Does NSA Spy On Us? Does It Collect Data?

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NSA (National Security Agency) has been accused of surveilling millions of US citizens without their knowledge. Yet they had refused to accept these claims. In this article, I will investigate whether NSA still spies on us or not. If yes, then how do they collect your data? So without further ado let’s get started.

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Key Takeaways
Yes, the NSA does spy on you. It has been known for misusing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on millions of American and foreign citizens. They can intercept any kind of electronic communications and remotely hack your devices to spy on you.

Does NSA Spy On Us?

Yes, under section 702 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act(FISA), US secret agencies including the NSA were permitted to conduct warrantless mass surveillance of all international communication with US citizens. However, later the public found out that the NSA had been misusing their powers to spy on the people of the United States without any proper supervision.

For instance, in 2013 a former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA had been spying on anti-Vietnam war leaders including some prestigious US citizens by tapping their electronic communications.

Does NSA spy on us

Why NSA Spy On US Citizens?

The introduction of the Internet and later social media raised new challenges for the USA’s national security. Because it was quite convenient to share information through fast and secure international communications. That’s why in 2008, the American Congress enforced FISA to create an intelligence community that was focused on collecting and analyzing all the targeted international communications.

How Does NSA Collect Data 2023?

NSA may ask telecommunication companies to provide your data and such companies are legally bound to cooperate with them. Here are some other ways that the NSA uses for intel gathering:

Electronic Communication Intercepting 

Electronic interception includes all voice calls, video calls, text, and voice messages. NSA may ask for old or existing call records including search histories from telecom companies at any time.

Use Of Spyware

NSA may hack their target’s personal devices and home security cameras with spyware. As you already know there are some advanced spyware that are capable of remotely hacking the targeted phone or PC. For more details, you can read how to get Pegasus spyware on Android and iPhone.

Moreover, the NSA may exchange information with other secret agencies such as the FBI, CIA, DHS, DEA, and local authorities.

Precautionary Tips


You can use a VPN service for secure internet browsing. A good VPN can easily hide your current IP address and relocate it to another country. This makes it difficult to trace back the original IP. Some of the best and most secure VPNs that you can rely upon are Nord VPN, Express VPN, CyberGhost, Proton VPN, IP Vanish, etc.

Use A Trusted Anti-Virus Or Anti-Spyware

Lastly, make sure you have installed a reliable anti-virus or anti-spyware on your device to keep yourself away from prying eyes.

Two Factors Authentication

2FA is one of the best tools to keep your social accounts protected from hackers and secret agencies like the NSA.

Check App Permissions 

Regularly check your App permissions on your phone and the Apps and services of your Google account. If you find anything suspicious then remove them quickly.

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Is NSA Still Watching Us? Final Verdict

Yes, I cannot deny the possibility that the NSA is still spying on us. However, the US government has decided to end the FISA by the end of the year 2023. After that, the NSA will not be authorized to collect your data. Till then you can practice the above-mentioned valuable tips to keep yourself safe from getting hacked.


Does NSA Use Pegasus Spyware?

Yes, the NSA is one of the major clients of NSO Group and uses Pegasus to surveil its targets.

How NSA Collects Your Data 2023?

NSA can ask telecommunication and internet service providers to give your data under section 702 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Can NSA Spy On Foreigners?

Yes, they can track and monitor foreigners living in the US.

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