Signs A Man Is A Child Predator: Pedophile Warning Signs

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Do you know that according to an estimation there are at least 500000 predators active online on a daily basis? That’s half a million sex offenders waiting online to groom your innocent child and sexually abuse them. However, in most cases of child abuse, it is found that the abuser was someone from the family itself who the kid knows and trusts. In these circumstances, it is hard for parents to keep their children safe from predators both online and offline.

The biggest issue for parents is that they cannot tell who is a pedophile and who’s not because they look and behave absolutely normal. However, if you look closely you can find some traits exhibited by sex offenders that make them different. In this article, I will share with you child predator characteristics that will help you expose a pedophile but before that let’s see how many types of child predators there are.

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Types of Child Predators

types of pedophile

There are basically two types of pedophiles and they are known as Regressed and Fixated. The regressed child predators are those who had a sex life with their partner in the past but due to physical disability or other reasons, they are incapable of satisfying their partners and hence turn towards kids.

While on the other hand, the fixated pedophile remains a child predator their entire life. Both types of child predators are dangerous for your kids and you should be aware of them.

Child Predator Characteristics

signs a man is a child predator

It’s hard to tell that one is a pedophile by just looking at them as they can be friendly, outgoing, and full of life. Also, there is no gender of a pedophile, it can be a man or a woman. However, in most cases, it’s a man. The following are the characteristics of a male predator but most of them apply to female pedophiles as well.

Signs Of A Male Predator

1. Spends more time with kids than the person of their age. If you ever find a man who loves to spend most of his time with children and who himself sometimes exhibits childish behavior can be a potential child molester.

2. Brings gifts for children even when it’s not their birthday. Everyone knows how much kids love gifts, a molester takes advantage of this and tries to make the kids trust him by giving them occasional gifts.
3. They are single. Most of the child sex offenders are single as they never marry. If you know someone who’s not in any relationship for a long time and also likes to be with kids can be a potential pedophile.

4. Be friendly with parents. Pedophiles are often seen to be very friendly with the parents so that they can trust them and leave their kids with them alone without any worries. If you meet a stranger who is trying to win your trust in a short time then it’s time you should be aware that they might have their eyes on your kid.

5. Their house is filled with toys and games. If you go to someone’s house and find out that their place is filled with stuff that kid loves like video games, toys, etc. even when they don’t have a child of their own then it means that there is something wrong. Child predators do this in order to lure kids to their place where they can molest them.

6. Talks dirty to kids. If you see a man who says adult things in front of kids or makes sexual comments about them then you should keep your kids away from them. Sex offenders also don’t shy away from sharing their sex life and romantic relationships with kids to see how they react.

7. They keep changing places. A sex offender doesn’t stay at the same place for a long time because as soon as people there come to know about their personality they switch their location. If you ever encounter a person who does not have a proper location or job history then he can be a child predator you should be aware of.  This is because, with the place, pedophiles also tend to change their jobs in quick succession.

8. They will make fake claims that the child is prone to lying. A smart sex offender will try to tell everyone that the kid has some issue and he/she always tells a lie so that when they tell about their abuse no one will believe them.

9. They watch child pornography. Watching child porn is prohibited but if you still catch someone red-handed then it means that they are interested in kids and has a fantasy to sexually exploit them.

10. They are highly active on Kik. Kik is a dangerous app for kids as predators love hanging around on this app as here they can easily hide their identity. So if you see an adult investing too much of their time on Kik then it may be because they are using it to find their next target.

Due to this reason, your kids should not use it because there are countless child abuse cases that happen on Kik. If you can’t stop them from using Kik then you should definitely use a Kik spy tool to keep track of their activities on this dangerous platform.

How To Protect Your Child From Child Predators

1. Empower Children

The first thing you could do to prevent your kids from a child predator is to empower them with the knowledge about good touch and bad touch. You should also encourage them to defend themselves when someone tries to molest them.

2. Trust Your Kids

Kids don’t lie about sexual abuses but some parents think that the kid is just making up a story and don’t trust them. You should always listen to your kids and trust them when they tell you about something so serious. Apart from that, you should take some action to protect your kids from molestation as soon as possible.

3. Make Use Of A Parental Control App

Parental spy apps can help you find out if your child is being groomed by someone online. Once you have installed a parental control app on your kid’s phone, you can see all their activities like who they are talking to, sites they are visiting, etc. By this, you can ensure that your kid never comes in contact with a child molester online.

How To Expose A Child Molester? Final Verdict

These days it is hard to believe anyone, as anyone can be a child predator who is looking to abuse your child when you are not around. Hence, you cannot leave your kid with anyone alone. You can take the help of this article to find out a potential sex offender by observing the characteristics that I have shared with you.

Besides that you can keep an eye on all your kid’s online activities as the cases of sexual abuse online are increasing day by day. For that, you can make use of a good parental control app. Also, you should tell your kids about good touch and bad touch and empower them to tackle such situations.


What Are The Warning Signs Of Sexual Abuse In A Child?

Mood swings, nightmares, secretiveness, etc. are some signs of sexual abuse in a child.

What Is A Fixated Child Molester?

One who remains a child predator their entire life is called a fixated child predator.

How Do Predators Get Children?

They mostly find them on online social media platforms.

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