How To Track A Scammer On Hangouts?

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Has someone scammed you on Google Hangouts? Do you want to know how to track a scammer on Hangouts?

If you have been scammed on Google Hangouts then you are not alone. Many people around the world fall victim to scams on Hangouts. But you don’t have to worry, in this article, I am going to tell you how you can trace scammers on Hangouts. I will share how you can track their location and catch them.

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Can You Trace Someone On Hangouts?

From romantic, sexual, job interviews, and investment, to ransomware, people have been victims of numerous scams on Google Hangouts. If someone recently tricked you as well then you must be wondering whether you can track someone on Hangouts or not.

Well, let me put your wonderings to rest. Yes, it is possible to trace someone on Google Hangouts.

How To Track A Scammer On Hangouts?

As discussed, you can track someone on Google Hangouts. Let me tell you how exactly you can do it. Well, Google Hangouts will not show you the location of the person you are chatting with but there are actually a couple of ways of doing it.

  • You can track their IP address first and then try to track their location from it.
  • Take the help of a location tracker app.

The drawback of the IP address tracking method is that the IP address changes every time you connect to a different WiFi or change your ISP. Therefore even if you manage to track their IP address, you will not be able to get their exact location. So, let me tell you about the second method in detail.

How To Find A Scammer’s Location On Hangouts?

As discussed, if you really want to track a scammer’s location on Google Hangouts then the best way is to use a location tracker app. One of the best apps that you can use is

GEOfinder gives you a link that can track the exact location of any cell phone. You just have to send this link to the scammer and make them click on it. Once clicked, you will be able to see their current location on the map.

GEOfinder even gives you two options. You can send a normal message or you can send an image link. The probability of anyone clicking on an image link is higher as compared to a link in normal text. Therefore, I would highly recommend using the image link option.

How To Track A Scammer On Google Hangouts

In this option, all you have to do is upload any image and GEOfinder will provide you the location tracking link for that image. You can also provide a link to an image to get the location tracking link. Whenever the scammer will click on the link, they will see the actual image that you have uploaded but you will start seeing their current location.

Upload Image

GEOfinder gives you the following location regarding the scammer once they click on the link:

  • Longitude and latitude of their location
  • City and country, based on their IP address
  • Their WiFi network details
  • VPN details, if they are using a VPN
  • You will also be able to see their device information

Scammer Information

The thing that you need to keep in mind is that you just have to make the scammers click on the link. If they will not click on the link then you will not be able to do anything. In my experience, sending nude pics has worked most of the time, especially if the scammer is a guy. Guys just can’t resist clicking on the links that contain nudes.

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Why Do Scammers Use Hangouts?

Google Hangouts is not a dating app like Tinder, so why do scammers use it and why don’t they use another app?

Because it is easy to scam people on instant messaging apps like Hangouts or WhatsApp.

Confused? Let me explain. Suppose scammers start using social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram. They will have to build their profile so that people can trust them after visiting their profile, right? Setting up a fake profile that looks genuine takes a lot of time. They will need to post a lot of photos and videos in order to look genuine. You will not believe a profile that only has 2 or 3 posts, right?

And what happens if people start reporting that profile? It gets banned, right? Then setting up a new profile will again take a lot of time and effort for scammers. On the other hand, Google Hangouts or WhatsApp is pretty easy to set up. It only takes a few minutes. So even if their account gets blocked, they can set up a new one in minutes. This is why most scammers prefer Google Hangouts as compared to other social networking apps.

How To Report A Scammer On Google Hangouts?

Once you have got your revenge, do not forget to report the scammer on Google Hangouts. So that no one else becomes a victim and experiences what you have gone through. To do that follow the below steps:

  1. Open Google Hangouts.
  2. Click on the chat of the scammer.Report Scammer Step 2
  3. Now click on the settings gear icon.Report Scammer Step 3
  4. Select Block & Report.Report Scammer Step 4
  5. Tick the Also Report checkbox and click on Confirm.Report Scammer Step 5

How To Spot A Scammer On Hangouts?

Now that you know how you can track scammers on Google Hangouts, let me tell you how you can spot them in the first place. So that the same thing does not happen to you in the future.

1) Profile Pic

Scammers never show their own faces, if you see a profile pic other than a person then chances are that you are talking to a stranger. Scammers also upload pictures that are not theirs, so to confirm you can video call them. Always insist on doing a video call before taking any major decision. If you are talking to a scammer then they will avoid showing their face no matter what you say. They will make all sorts of excuses but never fall for them.

2) Money

If it has been only a few weeks since you started chatting and they ask you for money then that is the red flag right there. No self-respected person will ask anyone for money, especially from those who they have just met. Scammers’ only job is to trick people right, so they don’t have much patience, they will start asking for money within a month of chatting. But don’t get fooled and never give any money without meeting anyone in person.

3) Personal Information

Will you ask anyone for their personal information like social security number, etc? No, right? But if you are talking to a scammer then they will. And if you get any such request from a stranger then you should block and report them right away. Because you have been talking to a scammer.

4) Behavior Is Too Good To Be True

If you feel that the person on the other side is being too nice in every conversation then it could be a red flag. No one is perfect and everyone has some negatives, right? If you think your conversations are going really smoothly and are too good to be true then you need to be cautious.

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Does Hangouts Show Your Location?

No, Google Hangouts does not show your location.

Can You Track A Scammer On Hangouts?

Yes, with the help of a location tracker app you can track a scammer on Google Hangouts.

Do Scammers Use Google Hangouts?

Yes, scammers prefer to use instant messaging apps like Googe Hangouts.

Can You Report Scammers On Hangouts?

Yes, you can block and report scammers on Hangouts.

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