Is Quickstep App A Spy App? Is It Safe To Use?

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Quickstep is not a spy app. Instead, it’s the fastest way to deliver well-organized documents, videos, and other files to multiple Android devices simultaneously. However, some Android users reported that Quickstep is using excessive battery and causing lagging issues while playing games. If you do not know whether Quickstep is safe to use or not then do not worry. I will delve deeper to find out if the Quickstep app is spyware or not. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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Key Takeaways
Quickstep app is not a spyware, it is a safe file-sharing app that you can use to deliver assignments, fill up forms, and other information to your students or office buddies.

Is Quickstep App A Spy App?

Quickstep is not a spy app. It is Sonata Technology Solutions’s file-sharing app that is used to deliver multiple documents and other information with connected devices. This app was launched in early 2017 for Android users only. Initially, Quickstep had many bugs that the developers had fixed in their following updates.

However, Quickstep Launcher is a built-in launcher app for Stock Android phones such as Google Pixel, Nokia, Motorola, etc. The Quickstep launcher has indeed been causing battery drain, overheating, and lagging problems in Stock Android phones which created confusion among many users of Sonata’s Quickstep App.

Is Quickstep app a spy app

Can I Delete Quickstep App From My Phone?

Yes, you can delete the Quickstep app from your Android phone. To do that, go to the home screen of your phone then tap and hold the Quickstep app icon. Next, select the Uninstall option and again tap on the Uninstall button. With that, the Quickstep app will be permanently removed from your cell phone.

How Do I Stop Quickstep Launcher?

You cannot uninstall Quickstep Launcher from your stock Android devices but you can deactivate it by following the steps below:

1. First, go to the Google Play store and install a third-party launcher app. For example, you can install Nova Launcher on your smartphone.

2. Then open the Nova launcher and set your preference.

3. After this, tap on the Settings and select Home screen.

4. Next, Select Default Launcher and tap on Nova7.

5. Now, you can force-stop the Quickstep on your phone. Go to Apps from the phone’s settings.

6. Then select Manage apps and enter Quickstep launcher into the search bar.

6. Next, tap on the Quickstep launcher and select Force stop. By doing this, the Quickstep launcher will be disabled from your Android phone.

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Is Quickstep App Safe? Final Verdict

After an intensive search, I have come to believe that Sonata’s Quickstep app is a secure way to distribute assignments, service manuals, and other stuff. This app does not use your Android phone to spy on you.

On the other hand, the Quickstep launcher is causing some serious issues on Android phones that need to be solved immediately. In case, you are having problems with the Quickstep launcher then you should use third-party launcher applications.


What Is Quickstep App Is Used For?

Quickstep is a file-sharing app. It allows the phone user to share multiple documents, videos, and other information with other devices at once.

Is Quickstep App A Spy App?

No, Quickstep is not a spying app. However, Android users have found a launcher application with a similar name that is causing lagging and overheating issues on their mobiles.

Can I Delete Quickstep App From My Phone?

Yes, you can uninstall the Quickstep app from your phone like any other installed app.

Can I Uninstall Quickstep Launcher From Android?

No, Quickstep launcher is a built-in launcher for Stock Android phones. It cannot be uninstalled from your mobile but you can force stop it from your phone's settings.

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