7 Best Undetectable iPhone Spy Apps Without Jailbreak

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Just search for the iPhone spy apps and you’ll be flooded with the number of options available. But when it comes to the list of spy apps that are actually good, you’ll be left with just a handful of them.

Just by having a look at their website or demo, you might find them quite professional and the best of their kind. But after using them, you might find most of the apps completely worthless. And the money that you have spent is not coming back to your account.

In spite of spending your hard-earned money and still not being sure if the tracking app is of any use or not sucks a lot, right?

There’s no need to rely on your fortune and try every app coming your way. I have already shortlisted the 7 best undetectable spy apps for iPhones after thorough testing. These apps will easily monitor your spouse’s iPhone and won’t even demand jailbreak.

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Best iPhone Spy Software Without Jailbreaking Comparison Table

Best ForNameFeatures
Best iPhone Spy Apps No JailbreakKidsGuard Pro

  • Monitor WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat messages

  • See safari browsing history

  • Check photos and videos on target iPhone

Undetectable Spyware For iPhoneuMobix

  • Track WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook

  • See all the photos and videos stored on the target iOS device

  • See text messages and call details

Top iPhone Spy App Without JailbreakingmSpy

  • Monitor iMessages & call logs

  • Check WhatsApp chats

  • Track browsing history

Best Undetectable Hidden iPhone Spy Apps Without Jailbreak

1. KidsGuard Pro

The Good

  • Gives quick updates
  • Lets you see the photos stored on the target iOS device
  • Accurately tracks WhatsApp
  • Can track browsing history made in incognito mode

The Bad

  • Shows videos stored on the target iPhone but cannot play them

KidsGuard Pro stands out as a great undetectable iPhone spy app due to its abundance of features, impeccable accuracy, and swift updates, securing its position as the best undetectable spy app for iPhone on my list. It emerges as the great choice for iPhone users who cannot afford the expensive iPhone jailbreak spy app.

Also, during my experience with KidsGuard Pro, I noticed that the app provides updates in a matter of seconds. Following are some important features of KidsGuard Pro that make it the best iPhone spy app with no jailbreak required:

Messages, Call Logs, And Contacts

iMessages tracking

KidsGuard Pro allows for the potential revelation of hidden affairs or long-concealed secrets involving your partner or child.

Similarly KidsGuard Pro can provide you the call logs of the target iPhone user. Using this detail you can know who your loved ones are in contact with and that too without them knowing.

Moreover, the Contacts feature supplements this by providing additional information, including photos, saved numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses.

Track Social Media Apps

whatsapp recording

Most of the no-jailbreak iPhone spy apps only track WhatsApp and LINE chats but KidsGuard Pro stands out by offering access to a range of social media apps beyond just WhatsApp and LINE.

When you select a specific app, you can access all the data collected by KidsGuard Pro about that app. Moreover, you can also check the timestamp of the chats to determine if the target person is indulging in late-night conversations.

Apart from WhatsApp, in my KidsGuard Pro testing, I found that with this undetectable spy app for iPhone, you can also spy on apps like  QQ, LINE, WeChat, and Viber.

Photos and Videos

Checking the photos and videos stored on your partner’s or child’s phone can reveal the truth definitively. Within the Photos section of KidsGaurd Pro, you have access to all the images in their Gallery. Similarly, in the Videos section, you can see all the videos on the target iPhone.

Safari History and Bookmarks

safari history

One common concern for parents is their child’s access to inappropriate content. Most iPhone monitoring apps without jailbreaking do not track internet usage, but KidsGuard Pro is an exception. The Safari History feature reveals the websites visited on the iPhone, providing titles and URLs for easy understanding and verification of content.

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2. uMobix

The Good

  • Tracking of social apps like Instagram, and Facebook is possible
  • Quick updates
  • Possible to keep track of photos and videos
  • You can download the videos as well

The Bad

  • Location tracking feature not available

Without any doubt, uMobix is the best spy app to monitor the activities of a non-jailbroken iPhone.

