How To Track An Instagram Account Location

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Have you met someone on Instagram and wanted to know their location to see whether they are lying about the place they belong to? Or do you want to surprise them by sending some gifts for their birthday and need to know their address?

In this article, I will tell you exactly how you can track someone’s Instagram account location as well as their IP address online remotely.

So keep reading!

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How To Track An Instagram Account Location?

The use of social media platforms is probably at its peak and everyone is using one of the various social messaging apps. One such app that is getting more popular day by day is Instagram. And if you use it as well then chances are very high that you must have met someone, be it a friend or business partner.

If you have met a business partner then I know trusting someone you haven’t met in real life yet is a little difficult. And I know before finalizing a deal or getting into an agreement you must want to check where the other person is based. In fact, you should check if they are telling you the truth or not about their location.

Or if you have met someone special on Instagram and want to pay them a surprise visit or send some gifts then you must know their location first, right? So the question that arises is: How to track an Instagram account location remotely without the user knowing?

Actually, there are 3 ways of finding someone’s Instagram location:

  • By using Instagram itself
  • By using their IP address
  • By using a spy app

Let us look at these 3 options one by one.

Method 1: How To Find Someone’s Instagram Account Location?

The easiest and simplest way to check someone’s Instagram account location is through Instagram itself. Instagram allows its users to geotag their posts and you can make use of these geotags to find someone’s Instagram profile location.

In order to check their location, open their Instagram profile then open their post and check for the geotags. Once you find the post with geotags, you can then click on the geotag to see that location on the map.

However, the shortcoming of this method is that people generally tag a place, city, or state. And if they have tagged let’s say a state or city then you will not be able to find their exact location.

Useful: If you want to know their city or state then this would be useful to you. But remember that people frequently visit other cities and states so it may be possible that it might not be their home state or city.

Not Useful: If you want to send some gifts or want to pay a surprise visit then this method is not for you.


  • You can see the tagged location in a map


  • You won’t be able to find their exact location

Method 2: How To Check Instagram Account Location?

This method of tracking an Instagram account location involves finding out their IP address and making use of it to know their location.

To find the Instagram account’s IP address, go to a site named and click on the Get IPLogger Code button.

How To Track Instagram Account Location

On the next screen, copy the tracker link present on the topmost column of the table.

How To Find Instagram User's Location

Now you need to send this copied link to the person whose IP Address you want to know. Once the person clicks on this link then their IP address will get recorded. You can check the recorded IP on the Logged IP’s tab on the same screen.

IPLogger Logged IPs

Remember to create a message in such a way that the target person clicks on the link. For eg., you can create a message around the Amazon discount coupons, people generally tend to click on the link giving discounts. You can use your own creative ways like this to get the Instagram user to click on the link.

Once you know the IP address then you can check the Instagram account location using the same. To check the location go to and enter the recorded IP address on the search bar and click on the Trace IP With IP Tracker button.

IPTracker Button

On the next screen, you will be able to see the location of the IP address.

IPTracker Location

However, this method also has shortcomings, as the IP address depends on the network service provider of a cell phone. Therefore, you may or may not get the correct location. While I was testing this with my own cell phone then It was showing my location in a different city. Because my service provider is based out of that city.

Useful: If you want to know which city or state someone belongs to but will only work if their Internet service provider is based out of the same city.

Not Useful: If you want to know the exact location of someone.


  • Tells you the city and state


  • Location tracking is dependent on the internet service provider of the target user

Method 3: How To Track The Location Of Someone’s Instagram Account?

The best and foolproof method to find an Instagram account’s location remotely is by using a spy app for Instagram. A spy app will give you a location that will be accurate to a few meters as compared to the thousands of meters of the other two methods.

And the app that I have shortlisted to do this job is Firstly, you need to go to the official website and purchase a plan after creating an account.

This method also requires sending a link to get the location of the Instagram account, like method 2. So do not forget to use your own creativity.

After creating an account, log in to your account. Once you are logged in, it will ask you to create a message. You can either choose one of the three templates, or you can create your own message.

Important: Make sure you don’t edit or delete the ‘%link%‘ part in the message. - Choose Message

After creating the message, enter your cell phone number in the next step and click on the Send button. - Enter Number

You will receive a message on your cell with the link, now, without opening or clicking on the link, copy this text message and DM it to the person whose Instagram account location you want to check.

Once the target person opens the link then their location will get tracked. But remember this will only work if the location is enabled on the target person’s cell phone.

During my testing, was able to track the location of the target Instagram account accurately. The difference between the actual location and the tracked location was hardly 100 meters. And it was able to show me the following information regarding the location:

  • Whether the link was opened or not
  • Latitude and longitude of the location
  • Date and time of detecting the location - Locations

The thing that I liked the most about is that it gives you an option to see the location on Google Maps. Just by clicking on the View button available in the last column of the table, you can view the Instagram location on Google Maps. And Google Maps even shows you the exact address of that location. - Google Maps

However, the only drawback of this method is that you will have to spend some money to buy the plan.

Useful: If you want to know the exact location as well as the address of someone.

Not Useful: If you do not want to spend money.


  • Shows you the exact location on the map
  • Tells you the address of the location


  • It is not free

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Which Method Should You Choose?

I think it is very obvious in case you want to really track the location of someone’s Instagram account. You should definitely use the third method. As they say, good things come at a cost. And the cost that you will be paying to use will be worth every penny when you will be able to check the accurate location of the target person.

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