation of FlexiSPY on the target phone. Even if those emails are from the past year or past to past year, they will still appear on the portal.

As for the new emails, they will be quickly synced by FlexiSPY.

As you can see in the given screenshot, with each email you can see the date and time stamp for a better monitoring experience.

best gmail spy apps

With the given arrows it’s easy to know if a Gmail was received or sent. And if some Gmail messages seem to be of some importance, you can star them for accessing them quickly.

To keep the Emails section clean and tidy you can delete those emails that are not of any use to you.

spying on gmail with flexispy

Just by clicking on any email, you can open it in full size where you can see the body of the email completely. Other details that you can check are the sender or receiver’s name, date and time, subject of the email, and attachments with email if any.

FlexiSPY also has a PC version using which it becomes possible to keep a track of the activities going on in the target person’s Gmail account accessed on a computer.

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#2 iKeyMonitor

The Good

  • Old emails are available for you to check
  • Date and time stamp can be seen with email messages
  • You can filter the emails
  • Possible to check the full body of the email message received or sent

The Bad

  • iKeyMonitor might take some time in uploading new emails

Does the type of websites your child has subscribed to or the type of email messages your teen receives daily concern you?

Keep everything under your sight with iKeyMonitor’s Gmail tracking capabilities.

Under the Gmail section of iKeyMonitor, you will see all the emails appearing that your lover has either sent or received.

On the left side as you can see in the screenshot below is the list of all the emails and by clicking on any of them, you can open its full content on the right side. With each email, you can see the date and time when it was sent or received. So if you are curious to know when did your lover received an email from Tinder or OkCupid, you have that information right there.

ikeymonitor gmail spying

Extracting the email message that you are looking for can be hectic if the list is too long. But you can lessen your work by filtering the Gmail messages by Type, which means, text, image, voice, attachment.

When it comes to sync speed, it’s decent. iKeyMonitor might take some time in uploading the new emails but it’s not like you have to wait for eternity.

Just like for Android and iOS devices, iKeyMonitor has a version for Windows PC and Mac devices as well, making it a perfect app for monitoring Gmail account.

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#3 Hoverwatch

The Good

  • Monitoring of Gmail is done with screenshots
  • Gmail screenshots are of high quality
  • The date and time of received and sent email can be seen directly inside the screenshot
  • Everything is easily readable with the large size of screenshot

The Bad

  • The data sync speed is just normal

spying on gmail with hoverwatch

Monitor the Gmail messages that you were always looking for using the Hoverwatch software for PC. As you are given continuous screenshots by the app, you will be able to see the screenshots from Gmail whenever the target person opens them on their computer.

The quality of the screenshots is mesmerizing, making you feel like you are directly looking in their computer screen and not on the portal of a third-party app.

The data might take some time in getting uploaded on the portal but there’s highly unlikely that you will miss reading some important email.

When you will receive the screenshot, it’s going to be small in size but you can open the screenshot in full size to check its full content.

There’s no need to wonder about the time when a particular email was sent or received. As everything works with a screenshot, the date and time can be seen directly inside it.

As the screenshot for each and every activity is available in one place, you will have to make sure you don’t miss checking the screenshots from Gmail. If you don’t check the data quickly, the new data will get uploaded and that important screenshot will go somewhere down without coming into notice.

Although Hoverwatch is a great app for monitoring the Gmail account on a PC, it can be used on an Android phone as well. And the tracking of Gmail on phone works equally well.

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#4 pcTattletale

The Good

  • You will get a live view while the target person is using Gmail
  • The video will be recorded when you are offline
  • The remote Gmail screen that you see is going to be high in quality
  • You can extract data specifically for Gmail using the search bar

The Bad

  • You gave to go through complete recorded video to see the Gmail part

gmail tracking apps

Not many spy apps offer Gmail monitoring. But you don’t even need other software if you have pcTattletale with you.

With its unique monitoring style, pcTattletale can keep an eye on the Gmail messages of your lover like never before.

With the Live Viewing feature of the app, you can get to see the email that the target person is currently sending or receiving from someone.

If you want to check a Gmail message that was sent some days ago then it’s only possible if they open it on their laptop. Once they open it, you can watch it in the live streaming of their PC screen.

When you are offline then pcTattletale will record what’s going on in the target computer and you can check the recorded video once you are online. You can check in the recorded video if they have opened the Gmail message you were looking for or not.

The quality of the screen shown by pcTattletale will make you feel like you are directly looking at the screen of the target person’s computer or phone. This makes it easy to understand the main context of the Gmail message you are going through.

Using the search bar on the right side, you can extract all the data that pcTattletale has collected from the Gmail account of the user.

Just like Hoverwatch, pcTattletale is the best option for tracking Gmail account on a PC but that’s not the limit of this app. It works for Android phones as well.

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Which Gmail Spy App Or Software Is Better?

Maybe after reading the description of all the apps, you might be baffled that which app should I finally choose.

Let us make it more simple for you by suggesting to you the best Gmail spy app for Android and the best one for PC. When it comes to iKeyMonitor, you will get the list of emails handy with the full content of messages. But iKeyMonitor might take some time in uploading the new emails when compared to FlexiSPY.

And if the target person uses an iPhone then it needs to be jailbroken in order to extract the emails from it.

Coming to FlexiSPY, you can track the old and new emails just like iKeyMonitor. And for spying on Gmail on an iPhone, it should be jailbroken.

But the place where FlexiSPY has an upper hand is the syncing speed. As compared to iKeyMonitor, FlexiSPY gives quicker results.

Talking about the best Gmail tracking app for PC, we would suggest you go for pcTattletale. The sole reason for giving an upper hand to pcTattletale is the Live viewing feature that makes it possible to track Gmail in actual time.

So if you have to choose the one for a cell phone then go for FlexiSPY and in case of PC, pcTattletale would be our suggestion to you.


What Is The Best Undetectable Spy App For Tracking Gmail Messages?

FlexiSPY is the best app to track Gmail account. It gives quick updates and tracks both old and new emails.

Can You Track An Email After It Has Been Sent?

With FlexiSPY and iKeyMonitor, you can track a Gmail message after it is sent or received.

Is Tracking Gmail Legal?

If you are spying on someone's Gmail messages with their content then it's not illegal to track their Gmail account.

Can I Track A Gmail For Free?

No, there's no spy app that can let you monitor the Gmail account for free.

Do I Need To Root The Target Android Phone For Tracking Gmail Account?

No, there's no rooting requirement for monitoring Gmail activities on an Android phone.

Do I Need To Jailbreak An iPhone For Monitoring Gmail Activities On It?

Yes, if you want to monitor the Gmail activities on an iPhone, you need to jailbreak it first.

How To Log Into Someone's Gmail Account Opened In PC Without Notifying The Owner?

For logging into someone's Gmail account opened in PC, you need a good PC spy software like pcTattletale or Hoverwatch.

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