How To Spy On Cheating Boyfriend Phone

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Do you have a suspicion that your boyfriend is cheating on you and are looking for ways to spy on him?

If you have a gut feeling that something is not right with your relationship and your boyfriend is cheating on you then how can you make sure that your suspicion is true. The simple answer to this question is that you simply have to spy on your boyfriend and track his activities. But the bigger question that arises is: How to spy on a cheating boyfriend, that too remotely without him knowing?

Do not worry, I am here to help! In this article, I am going to tell you exactly how you can spy on your cheating boyfriend and catch him red-handed.

So let’s get started!

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How To Spy On Cheating Boyfriend?

If you want to spy on your cheating boyfriend then you need to spy on his cell phone. Spying on your boyfriend’s cell phone will reveal all his hidden secrets. Because cell phones have become a very integral part of everyone’s life. It stores more data about us than we actually know ourselves. So if you could just spy on your boyfriend’s cell phone then you can know if he has installed any dating app, who he chats and talks to, who he meets, where he goes, and so on.

But the question that arises is: How can you spy on your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing?

Spying on your boyfriend’s phone is pretty easy if you both live together. All you have to do is take his cell phone when he is not around and check whatever you want to. But there are some problems with this method that you can face.

Firstly, you will not find anything in case your boyfriend deleted things that you are looking for. In fact, deleting all chat logs, photos, videos, call logs, etc. is the most basic cell phone cheating sign.

Secondly, your boyfriend might not tell you his cell phone password. So you will not be even able to unlock his cell phone let alone check things.

Thirdly, if you do not live together then just forget about this method because you will not get much alone time with his cell phone.

Fourthly, he can just catch you red-handed checking his phone and things can get pretty ugly from there if you know what I mean.

So what is the right way to spy on a cheating boyfriend’s cell phone, you ask?

The right and most effective way to spy on your cheating boyfriend’s cell phone is by using a spy app. In this method, all you have to do is install a spy app on your boyfriend’s cell phone and then you can track his every activity online remotely without him knowing.

Let us look at this method in detail.

How Can You Track Your Cheating Boyfriend?

Since we have established that the best way to spy on your cheating boyfriend is by spying on his cell phone. And we have also established that the best way to spy on your boyfriend’s cell phone is by using a spy app. But the question that arises is: Which is the best spy app to spy on a cheating boyfriend without him knowing?

After testing a number of spy apps, I have chosen FlexiSPY to do this. It is by far the best spy app that I have used and tested.

Let me tell you in detail how it can help you track your cheating boyfriend.

To use FlexiSPY, you first have to buy their plan and then install it on your boyfriend’s smartphone. You will need physical access to your partner’s phone for around 10-15 minutes to install FlexiSPY and it does not require any rooting. The installation process of FlexiSPY is very similar to installing a normal app. It just asks for a few more permissions as compared to a normal app. To make the installation even easier, FlexiSPY shows you all the steps on the screen.

The FlexiSPY app is automatically hidden and will show up as a system app in the Apps list. Therefore, your boyfriend won’t have any idea of a spy app installed on his phone.

Once installed, you are good to go. Now you will be able to track all his cell phone activities online remotely without rooting.

Let us now look at all things that you will be able to spy on with the help of FlexiSPY.

Text Messages

Nowadays we share 100s of messages per day. So if you want to spy on your cheating boyfriend then you should start by spying on his text messages. Chances are that you will get what you are looking for. But how can you get someone’s text messages sent to your phone, so that you can check them?

Well, FlexiSPY boasts of doing just that so I decided to put its claim to test. And I am happy to share that the test results are positive.

FlexiSPY did manage to track all the text messages that I sent or received on the target phone. And it was even able to track all the deleted text messages. Therefore you do not have to worry even if your partner deletes all the text messages immediately.

I was able to see all of the text messages of the target phone on my FlexiSPY account by logging into it using my browser. All the messages of the target phone were available under the SMS option, which is available under the Data main menu option.



After messages, you must want to track calls of your boyfriend, right?

Do not worry, FlexiSPY got you covered. FlexiSPY is one of the best call recording spy apps that not only lets you check your boyfriend’s call history but also lets you listen to them.

In Call Log available under the Data option, you will be able to see all the call logs of your boyfriend. And in Call Recording available under the Data option, you will be able to listen to your boyfriend’s call recordings remotely without him knowing.

When I put these features to the test, they worked as they were supposed to and I did not face any problem whatsoever. FlexiSPY managed to track and record all the outgoing as well as incoming calls of the target phone.

How To Spy On Cheating Boyfriend

The thing that I liked about FlexiSPY is that it even tracks and records the immediately deleted calls. I was also able to download the call recordings by clicking the Download button. The quality of the audio recordings was also good and I was able to hear clearly what both persons were saying.

Call Recordings

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Social Media

With the increased use of social media, there are good chances that your boyfriend must be having an affair on one of the social media sites. So it is important to spy on your boyfriend’s messages that he has sent and received on different instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc.

