How To Spy On Someone’s Viber Account

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Most people go with an idea that what harm can apps like Viber possibly do to our loved ones. But in order to exist in the market and compete with giants like WhatsApp and Telegram, these apps offer additional features to lure the users.

Unfortunately, teens and tweens usually tend to use these additional features for achieving the unscrupulous deeds which they find cool and fascinating in their age.

But you as a concerned parent or lover are well aware of the consequences of this puppy love. And now, all you want to do is, shoo away all the bad influences of Viber on your little ones.

According to my experience, a good Viber spy app can be your best bid. So here’s how you can spy on all the Viber data using the best Viber tracker apps.

How To Spy On Someone’s Viber

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Tracking Of Viber Messages And Other Sections

The best app to do this job is uMobix. After you purchase the uMobix app and set it up on the target phone, you’ll be on the dashboard of the app.

On the left side, you will see the list of all the features that uMobix offer. In order to spy on the Viber app without having access to the target phone, you have to go to the Viber section of uMobix.

Here you will see all the screenshots that uMobix extracted from the Viber account of the user remotely. These screenshots will be taken anytime while the teen is chatting with someone, doing a video call, changing the app settings, chatting in groups, checking the Viber contacts list, and the list goes on and on and on.

As the screenshots are taken back to back, you won’t miss monitoring anything important. And as the screenshots are large in size along with high quality, you don’t have to work on guesses as to what’s been sent or received.

contact list on viber

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Monitoring Of Viber Destructive Messages

One popular feature of Viber that sexual predators and youngsters find most fascinating is destructive messages.

This little tool gives audacity to the Viber users to act as a free bird and exchange adult messages and media with each other as the other person cannot take screenshots while they are using the destructive mode.

Using the uMobix app, you can partially track down the chatting done on Viber in destructive mode.

The reason why I said “partially” is because, usually when the destructive mode is on, you will simply see a black screen like the one shown below.

blank screen in destructive messages

But if the destructive mode is turned off by the sender before the receiver opens up those messages sent in destructive mode, then you can see what messages were received by the target person and vice versa. You can get a little idea with this screenshot.

disappearing messages turned off

If this trick didn’t work for you then relax! We have another way to know about the messages sent after applying the destructive mode. This is where the remote Keylogger of this spy app¬†will come in handy.

In the Keylogger section of the app, you will see the list of all the messages sent on Viber. As the name of the app is given on the left side, you don’t need to make a guess as to which messages were sent on Viber and which ones on the other apps.

umobix keylogger

But there’s no way you can track the media files shared through Viber when the destructive mode is on.

How To Check The Online Status Of Viber?

You might sometimes wonder that at what time does my spouse or my teen uses the Viber app most. You can easily know that with the online tag or the last seen tag that appears in the Viber account.

But some people choose not to show others when they are online on Viber or when they were last active.

If that’s the case with your target person’s Viber then uMobix has an online status tracker for you. Every time the target person is currently using the Viber app, you will start to see a green online tag in front of the app name.

viber online tag

So if you are antsy to track their Viber activities in real-time then uMobix will help you out.

Alternative Way To Spy On Viber Account

uMobix is a great app for the tracking of someone’s Viber account. But if you are looking up for a perfect substitute for the app then that would be KidsGuard Pro.

When it comes to Viber tracking, everything about KidsGuard Pro is equally good as uMobix.

You will be able to track everything with the help of screenshots as well as texts. And the screenshots will be taken from every corner of the Viber account.

monitoring viber with kidsguard pro

The screenshots received are going to be small in size and you have to simply click on the screenshot to open it up in full size. Download option with each screenshot makes the Viber spying with KidsGuard Pro even better.

how to spy on someone viber account

The screenshots are high in quality and you will receive them instantly. This means that you won’t miss anything important. And even if you think you didn’t receive screenshots for some messages then you can always check them in the text form.

The date and time can be seen directly in the screenshot but if it’s not available then you can check the date and time stamp given by KidsGuard Pro.

As for the destructive messages, in KidsGuard Pro also you will see a black screen, nothing else.

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How Necessary Is It To Spy On Someone’s Viber Account?

Looking at the popularity of the app, it’s easy to say that spying on a Viber account is very very important.

The features of the app like videos call, voice calls, and destructive messages make it favorable for people with evil intentions.

And most importantly, if your lover or your teen has joined some groups then anyone in the same group can message them.

So if your little ones are using the Viber app for a long time then it’s time to check what all they do on their Viber account.

Apart from Viber, you can also spy on WhatsApp, track the LINE app, monitor Kik and more with these spy apps.


Can I Spy On Someone's Viber Account For Free?

No, there's no spy app that gives you free access to the target person's Viber account for free.

What Is The Best App To Spy On Viber?

uMobix and KidsGuard Pro are the best apps that you can use to spy on Viber.

Can Viber Be Tracked Remotely?

Once the spy app is installed on the target phone, you can spy on target person's Viber account remotely.

How To Know If Someone Is Online On Viber?

Using the uMobix app, even if the target person has disabled to show their online and last seen, you can still know when they are online with the online tag feature.

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