Is MTK Logger Spyware? Is It Safe To Delete MTKlog?

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Have you noticed a notification saying “MTK Logger Is Running” on your Android device? Are you wondering why the MTK Log file is occupying unnecessary space on your smartphone?

If you are also thinking about whether MTK Logger is spyware or not then you have come to the right place. I will tell you what MTKlogger does and if it is safe or dangerous. If you want to free up the space on your smartphone then I will also tell you if it is safe to delete MTKlogĀ on your cell phone.

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Is MTK Logger Spyware?

Is MTK Logger Spyware

No, MTK Logger is not spyware. No one is using it to spy on you. However, it is collecting everything that you do on your smartphone.

MTKlogger is not a virus or spy app. It is actually installed by your smartphone manufacturer, in a way you can say that it is a system app.

The full form of MTK Logger is MediaTek Logger. If you do not know then let me tell you MediaTek is the company that makes processors for smartphones. Therefore, you will not find MTK Logger in all the Android smartphones out there. It will only be available in smartphones that are using MediaTek chipsets.

What Does MTK Logger Do?

MTK Logger as the name suggests logs every activity that you perform on your smartphone. From opening and closing the app, replying to text messages, and answering calls to clicking photos and videos, it keeps a log of everything.

Like keylogger for Android logs every keystroke that you make on your cell phone. Similarly, MTK Logger logs every event or activity that you do on your Android cell phone.

Now you must be wondering why do MediaTek install it on smartphones?

Well, MediaTek installs it on smartphones to improve its chipsets. By logging your every activity, it analyzes how its chipsets are performing and what is making its processors crash. As a result, it can know where its processors are lagging and accordingly improve them.

Is MTK Logger Safe Or Dangerous?

What Is MTK Logger

MTK Logger is safe. It does not record your information and only makes a log of activities that you perform on your smartphone. But it does have some drawbacks.

As discussed, MTKlogger is there to help Mediatek itself. It only records all your activities and does not record your information. However, it does take a lot of space on your cell phone to store these logs.

You perform more than hundreds of activities on your cell phone in a day, right? Logging hundreds of activities does not take up much space but when it keeps doing it daily, things start piling up and it ends up taking up a lot of space on your smartphone.

It also reports crashes along with the data to MediaTek, like every other app. This eats up a lot of your Internet data and if you are on cellular data plans then you will have to incur extra costs. So MTKlogger is not dangerous for you but it surely is not as beneficial for you.

Is It Safe To Delete MTKlog?

Yes, it is safe to delete the MTK Log file. It is particularly beneficial for MediaTek but it has very low significance for you. In fact, it takes up a lot of space on your smartphone.

As discussed, MTK Logger is not very beneficial for you. It takes up a lot of space on your cell phone and also eats up your cellular data. The MTKlog file that you see on your file storage is the log the MTK Logger maintains. If you delete it then it will not impact the performance of your device. However, it will free up space on your smartphone. So if you are running short on storage then you can go ahead and delete the MTKlog file without any worry.


Is MTK Logger A Virus?

No, MTKlogger is not a virus.

Is Someone Using MTK Logger To Spy On Me?

No, MTK Logger is not a spy app and hence it cannot be used to spy on you.

What Is MTKlog?

MTK Log is the name of the log file that MTK Logger creates.

Is MTK Logger A Malware?

No, MTK Logger is not a malware.

Is MTK Logger A Spy App?

No, MTK Logger is not a spy app.

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