How Can Landlords Spy On Tenants

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Are you looking for different ways you can use to spy on your tenants? Do you want to keep an eye on your tenants so that if they do not have good intentions you can know?

Every landlord wants good tenants but sadly not everybody gets one. I know it is very hard to know people in just a few meetings. And if you are wondering whether they are taking care of your house or not, or worried if they are doing any illegal activity in your home or not! Then you are at the right place! In this article, I will tell you about different ways that landlords can use to spy on their tenants.

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How To Spy On Tenants For Landlords?

So without wasting further time, let us start!

1) Hidden Spy Cameras

How To Spy On Tenants

Hidden Spy Cameras are one of the best ways using which you can spy on your tenants. There are various types of hidden cameras available in the market today and some of them are so good that you will not even believe they exist. You can use multiple hidden spy cameras if you want to. And since you will have the home to yourself before your tenants move in so you can place them wherever you want. Even if your tenants already moved in then also you can replace the existing items in your house and no one will suspect a thing.

This way you can keep an eye on your tenant’s activity 24/7. This method is especially good for people who do not live nearby and cannot keep track of who goes in and out of the house. However, this method is not perfect and can reveal your game plan if your tenants are extremely clever. Moreover, not every spy camera comes with the capability of sending the data online so you will have to access the spy camera physically every time you want to see the recordings.

2) CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera

If you are just worried about who your tenants invite into your house behind your back then you can just simply install CCTV cameras around the premises and keep an eye on the people going in and out.

This method will only let you keep an eye on people going in and out, and not on things happening inside the house.

3) Binoculars


If you live nearby or in the same building then you can make use of binoculars to literally keep an eye on your tenants. However, this method may not be feasible as it will be hard to keep looking for long durations.

4) Voice Recorders

Voice Recorders

Not all spy cameras record voice and sometimes the voice is more important than the video recording. So you can install voice recorders around the house and premises and listen to all the plannings and plottings your tenants are doing.

5) Spy Apps

Using an undetectable spy app for iPhone or Android is the best method to spy on your tenants. You can install a spy app on your tenant’s phone and that’s it, you can track their every move and activity. Whether you want to take a picture remotely, record a video, listen to their call recordings, read their SMS, know their location, or whatever you want to do, you can do them all remotely.

But, like other methods on this list, this method is also not perfect. And to be able to see all the data you will have to install the app on your tenant phone which requires you to have physical access to their phone for at least 5-10 minutes to install and set up the spy app.

However, once the spy app is installed then you will be able to see all the data online remotely without them knowing. They will not even know that their phone has a spy app.

What Is The Best Method To Spy On Tenants?

As discussed, there are various methods through which you can spy on your tenants. However, the best method of them all is through a spy app. A spy app lets you check much more about your tenants. It even lets you check if your tenants really don’t have rent to pay or just fooling you by looking at their bank messages. Or if you think you will not be able to install the spy app on your tenant’s phone then you can use different types of hidden spy cameras available in the market. But keep this in mind that sooner or later they can get exposed and to see their recordings you will have to access them physically.


Can Landlords Spy On Tenants?

No, landlords cannot spy on tenants, it is not legal. In fact, it is not legal to spy on anyone without their consent.

Can I Put Security Cameras In My Rental Property?

Yes, you can install security cameras in your rental property as long as they are not violating the privacy of your tenants.

Can A Landlord Video Tape Tenant?

No, a landlord cannot videotape tenant without their consent.

Can I Put A Camera On My Apartment Door?

Yes, a landlord can put a camera outside the apartment door.

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