The reason why uMobix is one of the best iPhone spy apps is that it can give monitoring features for iPhone that no other app can ever give. Plus, the app works in hidden mode, and the updates for new data are very quick.

Messages, Calls, Address Book

Just like every good spy app, uMobix also updates you with the new messages that are received on the target iPhone.

Along with the content of the message, the contact with whom the conversation was done can be checked, and the date and time when a message was sent or received can be seen as well.

Along with the new message, all the messages that existed before the installation of the app can also be checked.

umobix messages tracking

The Calls section of uMobix will show you the list of all the calls made and received by the user. The information that you can check is the state of the call (incoming, outgoing, declined), the duration of the call, and the start and end times of the call.

calls tracking

If you didn’t find the contact you are looking for in the calls section, then it’s time to have a look at the Address book section.

contacts from umobix

Just as you would expect, the name of the contact can be seen, including the phone number associated with that contact.

Social Apps

tracking of social apps

Now let’s talk about the monitoring of the social apps with uMobix. As we told you before, uMobix is the best undetectable app to spy on a non jailbroken iPhone. This section is the sole reason for that.

Unlike any other spy app, uMobix is successful in spying on Instagram, and Facebook activities of your lover. No other spy app can do that without jailbreaking the target iPhone first.

Along with Facebook and Instagram, uMobix can also spy on WhatsApp, Skype, LINE, and Tinder activities of your spouse.

Browser History And Browser bookmarks

browser history feature

Tracking browser history is the topmost priority of parents after giving a personal iPhone to teens. It helps them keep a check on how the child handles the phone and for what purpose they use their phone.

Inside the Browser history feature, you will see the title of the search made by the child, the URL of the site reached, the date and time of the last visit, and the total number of visits.

The URL that you see is clickable so you can directly reach the site that the child likes to access.

Browser bookmarks will help you know the sites that the kid wants to access regularly. You can even check the time and date when the child created a particular bookmark.

Camera And Files

The Camera feature comes in handy when you want to see the photos stored on the target iPhone. The photos are of good quality and you can also see the date when a particular photo made its place in the target phone.

best apps to monitor iphone

To view the videos instead of photos, you need to access the Files option. All the new, as well as old videos, will appear and you play the videos instantly with the play button. Downloading the videos is possible too.

files feature umobix

Click Here to Try uMobix

3. mSpy

The Good

  • Tracking of calls, messages, and contacts is accurate
  • URL provided in browsing history have clickable links
  • Spying on WhatsApp is possible
  • You can check the installed apps

The Bad

  • The location feature is missing
  • mSpy might take time to upload new data

Not adding mSpy to the list would be an injustice to one of the oldest spy apps.

mSpy works in the hidden mode on the iPhone of the target person and there’s no need to jailbreak the target device for making the app work.

Now let’s see the features that mSpy offers.

Calls, Contacts, And Messages

The Calls section of mSpy works as you would expect from a reputed spy app. All the information related to calls that you would ever need is available remotely on the online portal of mSpy.
mspy tracking of calls

This information includes the name of the contact, number, duration of the call, state of call (incoming, outgoing, missed), and the date and time of the call.

If you can’t find the number in the calls section who you think your spouse talks to, then checking the Contacts section might help you out.

contacts tracking mspy

You can see all the contacts on the left side and by clicking on any of the contacts, information like phone number and email address will appear on the right side.

Similarly, you can keep yourself up to date with the text messages using the Messages section of mSpy.

Browser History

mspy browser history

Want to know what your little one likes to browse and watch on the internet daily? Let the Browser History feature help you know the truth.

All the searches made on the internet can be seen under the Website Title heading. URL for each search is clickable so you can check the search made by the teen. The date and time and the number of visits are other things that you can check.

Installed Apps

mspy installed apps

Never let your teens get exposed to apps not suitable for them with the Installed Apps feature of the app.

