TV With Spy Camera: Can You Put A Spy Camera In A TV?

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Are you looking for a TV with a built-in spy camera? Do you want to know how you can put a spy camera in a TV?

This article is going to be really interesting as I will tell you everything that you need to know about TV with a spy camera. In this article, you will know how you can install a spy camera in a TV and how can you stop your smart TV from spying on you.

So keep reading!

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Can You Put A Spy Camera In A TV?

Can You Put A Spy Camera In A TV

Yes, you can put a spy camera in a TV. However, you will need some help to do this.

If you want to know what your partner or kids are doing at home behind your back then putting a spy camera on your TV is an excellent idea. It will record everything that happens in front of it and you will know if your doubts about your cheating partner were true or not.

But the question is can you put a spy camera in your TV? And the answer to this question is a yes. It can be done but you will not be able to do it at your home. Because if you really want the spy camera to be hidden then you will have to open our TV and put the camera inside. And for this, you will need the help of a professional who repairs TVs.

How To Install A Spy Camera In A TV?

TV With Spy Camera

As discussed, it is possible to put a spy camera in a TV. However, there is no easy way of doing it and it requires a lot of effort. Firstly, you will have to open your smart TV and then you will have to find a place where the camera can be placed.

After that, you have will have to make a hole in your TV panel so that the camera can see what is in front of the TV through the hole. Then, you will also have to cover the hole from the outside in such a way that it is not visible from the outside but the camera can see through it.

Once the camera is placed, you will have to connect it to your TV’s main circuit so that it can get power to operate. Or you can also use a wireless hidden camera, if you do not know then let me tell you how a hidden spy camera works. It comes with an inbuilt battery and wireless connectivity. The battery provides it with the power to run and it shares the data wirelessly with your device once connected to the Internet.

However, using this kind of spy camera will require you to open your TV, again and again, to charge or replace the battery once it is drained out. After that, you will have to assemble your TV and then you will be good to go.

You must be like, what, I cannot do all of this by myself. But don’t worry, you can take help of a professional. You can take the spy camera and your TV to a TV repair shop and ask them to do it. However, you will have to convince them because at first, they might show some resistance to doing it.

If you are not able to put a camera on your TV then you can consider putting it alongside your TV. There are various types of spy cameras available in the market which can easily blend with objects in your house. So you can put one of these alongside your TV in such a way that no one finds it. It will be like putting a spy camera in your TV.

Is There A TV With A Built-In Spy Camera?

Spy Max TV

Putting a spy camera on a TV is a hell of a task, right? You must be thinking, isn’t there a TV with a built-in spy camera that I can just purchase?

Well, you are in luck. Somebody understood this problem of people and has come up with a TV that comes with a hidden camera inbuilt, and I have managed to find it. It is an LCD TV that is 32” in size and acts as a fully functional TV. The hidden camera is WiFI-enabled therefore you can see the live feed or recordings on other devices wirelessly whenever you want.

It also comes with motion activation, as a result, it starts recording the moment it senses a movement. The lens that the camera uses is made by Sony and has a wide viewing angle. Therefore you can expect a crisp and clear video of your whole room.

There aren’t many options available in the market when it comes to a TV with a spy camera. And the one that I have told you about seems to be the only and the best option. If you do not want to go through the process of putting a camera on your TV then you can go with this option without any doubt.

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Can A Smart TV Be Used As A Spy Camera?

Yes, a smart TV can be used as a spy camera. However, to do that you will need help, you can’t do it on your own.

Smart TVs these days come with an inbuilt camera and a microphone, which enables you to make video calls and do other things through it. And if you have such a smart TV then you must be thinking about whether you can use it to spy on your partner or kids.

Yes, it can be done. Smart TVs let you connect to the Internet and they also let you download apps, therefore turning them into spy cameras is not impossible. Having said that, I could not find any TV spy app for a cheating partner that can help you in doing this. So the question is how can you use your smart TV as a spy camera?

Well, a hacker will be able to help you out. You can hire a hacker to turn your smart TV into a spy camera. The drawback of this method is that the hacker might demand a hefty amount of money to do so. Therefore you can either wait for a spy app for smart TVs to be launched in the market or you can buy a TV with a hidden spy camera inbuilt that we just talked about before.

Do Smart TVs Spy On You?

No, smart TVs do not spy on you. However, they keep watching and listening to you all the time.

As discussed, smart TVs come with an inbuilt camera and microphone. Therefore it might come to your mind that it must be spying on you. Smart TVs are generally powered by Google therefore they come loaded with Google voice assistant and other features.

Like your Android cell phone keeps listening to you all the time, your smart TV also listens to you all the time. This is the reason that every time you say Ok Google, it responds back.

Having said that, it cannot be called spying. It collects this data to serve you better, like the camera in your smart TV is used for facial recognition. So that it can show you the content and ads depending on your watch history. Since every member in your house watches different things, therefore, facial recognition is used to know who is watching and it then shows you the content that you like.

How To Stop Smart TV From Spying On You?

Smart TV With Camera

As discussed, smart TVs don’t spy on you but they come with Internet connectivity, a camera, and a microphone. Therefore, someone can use them to spy on you. So let me now tell you how you can stop someone from spying on you through your smart TV.

1) Disable Microphone & Camera

The first thing that you should do is disable the camera and microphone of your smart TV. If the camera and microphone are not enabled then no one will be able to use them to spy on you. You will be able to do this by going to your smart TV settings. If there are no such settings available then I will recommend you buy a new TV or go to the next point.

2) Cover The Camera

If you can’t turn off the camera from the settings then you can cover it altogether. So that it is not able to record anything but a black screen. All you have to do is take a piece of paper, fold it 3-4 times and then paste it above the camera of your smart TV with the help of a tape. Or you can also buy a webcam cover like this from Amazon and use it to hide your TV camera.

That is it, no one will be able to see through your smart TV now. You can do the same thing with your TV’s microphone so that no one is able to hear you as well.

3) Disconnect The Internet

The main culprit behind spying through TV is the Internet. It is because your smart TV is connected to the Internet that someone is able to spy on you remotely. If your TV is not connected to the Internet then even if it records everything, no one will be able to access those recordings. So if you don’t want anyone to spy on you through your TV then you should disconnect it from the Internet.


Can TVs Have Hidden Camera?

Yes, TVs can have hidden cameras.

Can Someone Spy On Me Through My Smart TV’s Camera?

Yes, it is possible that someone can use the camera of your TV to spy on you.

Does TVs Come With An Inbuilt Camera?

Yes, smart TVs these days come with a built-in camera and microphone.

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