Is Shein A Spy App? Is It Safe To Use?

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Shein is a Singapore-based Chinese company that holds up to 40% US market share in fashion retail. However, in recent years, Shein has been accused of stealing user’s data and doing unethical business practices. This raised some serious concerns regarding the legitimacy of Shein’s actions. If you are worried about the safety of your data & privacy then do not be afraid.¬† I will dig deeper to find out whether Shein is a spy app or not. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

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Yes, Shein was a spy app as in 2021, Shein was accused by Microsoft of spying on customers through its Android shopping app which was fixed in May 2022 with an app update. Moreover, Shein has been involved in various unethical business practices such as the exploitation of labor rights and pollution of the environment with dangerous chemicals, etc.

Is Shein A Spy App?

Shein is a Chinese fashion retail company that was founded in 2008 in Nanjing but due to the US-China trade war the company founders had to shift their headquarters to Singapore in 2022. It is well known for its pocket-friendly fast-fashion clothing which made it a dominating fashion retailer in the entire USA with almost 50% market share.

In December 2021, Microsoft criticized Shein for spying on customers’ clipboard copy-and-paste activities and transmitting them to a remote server through their Android phones. However, the company fixed the issue in May 2022 with a new app update.

Moreover, the company has been accused by Western media of adding carbon emissions through the use of Virgin polyester to make cheap cloths and the violation of human rights in China. The USA’s United States – China Economic And Security Review Commission(USCC) has documented various risks regarding user data, sourcing violations, labor rights, etc. in its 14th April 2023 report.

In short, Shein was a spy app and it was harvesting users’ data through its Android app until Microsoft caught them red-handed. Furthermore, this company has violated several Human labor laws and environmental laws to decrease overall product costs.

Is Shein A Spy App

Does Shein Steal Your Personal Information?

If we refer to Shein’s data & privacy policy then Shein collects costumer’s data within the set rules and regulations of the USA, UK, and other countries. However, Shein was found stealing users’ data through a clipboard hack on Android phones which forced Google to make security improvements in their following Android updates to counter the Copy-and-paste hack.

Note: In 2022, Shein claimed that they had fixed the issue related to Copy-and-paste activity in their new app update.

Can I Trust Shein With My Card?

Shein is using the Adyen payment gateway to process most of its monetary transactions. Moreover, the company is using local payment methods such as Razorpay, Payoneer, Wepay, etc. with other countries. If you do not trust Shein with your debit or credit card then you can use Cash on delivery to buy products from the Shein app.

Precautionary Tips

Here are some simple tips that can protect your privacy and data from potential loss:

Use Antivirus

Always use reliable antivirus software on your phone to save your phone from unknown threats and cyber attacks.

Don’t Save Card Details

If you do not trust Shein with your information then don’t save your banking credentials on your Shein account. Instead, you can select the Cash-on-delivery payment option to purchase goods from the Shein mobile app or website.

Request Shein To Delete Your Data

In case, you want to delete your Shein account then you can request Shein to delete your data by contacting customer care here.

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Is Shein Legit And Safe? Final Verdict

I have done thorough research on the legitimacy of this fashion giant and have realized that Shien has been involved in various unlawful business practices to maximize its profit. Moreover, according to Forbes’s 13th November 2023 article, this company has been sued for tax evasion in the US and UK countries.

That’s why I have concluded that Shein is a spyware and not a safe place to put your sensitive data. Moreover, we should not support its illegitimate actions by purchasing products from it.


Is Shein Spying On You?

Yes, Shein has been accused of collecting users' data and sending it to a remote server without their consent.

Is Shein Putting Your Phone At Risk?

Shein fixed the clipboard issue in 2022. Since then it has been clear of any dangerous bugs in its Android shopping app.

Can I Trust Shein With My Debit Card?

Yes, Shein uses one of the trusted payment gateways such as Adyen, Paypal, Payoneer, Wepay, etc. If you worry about your banking credentials then you can use cash on delivery payment option to buy products from it.

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