fenced.ai Review: Not The Best But Value For Money!

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Installation & Set Up


Ease Of Use






Time Taken To Sync Target Phone Data


Impact On Performance Of Target Device


Value for Money



  • Does not require root or jailbreak
  • Hides well in the target phone
  • Even tracks past calls and messages
  • Tracks the past photos and videos as well
  • Plans are really cheap
  • Offers geofencing
  • Has a keylogger


  • Does not show messages of instant messaging apps
  • Takes quite some time to sync the data
  • Does not let you see videos without downloading

Are you a parent to kids of adolescent age and looking for a parental control app to keep an eye on them? Do you want to know if fenced.ai is worth trying or not?

The age that plays a major part in anyone’s life is teenage. This is the age where people generally choose their life paths, be it good or bad. But the irony is that this is also the age where kids do not understand the difference between right and wrong. So if you are a parent to children of adolescent age then I know you must be worried about them and you must want to track their activities. And the best way to do so is by using a parental monitoring app. Such apps let you spy and control their cell phone remotely without them knowing.

If you are considering fenced.ai for the job and want to know if it is really capable of doing it then you are at the right place. I tested fenced.ai intensively for several days and I have compiled all my experience in this fenced.ai review. I have shared all the things that I liked about this affordable spy app and most importantly all things that I did not like. So that you can get a clear picture of what you can expect from it.

fenced.ai Review

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Is fenced.ai Compatible With Both Android And iOS Devices?

Yes, fenced.ai is compatible with both iOS and Android devices that too without jailbreak or root. It works on all Android devices that run on Android 8 or higher and it is also compatible with iOS devices running on iOS 7.1.2 or higher.


If you want to use it on an Android phone then you will need to install the fenced.ai app on the target phone. However, in case you want to use it on an iOS device then you do not need to install it on the target phone but you do need its iCloud credentials.

How To Install fenced.ai On Target Phone?

Firstly go to the fenced.ai official website and create an account on it. After that, purchase a plan that suits your need. After making the payment you can use your credentials to log in to your fenced.ai account.

Once you log in to your account, you will be asked to add a device, to do this click on the Confirm button.

Add Device

After clicking on the button, a new window will open up where you can choose whether you want to install it on an Android device or an iOS device.

how to install fenced.ai

If you want to install it on an Android device then you will see a QR code on the screen and a link below it. You need to scan this QR code using the target phone. Go to the website that the QR code represents and enter the passcode that is mentioned below the QR code on your fenced.ai account. The APK file of the app will start downloading.

Once downloaded, install the app and open it. Follow the on-screen instructions on the target phone and give all the permissions that the app requires.

After the app is installed, the target phone will get synced to your fenced.ai account automatically and you will be able to see the target phone data.

In the case of an Apple device you just need to provide the target iPhone’s iCloud credentials.

Apple Device

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Can Your Kid Detect fenced.ai On Their Smartphone?

No, your kid will not be able to detect fenced.ai on their smartphone. fenced.ai makes sure that it remains undetectable. To do this, it changes its app icon and even the name. It changes its name to WiFi and changes its app icon to an icon similar to the WiFI signals.

If your kids try to open this app then they will be redirected to the phone’s WiFi settings i.e. where you connect and disconnect to different WiFi networks. Even if your kids get suspicious and try to uninstall the app from the app drawer then they will not be able to do so. However, they will be able to uninstall the app from the app manager. Therefore a better option will be to hide the app by using the hide apps option of the target phone. So that your kids are not able to see it in the app drawer and as a result do not get suspicious.

What All Features Does fenced.ai Offers?

This was all about checking the compatibility of the target phone, installing the app, and hiding it. And I am sure you must want to know what all things fenced.ai lets you track on your child’s cell phone. So let’s dive straight into all the features of fenced.ai.

You will, by default, be in your Dashboard after logging in to your fenced.ai account. Here you will be able to see quick information about a number of things.

fenced.ai shows you the following information in the dashboard:

  • Number of calls made till date
  • Number of messages sent and received till date
  • Total number of contacts saved on the target phone
  • Number of photos saved in the cell phone
  • Total number of videos saved on the cell phone
  • Number of applications installed on the target phone
  • Amount of free storage available on your kid’s smartphone
  • Recent call logs
  • Recent messages
  • Current location of the target phone
  • Target phone details like model name, OS it is running on, battery level, etc
  • Last photo on the target phone
  • Most used apps of the target phone


So basically you can have a quick glance at your kid’s phone in your fenced.ai dashboard. Now let us look at all the features of fenced.ai in detail. The features offered by fenced.ai are divided into the following 6 major menu options:

  • Call Activities
  • Logs
  • Social Media
  • Locations
  • Media
  • Applications

These menu options are accessible from the menu strip on the left side. Let us look at these menu options one by one in detail.

Call Activities

Call Activities menu option consists of all the features that have something to do with the network service provider. These features include tracking calls, messages, contacts, and SIM cards.


If you want to know whom your kids are talking to then you need to spy on your kids’ call logs and fenced.ai helps you do that.

