Is Clubhouse Safe To Use For Kids?

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You must think that Clubhouse is an audio-based platform so it’s safe for your kids because there won’t be any adult images and videos on the platform. But that’s only the half-truth, Clubhouse is filled with chat rooms that discuss adult things like sex, one-night stands, and much more.

Apart from the exposure to adult content, there are other hidden dangers of Clubhouse that make it unsafe for kids. Here are some reasons why you should keep your kids away from this new social media app.

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Reasons Why Clubhouse Is Not Safe For Kids

1) No Age Verification

The Clubhouse app is basically meant to be used by people above 18 years of age. However, anyone can create an account on it because there is no age verification required. So your kid can easily sign up to this platform.

2) Mature Content

danger of clubhouse app

As I already told you earlier, Clubhouse is filled with mature content, be it related to sex, politics, or affair. Once your kid has installed this app on their phone they are exposed to an unlimited amount of adult content that is not meant for them. Mature content is the biggest danger of clubhouse and that’s why it is not safe for kids.

3) Psychological Impact

Trolling is an everyday part of Clubhouse as you cannot restrict people from talking on it. If you are a member of a public group anyone can listen to your discussions and share their thoughts with you. People with notorious mindsets take advantage of this and don’t shy away from talking rubbish and trolling others on it. If your kid is a part of such a group then the trolling and abusing can have a negative impact on their mind.

Also, since kids can be easily influenced by what they see and hear so discussions happening on various social and political groups can hinder the thought process of your child that may change their perspective about life. Therefore, you should not allow your kids to be on the Clubhouse app.

4) Addictive

clubhouse safety

Addiction makes Facebook, Instagram, and Kik unsafe for kids and the same is true for Clubhouse as well. Once your kid gets used to listening to podcasts of their interest on Clubhouse it’s no looking back for them. That’s what makes Clubhouse so dangerous because it is so addictive. It can take a toll on their productivity and also increase their screen time by a significant margin.

5) Privacy Issue

Like other social media apps, the issue related to one’s privacy is also a big concern here. The biggest security threat with Clubhouse is that anyone can listen to your public room chats and stream them on other platforms like YouTube or anywhere else.

6) No Parental Control

parental control

Apps that come with parental control are considered safe for kids because on such apps parents can keep track of their kids activities and ensure their safety online. However, you don’t get to see this feature on Clubhouse. Therefore it is not safe for kids and you should not let your minors be on it.

How To Protect Your Kids From Dangers Of Clubhouse?

So we are done with the problem part, now let’s have a look at the solutions to how you can keep your kids safe from the dark sides of Clubhouse. First of all, Clubhouse is not meant for kids, so they shouldn’t use it.

However, if they have already created an account and using the audio-based app for some time, it’s time you delete it from their phones. Since there is no parental control feature available on it so you cannot monitor their activities. Therefore, allowing them to use this app is not safe.

Apart from that, you should sit and talk with your child about the consequences of using such platforms. Also, teach them about not sharing anything personal with strangers on public platforms like Clubhouse.

Should Kids Use Clubhouse? Verdict

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is that kids should not use this app because it’s not safe for them. From adult content to privacy issues there are lots of dangers associated with the Clubhouse app. Your kids should rather use some better alternatives to Clubhouse that are also safer to use.


Is Clubhouse 18+?

Yes, but since there is no age verification so anyone can create an account on it.

Why Clubhouse Is Not Safe?

The main reason why Clubhouse is not safe is that your conversations can be recorded on it and shared somewhere else.

Is Clubhouse Used For Dating?

Not currently but who knows in the future it may also be used for that as well.

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