Is Chrome Spyware? Are You Being Watched Through It?

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Google Chrome claims to be one of the safest and most reliable web browsers on earth but some recent media news and accusations have put many users in confusion whether Chrome is spyware or not. Moreover, there have been multiple incidents when hackers successfully managed to steal millions of user’s data by using flaws in Google data security.

In case, you are worried about the safety of your data then do not worry. I will investigate to find the truth behind these allegations.

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Key Takeaways
Google Chrome is not spyware, it’s considered as a secure and reliable browsing app. However, it has been one of the prominent targets for hackers. As a result, Google Chrome has suffered some major data breaches in the last decade.

Is Chrome Spyware?

As per Google’s Data & Privacy policy, Google Chrome does not collect any data without your prior knowledge. Like any other browsing software, Chrome keeps track of your search history, manages your passwords and your location, etc. This┬ámay mislead people to believe that it’s keeping an eye on you.

Is Chrome Spyware

Has Google Chrome Been Hacked?

According to the Chrome Releases report, Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has acknowledged that hackers have found a way to exploit the CVE-2023-5217.

If your Google Chrome is acting weird then there are chances that your Chrome app has been accessed by hackers. However, the question remains, how would you know that Google Chrome is hacked? In that case, here are some tricks that can be used to verify whether Chrome has been hijacked or not:

1. If your Chrome browser has been compromised then you will see unwanted browser extensions on the browser home page.

2. You will find some harmful sites and bookmarks that you have not used before.

3. Look for your search history on the Chrome app.

4. You may see unwanted ads on your browser screen and your searches may be redirected to hostile websites.

If you have experienced any of these manifestations then it’s time to secure your data and device. To get your Google Chrome back from hackers:

1. The first thing is do not panic and change the password of your Google account including other accounts.

2. Block access to your credit cards and online wallets because stealing money from you is the main objective of the majority of hackers. Unfortunately, if your money has been deducted then you must report the incident to the bank and cyber cell authority.

How To Detect And Remove Virus From Chrome Browser?

You can identify and remove viruses and other malware by using good anti-virus software like Bitdefender, Norton Antivirus, Webroot, McAfee, Surfshark, etc.

Moreover, Windows PCs have an inbuilt antivirus named Windows Security. With this anti-malware and firewall & network protection tool, you can protect your Chrome web browser from dangerous sites and stop you from downloading infected files.

On the other hand, if you do not want to use Chrome Browser then you can try Brave browser for your PC and phone. It enhances your browsing experience by blocking trackers and unwanted ads. Furthermore, Brave offers a variety of other tools and services such as VPN, Brave firewall, Wallet, etc.

Is Chrome Spying on you

Precautionary Tips To Secure Your Google Chrome

Use Anti-virus

Always keep your PC and phone secure with reliable anti-virus software. Such anti-malware protection tools can save your data from hackers and respond effectively against cyber attacks.

Don’t Use Public Network

Avoid connecting your device to open Wi-Fi because such a network may steal your data or redirect you to some highly dangerous websites.

Don’t Install Suspicious Extensions On Google Chrome

Though your Chrome browser may not be a spying tool, it may host some malicious extensions that may cause serious harm to your device. That’s why be careful while adding cool-looking browser extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Keep Your Chrome Browser Updated

Do not use old versions of the Chrome browser because the older versions are prone to cyber attackers.

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Is Chrome Safe For Personal Use? Final Verdict

After doing intensive research, I have concluded that your Google Chrome may not be a spyware but it is vulnerable in protecting user’s data. At the same time, I hope that like every other time, Google Chrome’s developers will be able to find the solution to these problems too.


Is Google Chrome Spying On You?

No, Google Chrome is not a spy software. However, its Web store may contain some hostile extensions that may steal your data without your knowledge.

Can Spying Tools See My Incognito Searches?

Yes, spyware can easily view your incognito searches.

Is Google More Secure Than Chrome?

In general, Google is an MNC that provides a wide variety of Internet services. Whereas, Chrome is a dedicated web browser that focuses on a smooth and safe browsing experience.

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