4 Best Call Recording Spy Apps To Record Someone Else’s Calls

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It’s almost one o’clock in the morning and you hear the buzzing sounds from your teen’s room. You try to hear what they are discussing so late at night, but the voice is too low.

Still, you manage to hear some words like drinks, party, club, and so on, giving you an idea that something’s not right.

And now you picture your little one sitting at a bar and enjoying booze with their friends. But you don’t want to believe what you heard and now you are thinking that you simply misheard them and they were not making any plans, rather it was a simple discussion about those things.

But somewhere in your mind, you still doubt your kid and want to know the truth.

This is where the spy apps for call recording come to work. Just install them on the target Android phone and let the magic happen.

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Best Call Recording Spy Apps To Listen To Someone’s Phone Calls

#1 Hoverwatch

The Good

  • Audio from both sides is audible
  • New call recordings are uploaded quickly
  • The location of the target person can be known for each call
  • The date and time stamp for each call recording can be seen
  • Downloading the call recordings is possible

The Bad

  • The call recordings will go down after the new data uploads

Preparing the list of best call recording spy apps was not a piece of cake, but adding Hoverwatch to the list was surely easy.

All thanks to the perfectly working call recording feature of the app.

After your lover is done having a conversation with the other person, the recording is uploaded on the online portal of the app that you can check remotely.

Now you can easily listen to the audio directly on the app portal or you can download it locally on your device and listen to it whenever you feel like.

With each call recording uploaded on Hoverwatch, you can see a timestamp as well. This will be perfect for knowing when your girlfriend/boyfriend is most active with their so-called best friend.

best call recording spy apps to listen someone else calls

One feature of Hoverwatch that will make you like the app, even more, is that you can know the location of the target person where they were situated at the time of a particular call.

This feature can do wonders for your monitoring. Your kids might leave the house telling you that they are going to attend their classes. But instead, they might be going to a club or their friend’s house. And by seeing the location of their call, you can actually confirm it.

As you would expect from a good undetectable spy app like Hoverwatch, the audio from both sides was completely audible. It’s like you are listening to their calls live while the phone is on speaker.

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#2 KidsGuard Pro

The Good

  • Audio from both sides is audible
  • New call recordings are uploaded quickly by the app
  • Date and time stamp available for each call
  • Downloading the call recordings is possible
  • Search option available to get the recordings from a particular contact

The Bad

  • The audio from the other person could have been a bit louder

Not getting quick results for the call recordings can be dangerous sometimes. You may miss something important that needs to be in your knowledge that very moment. And for that, quick updates for the call recordings are really necessary.

When it comes to quick updates, there’s nothing better than KidsGuard Pro.

After your spouse is done talking to the other person, you will see the full audio of their conversation appearing in the app’s Record Calls section.

call recording feature kidsguard pro

With each recording, you can see all the details about the person besides their contact name. This includes the name, number, type of call, date and time of call, and the duration of the call. Getting all this information will make your spying on your teen better.

You can either download or listen to each and every audio right on the app’s portal. The truth be told, the voice from both ends is audible, but it would have been better if the voice from the other person was a bit louder.

The number of calls that the target person attends daily can go to hundreds. And you surely don’t need to listen to all of them. By using the search option of the app, you can find the contacts whose recordings you want to listen to.

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#3 FlexiSPY

The Good

  • Quick updates for new recordings
  • Various filtering options available
  • Date and time stamp available for each call
  • Possible to download the calls
  • Search option available to get the recordings from a particular contact

The Bad

  • The audio from the other person was not recorded
  • You cannot listen to the calls directly on the portal

FlexiSPY has every feature that will make it the best Android spy app with call recording for Android. After installing the app on your loved one’s device, you are all ready to remotely hear all the conversations done via phone calls on the target phone.

All the recordings are available in the Call Recording section of the app. FlexiSPY doesn’t just complete the formality of providing you the recordings, but you will get all the necessary information as well.

This information includes the name of the contact, phone number, duration of the call, date and time, and the type of call.

Listening to the calls directly on the portal is not possible. You have to Download the recording first and then listen to it.

call recording flexispy

But everything is not as pleasant as it sounds. While testing the FlexiSPY call recording feature, we faced some issues as well. We were only able to hear the recordings from the target person, no voice was heard from the other side.

And if it happens with you as well, you can try to fix the issue by going to the Tools section, selecting the Set Audio Recording Source option, and finally choosing the Microphone option.

fixing flexispy call recording

If the number of call recordings are too many then you can filter your search by incoming and outgoing calls.

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#4 iKeyMonitor

The Good

  • All details of the other contact is available
  • Quick updates are given for new recordings
  • Date and time stamp available for each call
  • Possible to download the recordings

The Bad

  • The audio from the other person was not recorded
  • Some calls are completely distorted

The next best call recording spy app for the target phone is iKeyMonitor. iKeyMonitor updates you with the latest recordings within a few minutes. So if there’s something serious going on in your kids or spouse’s phone then you can take immediate action.

For listening to the recordings done, you have to go to the Call & Call Recording section of the app. As shown in the below screenshot, the name of the contact, their contact number, and call duration is available for you to check.

recording phone calls with ikeymonitor

You can also see the date and time when the call was done.

For each call recording, you can either listen to it remotely on the online portal of iKeyMonitor or download it.

As for the audio quality or the accuracy of the audio, iKeyMonitor might disappoint you. When we tested the app for ourselves, some of the recordings were simply distorted to the point where you can’t understand even a single word.

As for the clear audios, you will hear only the audio from the target person while no voice could be heard from the person on the other side.

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Choosing One Spy App For Call Recording Among All

Getting a handful of choices is good but it creates confusion as well. You just need one app to fulfill the purpose of recording and listening to someone’s phone calls.

If we were to choose only one of them, our first choice would be Hoverwatch. With quick updates and clear call recording from both sides, Hoverwatch is the best call recording app.

Plus, the amazing feature where you can see the location of the target person while they were on a particular call makes the Hoverwatch app simply perfect for this task.


What Is The Best Phone Call Recording App?

According to us, Hoverwatch is the best phone call recording app for Android.

What Is The Best Way To Record A Phone Call?

The best way to record a phone call is by installing a spy app on the target Android phone.

Do I Need To Root The Android Phone For Listening To The Call Recordings?

No, with all the apps mentioned in the article, there's no need to root the target Android phone for listening to the call recordings.

Is There A Free Call Recorder Spy App?

No, there's no Android spy app that will let you record and listen to someone else's phone calls for free.

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