If you go to the IMs option available under the Data menu option, you will be able to see all the messages that your boyfriend has done on different social messaging apps.

While testing, FlexiSPY did track all the messages that I did on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. using the target phone. Even the immediately deleted ones were also tracked. And the good thing about it is that it even shows you a date and time stamp on each and every message. As a result, you can know when exactly your boyfriend was talking to someone.

Instant Messages

You can also filter out these messages according to a particular instant messaging app. This makes navigating through messages on different platforms very easy.

Photos And Videos

Now all of the above things will tell you if your boyfriend is having an affair or not. If you want to know how close he is with someone then you should probably spy on the cell phone gallery of his phone. Because people these days click photos and videos of every moment they spend with each other. And who would know this better than you, right?

FlexiSPY will not only help you see all the photos and videos of your boyfriend’s cell phone but you will also be able to spy on your boyfriend through his cell phone camera.

During my testing, FlexiSPY tracked all the photos and videos of the target phone accurately. And the good thing is that I was even able to see all the photos and videos that were there on the target phone before installing the FlexiSPY.

All the photos and videos that I hid immediately after taking them were also tracked. However, all the downloaded photos and videos were not tracked. So if your boyfriend has downloaded media from social messaging apps or from the Internet then you will not be able to see it.

To look at the photos of your boyfriend’s phone go to the Photos option available under the Data option. And if you want to see the videos then go to the Videos option available under Data.


I was also able to take photos and videos from the target phone’s camera remotely without rooting. All I had to do was click a button on my FlexiSPY account and the target phone started taking pics and videos within a minute without the target phone user knowing. The syncing of these photos and videos was also very quick. And I was able to see them on my FlexiSPY account within 2 minutes of clicking.

Therefore if you want to know who your boyfriend is with right now then you can make use of its cell phone camera. You will be able to see these features named as RemCam and RemVideo under the same Data menu option on the left menu strip.


If you want to know where your boyfriend is spending his day then you should track his location remotely without him knowing.

FlexiSPY lets you do this. When I tested its location tracking feature, I was just amazed at how accurately it could track the location of the target phone. It tracked my location after every 20 minutes and I was even able to see the latitude and longitude of a particular location.

The thing that I like about FlexiSPY is that it even gives you an option to see the location on the map. You will find the Locations option under the same Data option.

How To Track Cheating Boyfriend

Once you know where your boyfriend meets his secret lover then you can also set alerts on FlexiSPY for that location. Every time your boyfriend goes to the specified vicinity of that location then FlexiSPY will alert you of the same. And you will be able to catch your cheating boyfriend with another girl, red-handed. Wouldn’t it be great?


VoIP Call And Ambient Recording

Other than this, FlexiSPY lets you spy on a lot of things remotely that too without rooting your boyfriend’s cell phone. But the two features that could be very helpful to you in spying on your boyfriend are VoIP call recording and ambient voice recording.

Since many people prefer calling from instant messaging apps these days, so it is important to spy on VoIP calls of your boyfriend. Under the VoIP Recording option, you will be able to see all the calls that your boyfriend has made using different social messaging apps.

When I put this feature to test, it managed to record all the calls but I could only hear the target person’s voice. It shows the duration as well as the date and time of making a call. I was also able to filter out the VoIP call based on a particular app. The call records were also downloadable and all I had to do to download the recording was click on the Download button.

VoIP Call Recording

The Ambient feature as the name suggests records the surrounding sound of the target phone using its microphone. There aren’t many spy apps that provide ambient recording without rooting but FlexiSPY does and this is why it is one the best spy apps to catch a cheating partner.

It too worked perfectly during my testing. FlexiSPY started recording the surround sound using the target phone’s microphone within seconds of sending the command. It also synced these recordings very quickly.


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Should You Use A Spy App?

Yes, you should definitely use a spy app if you are serious about spying on your cheating partner. As discussed, using a spy app is the most easiest and effective way to spy on someone remotely without them knowing.

There are n number of spy apps available on the market and you can use any one of them. However, I recommend using FlexiSPY, as it is one of the best spy apps and that is why it charges a premium over other spy apps. But if you think that it does not fit your budget then the other affordable spy app that I will recommend is eyeZY.

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eyeZy will cost you less as compared to FlexiSPY but you will also have to compromise on some of the features. Like you will not be able to spy on your boyfriend’s camera or microphone using eyeZy, which FlexiSPY lets you do with a click of a button. FlexiSPY also offers you VoIP and normal call recordings, which eyeZy misses out on. And having these features can be very important if you want to spy on your boyfriend.


What Spy Apps Are Good To Catch A Cheating Boyfriend?

FlexiSPY and eyeZy are two of the best apps to catch a cheating boyfriend.

How Can I Catch My Boyfriend Cheating Online?

You can catch your boyfriend cheating online by using a spy app like FlexiSPY.

Can You Read Your Cheating Boyfriend’s Text Online?

Yes, you can read the texts of your cheating boyfriend online. For this, you can use a spy app like FlexiSPY or eyeZy.

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