How To Track Digital Footprint With Phone Number

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It is true, that the internet has brought people together from around the world. At the same time, it has raised concerns regarding individual privacy. It does not matter whether you share photos on social media accounts or you visit your favorite place. Your digital imprints are marked on the internet which can be used against you. If you want to check your or someone else’s digital footprint then read this article on how to track digital footprint with or without phone number.

Moreover, I will add some valuable tips for managing your digital footprint. So without wasting any moment, let’s get started.

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Key Takeaways
You can track your or someone else’s digital footprint by phone number through third-party People Search Sites like BeenVerified. Apart from that, you can find someone’s internet footprint by using some simple methods like the search engine and social media results.

What Is Digital Footprint?

The digital footprint is a unique set of all internet activities, including your browser’s search history, shared messages and posts on various social media platforms, etc. Employers or other parties can use your digital trails for target marketing and information gathering. At the same time, it can be used by hackers to track your online activities. Digital footprint can be classified into two types:

1. Active Digital Footprint

The active digital footprints are created by the users through their social media posts, shared messages, and account logins. Such data is properly stored and can be modified as per the user’s need.

2. Passive Digital Footprint

On the other hand, passive digital footprints are digital imprints that the users have created without their prior knowledge. Such information is generated through their IP address, social media subscriptions likes and comments, etc, and used for personalized advertisement.

How To Track Digital Footprint With Phone Number

Currently, there is no free method to find your or someone else’s digital footprint with a phone number. However, you can track anyone’s digital footprint using third-party websites such as BeenVerified, FastPeopleSearch, INSTANT checkmate, MyLife, etc. To do that, follow the below steps:

1. Open the browser on your PC or phone and visit It is better if you use a PC to check the digital trails of the targeted person.

2. Then click on the Phone Lookup option.

How To Track Digital Footprint With Phone Number

3. Now, enter the phone number and click on the SEARCH button. By doing this, BeenVerified will take some time to search all kinds of digital imprints such as the name of the owner, education or job, location, social media post, etc.

Enter phone number

4. Once the search is over, click on the I Agree box and select Continue.

I Agree

5. Finally, sign up and purchase a BeenVerified subscription to get a detailed background report of the targeted person.

How Do I See My Digital Footprint

Many free methods such as search engine results, your social media posts, etc. can help you to find and manage your digital footprints. If you want to know your digital footprints then follow the below methods:

Method 1: Search Engine Results

You can find yourself through search engine results and check how you look in the digital world. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. First, open your web browser and search for your full name in quotation marks. The search engine will show you the results related to your name.

Note: Make sure you have enabled your device location for better results.

2. If you cannot find yourself on the results page then try adding more details such as your town/city and the state you live in. This way your search engine will narrow down results according to your search inputs and show your various social media platforms including public posts.

Method 2: Social Media 

You can search for your username on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X (previously known as Twitter), Line, WhatsApp, etc. If you have created an account on any social networking site then you will be easily found.

Method 3: Your Privacy Settings 

Moreover, check the Privacy Settings of your social media accounts. If you have set your privacy settings to Private then there will be few chances of finding yourself through public searches. If you wish to be recognized by a public search page then switch your Privacy Settings to Public mode.

How To Find Someone’s Digital Footprint

You can track someone’s digital footprints through public searches such as search engine results, social media platforms, news or blog articles, etc. In case you wish to know more details about them then you can use third-party people search sites to get precise information about the targeted person.

Steps To Track Someone’s Digital Trails With INSTANT Checkmate 

INSTANT checkmate is one of the best public record search services. You can find more information about your potential employee, business partner, or boyfriend/girlfriend by following the below-explained steps:

1. First, go to the INSTANT checkmate official website and enter details such as the Name of the targeted person, Last Name, and City. Then select the State and click on the SEARCH button.

Enter details

2. Next, select the Gender of the person and wait until the search is over.

Select the Gender

3. Moreover, INSTANT checkmate will ask you some general questions such as age, current address, siblings, etc., about the person. If you know the answers then click on the green tick mark or select Don’t know.

How to find someone's digital footprints

4. Once the search is over, you will be able to see multiple results. Now, scroll down the results to find the person’s digital footprint. If you have found the targeted person then click on the OPEN REPORT button and wait to get more information.


5. After that, complete queries regarding the potential criminal record, social media accounts, etc., of the targeted person.

complete queries

6. Next, enter your Birth Year into the box and click on the Submit button.

Enter Birth Year

Note: Do not refresh the page or press the back button otherwise you will lose the entire process.

7. Now, enter your details and then click on SAVE. Then wait for a few minutes while INSTANT checkmate gathers and organizes all digital footprints about your targeted person.

How to track digital footprints

8. Once the process is done, click on the YES, I AM READY button and finally Sign up to get a detailed report of the targeted person’s digital footprint.


Precautionary Tips To Manage Your Internet Footprint


Always use a reliable VPN service for your private searches. It will reroute your current IP location or you can use incognito mode for your web searches.

Check Your Privacy

Check the Privacy Settings of all your social accounts. If you want to enhance your account privacy then turn your privacy settings into Private mode or vice versa.

Create Separate Accounts For Work

Be professional and have separate accounts for your work and personal life. Moreover, do not share your personal information on work accounts.

Delete Old Accounts

Avoid making unnecessary accounts on different websites or social media platforms. You can manage your positive digital footprint by deactivating or deleting unused accounts.

Do Not Create Accounts With Facebook

Refrain yourself from using your Facebook ID to sign in to unknown sites or web applications.

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Final Verdict

To conclude this article, I have explained how you can track anyone’s digital footprint with limited information such as the name or phone number of the targeted person in easy steps. Moreover, I have included various tips and tricks to manage your digital footprints for the safety of your public image.


Can People See My Digital Footprint?

Yes, people with the right tools can view your digital background and may retrieve your personal information for their use.

Is Digital Footprint Permanent?

Some of your digital information is permanent and cannot be changed. However, with the right guidance you can manage your electronic footprint and may get better work opportunities.

How Can Digital Footprint Affect Your Future?

Your digital footprint can be used by your potential employer, boyfriend/girlfriend, or your business partner to measure your personality or behavior. That will affect your future opportunities.

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