How To Spy On Someone’s TikTok Account Remotely

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Are you looking for a TikTok spy app? Do you want to spy on someone’s TikTok account remotely without them knowing?

The desire to seek attention in teens is like fire these days which is burning without a break.

Teens are eager to catch more and more eyes so much that they don’t even notice when they cross their limits.

Their strange craving for more and more followers and fans on social media platforms compels them to do things on the internet that most people, especially parents find unethical.

These unethical actions include the use of hate speech, abuse, semi-nudity, or any other action that brings them into the limelight.

For most social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, you will find spy apps in bulk that can keep a check on the kid’s social accounts.

But when it comes to TikTok, don’t know why but almost every spy app neglect it despite the fact that it has emerged as a major center of attraction in recent times.

However, we have found a few TikTok spy software that care about your teen’s TikTok account in the same way they care about other popular apps.

Let’s see how these apps can help you spy on someone’s TikTok account on Android.

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How To Spy On Someone’s TikTok Account

The first TikTok spy tool that you can use is uMobix. To check the data from the target person’s TikTok account remotely, you have to take the assistance of the uMobix app.

We have already mentioned uMobix for the tracking of the Tinder account of your lover, monitoring of Telegram, and many more articles. And now the app has again stepped forward for helping us gain access to someone’s TikTok account.

Installation And Setup Of The App

To start with uMobix, you have to create an account on uMobix and then install its hidden app on the target Android phone.

#1 First you have to start by going to the uMobix site using your device and then click on the TRY NOW option.

try umobix

#2 This will take you to the page where you have to create an account on uMobix by providing your email id and then click on the CREATE ACCOUNT option.

providing email account

#3 If the target teen uses an Android phone then you have to select the Android option and if they use an iOS device then you have to select the other option.

select monitoring device type

Now make a payment by selecting your desired plan and with this, you have your uMobix account handy. Now you have to set up the uMobix app on the target phone for which you have to take physical access to their device.

#4 First and foremost, toggle off the Play Protect button that you will find inside the Play Store app > Hamburger icon > Play Protect  > Settings icon > Toggle Off Scan apps with Play Protect. By disabling it, you have saved yourself from giving any notification on the target device regarding the spy app installation.

disable play protect

#5 Open any browser on the target phone and download the uMobix app using its unique app downloading link, that is While downloading the app, you might get a pop-up that the app might harm your device but there’s nothing to worry about.

#5 Let’s commence the setup of the uMobix app by simply tapping on NEXT.

continue setting up umobix

#6 If you wish to read the license agreement then you are more than welcome to do so. After that, tap on AGREE TO EULA.

eula policy

#7 For successful working of the app in the background, you have to GRANT PERMISSIONS to the app. Now you will get certain permissions that you have to accept.

umobix permissions

#8 uMobix will ask for the permissions like access to photos/videos, SMS, calls, contacts, locations, and so on, and you have to accept them by tapping on ALLOW.

sms and photo permissions

#9 Time to give permission to read the keystrokes made on the teen’s phone by giving Keylogger permission.
umobix keylogger tracking

#10 You have to ENABLE DISPLAY RECORDING now to capture everything appearing on the target phone.

display recording

#11 You have to choose whether you have to keep the app icon or not. We would recommend you hide the icon if you don’t want your kids to poke their noses in the app’s working.

hide app icon

#12 Finally you have to provide the correct registration code (which is emailed to you when you purchase the license) and tap on COMPLETE REGISTRATION. The app setup is complete with this.

registration code

After the setup is complete, pull up your socks to get one-on-one with the data from the target person’s TikTok account.

How To See Someone’s Activity On TikTok

From the dashboard of the app where you will land initially, you have to go to the TikTok section where you will see all the data from your child’s TikTok account.

When we say all data, we really mean it. During our testing, we could actually see every single activity from the target person’s TikTok account, be it from the messages section, checking out videos, homepage, settings, or whatever you can possibly think of.

how to spy on someone tiktok account

The working of uMobix is based on screenshots, making it a more reliable app to track a TikTok account. While exploring the app, we noticed that the screenshots are given every second while the target person is using the TikTok app.

Due to the continuous screenshots, you won’t miss anything important going on on their TikTok account. The quality of the received screenshots was also remarkable during our usage of uMobix. We were able to understand each and everything at first glance, there was no need to make a guess as to what’s been written or shown in the screenshot.

Some of you might desire to know the time when the target person is currently active on TikTok. uMobix makes it possible with its online feature.

During our testing, whenever the target person was using the TikTok app, uMobix showed its TikTok section on the top along with an online tag adjacent to it. So if you see the green online tag appearing, you can start monitoring TikTok right away to track their activities on the TikTok app in real-time, and that too remotely. We really liked this feature of uMobix.