A simple interface with an app icon on the left and the name of the apps on the right will let you know about the apps that child likes to use on their iPhone.


hidden iPhone spy apps

Never miss any updates from the WhatsApp account of your lover. With complete updates from WhatsApp, it’s easy to conclude that you can rely on mSpy for WhatsApp tracking.

The list of all the WhatsApp contacts are present on the left side and all the conversation will appear on the right side.

With each message, you can see the date and time stamp. This is helpful in knowing when your spouse is most active with a particular person.

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4. Cocospy

The Good

  • It can show you the deleted text messages
  • Accurately tracks internet history
  • Good UI

The Bad

  • No Geofencing

This undetectable iPhone spy app works great for keeping an eye on your kids or spouse. Following are some important features of Cocospy that make it worthy to be called the best no-jailbroken iPhone spyware.

Contacts & Messages & Call Logs

You can see all the people the target person is in touch with using Cocospy’s contacts list. It shows you all their contacts with phone numbers.

Just checking their contacts is not enough, you must know who they are having conversations with over a phone call. It is possible to use the call logs feature of Cocospy.

Apart from call details, you can actually read the messages of the target person using the Cocospy app. Overall, with this app on your side, they cannot hide anything from you.

Social Apps and Keylogger

social media monitoring iPhone

Most cases of cheating happen over social media apps, if you want to catch your spouse red-handed you need to check their social media chats. With Cocospy, you can read all the chats your partner has had on various chat apps.

Moreover, you can also see what they’ve typed on other apps on their phone using the iPhone Keylogger feature. When I tested Cocospy, I found out that it records everything typed on the phone, even in secret browsing mode.

Browsing History

track iPhone browsing history

With Cocospy on your side, you will always be one step ahead of the target person when it comes to tracking their browsing history. Even if they delete their search history or browse sites in incognito mode, you will always know what they are up to.

Videos, and Photos

Just like other undetectable iPhone spy apps on the list, Cocospy also allows you to see what type of photos or videos the target person has stored on their phone.

Click Here to Try Cocospy

5. iKeyMonitor

The Good

  • Geo-fencing feature available
  • Quick updates
  • Location tracking is possible
  • You can set alerts for various words
  • Tracking of more social apps than other spy apps

The Bad

  • Battery drainage might be quick

It’s a well-known fact that monitoring of an iPhone is not as good as that of an Android and there are very limited monitoring options available. But still, iKeyMonitor has given more iPhone monitoring features than any other app, that too without jailbreak.

Calls, Contacts, And Messages

Just like every other spy app, iKeyMonitor will help you keep an eye on the calls section by delivering the name and number of the people calling you. The date and time of the call are also present.

Under the Contacts section of the app, you will see the list of all the contacts saved on the target phone. The new contacts and the ones available on the phone prior to the installation of iKeyMonitor, all the contacts can be seen.

ikeymonitor contacts tracking

Keeping in mind the popularity of the messages app for exchanging conversations, it’s a necessity to track the Messages section of the target iPhone.

All the contacts can be seen on the left and the conversation done with them on the right side.

GPS And Geo-fencing

Your spouse might be meeting the new person they found online while lying to you about their location. But this is not possible if you have iKeyMonitor by your side.

With the GPS feature, you can monitor the current location of your lover with both Map and Satellite mode.

gps tracking ikeymonitor

iKeyMonitor also provides the Geo-fencing feature for their iPhone customers. It’s a feature that’s highly significant but most spy apps don’t provide it.

ikeymonitor geofence

The geofencing feature will help you set an imaginary fence and whenever your girlfriend/boyfriend enters or exists the fence, you’ll immediately get a notification.

Social Media And Instant Messaging Apps

Unlike most iPhone spy apps, iKeyMonitor is not just limited to WhatsApp and LINE when it comes to social apps and instant messaging app tracking.

