5 Best Snapchat Spy Apps To Monitor Messages And Other Activities

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If you ask us which is the most child unfriendly social media platform, then we would possibly say Snapchat. Yes, that’s true.

On one hand, with features like disappearing messages, your teen might think it’s safe to use the app for exchanging adult stuff and on the other hand, the features like Snap Map can expose the location of the child to someone nearby and with the wrong intentions.

And not to forget, the bold and revealing stories from models have a bad influence on the mind as well.

All these things make Snapchat a bit risky to use, especially for teens. Although the teens and tweens are the most endangered ones from Snapchat, your spouse or your lover is not secure as well.

They might get in touch with someone with wrong intentions, and might take some steps which they regret later.

So all these things make the tracking of Snapchat activities a must. And for the same reason, we have listed out the best Snapchat spy apps that will guard your loved ones from all Snapchat dangers.

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Best Snapchat Spy Apps

#1 uMobix

The Good

  • Quick updates on screenshots that uMobix takes remotely from the target Snapchat account
  • All the screenshots are clear and visible
  • Downloading the screenshots is possible
  • You can see an online tag in front of Snapchat when the target person is actually using it
  • Screenshots can be received from any Snapchat section

The Bad

  • Updates are not given in text form, you have to rely on screenshots

Here comes the first monitoring app that hits the bull’s eye when it comes to Snapchat monitoring. uMobix reveals all the Snapchat related data when you go to its Snapchat section that falls under the Social category.

uMobix reveals the Snapchat secrets of the target person in the form of photos, and not in the form of text.

snapchat spying umobix

As expected from a good monitoring app, uMobix gives quick results. It means that the moment some activity is done by your teen on Snapchat, uMobix shows the results within a minute or so.

There’s one thing that you won’t find in any other tracking app other than uMobix, and you’re going to love it.

While you are using uMobix randomly, you’ll get to know when the target person comes online on Snapchat. How? Well, the moment they open Snapchat, you will see an online tag in front of the Snapchat section. So basically, it feels like uMobix is trying to keep you up to date with all the activities before it’s too late to act.

Other than that, the screenshots are visible enough to see and read everything with ease. Moreover, you can download them as well.

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#2 Hoverwatch

The Good

  • Tracking with Snapchat screenshots makes the app reliable
  • High quality and clear screenshots
  • Quick updates
  • Possible to track all Snapchat activities, not just messages
  • Possible to download screenshots

The Bad

  • All the screenshots are available in one place which creates a mess
  • You have to rely on screenshots only for reading messages

Hoverwatch is for those who have taken the saying “seeing is believing” seriously. If you don’t want to trust the data shown in the form of text then Hoverwatch is a perfect Snapchat spy app for you. And the reason is that Hoverwatch gives all the results in the form of photos.

As soon as the target person starts using Snapchat, Hoverwatch starts to take screenshots remotely. In a few minutes or seconds, those screenshots will appear on the online portal of the app that y0u can check remotely whenever desired.

The screenshots will be taken on any Snapchat screen, that is, while they are chatting with someone, checking stories, scrolling feed, or whatever possible. So prepare yourself to come across the truth about your Spouse’s Snapchat reality.

snapchat notification from hoverwatch

All the screenshots are of high quality, plus they are downloadable. This makes it easy to keep the important screenshots safe with yourself before they get buried down under the heap of new screenshots.

As the updates on the new screenshots are quick, you don’t need to worry about missing something important.

One thing that you might not like about Hoverwatch is that there’s no particular section to check Snapchat messages. All the screenshots appear in one place due to which the screenshots from different apps create a mishmash.

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#3 KidsGuard Pro

The Good

  • Tracking is possible with both screenshots and text
  • The data sync speed was quite high
  • Downloading the screenshots is possible
  • Date and time stamp available with each text or screenshot

The Bad

  • The search option needs a fix

The Snapchat section of KidsGuard Pro falls under the Social Apps heading. And if there are some activities done by the target person on Snapchat, all those activities will appear here.

And by activities, we don’t just mean messages that they send or receive on Snapchat, but other things like checking story of other people, Snapchat feed, and everything possible.

snapchat monitoring with kidsguard pro

The tracking of Snapchat activities is performed by KidsGuard Pro in both screenshots and text form. So if due to any reason the app is unable to take the screenshots of some messages, you will receive them in the form of text. That said, there are no chances that you won’t get the screenshots from Snapchat.

best snapchat spy apps

This type of two way working makes KidsGuard Pro very reliable.

