5 Best LINE Spy Apps : LINE Monitoring Made Easy

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Gone are the days when trusting unknown people used to be completely normal. It’s a time when you can’t even count on the people you know personally.

So how can you let your dear ones freely come in contact with some random online people that they barely know?

Popular apps like LINE are used by your loved ones regularly but you are just concerned about the activities going on in other apps like Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp.

Keeping those apps in check is necessary but leaving the LINE account unchecked can be a blunder.

Here are some LINE spy apps that can monitor every activity of someone’s LINE account that you always wanted to keep an eye on.

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Best LINE Spy Apps To Monitor LINE Activities

#1 uMobix

The Good

  • Monitoring is done with screenshots
  • Instant updates in the LINE section
  • High-quality screenshots
  • Date and time can be seen directly in screenshots
  • No LINE activity will remain unchecked

The Bad

  • No filters available to extract the desired data easily

Never let your loved ones fall into any trouble while using LINE. By using uMobix, you can keep a check on every single LINE activity of the target person.

Once installed on the target phone, uMobix starts taking remote screenshots from your teen’s phone without letting them know anything about it.

umobix line conversation

These screenshots are so quick that you’ll feel like you’re tracking them in real-time. The second they open a particular section on LINE, you get the screenshot the very next moment.

Be it personal chats, group chats, login page, or even video calls, uMobix can track everything with ease.

line group chat

The size and quality of the screenshots are enough for you to check everything without making a guess as to what’s written.

Some of you might also be curious to know every time your lover comes online on LINE. To your surprise, it’s possible to know when the target person is currently using the LINE app.

line video call tracking with umobix

While the app is currently in use, you will see an online tag appearing along the LINE section. Now whenever you see the online tag appearing, you can check their LINE activities in real-time.

Although you can check all their LINE conversations in screenshots, if you want to see them in text form then you can check them out in the Keylogger section of uMobix.

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#2 KidsGuard Pro

The Good

  • Monitoring is done with both screenshots and text
  • Updates in the LINE section are quick
  • Good quality screenshots from the LINE section
  • You can check the date as well as the time of the conversation
  • No LINE activity will remain unchecked

The Bad

  • The KidsGuard Pro’s search feature does not work properly

KidsGuard Pro is the epitome of excellence when it comes to the monitoring of social media and instant messaging apps.

The app will leave no stone unturned while you are using it spying on the LINE account of your lover.

The screenshot from every corner of the app will be taken and delivered on your online KidsGuard Pro portal remotely.

line screenshots

While your cheating spouse is chatting with someone, having a discussion on a group, doing a video call, or any other LINE activity, you will be updated with each and everything.

As the frequency of screenshots is consistent, KidsGuard Pro doesn’t leave any scope for missing anything important.

Even if there’s a conversation that skips from coming into screenshot, you can still see it in the form of text right inside the LINE section.

line spy app - text conversation

Initially, the screenshots will be small but there’s no need to worry as by clicking on them you can open the screenshot in full size. And if you want to keep the screenshots safe with you then you can do that by using the download icon.

full size line screenshots from kidsguard pro

The date and time when each message was sent can be seen inside every screenshot

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#3 iKeyMonitor

The Good

  • Monitoring is done with both screenshots and text
  • Updates in the LINE section are decent
  • Screenshots provided for LINE are of decent quality
  • You can check the time of conversation inside the screenshots.
  • The data is well organized in sections

The Bad

  • Messages from your teen might not appear in the LINE section sometimes

iKeyMonitor is one of the most advanced spy apps available in the market right now. So how can you expect it to not give the data for such a basic social app?

All the LINE data is properly synced in the LINE section of iKeyMonitor that falls under the Chats tab.

On the left side, you will see the list of child’s LINE contact names and groups and by clicking on any of the contacts, you can see all their chats on the right side.

ikeymonitor spying on line

It’s highly unlikely to happen but there’s a possibility that you might only find the messages from the other end and not a single message sent by your child.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t track their messages. For monitoring the messages sent by your teen, you can check out the Keystrokes section of the app.

As you can see in the screenshot, with each message you will get the time and date to check. This makes the tracking of LINE even more impactful.

With the given filters right inside the LINE section, you can filter your search and save your precious time.

You must be pondering that tracking of data with text is so much boring and it would be great if I can check the screenshots from LINE.

Surprisingly that’s actually possible. Under the Screenshots – App section of the app, you can see all the screenshots that iKeyMonitor collected from the LINE app.

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#4 Hoverwatch

The Good

  • Spying on LINE is done with screenshots
  • Screenshots that you’ll receive are of good quality
  • Both time, as well as the date, can be checked inside the screenshot
  • Screenshots are taken from all LINE sections

The Bad

  • The data is not synced on time
  • Data is not organized

Here comes another app for people who prefer monitoring with screenshots over text.

Once Hoverwatch is set up on the target Android device, it will start to take screenshots secretly without letting the other person know anything about it.

These screenshots will then be uploaded on the online portal of the app from time to time.

The clicked screenshots are high in quality as you are seeing them directly on your kid’s phone. So there’s no chance you don’t understand what’s written.

hoverwatch line tracking

By clicking on a screenshot just once, it will open in big size and now you can check them more thoroughly.

All the data that Hoverwatch collects from the target phone is available in one place. There’s no separate section for LINE.

So it’s a possibility that you might sometimes miss checking a screenshot from LINE and it goes somewhere below due to the new screenshots.

But you can always delete those screenshots that are not necessary and only keep ones that are from the LINE app.

As the screenshots are taken from the phone screen, you can check the time when the conversation was done right inside the screenshot.

The data upload speed of Hoverwatch is just average. So if you’re someone who can’t wait much then Hoverwatch might not be a perfect app for you.

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#5 Spyic

The Good

  • LINE data is separately organized in a different section
  • You can check messages from the target person in Keylogger if not available in the LINE section
  • The date along with the time available with each screenshot

The Bad

  • Data synchronization speed is average
  • No screenshots are provided by Spyic

Don’t let your kids become the prey of online sexual predators on LINE. Keep a watch on their conversations with Spyic.

The app shows all the LINE data in its LINE section that falls under the Social Apps heading.

spyic line tracking

There are slim chances that you don’t see the LINE messages sent by your child and just see the messages from another person. But you can still monitor the target person’s messages.

Just go to the Keylogger section and look out for the Keystrokes from the LINE app.

With all the messages the date as well as the time is also available for checking. So if you always wanted to know when the target person is most active on LINE, you have your answer.

Talking about the data synchronization speed, we won’t lie but Spyic blow chunks. Spyic is far inferior to apps like uMobix and KidsGuard Pro.

You have to wait for at least 10-15 minutes to see the new data on the Spyic portal.

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Should I Worry About LINE Activities?

Some of you might be thinking that, is the LINE app really worth monitoring? Well of course it is worth monitoring.

The app is used by millions and millions of people around the world and anyone can contact your loved ones regardless of the fact that they are in their contact list or not.

Sometimes even the unplanned conversation can also lead to sexting and sharing of adult stuff on LINE which may further lead to blackmailing.


What Is The Best Free Undetectable Spy App For LINE?

According to our testing, uMobix and KidsGuard Pro are the best apps to spy on someone's LINE account.

Is There Any Free LINE Spy App?

No, there's no app that can let you monitor LINE activities for free.

Should I Root The Target Android Phone For Spying On LINE Activities?

With the spy apps we have mentioned, there's absolutely no need for you to root the target Android phone in order to monitor the LINE activities.

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