Under the Calls option, you can see the following details related to your kids’ calls:

  • Name and number of the person they are talking to (it will only show the name if it is saved on the target phone)
  • Date and time of the call
  • Duration of the call
  • Whether the call was incoming, outgoing, or missed


During my testing, I found this feature to be a little inconsistent. Sometimes it was able to sync the call records within a minute but sometimes it was taking around 10 minutes to sync the call logs. And it was not able to track the call logs that I deleted immediately after disconnecting the call.

The thing that I liked about fenced.ai’s calls features is its interface and ease of use. Its interface is clean and minimalistic and it even lets you search a particular call record. To make the navigation even easier, there are options to filter the call logs based on the missed calls, incoming calls, outgoing calls, and dates. I was even able to export the call logs to an Excel or CSV file.

The other thing that I liked about fenced.ai is that it was even able to get the past call logs of the target phone. So you can even see the past call logs of your teenager, which a very less number of monitoring apps let you do.


Kids these days prefer to chat on messages rather than on calls. So the question that must be arising in your mind is how can I get the text messages from someone’s phone sent to mine, right?

Do not worry, fenced.ai takes care of this too.

You can see the following text messages details on your fenced.ai account:

  • All the conversations of the target phone
  • Name of the contact
  • The actual chat
  • Date and time of the chat

fenced.ai features

While I was testing this feature on my cell phone, it was able to show me even the chats that took place before installing fenced.ai. I again liked its user interface, it was very easy to navigate and read messages. There is an option to search a certain conversation and I was also able to filter the messages according to the date.

However, fenced.ai took quite some time to sync the messages to my fenced.ai account. And it was not able to show messages that I deleted immediately. Also, it was not able to track messages that I sent or received over the Internet using the inbuilt messaging app. And I could only see messages that were shared using the network service provider.

Contacts And SIM Card

fenced.ai also lets you see all the contacts that are saved on your children’s phones remotely without them knowing. It shows you all the contacts in alphabetical order, which makes it easy to navigate. You can click on a particular contact to view its details and it even lets you search for a particular contact.


You can also know what SIM card they are using. It might happen that they are using an extra SIM card which you are unaware of. In this case, the SIM Card option really comes in handy. It shows you the number of the SIM and network service provider’s names among other details.

Sim Card


Logs is another main menu option that contains sub-menu options like a Key Logger, Notification Log, and WiFi Logger.

Key Logger

The Key Logger feature of fenced.ai tracks all the keystrokes that your children make on the different apps on their cell phones.

It shows you the following information:

  • The app on which your kid typed something
  • The typed messages
  • Date and time of the keystrokes

Key Logger

When I tested this feature on my cell phone, fenced.ai was able to track keystrokes that I made on any app, except the inbuilt message app. And it was not able to show me the key logs that I made on the phone i.e. outside any app.

The things that I liked about this feature are:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Search option to search any particular keystroke
  • Option to filter the keystrokes based on the date

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Notification Log And WiFi Logger

Notification Log is one of the best features of fenced.ai and not many spy apps available in the market offer this. It tracks and records all the notifications of your kid’s cell phone. Then it shows you app-wise notifications in your fenced.ai account. It even shows you the date and time of the notifications.

Notification Logger

The WiFi Logger shows you all the WiFi networks that your kid connects to. It also shows you the duration your child was connected to a particular WiFi network and the date and time of the connection.

WiFi Logger

Social Media

The Social Media menu option contains all the social media apps that your children use on their phones. These include the apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.

Social Media Apps

This feature however does not actually let you see the activities of your children in these apps. And rather shows you all the data we have looked at so far regarding a particular app in one place. For example, its sub-menu option WhatsApp shows you all the notifications and key logs of WhatsApp. And it does not actually show all the messages that your kids received or sent on WhatsApp.

Social Media

If you remember, this data is already available under Key Logger & Notification Log menu that we have discussed above. I think it’s kind of unnecessary and if fenced.ai would have shown actual messages that were sent and received on a particular instant messaging app then it would have made more sense. If this feature is a kind of deal-breaker for you then you can opt for FlexiSPY. It is one of the best spy apps that I have used so far and unlike fenced.ai, it shows you all the text messages that are done on different instant messaging apps.


Locations as the name suggest has all the features that can help you know the location of your teenager remotely without them knowing.


Location tracking is one of the must-have features in a parental control app if you want to track your kids. Because they might be going to a neighborhood that they are not supposed to and it can be life-threatening too. So you definitely want to track locations that they visit.

To help you with this, fenced.ai tracks the location of your children every 10 minutes and then syncs them to your fenced.ai account.

You can see the following information regarding your kid’s locations:

  • Address of the location
  • The time when your kid went to that location
  • Map view of the location


During my testing, fenced.ai was able to track locations of my cell phone accurately and it took around 10 minutes to sync the location data to my fenced.ai account. I was able to filter the location data according to the date and time. And I could also search a particular location if I wanted.


