Is Spyware? Is It Secure?

If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Details is an online gaming platform where you can play your favorite games with friends. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment in late 1996 with an online multiplayer game called Diablo. However, some users experienced serious issues with that raised confusion regarding their data safety.

If you wonder whether is spying on you or not then do not worry. I will investigate these claims to find out if is safe for you or not. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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 Key Takeaways is not spying on you. However, hackers have successfully hacked servers multiple times which raised serious concerns regarding the safety of player’s data.

Is Spyware? has a long and dark history. In 1998, a group of gamers managed to reverse-engineer and create an almost-perfect emulation of the network. They launched the emulation under the name bnetd so that players can connect and chat with each other without using’s official servers.

Another incident occurred in May 2012, when some hackers bypassed the security and hijacked many user’s accounts. Later on, Blizzard’s stated that compromised users had not used authenticator or 2FA to secure their profile accounts that’s why they got their accounts hacked.

Next, after a few months, suffered another attack in which hackers gained access to their email ID, passwords, etc. which raised serious mistrust among its users.

In short, was not spying on you but it has been a sitting duck for hackers due to its lack of security. Moreover, the class-action lawsuit alleged that instead of providing free 2FA(Two Factor Authentication) access to its players, the company had been selling authenticator devices to gain profits.

Is Battle net Spyware

How To Detect If Is Spying On My PC?

In case, you wish to know whether your app is safe for your PC or not then you can run an anti-spyware scan to find out the potential viruses and spyware on your PC.

How To Remove From PC

If you have downloaded software on your PC then you can uninstall it from your Windows File Manager but before you do that make sure to delete your account.

Precautionary Tips

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you to enhance the security of your PC and account.

Use Secure Web Browser To Access 

Always, use a secure web browser to access the site. It will protect your data from trackers, adware, and malware from other websites.

Use Anti-spyware

Protect your PC or phone with strong and reliable anti-spyware like Avast. Moreover, scan your PC on a regular basis, this way your antivirus will filter out the affected files.

Do Not Save Your Card Details

Never save your card details on or any other online platform to protect yourself from unwanted monetary loss.

Use Authenticator

Secure your Blizzard’s account with Authenticator. It is a two-factor authentication to keep your account safe from hackers.

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Is Secure? Final Verdict

After intensive research on the past and present of Blizzard’s, I have come to know that Battle. net is not spyware but it has been one of the easy targets for hackers. The company has learned from its past mistakes and implemented new security measures to safeguard player’s data & privacy.

In my personal opinion, I would not use if I can get some games such as Overwatch and Diablo 2 which are some of my favorites on my Steam account.


Is Secure? claims to be a safe place for players to have fun. However, If I can get the same games like Diablo series, and Overwatch on my Steam account then I will not select as my first preference.

Does Battle Net Sell Your Data?

According to's privacy policy, your data is not sold or shared with any third party.

Is A Virus?

If you have downloaded the file from a third-party website then it may have virus or malware on it.

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