Is AVG Spyware? Is It Safe To Use?

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Is AVG spyware? Is AVG safe to use on a cell phone or computer? These are some major concerns that trouble a lot of individuals while selecting suitable anti-malware for their devices. If you are one of them and cannot decide whether you should trust AVG antivirus for your PC or Phone then do not be afraid. I will tell you is AVG spying on you or is it just a rumour? So without wasting any moment let’s dig in and find out the truth.

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Key Takeaways
AVG is not a spying software but its parent Avast company has been accounted for gathering and selling customer’s search history to third parties. However, it is still unclear whether Avast has discontinued its malicious activities or not.

Is AVG Spyware?

AVG (Anti Virus Guard) is not a spyware. It is a secure and trustworthy antivirus tool that protects your phone and PC from virus and malware attacks.

However, according to Forbes’s published article on August 23, 2023, Vice Motherboard and PCMag conducted a joint investigation. They have found out that AVG and its parent company Avast have been collecting users’ browsing data and offering it to interested parties. This┬áraised some serious concerns regarding the safety of customer’s personal data.

Is AVG spyware

Is AVG A Security Risk?

AVG software is said to be a reliable anti-malware app that is equipped with high-end security features like ransomware and webcam protection. Moreover, it has a fast & secure VPN for untraceable browsing. However, it is still a mystery whether they have stopped collecting individual data or not.

How Does AVG Detect Spyware On Your Device?

AVG anti-virus scans your device regularly to identify and eliminate any spyware from your cell phone or PC. If AVG finds any spyware then it informs you and asks permission to completely remove it from the device. If you are a free AVG anti-virus user then you will be asked to upgrade to the pro version to wipe out spyware from your phone or PC.

Can I trust AVG antivirus

Precautionary Tips To Protect Your Device From Spyware

Here are some tips and tricks that can be used to keep your device safe from spyware.

Use Anti-Spyware

Always use a dedicated anti-spyware tool on your device such as Norton 360 Deluxe, McAfee, etc. to protect your data and privacy.

Uninstall Suspicious Apps

If you suspect that you are being watched through your phone then you can remove all the suspicious-looking applications from your device.

Reset Your Device

If the issue is not solved then get ready to wipe out your phone or PC data and make sure that you have backed up your crucial data.

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Can I Trust AVG Antivirus? Final Verdict

AVG boasts to be one of the best anti-virus tools but its shady history raises suspicion about the safety of user data which can not be overlooked. However, if I have better options with a similar price range then it’s less likely that I will choose AVG antivirus over other antivirus tools.


Is AVG Spyware?

Yes, there are chances that AVG and Avast antivirus both may be collecting your data to fulfill their selfish motives.

Can AVG Be Malicious?

AVG's past record has been shady which makes it unreliable antivirus.

What Is The Difference Between Antispyware and Antivirus?

Antispyware is a specific software that detects and removes malicious spying apps like KidsGuard Pro, Eyezy, SpyBubble Pro, etc. Whereas, antivirus shields your phone and PC against various cyber attacks.

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