Another thing that goes in the favor of KidsGuard Pro is that the updates related to Snapchat are very quick, so it feels like you are tracking the person in real-time.

With each screenshot and text, the date and time stamp is also available, so if you want to know when does the child uses Snapchat the most, here’s the answer.

The screenshots provided by the app are quite small in size and it’s not easy to read their main context. But with a single click, the screenshot will open in full size and it’s possible to download them as well. And yes, the screenshots are of high quality, so you don’t need to worry about stressing your eyes or guessing what’s probably written in the message.

If you want to check the messages only from a particular contact, then use the search option given at the top. But make sure to use the exact name of the Snapchat username because the search bar of KidsGuard Pro is case sensitive. It means Mason with capital M will not be shown in results if you write it with small m.

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#4. pcTattletale

The Good

  • Gives live streaming of Snapchat activities
  • pcTattletale will record activities in background if you are not live viewing
  • Downloading the recorded activities is possible
  • The screen looks clear and readable
  • Checking the recordings from back dates is possible

The Bad

  • The app doesn’t give notification when target person is using Snapchat
  • Live recording might lag a little bit

This tracking app believes in not following the crowd blindly, and that’s the reason why pcTattletale has a completely different monitoring style.

Unlike other spy apps for Snapchat where you need to wait for the data to upload on the portal, here you will be able to watch Snapchat activities live. Yeah, that’s true.

You just need to click on the LIVE option, and in a few seconds, you will remotely see the activities going on the target Snapchat account.

live view snapchat

The live viewing might stuck a little, but not so much that you will miss something important.

There are some chances that you click on the LIVE option to check the Snapchat activities, but they are engaged in some other app. Secondly, you possibly don’t have the whole day to sit in front of your PC to track their Snapchat activities.

download activities with pctattletale

You’ll be happy to know that, pcTattletale records all the activities going on your spouse’s phone, no matter if you are checking them currently or not. So, whenever you get some free time, you can select the date for which you want to check the Snapchat activities and play it. Downloading the recorded activity video is also possible.

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#5. Spyic

The Good

  • You will receive the text about the messages and other activities
  • Date and time stamp available with every text
  • If you don’t get any result in Snapchat section, you can rely on Keylogger

The Bad

  • Incomplete tracking of text
  • No screenshots available
  • Data sync speed is not good

Last but not the least is Spyic. You will find the Snapchat tab under the Social Apps section of the app. If there’s some activity going on the Snapchat account of your girlfriend/boyfriend, everything will be reported to you here.

While working with Spyic, you need to keep some patience as the app might take some time in uploading the new data.

The biggest drawback of tracking Snapchat with Spyic is that you won’t get screenshots, and you have to totally depend on texts.

Even the Snapchat activities, including messages, will appear in the form of text as you can see in the screenshot below. With each text, you will receive a date and time stamp, which is good.

spyic snapchat monitoring

Sometimes you won’t see the complete message sent on Snapchat, but you can still check it under the Android Keylogger section of Spyic.

So basically, the Snapchat tracking of Spyic is decent, but not anywhere around the working of other apps mentioned above.

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Why Is Spy App The Best Option For Tracking Snapchat: Conclusion

The reason why tracking apps will be best for monitoring Snapchat is that using them you can keep a track of other activities as well like WhatsApp, calls, Instagram, and so on.

Moreover, the spy apps work in the hidden mode. You don’t need to worry about the app getting uninstalled as the target person won’t know about the app installation in the first place. And the best thing is, all these things don’t require any kind of rooting process.

All these things make the working of spy apps unbeatable.


Is There An App To Spy Someone's Snapchat?

Yes there are plenty of apps that can spy on Snapchat activities of the target person. Some of the best apps are KidsGuard Pro, uMobix, Hoverwatch, pcTattletale, and Spyic.

Can You Spy On Snapchat For Free?

No, it's not possible to track someone's Snapchat account for free. Even if you find a free app, it won't work or you might get caught after installing the app on their Android phone.

Do Snapchat Spy Apps Require Rooting?

As for the apps we have mentioned in our article, you don't need to root the target phone for any of the apps.

How Can I See What My Kid Is Doing On Snapchat?

With spy apps, you will get continuous updates on what's going on the target phone's Snapchat account remotely.

Is Snapchat Safe For Children?

No, Snapchat is not at all safe for your children and teen due to its features like disappearing messages, and Snap Map.

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