You can even track the substitute apps of WhatsApp like Viber, LINE, IMO, Hike, and even dating apps like Tinder and QQ.


downloading photos ikeymonitor

Teens usually share photos and videos with each other and it’s not an issue. But what can actually cause an issue is that the teens might be receiving some adult photos from their friends.

This makes the tracking of photos a necessity. You will find the photos that exist on the target phone inside the Photos section of the app.

All the photos are present folder-wise and by clicking on a folder, all the photos in that folder will appear on the screen.

The photos are usually small in size and you can open them in full size by clicking on them. Downloading each photo is possible after opening it in full size.

Installed Apps

Do you suspect your lover of using Tinder and other dating apps? If yes, then it’s time to check the list of apps that they keep on their phone.

The Apps section of iKeyMonitor works better than that of all the apps. You won’t simply see the list of apps and their installed date, but a lot more than that.

Right from the Apps section, you can check the keystrokes that the user has made in that section. This way you don’t need to go through a whole lot of messages to find something inappropriate.

Alert Words

The use of bad language is quite common for kids these days, but still, you need to restrict your child from talking in a bad manner. How can you do that? By setting the list of words in the alerts section.

Once this iPhone spy software without jailbreaking notices the use of those words, you will get notified about that immediately.

Click Here to Try iKeyMonitor

6. Spyic

The Good

  • Tracking of previous photos is also possible along with new ones
  • Tracking of WhatsApp and LINE activities is possible
  • You can download the photos available on the target device

The Bad

  • Not possible to download or play videos
  • Locations feature not available
  • Browsing history might not work as expected

Now let’s see how Spyic works for monitoring a non jailbroken iPhone.

Calls, Contacts, Messages, And iMessages

Just like every reputed spy app, Spyic will show you the names and numbers of people with whom the conversation is done via call. Along with that, the duration of the call, date and time, and type of call is also available.

tracking of calls

Coming to the Contacts section, every contact saved on the target iPhone is available to check. For each contact, other information is also available like email address and contact times.

spyic contacts spying

Messages And iMessages are taken care of by Spyic as well. So if you think your employee is sharing some confidential information with others via messages, you can reveal the truth with Spyic.

messages spying

Browser History

Have you always been curious to know what makes your teen stuck on their phone for hours? That might be some adult content like porn, brutality, and political hatred.

If that’s really the case, then it’s important to take immediate action and stop them from doing so.

In order to know the truth, you need to access the Browsing History feature of Spyic.

browsing history tracking

The title of the search, URL of the visited site, visit frequency, date and time, and bookmark (if added or not) are some of the things you can view in this section.

Photos And Videos

By keeping the photos and videos under your watch, you might reveal the truth that your spouse is hiding from you.

All the photos that are present on your spouse’s iPhone will appear on the app’s online portal remotely.

The photos are of high quality and you can watch them in full size by clicking on them. Downloading each photo is possible with the given download icon.

As for the videos, you will see the videos present on the portal but it’s not possible to either play them or download them.

Social Apps

tracking whatsapp

Most of you might be antsy to track the WhatsApp account more than any other section of the target smartphone.

If you are one of them then let us tell you that Spyic can track down the conversation done on WhatsApp. The messages might take some time to upload on the portal though.

With each message, you can check the date and time stamp as well. This is helpful in knowing the time when the target person mostly stays active.

Similar to WhatsApp, you can keep track of LINE activities as well.


spyic applications feature

It’s your right to know if your spouse is using Tinder, QQ, and other dating apps or not. You can easily do that with the Applications feature of Spyic.

Just jump to the Applications feature and here you have the list of installed applications in front of your eyes.

Click Here to Try Spyic

7. Spyzie

The Good

  • Possible to track the WhatsApp and LINE activities
  • Tracking of photos is possible
  • Also tracks the data that is available before the installation of the app
  • Locations feature available for tracking current and previous locations

The Bad

  • Browsing history might not work
  • Playing or downloading videos is not possible

Contacts, Calls, Messages, And iMessages

With Spyzie, you will be checking the list of contacts of your spouse as if you are checking it right from their cell phone.

