5 Best Skype Spy Software And Apps To Monitor Skype Activities

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When it comes to spying and monitoring, apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat steal all your focus. And the apps like Skype are considered to be a back burner.

It’s good to be aware of the activities going on in WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other famous social media and instant messaging apps. But ignoring Skype and bouncing off the app can be really dicey.

Just a quick glance at their Skype account won’t take much of your time but will certainly give you peace of mind.

Here we present the list of the best Skype spy software and apps to monitor every Skype activity you can possibly think of on Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows PC.

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Best Skype Spy Software And Apps

#1 uMobix

The Good

  • Skype data will sync instantly
  • Screenshots from Skype are of high quality
  • Possible to know when the target person is online on Skype
  • Monitoring with screenshots make the tracking of Skype impactful

The Bad

  • No updates are given in the form of text

Track Skype Activities On: Android and iOS smartphones

uMobix knows how to make its place in the list of best spy apps for Instagram, WhatsApp, Kik, or even Skype. And why shouldn’t it make its place on the list when its quality of working is better than most of the monitoring software.

Monitoring with uMobix will make you feel like you are spying on their Skype account in real-time. The data sync speed will simply boggle your mind. The moment there’s an activity on the target phone, you will instantly get updated on it remotely via the uMobix portal.

For each and every Skype activity, uMobix provides you with high-quality screenshots that you can check anytime you want. Just go to the Skype section of the app and the screenshots are right in front of you.

skype conversation with umobix

Everything in the screenshot is clearly visible despite the fact that it’s provided by third-party software. And as the screenshots are large in size, you won’t face trouble reading anything off the screen.

With the unique monitoring feature of uMobix, you can always know when the target person is currently online on Skype. At that time, you can monitor their Skype activities more cautiously.

Whenever they are online on Skype using their Android phone, you will see a green online tag appearing adjacent to the Skype section.

The tracking of Skype account is not just limited to private chats or group conversations. uMobix can even take snaps of the screen while they are having a video call with someone.

best spy app to monitor skype

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#2 pcTattletale

The Good

  • The live recording from Skype is delayed just a few seconds
  • The live streaming and video recording quality is good
  • Possible to know when the target person is online on Skype
  • You can filter the activities for Skype
  • Possible to record videos when you are offline

The Bad

  • The screen will freeze when a Skype video call is going on

Track Skype Activities On: Android and Windows PC

If you want to keep a watch on the Skype activities of your lover remotely but still want the feel of watching their phone or PC screen in real-time then you’ll praise the working of pcTattletale.

While simply relaxing on your couch, you can see each and everything going on your teen’s Skype section by simply streaming their phone or computer screen live.

pctattletale skype spy

The difference in the actual Skype activity and the live streaming going on in the pcTattletale portal will not be more than 10 seconds.

So if there’s something that needs to be taken care of spontaneously then you’ll get to know about it instantly.

If there’s a video call being done by the target person, you can see whom they are talking to. But the screen freezes at particular frames making it impossible to check out the full video call.

recording skype video call

Now suppose you get some urgent work and you have to leave the Skype monitoring in between. Does it mean you have to compromise on the tracking of the Skype activities?

Well, of course not. While you are offline, pcTattletale will automatically start to record the videos secretly. Once you are back from work, you can check the recorded videos anytime you want to.

Just click on the Activity on option, select the date for which you want to see the activity, and watch everything that happened on Skype on that date.

It’s even possible to download the videos for a particular date.

The live recording will show you activity from not just Skype but from other sections as well. So it might become hectic to look out for the Skype recording from the recorded videos.

But using the Activity feature, you can sort the list and extract only those activities that took place on Skype.

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#3 iKeyMonitor

The Good

  • The tracking of Skype is done with both screenshots and text
  • Screenshots from Skype are of high quality
  • The screenshots are placed under the dedicated folder of Skype
  • You can filter the conversation as well
  • Downloading the screenshots is possible

The Bad

  • The data sync speed could have been better

Track Skype Activities On: Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Computer

Never let your child’s Skype conversations go off-limits. They might use the app for carrying out sexual conversations or exchanging adult content with their friends but that’s what you have to take care of as a parent.

iKeyMonitor with its staggering Skype monitoring, available for Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows, can give you updates on all the Skype conversations that you always wanted to keep under your watch.

