Common Phrases Cheaters Use To Justify Infidelity

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Cheating can never be justified but still when you confront a cheater they will give you excuses to justify their misdeeds. In this article, we will have a look at some of the most common phrases used by cheaters to fool their partners. If you have discovered some signs of cheating and are going to confront your partner regarding it then be ready to listen to one of these excuses from them.

Common Phrases That Cheaters Will Use

1. It Wasn’t Me

phrases cheater use

If you confront a cheater and tell them you have seen them with someone else, the first lie that will come out of their mouth will be “It Wasn’t Me”. No matter how much you try to make them confess they will not admit it. The excuse they will give is that you may have seen someone who looks exactly like them. Unless you have some solid evidence they will not accept that it was them and they are having an affair.

2. It Is Not What It Looks Like

It is not what it looks like is the most common excuse you will listen to when you catch a cheater red-handed talking to their illicit partner on phone or roaming around with them in the mall. They try to defuse the situation by lying that another person is just their friend or colleague with whom they were discussing some important work.

3. You’re Just Insecure

Another common phrase cheaters use when their spouse or lover finds out that they are having an affair is “you are just insecure, nothing is going on”. They smartly manipulate you into thinking that you are insecure and as if it was your fault that you have a suspicion of cheating.

4. I Still Love You

i still love you

One of the most common phrases cheaters use in their defense is “I still love you “. By saying this they try to hide their mistake and win their partner’s trust again.

5. It Will Never Happen Again

This is the most common thing that anyone says when they are caught doing something wrong. Similarly when you catch a cheater red-handed they will beg for forgiveness and will ask you to give them one more chance by saying “It Will Never Happen Again”.  Most of the time they are lying about it because once a cheater is always a cheater.

6. It’s Not My Fault, They Came To Me

Some smart cheaters play victim cards when they are caught cheating by saying “It’s Not My Fault, They Came To Me”. They will act innocent and will emotionally blackmail their partners into thinking that it is the other person’s mistake. However, cheating can never be one person’s mistake as it takes two hands to clap.

7. It Was Just Sex

Extramarital sex is considered a sin in almost every part of the world. But if you caught your partner sleeping with someone else they will justify it by saying that “It Was Just Sex” as if it’s a normal thing to do.

8. You Cheated First

things cheater say

Some cheaters even accuse their partner of having an affair first, even if they have never had one. They will say you had an illegal relationship outside marriage and as revenge, they are also dating someone.

9. I Was Bored

Another excuse cheaters often make upon being caught is “I was bored”  in the relationship and was looking for some fun outside. Most relationships end because one of the partners thinks that there is no fun and adventure in their life and they start looking for it outside of the relationship.

10. I Was Drunk

One of the stupidest things cheaters say when confronted is that “I was drunk” and whatever they have done was under the influence of alcohol and they don’t really mean it.

How To Tell If Your Partner Is Making Excuses Or Telling Truth?

Cheaters make lots of excuses and sometimes it is hard to tell if they are lying or telling the truth. Before calling off your relationship or taking any extreme decision you should confirm that they are actually cheating or not. For that, you can install spyware on their iPhone or Android. This will give you all the access to their chats, calls, locations, apps, and much more. So basically with the help of a spy app, you can confirm whether your partner is making excuses or they are actually innocent.


What Do Cheaters Say When Confronted?

They give excuses and try to justify their actions.

Why Cheater Don't Admit?

Cheaters don't admit because they don't want to get caught.

How To Confirm If Your Partner Is Cheating Or Not?

You can make use of spyware to put their loyalty to the test and find out if they are actually cheating or not.

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