All the contact names are present on the left side. By clicking on any contact, you will see the information related to that contact appearing on the right side.

spyzie contacts section

The information includes phone number, email, and contact times.

Suppose you saw a suspicious contact on your boyfriend’s phone and now you want to confirm if it’s the same girl that he talks to late at night or not. This is possible with the Calls section of the app.

calls spyzie

Once you go to the Calls section, you will see the name and number of each contact in their phone list. With each call, the duration of the call can be checked as well. Other information includes the date, time, and type of call.

Messages and iMessages are popularly used by iPhone users for chatting. If you think your loved ones are chatting with someone who should be avoided, then Spyzie will help you do so.

message tracking spyzie

You can see the names of the contacts on the left side and by clicking on any contact, the messages from that contact will appear on the right side. Each message has a date and time stamp attached to it.


locations feature spyzie

It’s possible that your child might lie to you about attending their classes regularly and instead, they are spending that time at their friend’s home.

It’s your right to know the truth with the Locations feature of the app. Just go to the Locations section and you will see a pointer showing the current location of the target iPhone.

Not just the current location, you can see the history of the location as well. Along with the address of the place, the time and date when the target person was there can also be seen.

Browser History

spyzie browsing history

Porn sites and brutal content is just a click away on the internet. With the Browsing History feature, you can always know what your child likes to watch.

With the given URL, you can yourself check the website opened by the teen and with visit frequency, you can know the number of times a particular site was opened. Checking the date and time of the last visit is also possible.

Photos And Videos

If you think your child keeps some adult stuff on their phone, then this section is for you.

With the help of the Photos section, you can monitor all the photos kept on the target iPhone. This section also shows the photos that were present on the phone before the app installation.

To download the photos, just tap on the download icon that you see with every photo.

Similar to photos, keeping adult videos is also inappropriate for kids. Although Spyzie will show you the list of videos present in the target phone, it’s not possible to either play the videos or download them. Just the thumbnail of the video will appear on the screen.

Social Apps

whatsapp spy spyzie

Being the most popular and most used instant messaging app, the WhatsApp account of your child should definitely be taken care of.

With each message that is either sent or received, Spyzie will show you the date and time stamp. The update on the new messages might take some time, so you need to keep some patience while using Spyzie.

Similar to WhatsApp, all the chatting and conversations done on LINE are also trackable.


application feature spyzie

It’s necessary to know about the type of apps that the child likes to use. The main reason for that is the availability of hundreds of teen-unfriendly apps on the App Store.

By going to the Applications section, you can unveil the list of installed apps.

Truth be told, you might find the names of a few apps in the Applications section but not all. So it can be said that depending completely on Spyzie is not a wise decision.

Click Here to Try Spyzie

Which iPhone Spy App Is Best?

It might be a bit difficult to choose among the given 7 apps as all of them are perfect in their own way. But it would be even better if the list could be narrowed down even further, right?

According to me, the best undetectable apps for monitoring the target iPhone are KidsGuard Pro and uMobix.

These two apps have more monitoring features than the other iPhone spyware. Like KidsGuard has a browsing history tracking feature with social media monitoring capabilities. As for uMobix, it gives access to the tracking of apps like Instagram, and Facebook. In addition to that, both the apps give quick updates as well.


Can You Spy On An iPhone Without Jailbreaking it?

Yes, absolutely. You can track an iPhone without jailbreaking it with the help of a spy app.

What Is The Best Undetectable Spy App For iPhone?

As per my testing, KidsGuard Pro and uMobix are the best apps to spy on an iPhone due to their multiple features and great performance.

What Is The Best Free Undetectable Spy App?

There's only one spy app that offers free monitoring solution, and that is iKeyMonitor. But free monitoring solution of iKeyMonitor has very few features.

Are iPhone Spy Apps Detectable?

All the spy apps mentioned in this article are undetectable, making it impossible for the target person to know about the app installation.

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