Once you go to the Skype section of the app, you will notice all the keystrokes made by your teen while using Skype.

spying with ikeymonitor on skype

With each keystroke, you can check the date and time of the messages sent. Not just the messages from your teen but messages from the other side are also available to check. So with iKeyMonitor, you will never feel like your monitoring is incomplete.

Now suppose the list of Skype conversations is way too long. This might make the tracking of Skype activities a bit hard for you. To save yourself some precious minutes, you can organize the search with the given filters.

As we told you before, only getting the results in the form of text makes Skype monitoring very bland. But thankfully, iKeyMonitor does not fall into that category.

You can find the screenshots related to Skype under the Screenshots-app section. If the screenshots are available for multiple apps then it is possible to filter the results and extract the screenshots only for Skype.

As for the data sync speed, iKeyMonitor is not as fast as uMobix but it won’t let you down either.

Click Here to Try iKeyMonitor

#4 Hoverwatch

The Good

  • The tracking of Skype is done with screenshots
  • All the Skype screenshots are of high quality
  • You can check out the screenshots in full size
  • You can filter the screenshots with the date

The Bad

  • The data sync speed could have been better
  • No dedicated section for Skype screenshots

Track Skype Activities On: Android, Windows, and Mac

Getting the results in the form of text is not that effective as compared to that of monitoring with screenshots.

Hoverwatch with its screenshots-taking capabilities will deliver the snaps from every corner of the Skype account.

Once installed on your lover’s phone, laptop PC, or Mac, Hoverwatch starts to take screenshots remotely without letting your boyfriend/girlfriend know about it.

monitoring skype with hoverwatch

The data sync speed of Hoverwatch blows chunks as compared to that of uMobix but it’s not like you have to wait for hours to get the new updates. You have to wait for 5-6 minutes for the new data.

All the screenshots are already decent in size but with a single click, you can open them in full size to check them in detail.

As all the screenshots are high in quality, you don’t have to worry about not understanding what’s written or shown in the screenshot.

spying on skype with hoverwatch

All the screenshots in Hoverwatch appear in a single place, there’s no dedicated section for Skype. This might result in missing something absolutely necessary. But using the delete option given at the right of each screenshot, you can delete the unnecessary screenshots and only keep the ones that are useful.

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#5 Spyic

The Good

  • Date and time is available with each Skype message
  • Conversations from both ends are available
  • Keylogger section will show you the Skype data if you don’t see it in the Skype section

The Bad

  • The data sync speed is not good
  • No screenshots for Skype

Track Skype Activities On: Android and iOS smartphones

Even while embracing the Skype monitoring capabilities of the other apps we didn’t forget to add Spyic to our list.

Spyic knows how easily a useful app like Skype can be used for fulfilling wrong deeds by online sexual predators looking for innocent people like your teen.

To check the activities from Skype, you have to go to the Skype section of the app. Here you will get unveiled to all the conversations done via Skype by your lover.

spyic skype tracking

The date and time stamp with each conversation makes your monitoring even more powerful.

There are some chances that you might only see the messages sent by the other person and not your child. But this doesn’t mean there’s no way to spy on the messages they sent.

If not in the Skype section, you will find their messages in the Keylogger section for sure.

The data sync speed of the app might dispirit you a little so if you are someone who’s always restless then Spyic is not your cup of tea.

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Why Skype Spy App Is The Best Solution?

Some of you must be thinking that why should I pay just for monitoring the Skype activities? Well, truly speaking, monitoring apps is the only solution to your problems.

If you try out some futile Play Store app in order to spy on Skype activities, you might get yourself into trouble. Those apps won’t be able to hide as these spy apps do.

And they might not even be able to provide you with the data for which you worked so hard.

Plus, Skype is not the only thing you can track with spy apps. These apps take care of other sections like WhatsApp, Instagram, calls, contacts, photos, videos and so much more.


What Is The Best Undetectable Spy App For Monitoring Skype?

uMobix is the best spy app for monitoring Skype on an Android and iOS device. But there are other options as well like pcTattletale or Hoverwatch.

Can I Spy On Skype Conversations?

Yes, you can easily spy on Skype conversations with the help of spy apps. Not just private conversations but you can also track other Skype activities as well.

How Can You Tell Who Someone Is Talking To On Skype?

Spy apps like uMobix, pcTattletale, iKeymonitor, or Hoverwatch can show you screenshots of conversations done by your lover on Skype.

Can I Spy On Deleted Skype Chats?

If the spy app is successful in taking the screenshots or records the messages before the chat is deleted (which they do most of the times) then you can spy on them.

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