How To Get Pegasus Spyware On Android And iPhone

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Pegasus is NSO group’s most sophisticated and feared spyware. It came into the public eyes when Cyber Watchdog Citizen Lab and Lookout Security discovered a failed jailbreak attempt to spy on a human rights activist’s iPhone in 2016. In case, you wonder how they get Pegasus spyware on Android and iPhone devices then do not worry. I will delve deeper and tell you how Pegasus is installed on Android and iPhone without getting noticed.

Additionally, I will share some valuable precautions that can be used to protect your privacy from Pegasus spyware. So without wasting any time let’s begin.

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Key Takeaways
Pegasus spyware uses zero-click attacks to remotely deliver the spyware on targeted phones. Once the Pegasus spyware is transferred into the targeted Android or iPhone device, it gets installed silently without leaving any trace. After that, it starts retrieving real-time data such as call history, browser history, GPS location, stored files, etc. However, this is a very expensive tool that is used to surveil high-profile individuals like politicians, journalists, activists, business tycoons, etc. If you are none of these then you do not need to worry.

How To Get Pegasus Spyware On Android And iPhone

Get Pegasus Spyware on Android and iPhone

In short, Pegasus uses zero-click attacks to penetrate Android as well as iPhone device’s security. To do that, the spyware is delivered through a phishing email or missed call to the target phone and then it automatically gets installed.

However, it’s not as simple as it seems to be. Pegasus uses various methods which can be divided into 2 groups:

1. Remote Installation

A user can deliver Pegasus to the targeted cell phone remotely using two methods. The first one is Over The Air and the other one is Enhanced Social Engineering Message which I am going to explain below:

Over The Air

In this method, a message is sent to the social  media account of the targeted device. Once the message is received on the phone, Pegasus software immediately begins the installation process. Moreover, the installation is completely invisible and does not need any interaction from the phone’s user.

Enhanced Social Engineering Message

On the other hand, if the target person is not on any social platform then the Pegasus operator may choose to send the link through lucrative text messages or an email which has a higher chance of being opened. It requires to be opened only once and then the spyware will be installed unnoticed.

Note: To perform the remote installation the operator will need either the phone number or email address of the target person. 

2. Close To The Targeted Person

If the Pegasus operator does not have the phone number or email address of the target person then the Pegasus user can use Close to the targeted method to inject the spyware into the target iPhone. To do that, he or she can use the methods explained below:

Tactical Network Element 

The Pegasus agents can deploy this tactic to hack the targeted mobile phone. For the completion of this process, they need to locate the Base Trasreceiver Station of the targeted cell phone’s registered phone number. Once the phone number is found, the installation of Pegasus spyware on iPhone or Android phones is done silently.

Physical Installation

Physical installation requires at least 5 minutes of uninterrupted access to the target Android or iPhone which is less than other spying tools. However, it includes the potential risk of getting compromised.

Install Pegasus spyware on phones

How Does Pegasus Collect Data From Phones?

Pegasus collects audio, video, files, and text data from the targeted phone devices. It uses 3 types of information-gathering techniques:

1. Initial Data Extraction

Initial data extraction gathers stored data from the targeted device and sends it to the user. It includes SMS, call history, browsing history, etc.

2. Passive Data Collection

In this method, the target phone’s real-time activities such as call history, location history, messages, media, etc. can be monitored and retrieved.

3. Active Data Collection

Active data collection allows the user to interact with the victim’s phone and enables the camera or mic sensors to collect real-time data from the surroundings without getting noticed. Furthermore, the Pegasus operator may retrieve files without leaving any traces behind.

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Precautionary Tips To Protect Yourself From Pegasus Spyware

Here are some measurements that can be implemented in your daily life to protect your privacy:

Do Not Open Suspicious Emails Or Messages

Never click on emails or text messages you do not recognize, they may contain spyware like Pegasus.

Replace Your SIM

Frequently changing your contact number can be an effective trick to save your data.

Avoid Taking Your Phone In Meetings

In general, avoid using your phone in important business meetings because if your phone is infected with malicious spyware then your information may get remotely accessed through it.

Remove The Camera And Microphone

If you are a high-profile individual who has the highest chance of getting spied then you can remove the camera and mic sensors from your phone. It will limit the capacity of collecting real-time audio-video data. As a result, you may not be able to talk using your phone. However, you can keep an old feature phone for calling purposes. Such outdated phones are hard to breach due to their limited features.

Is Pegasus Spying On Me? Final Verdict

If you are not a business person, politician, journalist, social activist, or a notorious terrorist then you do not need to worry because Pegasus is a highly expensive spyware that is out of reach for most of us. Even if someone wants to operate Pegasus for surveilling a targeted person then remember the cost it will involve and the connections to obtain such an expensive service from NSO Group.


How Does Pegasus Spyware Get On Your Phone?

Pegasus uses zero-click-attack methods by sending an email link or missed call to deliver Pegasus spyware on the targeted phones remotely.

What Are The Signs Of Pegasus Hack?

Excessive battery drain and internet consumption are the initial signs of Pegasus and any other spyware on your phone.

Does Resetting Your Phone Remove Pegasus?

No, resetting your phone cannot remove Pegasus spyware from your phone.

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