As we told you, the screenshots are received constantly and you won’t miss anything important. But if you still think you might have missed reading an important conversation then you can get the assistance of the remote Keylogger feature of uMobix.

keylogger feature of umobix

Here you can check out all the messages sent on TikTok by the target person including the date and time when those messages were sent.

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Other TikTok Spy Apps

Let us now tell you about some other TikTok spy tools that you can use to gain access to someone’s TikTok account remotely without them knowing.

1) pcTattletale

pcTattletale is another tool to spy on someone’s TikTok.

How pcTattletale Helps You Spy On TikTok

  • pcTattletale records the screen of the target phone whenever the target user uses TikTok.
  • You can remotely see these recordings by logging in to your pcTattletale account.

Our Experience With pcTattletale

  • During our testing, pcTattletale managed to record everything that the target person was doing on their TikTok account.pcTattletale TikTok
  • Not only TikTok, but pcTattletale recorded everything that the target user did on their smartphone. Which made it a little difficult for us to see the recordings of only TikTok.

Cost Of pcTattletale

The subscription cost of pcTattletale is very less compared to the subscription cost of uMobix.

Why Should You Choose pcTattletale?

If you like videos as compared to static pictures and also want a cheap TikTok monitoring app then you should choose pcTattletale. Read our pcTattletale review here to know what all it can do.

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2) SpyBubble Pro

SpyBubble Pro is another effective TikTok spy software.

How SpyBubble Pro Helps You Spy On TikTok

  • Like uMobix, SpyBubble Pro relies on taking screenshots of TikTok whenever it is used.
  • It also has a keylogger that tracks the keystrokes made on the TikTok app.

How SpyBubble Pro Performed During Our Testing

  • When we were exploring SpyBubble Pro, it took various screenshots whenever TikTok was used by the target person.SpyBubble Pro TikTok
  • Its keylogger was also able to track sent TikTok messages during our usage.
  • Like uMobix, SpyBubble Pro also showed us whether the target person was using TikTok or not in real-time with a green tag.

Cost Of SpyBubble Pro

The cost of using SpyBubble Pro is similar to uMobix and is higher than pcTattletale.

Why Should You Choose SpyBubble Pro?

SpyBubble Pro is specially made for cheating partners, so if you have any doubt that your partner is cheating on you using TikTok then this app is for you. It shows you the screenshots of TikTok in high quality which you can use to see someone’s activity on TikTok, especially your spouse’s. You can also check out our list of the best spy apps for a cheating spouse.

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3) eyeZy

The last TikTok spy tool that I have for you is eyeZy.

How eyeZy Works

  • Like other apps on this list, eyeZy takes screenshots of the TikTok app.
  • It also has a keylogger that can help you monitor TikTok messages.

How eyeZy Performed During Our Usage

  • When we were exploring eyeZy, we noticed that eyeZy does not take as many screenshots as other apps on this list. However, they were sufficient to see someone’s activity on TikTok.eyeZy TikTok Screenshots
  • We found the working of the keylogger of eyeZy to be a little inconsistent as compared to other apps on this list.

Price Of eyeZy’s Subscription

The price of eyeZy’s subscription is almost equal to uMobix and SpyBubble Pro’s subscription.

Why Should You Choose eyeZy?

If you believe in the saying “less is more” then you can choose eyeZy. It does not take a huge number of screenshots which makes it easy to go through all screenshots. However, the thing that you need to note here is that if you want to track someone on TikTok through their messages then this app is not for you. Because the working of its keylogger is not very consistent. You can click here to read our detailed eyeZy review and know about all its features.

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Should You Monitor TikTok?

Considering the fact that how a normal content-creating app is used by people to gain attention by hook or by crook, TikTok surely needs to be monitored.

People gain followers by showing off their lavish lifestyle, their bodies, controversial statements, and many other tactics. And teenagers tend to get swayed by these things and they try to imitate these content creators.

So before TikTok becomes a mess rather than a platform to enjoy, keep a keen eye on their TikTok account beforehand and take the necessary steps whenever needed.


Is There A Spy App For TikTok?

uMobix is a spy app that can monitor someone's TikTok account.

Can I Track A TikTok Account?

Yes, you can track a TikTok account using the uMobix app.

Should I Be Worried About My Teen Using TikTok?

Keeping in mind how TikTok is used by content creators, yes you should be worried about how your teen is using TikTok.

How Can I Know When My Child Is Currently Using TikTok?

Using the uMobix app, you can know when the target person is currently using TikTok. While the app is currently in use, you will see an online tag appearing adjacent to the app name.

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