Geofencing helps you take action actively. If you do not want your kids to go to a certain location then you can add virtual fencing around that area remotely without them knowing. And whenever your child goes in that area then you will get an alert for the same and you can take actions accordingly.


While I was testing this feature on my phone, it was able to detect the entry of the target phone to a particular geofence. However, it took around 10 minutes to alert and sync the data.

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This main menu option contains features that are related to the spying on target phone’s media like photos and videos.


One look at your teenager’s photos and you will know if they are on the right track or not. But the question is how can you spy on the gallery of your kid’s cell phone remotely without them knowing?

fenced.ai has the answer for you. It lets you see all the photos that are on the target phone remotely.


During my testing, fenced.ai did manage to track the photos that I clicked from the target phone. It was also able to track all the past photos and the photos that I downloaded from the Internet. However, it was not able to track the photos that I deleted or hid immediately after capturing them.


fenced.ai also lets you spy on your kid’s phone videos remotely.

When I was testing it on my cell phone, it was able to track all the videos that I took from my phone as well as the videos that I downloaded from the Internet. The time that it took to sync the videos was around 10 minutes. And it was even able to show the videos that I hid on the target phone immediately after shooting.


The thing that I did not like about this feature is that it doesn’t show you the thumbnails or duration of the videos and it does not even let you play the video. To see the video you first have to download it. All of this makes it a cumbersome task to find a particular video.

However, the good thing is it lets you download the videos in bulk by selecting them. It also lets you filter the videos according to the date. And the best thing about this feature is that it even tracks all the past videos of the target phone.


The Applications menu option has features that are primarily related to the applications installed on the target phone.


fenced.ai lets you keep an eye on all the applications that your children install on their cell phones. And you can block and unblock a certain application remotely without them knowing.

It shows you the following information:

  • Name of the application with the logo
  • Date and time of installation
  • Size of the app
  • Whether the app is blocked or not
  • Storage left on the target phone


While I was testing this feature on my cell phone, its block function took around 2 minutes to block a particular application. And once the application was blocked, I was not able to open it on the target phone. Every time I opened the blocked app on the target phone showed that this application is blocked by the server. I even tried to reinstall the app after uninstalling it, but even then I was not able to access the app.

App Activity And Email

If you want to check how much time your kids are spending on different apps then fenced.ai also helps you do that. fenced.ai also helps you in tracking the emails of your teenagers.

The App Activity feature shows you the following information:

  • Applications that are sorted by the amount of time they were used
  • A graph that shows at what time the application was used and for what duration

App Activity

Browser History

The Internet is filled with all the good as well bad things and I am sure you must want to know what your children are consuming on the Internet. To help you do that, fenced.ai tracks all the activities that your kids do on the Internet.

It shows you the following information:

  • The app that was used to access the Internet
  • All the accessed URLs
  • Date and time of accessing a particular URL

Browser History

The thing that I liked about this feature is that it shows you the actual URLs as links so you can click on them to visit the same page that your kid visited. And it also lets you filter out the data according to the date.

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You can check all the alerts by clicking on the Alerts button. This button can be accessed from anywhere in your fenced.ai account and is available in the top right corner.

You can set alerts for keywords, location, WiFi, etc. When your kid types a particular word on their phone then you will get a notification in this section.

This feature shows you alert for the following things:

  • Keyword Alert
  • Geofence Alert
  • Application Alert
  • WiFi Alert


What Is The Pricing Of fenced.ai?

fenced.ai has different plans for Android and iOS devices. Let us look at them one by one.

Pricing For 1 Android Device

1) Basic Plan – $1.17/month
2) Standard Plan – $5.83/month
3) Premium Plan – $8.33/month

fenced.ai pricing

Pricing For 1 iOS Devices

1) Standard Plan – $5.83/month
2) Premium Plan – $8.33/month

In case you are a parent to more than one child then you can choose the number of devices you want to spy on and the pricing will change accordingly for different plans.

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Is fenced.ai Worth Trying?

Yes, fenced.ai is definitely worth trying. It offers a good amount of features considering its price point. I think these features will be enough to keep an eye on your kids. However, there are some shortcomings to fenced.ai as well. Firstly, it takes a considerable amount of time to sync the data to your account. Secondly, it does not let you see the messages done on different instant messaging apps.

If these two things are kind of a deal-breaker for you then you can opt for more premium spy apps like FlexiSPY. FlexiSPY lets you spy on all the instant messaging apps and syncs that data quickly. And needless to say, you will be able to do much more than what you are able to do with fenced.ai.


1) Does fenced.ai Offer Trial Plan?

No, fenced.ai does not offer a trial plan and you will have to purchase one of its plans to use it. However, it does offer a free demo.

2) Does fenced.ai Require Jailbreak Or Root?

No, fenced.ai does not require root or jailbreak.

3) What Android Versions Are Compatible With fenced.ai?

Android version 8 or higher is compatible with fenced.ai.

4) Can You Check Your Kids Browsing History Using fenced.ai?

Yes, you can check your child’s browsing history with fenced.ai.

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