Cell Phone Cheating Signs Of Husband Or Wife | 10 Digital Hints

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Are you noticing a change in your partner’s behavior and doubt that he or she might be having an affair? If you have the slightest of doubt then you must confirm it with them or else the matter will get more complicated. However, most of the time you will not have any doubt but still, they will be having an affair.

In the digital era, it is very easy to catch a cheating lover. Just by listening to their call recordings and keeping track of their SMS, you can catch them red-handed. In this article, I have come up with the most common cell phone cheating signs that indicate you’re being cheated on by your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

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10 Subtle Cell Phone Signs Of Cheating And Infidelity

1. They Are Using Phone At Odd Times

cell phone signs of cheating

If you find your husband or wife using their phone at odd times like midnight who would otherwise sleep by 10 then it means something is fishy. They might be waiting for you to go to sleep so that they can continue their romantic chats. You should frequently check by waking up at night if your partner is sleeping by your side to confirm if they are having an affair or not.

2. Don’t Hand Over Their Phone To You

Another sign you’re being cheated on is that your spouse refuses to hand over their cell phone to you. Whenever you are around they hide their phone or make excuses to not give it to you. If this is the case, then it’s obvious that they are hiding something from you. They won’t let you touch their phone because they fear that you may read their chats or see the photo of their new love interest.

3. Protected Everything With Password

phone locked with password

Even somehow you get your hands to their phone but you see everything is locked with a password. This means they don’t want you to see their call history, read their messages, and see their photos which is a clear sign of cheating. You must ask your partner the reason behind locking everything on their phone and also you should ask for the password. If they hesitate to give you the key then it means something is wrong.

4. No Traces Of SMS & Call History

If you notice that your spouse is always on the phone with someone but still has no call logs and traces of text messages then it is an alarming cell phone sign that your husband or wife is cheating on you. Some cheaters are very clever, they know you will check their phone for evidence and hence they wipe everything leaving no footprints behind.

5.  Using Multiple Phones

The other subtle sign of cheating is that your partner is using multiple phones. This is a common practice that cheaters follow to not get caught by their partners. They will use one phone for their home and office use and the second one for talking or messaging their new love interest. Cheaters do this because even if their primary phone is being monitored by their partner with the help of spyware they don’t get caught.

6. Not Replying To Your Calls And Text Messages

Has your partner suddenly stopped replying to your text messages and calls and when you ask them about it they make some childish excuses? If yes then there is a chance that they might have found someone more special than you. It is also a digital sign that they have lost interest in you and want to get rid of your company.

7. Excessive Use Of Social Media

social media

When you are in a happy relationship you won’t have much time to spend on social media after a hectic day at the office. You would like to spend the remaining time of your day with your lovely partner.  However, if you see that your partner spends most of his/her time on their phone browsing different social media platforms then it shows their lack of interest in you. They might also be using social media to find a new partner or to chat with the existing one.

8. Unknown Contacts Saved In Their Phone

If you have been in a relationship for a long time then you must know about all your partner’s friends and colleagues. If you recently see some unknown contacts on their phone which they don’t tell you about then it is a matter of concern.

9. Frequent Password Changes

In a relationship, it is very common for people to share their passwords with each other. It is done to show your partner that you trust them more than anything. However, if your partner keeps changing their passwords on a regular basis then it is a sign that they don’t want you to peep into their personal life anymore.

10. Don’t Pick Calls When You Are Around

Not picking up calls, whispering on the phone, or going outside to answer the calls is a digital sign that there is something wrong. This means that they are having a romantic or secret chat with their new partner which they don’t want you to listen to. If your partner is doing any of these activities then this is a worrying sign for you.

Are Cell-phone Signs Enough To Catch A Cheater? Verdict

All the digital signs that I have discussed with you in this article are just hints that your partner may be having an affair with someone. These don’t establish anything unless you catch them red-handed. In simple words, you need proper evidence to come to any conclusion and for that, you can make use of spy apps. These apps provide you full access and allow you to spy on your cheating husband or wife’s phone and give you the opportunity to read their messages, listen to their phone calls, etc, and that too remotely.


What To Look For On A Phone If Someone Is Cheating?

You need to check your partner's phone for their messages, call history, and photos to catch them red-handed.

Does Spyware Help You Catch A Cheater?

Yes, a spy app can help you catch a cheating partner by giving you remote access to their phone.

How Often Should You Check Your Partner's Cell Phone?

You should check your lover's phone every now and then to confirm that they are loyal to you.

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